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We challenged resident Bon Appétit super taster Chris Morocco to recreate Bobby Flay's macaroni & cheese carbonara recipe using every sense he has other than sight. Was he up to the challenge?
Oh, and here is the video of Emeril just doing some pranks, bro: ruvid.net/video/video-SPjWLoT9L1A.html

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Recreating Bobby Flay's Macaroni & Cheese Carbonara From Taste | Bon Appétit

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Mar 18, 2020




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Comments 80
dirtyketchup 7 hours ago
Please no more of Mr. Flay's dishes. The dude bastardizes recipes, and Chris' talents deserve better. There are so many better choices for the segment.
Olicel Carungay
Caleb Howard
Caleb Howard Day ago
Chris, yours was declared better by another great chef. So like, be proud, my dude.
Anika Manchandani
lol, commenting in june, hope you watch top gun chris!
Alec Macartney
Alec Macartney 2 days ago
I adore every moment Gabby has in this episode!
artist45 3 days ago
I, too, am a huge Top Gun fan. When i heard the opening was pushed to June I was upset. When I was told it was being pushed to December, i cried. I am in near end stage terminal cancer. I was hopeful I could make it till June....but December is a bit much. I hope the movie is everything I hope it will be.
Ali Jeffreys
Ali Jeffreys 8 days ago
I just really want Gabby to have a show because she's the sweetest
rod dammit
rod dammit 10 days ago
Gabby looked so cute amd Emeril is awesome as we all think
Paul R. Screvane
Paul R. Screvane 10 days ago
6:27 anyone else notice the fontina checkmark blinking before he committed to it?
zara young
zara young 10 days ago
so relatable i too am locked in a carbonara paradigm
Xristosdomini 11 days ago
"You don't have to butter me up...... I already did that to the bechamel."
Drocks027 11 days ago
Watching this in May and hate to break it to Chris, but it's going to be a lot longer until he sees Top Gun: Maverick
Melody Harirsaz
Melody Harirsaz 13 days ago
“I can’t believe we have to wait till JUNE” Ahaha AHAHAHAHAHHAA
Nitewulf 15 days ago
Imagine thinking Tom Cruise deserves anyone's attention lmao
John Luu
John Luu 15 days ago
11:32 Well...
Ciyén 15 days ago
As a student who has exams in three weeks, the grading is giving me mad anxiety 😅
robin cho
robin cho 15 days ago
leicestergate continues
T&C Rogers
T&C Rogers 15 days ago
The "wait till june to watch it" comment about Top Gun... DIDN'T AGE WELL!! hahaha
Cardboard Cats
Cardboard Cats 15 days ago
Chris always overguesses to guanciale and pecorino when its a more commonly used ingredient like parmesan and pancetta. It happens a lot in these videos, I think he needs to second guess and simplify in future guesses as a strategy.
ye heo
ye heo 16 days ago
where can i see that baming salt vid????????????
Taco Bell
Taco Bell 16 days ago
The way he’s just fingering the mac and cheese is triggering to watch. I get it’s part of the show but whhyyyyy
Ava Soesbe
Ava Soesbe 16 days ago
I think one of my favorite parts of this series is when the serious music is playing, and chris just rolls by riding on the shopping cart
Ensin Grey
Ensin Grey 17 days ago
its a garbage dish tbh
Orlando Unicorn
Orlando Unicorn 17 days ago
RIP Seeing Top Gun in theaters June 2020. Sorry, Chris.
Andrew Chang
Andrew Chang 18 days ago
do people actually eat this stuff? its like all fats with a side of carbs
jonosono 18 days ago
RIP that June Top Gun release date... Thanks Corona!
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 18 days ago
You should have edited the supermarket scene down to make it look like Chris was just being a jackass to the cameraman.
Nick Post
Nick Post 18 days ago
So clearly they’re not playing by the carbonara rules... Whose rules are they playing by?
Megan Busby
Megan Busby 19 days ago
Cheddar Regret sounds like a band name
Simran Manku
Simran Manku 19 days ago
take a shot for everytime he says “guanciale”
Gabriela Herrera
Gabriela Herrera 19 days ago
Gaby is my favourite she’s adorable
ASMR. im sick of internet.
his demeanor is so soothing. nice to be around type of. not so low nor high pitched personality/(persona idk) is very comfortable to watchhh
Sol 19 days ago
im really sorry about top gun
Maria Schmidt
Maria Schmidt 19 days ago
Can we get an unbleeped version?
cindy agoncillo
cindy agoncillo 19 days ago
"It's gonna be here before you know it." "Is it though?" Sorry, Chris. The world is even more cruel than you thought.
This is the only comments section I support. The love of Chris is strong
j w
j w 20 days ago
How do you leave the house and NOT brush your teeth?!? Freaking New Yorkers....bleech 😒
Curri189 20 days ago
And now we have to wait even more for Top Gun 😭
OnlyGood TV
OnlyGood TV 20 days ago
Watching this during quarantine and I just feel so bad that Chris will have to wait longer for Top Gun 2...
Attic Cat
Attic Cat 21 day ago
POV, you’re watching in agony as Chris puts none of the right cheeses into his dish while eating microwaved chicken nuggets
Kimberly Edenfield
I was nearly in tears at the end until the BAMMM! I then crazed up! Chris's dish looked better! I don't want anything green in my baked Mac n' cheese B-)
Maureen Cahill
Maureen Cahill 21 day ago
Ali looks like if Kate Middleton & Claire had a baby
chazzops 21 day ago
not a trophy but a heart felt like, yours was better
Evan Vincent
Evan Vincent 21 day ago
I love it when Chris says sh*t to the cameraman 😂
John Michael
John Michael 21 day ago
Morrocco ALSO Has even more of a "Potty-Mouth" than "Potty-Mouth" Molly M & M "Potty-Mouths"
Francesca Todaro
Francesca Todaro 21 day ago
It looks like a frittata 🤣
Bree Barfield
Bree Barfield 22 days ago
If making any carbonara, guanciale is always right.
Layla Abdush-Shaheed
I love that he always thinks of the right option, even when he still gets it wrong. It's never as though an ingredient totally didn't enter his mind, he just didn't end up going with it.
Nacho and his Dumpsterfire Truck
Mission Impossible 10: The Carbonara Paradigm
maylingrace 23 days ago
12:28 triggered 😭
richard adams
richard adams 23 days ago
chris would kill it at outdoor coat modelling .. i mean it
60 Minute Man
60 Minute Man 23 days ago
"In the immortal words of Tupac, 'Only God can judge me now.'" I feelt that mane
Kasia Segieda
Kasia Segieda 23 days ago
Really feeling for Chris that we have to wait even longer for Top Gun ♥️
Applestuff59 23 days ago
absolutely LOVE Chris' handwriting.
LosingLara 23 days ago
I think one of the things that messes Chris up the most is when he switches out ingredients because he likes something better. Like in this one the pancetta. Because even if they are empirically better, that doesn't necessarily means everyone likes to go by that playbook when building recipes. Can I just say though.... this is the BEST game. Like tryin to figure all this stuff out and solve the puzzle is FASCINATING. Like move over Sherlock, Chris Morocco is better!
Natalie's Youtube Corner
Oof, Chris's "is it though" about top gun coming out this June... he predicted 'Rowdy 'Rona...
Madalina Ioana Raileanu
Has someone told Chris that he'll have to wait even longer for Top Gun 2?
Dumb Person
Dumb Person 23 days ago
Monsieur Morocco here just radiates villain energy
Laura Steward
Laura Steward 23 days ago
Sometimes I feel like they are easy graders!
Ryan Ouellette
Ryan Ouellette 25 days ago
Gonna have to wait a lot longer than that for Top Gun 2....
AlijandroI 26 days ago
You should give him something like borscht to recreate. That would be fun to watch.
Jamie MacRae
Jamie MacRae 27 days ago
15:45 Brad casually butchering a wild boar in the background...
Saharra Marcelino
Saharra Marcelino 28 days ago
Dan was really getting it on this day...lol
Alayna Harstines
Alayna Harstines 28 days ago
He swears a lot more than I thought he was capable of.
Janaki Tejeda
Janaki Tejeda 28 days ago
Gaby!! El amor en persona, and Chris the human smell detector, hahahah love you both
R Lara
R Lara 28 days ago
He’s annoyingly cynical yet it’s so entertaining to see him fumble with just about every gut feeling and intuition he has and just be such a typical white guy 😂😂
Kenna B
Kenna B 28 days ago
Chris must realllllyyyy be hating Covid now that Top Gun's been pushed back to 6 months :(
Madi H.
Madi H. 29 days ago
I basically screamed when he put in the guanciale for the third time
Jeremy Womack
Jeremy Womack 29 days ago
Top Gun: Maverick is now pushed back to December. Curse you Corona.
Tesnim Guesmi
Tesnim Guesmi 29 days ago
Almost everytime, I prefer Chris's version..
chikns96 Month ago
this is a moody chris :(
Danielle Raso
Danielle Raso Month ago
Who else is l to this late and is dying of the irony of to listen to him complaining about waiting until July for the top gun movie and then hearing “it will be here before you know it.”
Brian Lin
Brian Lin Month ago
Just nitpicking, sometimes the graphics don't accurately represent what he has/hasn't put in. Maybe 1 mistake every couple videos. Otherwise, I'm a huge fan of this series.
Suzanna Boyd
Suzanna Boyd Month ago
Can you guys do a dessert episode?
Selina Prince
Selina Prince Month ago
I love how they called brad a pork "pundit" My Indian heritage is squealing.
okay okay but, gotta admit ALI INGLESE fine af 👌
Alexa Nee
Alexa Nee Month ago
"It's gonna be here in a moment." That didn't age well 😬
MengChi Lai
MengChi Lai Month ago
So disappointing to see hime have an ingredient right there and say “nah that’s definitely not in there”
Deb C
Deb C Month ago
Chris!!! Trust your gut more. You guess correctly more often then you think right off the bat and then you overthink it! Love watching you do these, really fun and have kept a lot of the recipes. ❤️✌🏼️❤️
KOAYA FILM Month ago
Every time I see Chris do the cart thing I have flash backs to a kid doing that at ShopRite and flipping his entire cart on top of him. Most alarming and funny thing to ever happen on a grape run.
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