Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 2

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This is where things get interesting! This is going to be an epic teardown of a super car that many won't show. However we are digging right in and can't wait to get it completely apart! We are moving in steps and the process seems to be very smooth. So stay tuned and follow along!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Mar 19, 2019

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Comments 7 003
indra jaya
indra jaya 2 hours ago
You Much talk ....bro
Bipolar Gaming
Bipolar Gaming 12 hours ago
I have no idea if someone else have mentioned this, but you really look like Hayden Christensen m8!
Anthony Espinoza
Anthony Espinoza 15 hours ago
I love you are very loud
mikhail remigaylo
New to the channel. No offense but you guys talk to much
Mack Fisher
Mack Fisher 2 days ago
how much did they get it for?
gepards8 2 days ago
too much talking less working
Alberto C.
Alberto C. 3 days ago
Audi bought Lamborghini years ago. The Car is German like Bugatti is Volkswagen Only Engine is made in ITALY
RANJDAR GTA 3 days ago
annoying music
The Better way
The Better way 3 days ago
U guys are more than what most americans teens and 20's are today I pray may God bless you guys
Jerome Claessen
Jerome Claessen 3 days ago
Get some hot wheels
Lee Writer
Lee Writer 4 days ago
I usually hate these kind of videos, but these guys have me hooked.
Crab Mentality
Crab Mentality 4 days ago
talk too much how about working on it..
XxFearlessSoldiersxX [XIXI]
If Chrisfix joined in with the fixing. Things would be hella more easier :D
Ryan B
Ryan B 6 days ago
no one: literally not a single soul: goonzsquad: that is legit
BoostedAllen 6 days ago
You found Audi parts because Audi owns Lamborghini!
Facundo Perez
Facundo Perez 6 days ago
24:46 “hold awn”
•LuchixX• 6 days ago
I am quite sure that has some parts in comong with Audi R8
5n0w 6 days ago
LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLegit. please expand your vocabulary
JellyGunner 7 days ago
you will find audi parts on a lambo beacause wolksvagen/audi corp owns lambo
Fa Hed
Fa Hed 7 days ago
اكو عرب
Loris Micheletti
Loris Micheletti 8 days ago
How cost the car?
Dejavu Wilson 84
Dejavu Wilson 84 8 days ago
Bo and Luke Duke buys a Lamborghini i'm just waiting for Uncle Jesse to come by where did Daisy run off in that video ???
Mark Weston
Mark Weston 9 days ago
VAG "Volkswagen Audi Group" they own Lamborghini amongst other car companies.
The Lord35
The Lord35 4 days ago
@Mark WestonAG is a common term in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. AG is equivalent to a corporation. VAG is Volkswagen AG.
Mark Weston
Mark Weston 5 days ago
@The Lord35 educate yourself sir.
The Lord35
The Lord35 5 days ago
VAG is not Volkswagen Audi group, it's Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft.
sasa sassa
sasa sassa 10 days ago
oh my God you guys talks soooo much!
Weaver H Christ
Weaver H Christ 10 days ago
These cats are tearing into a quarter million dollar car they had to have paid quite a few 10s of thousands of greenbacks for and they don't even know that VW is the parent company of Lambo & Audi among others.
Gunther H.G. Geick
Gunther H.G. Geick 10 days ago
Actually, this Lambo is kind of AUDI
Johnathan Stubbs
Johnathan Stubbs 10 days ago
That is sick
Explosure Marketing
if you CAN'T count them, it's much, if you CAN count them it's many. How MUCH sand, how MANY radiators
Brody Aspeitia
Brody Aspeitia 10 days ago
Volkswagen owns Lamborghini and Audi
NITRO Gaming
NITRO Gaming 10 days ago
prashill 8bp
prashill 8bp 10 days ago
you talk too much
Galactica Phantom
Galactica Phantom 12 days ago
No screws were lost while making the disassembly of this Lambo. Meanwhile I would have lost 2/3 of all the screws of kid size version.
marco veltman
marco veltman 12 days ago
Dudes, this is awsome to see... not only for this exotic car itself but I really enjoy you guys because of your enthousiasm and skills. Keep up the good work!
Rob 12 days ago
Are you guys serious? A little partnership going? Volkswagen owns Lamborghini.......
Zach Gallon
Zach Gallon 13 days ago
whats with to motion blurr this ep. the first one was so clean.
Shrenk 13 days ago
I'm glad I skipped to 25:00 and realized there is probably more interesting things to be doing.
Csiesel Gaming
Csiesel Gaming 13 days ago
Where do u buy ur cars
rb67mustang 13 days ago
What amazes me is that so far you haven't found any structural damage. Why was this car in a junkyard? Why wasn't it repaired through the owners auto insurance?
rb67mustang 13 days ago
Taking lots of photos before you strip the car really helps a lot as well.
rb67mustang 13 days ago
Sweet project guys!!! Many years ago, I bought a 1967 Shelby GT350 that had been damaged when it hit a telephone pole just behind the passenger door. The owner told me he was doing some holeshots trying to impress his new girlfriend. He ended up going sideways and hit the pole. The car needed a complete restoration as well as the crash damage repaired. As I stripped the car, I put hardware in zip bags and labeled the bag where they were taken from. It can be time-consuming, but it saved a lot of time because I knew where everything belonged. When it started to go back together, I wire-wheeled any hardware that was painted or rusted and refinished them. Of course, I had to buy some new hardware, but most of what came off of the car was reused. It saved me a lot of time and money. I say all this to say, don't lose your hardware and try to keep track as to where it goes.
Fettullah Bağ
Fettullah Bağ 13 days ago
I'm also enthusiastic about taking apart these things and put them together:) I wish we'd work together
Peter Mitchell
Peter Mitchell 13 days ago
The whole cars made from a 'loony mum'?
Kabir William
Kabir William 14 days ago
I begin to love you men!!!!!!!!!!excellent!
757#cLouds 14 days ago
legit count = 234 times lol
The Man from Epsilon Crucis
Hard to get cred as a mech wearing long socks and rubber crocs in the workshop
Audih 16 days ago
dog 3:16 thank me later
Slime Gaming 2010
Slime Gaming 2010 16 days ago
Stock rims are nice
饺子 17 days ago
this is good channel but try not to move you hands too much when you're talking.. its like you're rapping XD
type85 18 days ago
"Partnership"?? VAG owns Lamborghini! How did these guys get ahold of this car?? This is scary, they know nothing about this car.....
Casper Poczapsky
Casper Poczapsky 19 days ago
It’s not a partnership VW own AUDI and AUDI bought LAMBORGHINI quite a while ago :)
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