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Dec 6, 2019




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Comments 842
Stephen Hicks
yellow days mad underrated
LyricalNinja Day ago
The popup said it would put the bulls under the minimum player limit your welcome
Jacob Shaw
Jacob Shaw 3 days ago
23:00 why didn't he take them both
lancyy yy
lancyy yy 3 days ago
keita bates-diop is the goat
Gabe C
Gabe C 4 days ago
Kenny... you need some 3 stripe life shoes in your background! Love your rebuilds! Keep it up!!
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 4 days ago
It said you will put your bulls team under 14 days to do this trade
Logan McDermott
Logan McDermott 5 days ago
I love jarod tarrell he played for Rhode Island college
Will Mckee
Will Mckee 5 days ago
James Mardis
James Mardis 6 days ago
Trash in to cash
Will Miller
Will Miller 7 days ago
Pop up = under minimum player limit
Chris Paradice Daniels
Lmao 3 year 100 million deal
FAt BiG mAn
FAt BiG mAn 13 days ago
Lets go my name is Steele and he said it was a cool name
Matthew Chidiac
Matthew Chidiac 15 days ago
Move VO to point guard so buddy could start shooting giard
DOGE GAMING 16 days ago
28:53 Perfect pronunciation Kenny!!!
hoodiematty *
hoodiematty * 16 days ago
i stg i made a myplayer named kobi simmons in 2k17
4lpha 16 days ago
By the way that pop up in the first trade said you will be under the team limit of players
Sjchxh Triskit
Sjchxh Triskit 22 days ago
Exact 00
Exact 00 22 days ago
“Ima give it to as many players as possible” Kenny 2019
Brady Deschene
Brady Deschene 22 days ago
You need to make a MyCareer video. I want to see Kenny Hardawayy have an NBA career
Brady Deschene
Brady Deschene 22 days ago
At 6:07, the message said that the trade would put the Bulls is the limited player limit
Mario From wii
Mario From wii 22 days ago
Will Brennan
Will Brennan 22 days ago
chris christie is also a politician
Essen Mohamud
Essen Mohamud 22 days ago
Does he not play with the Stepien Rule ?
Richard 23 days ago
Late comment but in 2k19 Kobe Simmons would progress and become a 84-86 Ovr
Flurkskipideedoo 32
You should do if everyone was playing for free
Kenny it said you can’t trade a player because you didn’t have enough players
Logan Pinkerton
Logan Pinkerton Month ago
You a goat
Anthony Friedley
Kenny bro, every time I watch your videos it just makes me happy!!! Keep going bro!!!
Evan Petty
Evan Petty Month ago
The pop up said you won’t have enough players
Jennifer Adema
Jennifer Adema Month ago
pop up This trade would put the bulls under the minimum player limit. The team can do this trade using the active minimum player limit exception that has 14 days remaining ok ok, and do not notify me again
Icy King
Icy King Month ago
Sammy rice goat
Dennis Devin
Dennis Devin Month ago
Where are you come from dude? Im from indonesia .. if u know
SonicThunder Month ago
Republican candidate chris christe becomes the #1 draft pick
Andrew DeAngelis
mans got chris christie he said🤰🏼
Mathew M
Mathew M Month ago
keta dropin 20 ppg playin 0 mins
Allison Casella
Allison Casella Month ago
Kenny is the best
zach Month ago
2:50 that was jaylen hands
Crafty Month ago
Why does the guy in the thumbnail look like Tyrone from All American
Angus Plaz
Angus Plaz Month ago
im sorry i have bad eyes can someone please help me find the L in SHAYOK
Kieran Newham
Kieran Newham Month ago
Kenny, you would have more money if you click on the players that were in the trade exception at least that is what it was for 2k19 don't know with 2k20
KOsfc Month ago
Where's the L in 'Shayok', just wondering?
Isaiah Vivero
Isaiah Vivero Month ago
yellow days hoodie is fiyah
DanTheMan Month ago
Day 4: Asking Kenny to do the ULTIMATE CHICAGO BULLS QUIZ: www.sporcle.com/games/Daniel7178/chicago-bulls-quiz
Jason Rohr
Jason Rohr Month ago
Fire Boylen
Daniel Salley
Daniel Salley Month ago
Tbf kobi simmons always gets to like a 90 in 2k
Nate Lonzaga
Nate Lonzaga Month ago
Chip skylark😂😂
Nate Lonzaga
Nate Lonzaga Month ago
Cuz it’s all abt u girl on ur 16th bday😂😂
Carson Busch
Carson Busch Month ago
could’ve had giannis and kawhi
Linda Johnson
Linda Johnson Month ago
Kot4q that pop up said “this trade will put the bulls under the minimum player limit. The team can do this trade using the active minimum player limit exception that has 14 days remaining
Zoe Eyre
Zoe Eyre Month ago
The pop up said this trade would put the bulls under the minimum player limit exception that has 14 days remaining
Zoe Eyre
Zoe Eyre Month ago
Can you do a can Michael Jordan go 82 and 0 or a team of Alex Caruso or a team of keida beist diop win a championship
10016271 Month ago
Bro you could have had Giannis and Kawhi but you choose victor oladipo. Kawhi is way better and you could have put Kawhi at SG or SF and he would have been beast.
Adam Thomasson
Adam Thomasson Month ago
Why didn't you pick Kawli and Giannis instead of Victor O?
Dylan Mills
Dylan Mills Month ago
Should do a rebuild where you rebuild a team from both the west and east with the 15 worst players from each team
tim schneider
tim schneider Month ago
I went to high school with Robert frank’s 😂 I was crying when you traded him
The Dimer
The Dimer Month ago
You have my guy Tyler Cook!
Keen jert
Keen jert Month ago
Why the hell would u not sign Greek and klaw instead u took greek them and oladipo klaw is better than oladipo
Stephanie Carlson
Love your videos man!!!
Pajock Deng
Pajock Deng Month ago
Cooper Smith
Cooper Smith Month ago
He almost said sammy sosa when he said sammy rice
Felipe Valverde
Felipe Valverde Month ago
Next videos