Rebuilding my Windows 98 Pentium III+Voodoo3 PC!

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3dfx Voodoo 3, Aureal Vortex 2, Windows 98 SE. Ahh, now that's a combination for some prime late 90s gaming. Too bad the rest of the computer needs a ton of work. Let's get to it and build a fresh LGR PC!
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Jul 30, 2018




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LGR 2 years ago
There's some debate about whether or not the CPU fan should blow air _onto_ or _away_ from the heatsink! I've always read that the idea of the fan was to blow air _away_ from the CPU and out of the case in order to draw heat away from the thing, although several of you are getting in touch saying the opposite is true. Here's just one of thousands of old threads discussing it: www.tomshardware.com/forum/170530-29-direction Either way though, I flipped it around to see what happened! While it's not running any cooler, it sounds quieter so I'm going with that. Thanks for the tip 👍
bzdtemp 24 days ago
Late to this video :-) I highly recommend adding a Roland audio card, many of the older games like for example Wing Command III+IV and Terminator Future Shock... can take advantage of the synthesizer audio from Roland. For example you could get a Roland RAP10 card and you will not regret it.
Eko Jar
Eko Jar Month ago
When your about to take a bite of hot food, do you blow on it, or suck all of the hot air into your mouth where the food is going to be in the same place?
Eko Jar
Eko Jar Month ago
To me, it should be blowing cold air INTO the heat sink, otherwise you just have a space heater blowing heat into the air.
MediaPC Month ago
I replaced my video card fan by case fan with air flow on to the heatsink / gpu. It's cooler than the original.... 😂😂😂
Cliff Shockley
Cliff Shockley 2 months ago
​@B_Bone I've professionally repaired well over 50,000 computers over the past 25+ years and almost every single one the fan blew toward the cpu. The only ones that didn't were newbs who self built their computer and didn't know any better.
Kris Backenstose
Kris Backenstose 2 days ago
fdisk has a cosmetic error when reporting drive size
Ahmetcan Aksu
Ahmetcan Aksu 3 days ago
14:56 This is so LGR
Martín Garcia
Martín Garcia 6 days ago
Procomb mainboard
Pronator Tendon
Pronator Tendon 6 days ago
If you ever use the Plasti-Dip that is the liquid you dip parts into, and you end up using only part of it, freeze the rest and save it for later, the cold will prevent the solvent from evaporating
workshopcraft 10 days ago
I still own a voodoo 3500... including the video capture add on
Jacob Clouse
Jacob Clouse 12 days ago
Still looking for the Recycle Bin LGR episode you did with this PC.
xn0 17 days ago
Damn, he just shat the cables in there. Nice.
Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell 18 days ago
Pro-Tip for cleaning out nasty cases like that... Break it down and then take it to the manual car wash. Blast that thing! (Hell, give it a fresh wax, if you want.)
cyberjack-CJ 19 days ago
the paint cheep .. hear in UK its about £9-12 / 12.02 US -16.02US
matguy1000 20 days ago
Knocking on woodgrain :P nice touch
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash 21 day ago
26:25 Here's how _NOT_to do it. Never ever put anything in the 1st or 5th PCI slot as those share the IRQ with the AGP - well, unless you have to. In that case, don't put anything vital and resource hogging in there. It often caused problems especially with audio cards back in the day... well you could have been lucky though :) 27:10 Never liked those. I always was easier to properly "fold" the ordinary ones so they wouldn't obstruct the air flow within the case.
techmouse1101 22 days ago
Are we just not going to talk about the 3 RAM slots? Does the power of 2 not matter to anyone anymore? I thought it was embarrassing my old HP computer from 2005 had five RAM slots. But I could at least still make use of 4 of them. 3 is just downright goofy.
Aaron Priestley
Aaron Priestley 23 days ago
back then when you could buy a computer like this you wouldn't wanna touch it lol.
Jacob Allen
Jacob Allen 25 days ago
34:10 my grand parents had a Compaq Presario 4xxx series pc, ran windows 98. Loved hearing that intense startup sound
Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd
Sh3s built like a steakhouse but handles like a bistro.
Those Altec Lansings...... :D
Inf7cted 27 days ago
I miss building PC's, but my life is shit right now - so no can do! When the time comes ill build something again with VR in mind. One of the cool builds I liked watching on RUvid was placing it in a fishbowl.
Haji Ali Bux Juno
Haji Ali Bux Juno 28 days ago
Core 2 Quad Is Best For Low End Gamers
lefthandedpolack 28 days ago
those old heat sinks sucked ass. don't miss those days lol.
Rex Pimplemyer
Rex Pimplemyer 29 days ago
Oh, and canyon.mid Still gives me a sense of nostalgic joy because hearing it means that I installed the audio correctly and most games and multimedia internet will work. *sigh
Rex Pimplemyer
Rex Pimplemyer 29 days ago
That's one thing I like about your vids. SO many of the tech guys on here like talking about their "top of the line", latest version, gaming rigs that cost more than most vehicles I buy. How fortunate for them they can afford such Sony comparable luxury. Most of the hardware I got was either flea market discounts, upgrade abandonware from friends, or dumpster finds. Every once in a while I found stuff on ebay or Amazon. Point is, it was cheap and it worked... most of the time. Nice color choice btw, though I had to cringe watching you scrub that old case under water. A damp cloth is the most I've Ever done to a computer. Water and electronics just don't mix.
War Zone
War Zone 29 days ago
Damn, that paint job gives it like +10 horse power alone!
LNMBEATS 29 days ago
you broke the speaker just to clarify however they aren't usefull they barely use piezo today however i have 2 systems with itt
IHU FF 29 days ago
thats not even close to nasty boy
patyk_jz Month ago
I 'used' Windows98 when I was 6 years old... never heard that welcome sound because I didn't have any speakers... :(
szeredai akos
szeredai akos Month ago
I donated mine to a school.
Kari Month ago
Man I wish I could do that with my 600mhz p3 with my geforce 64mb win 2k. I miss that beast. it had 384mb ram (1x 128mb 1x 256mb) it had a "whopping" 20gb hdd which wasnt bad in 99-2001
Ndhd Kdhd
Ndhd Kdhd Month ago
0:22 my love video :X
michael wilson
michael wilson Month ago
Couldn't help it laugh every time you mention how nasty your case is . As I sit here and watch the literal cobwebs flowing in the breeze of my PSU , case and Processor fans lol. Of course I have a nice clear view since I dont think Ive ever had a computer that has a side on the case from the first time I pop it open for an upgrade of some kind or another. I do for some reason want to rebuild a windows 98 pc now.
RogueSpartan 285
What is that screensaver? I've always wondered what that screensaver was with the brick maze.
Rex Pimplemyer
Rex Pimplemyer 29 days ago
Its one of the default screensavers that came with windows 98.
Iris Month ago
13:50 Can you imagine the looks from not only employees but also visitors when my dad was hosing down a completely equipped, opened computer case (486, not sure what type) in the company garden (which was for employees and visitors from the museum my dad worked at as a system administrator) after it had been in a sewage spillover? (We had that computer for a good amount of years actually, the only thing that had been corroded away was the CMOS battery, so each time we started it we needed to tell what time it was.)
PlayingWmaX! / lol
make a video of just you gaming on that
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson Month ago
Awe shit, my wife just walked in on me watching a video of a guy giving a PC tower a bath. She said nothing, but has the look of someone who's realized they made a lot of mistakes in their life.
Robin Taufmann
Robin Taufmann Month ago
lovely... this takes me back! those IRQ conflicts were always fun as I also had an Adapter SCSI card for a NEC 4x CDROM
Jay Brooks
Jay Brooks Month ago
Should build a old slot a
Ebefren Revo
Ebefren Revo Month ago
Im so glad we pass over that period. Windows 98 is pure trash, the biege color sucks so Pentium 3.
Thunder Kat
Thunder Kat Month ago
Try playing MechCommander 2 on that PC... Is a game that is hardly compatible with modern computers due to the lack of OpenGL compatibility.
SamuraiTacos Month ago
windows 98 lol
SamuraiTacos Month ago
Carl Begin
Carl Begin Month ago
what in the world
Janeen Phayne
Janeen Phayne Month ago
Who else remembers the screen saver at the end (and the mouse [animal] that ran through it)?
Christopher Shuba
Best shower scene since Psycho.
Don't remember the episode about Recycle Bin
Aryanne_v2 Month ago
Wow this OS was released like 5 months before I was even born.
Man this is therapeutic and nostalgic wrapped in pleasantness.
Braden S. 3
Braden S. 3 Month ago
Count Zero
Count Zero Month ago
How did you make the neat case badges?
Jacob David Cunningham
14:00 lol shower time That is a clean tub 29:06 I am curious why that speaker is mounted like that
Thunder Kat
Thunder Kat Month ago
How is the imput-lag on those old computers when it comes to quake? Using both a "new" vs brand new top-end mouse.
Eko Jar
Eko Jar Month ago
Man I really do love this color scheme for this PC. Its perfect
Eko Jar
Eko Jar Month ago
How to actually "Clean Your Computer" without anti-virus @13:48 Yeah man. Scrape all them old Trojans out too . Probably came from goodwill. Lol
Eko Jar
Eko Jar Month ago
Damn 512 megs with a Vudu card! Tight!
DRX, MBA Month ago
Where can your fans buy those LGR case badges?
70 Series Tires
70 Series Tires Month ago
One more: Lazy Cable Management
70 Series Tires
70 Series Tires Month ago
I never understood why you build the whole thing at once. If you have any conflicts at all, you won't know what they are with a shotgun build. Glad it booted right up.
70 Series Tires
70 Series Tires Month ago
Also, ZIP ties are our friends!
70 Series Tires
70 Series Tires Month ago
Those are called STAND-OFFS not offsets. Fun project!
k1ngTony Month ago
ooow good old times ... ^^
Thatshow ED
Thatshow ED Month ago
11:22 Clint talking about your mom
kwizzeh Month ago
This thing will run Quake 3 Arena like a boss.
oakpotatoe9000 Month ago
i want to cable manage it for you. that rats nest bothers me.
oakpotatoe9000 Month ago
i want to cable manage it for you. that rats nest bothers me.
Dispenser doggo Tf2
I’m 13 and I rebuilt a 5 dollar dell optiplex 740 for 60$, and it runs as well as a new pc, with an overclocked quad-core.
DarqeDestroyer Month ago
I had a 200mhz Cyrix CPU PC that I got in June 1998... it had a 2.1 GB HDD. Originally it came with windows 95 installed on it, but after a few months the HDD crashed badly and when I got a new one (a 10 GB... hard drive capacities were climbing fast in those days) I put w98 on it. And yes, it did end up with a Voodoo 3 in it. It also had an internal 56k modem which I thought was pretty sweet. It's hilarious how quaint it now seems to have raved over this stuff. But it is what it is.
Wheel333 Month ago
Enjoyed that good job thanks. 🙏❤️🙏
Aaron Noche
Aaron Noche Month ago
Their Was Win-98 Nowadays It's Only Up to TeN LoL
Null undefined
Null undefined Month ago
lol .... what are you doing with my first pc?
Michael Kutche
Michael Kutche Month ago
The video cards they had out compared to how they are today!! lol
work space
work space Month ago
Amazing videos I always love to watch your videos. Love from Pakistan. By the way are you a computer programmer
LightSoundGeometry Analog Electronics
u smoking too many ciggs u butthead
TheMiningTeam 2 months ago
lol this: I made an LGR theme for Win98 and I used the first 12 secs of this video as the startup sound, and I have that theme setup on my Win98 Rig, so when I heard that intro my mind thought (my win98 rig is starting up) lol
Lekim Nines
Lekim Nines 2 months ago
ISA and AGP together. Nice :)
IRMacGuyver 2 months ago
I'm surprised you didn't take all the free wood samples. My store started charging for the samples.
Christopher K
Christopher K 2 months ago
It's like the Millennium Falcon of PCs!!
nickn 2 months ago
38:35 I thought I'd run Minecraft, but it wasn't.
Lorelei Schwarzwald
Lorelei Schwarzwald 2 months ago
Also needs a coffee maker.
Lucky Hands
Lucky Hands 2 months ago
I went from windows 3.1 to hdm then we had a Mac until I built my first pc in 2004. So I've never seen win98,its amazing it looks exactly the same as 10. Icons are all the same lol. Play some wolfenstien 3d!
Ruffman SavageVeteran
Reminds me of happier days.
Nick 2 months ago
I love the paint. Looks kinda like something SGI would make.
OptimaDane 2 months ago
"Thats some nice wood" 2 seconds later "oh man" - My sexlife described in 2 quotes, thank you LGR.
Chicago Rc
Chicago Rc 3 months ago
paint the screen lol
Najmul Hasan
Najmul Hasan 3 months ago
Damn... Now this was the first PC my dad got around the time of my 2nd birthday back in 2000! But instead of P3, it was powered by a Celeron processor instead. Still could really hold on to some neat gaming power, with games running on ultra as late as 2005, and had it's last breath in 2008. Really miss it 😭
somepianochords 3 months ago
What a dream machine it was in early 2000's!
RoD Flag
RoD Flag 3 months ago
Can a compact flash card from SanDisk can replace the hd disk?! It have an adapter por ide imput.
coinman1972 3 months ago
Pretty cool. The first PC that I built was in December 99. It was a 600+ MHz P3 with a over locked (x4) AGP GPU, same that you have here, I think. It played every released title very well. Had to upgrade to a P4 build when WoW came out.
Иван 3 months ago
У меня была эта звуковая карта продал за не плохие деньги
Raúl Lamrani Bueno
Raúl Lamrani Bueno 3 months ago
28:54 the cooler for CPU is wrong way. and the conector for HDD Led and Power Led is not conected correctly.
Scrom Tinkersnout
Scrom Tinkersnout 3 months ago
I'm glad you filmed this because this was very similar to one of my computers back then. I completely understand the reasoning.
Scott kasper
Scott kasper 3 months ago
I watch for the golden voice
Patrick Barbu
Patrick Barbu 3 months ago
What does IRQ conflict mean?
My MediaPC
My MediaPC 3 months ago
When two devices use the same IRQ they technically conflict. Modern Windows operating systems (XP and above) handle this by doing IRQ sharing, but older operating systems couldn't do this.
wewahwowee snot
wewahwowee snot 4 months ago
I am a big fan, I have watched most of you content. I was under the impression that you needed matching ram but I noticed it looks like you have three different modules installed, have I been miss informed ? I am looking to build a win 98 box soon and any advice would be appreciated :)
World Builder 2049
World Builder 2049 4 months ago
Those Roland speakers!! Nice touch! I never liked Quake 3. Always thought Quake 2 was better.
chowner 4 months ago
Dimitri Damian
Dimitri Damian 4 months ago
your pc's shower more than some people do..lol
Robin Browne
Robin Browne 4 months ago
Ah yes, nostalgia. "It realy is a good PC" says Clint. That's like the guy who says "It really is a good car" even though it regularly stalls at stoplights, has a really funny noise coming from somewhere in the back, and the headlights usually work. But good job with the rebuild and nice paint job. The power button does look better white. If only I can fix that old car. "Now is that how that headlight switch comes out? Oops.. I guess not." Lol.
70 лет назад
Please, install Windows 7 on this PC
Hazardteam 4 months ago
*15:52* haha that laugh😄
r3conwoo 4 months ago
I used to see VooDoo advertisements in that old comic book pricing guide called Wizard.
Markuz Lombard
Markuz Lombard 4 months ago
I wash my keyboard too, and didn’t work after that.
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