Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge Viper TA "TIME ATTACK" PART 13

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I can believe we pulled this off! One of the most important repairs on this Dodge Viper was finally fixed. We are learning so much in the process and we are happy to share it with you guys! This TA edition Viper will up and ready to go before you know it! Thanks for watching and be sure to like and subscribe!!!
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20 янв 2019

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ImForSale Месяц назад
You'll Pin this comment if you love your viewers
Gaming Boys
Gaming Boys 29 дней назад
Wow it worked
Allen Cunningham
Allen Cunningham Месяц назад
ImForSale .who are you
Humberto L
Humberto L Месяц назад
fabian heinrich
fabian heinrich 4 дня назад
I'm an animals guy AND a cars guy , but that kind of trust that thomas shows towards u guys , when he lays down on Billys shoulder and arm, dang son thats show some ton of trust to u guys and that agains shows how good you treat him , as well as ur dog. i really like ppl treating their animals as good as they treat other ppl. nicly done son , that + the positive attitude u guys keep up in all of ur vids and the fun u seem to have spreads a lot of good vibes around ya. Keep going , this is awesome to look @ ... proud of the two of you , a big thumbs up.
Kirito Okazaci
Kirito Okazaci 13 дней назад
Yooo I have that flashlight got it at camp
SyncMan172 18 дней назад
Love the Goonzquad videos. Pretty worried about the Viper though given the damage on the frame. How on earth does the metal not get any fatigue when pulled and pulled and banged into shape. Surely its always a concern.
Colbey Holder
Colbey Holder 18 дней назад
Nice work!
porfyrus1 19 дней назад
guys, you are aliens, i mean> pure extraordinary! love your fabulous work!
tonicrvnts 21 день назад
Rick Allen from DL is really talented 😃
Dadash 21 день назад
This movie. Is soo good man. I'm going to buy chips and I'll eat them watching this video.
Hang Loose Fishing
Hang Loose Fishing 22 дня назад
Hats off to Dannytv....one quick question goonzsquad what happen to the other guys you used to use.
Paul Arney
Paul Arney 23 дня назад
no v tune on the frame/
Adam Martin
Adam Martin 23 дня назад
This cool and everything, but what he keeps calling his work 100% is more like 80% -85%. Most insurance companies wouldn't make a car like this 100% which is why it was totaled. The repairs being made are questionable on a high end car like this. Most high end frame machines have a laser alignment system with manufacturing specs programmed into them. Anything they are welding and filling/fixing with bondo or fiberglass fixer isn't 100% .
goonzquad 23 дня назад
Adam Martin that’s true but at least we show how it’s done on camera, imagine all the things that other salvage shops do that’s not recorded.
goonzquad 23 дня назад
Adam Martin yep
coulton bishop
coulton bishop 24 дня назад
i rarely see these at all really on the road
John Putman
John Putman 24 дня назад
Who the hell would "dislike" this vid? Amazing work and these two are on their way to very satisfying careers. Will be really interesting to see where they are at in 20 years.
Khamsin Shamal
Khamsin Shamal 24 дня назад
Running a garage/frame work shop with only one fully working arm - that takes some will, skill and stamina. 👍🏼 Respect!
Jerry Santos
Jerry Santos 26 дней назад
I 💘 cats.
Abolfazl Gholami
Abolfazl Gholami 26 дней назад
Hi Guys, I see All Parts Dodge Viper 2014, I really like your work. How can i be like you?
David Garcia
David Garcia 27 дней назад
Imma feel bad for saying this but I didn't notice that guy was missing an arm until 11 mins.
Brent Stephen
Brent Stephen 27 дней назад
Hit up Premium Auto Styling in California. They make this solution to get rid of the residue from the clear bra. It’s borderline magic
1992Hoffman 27 дней назад
I thought that was y'all mustage for a minute.
John Logan
John Logan 27 дней назад
Thomas is such a good supervisor!
Adam P
Adam P 28 дней назад
Love the work
Eduardo González
Eduardo González 28 дней назад
That guy has Barça clothes!! He can not be a good person!!! 😜 Real Madrid forever!! Cataluña is Spain!!!
Steve Essayan
Steve Essayan 28 дней назад
Whats up with not using Vtunned to get the frame right!
Two Wheel Rocco
Two Wheel Rocco 28 дней назад
Great Job Guys.
The Fent
The Fent 28 дней назад
Does the passenger side lower control arm have a crack in the top of the housing or is that gap supposed to be there o_0
Danny Martin
Danny Martin 28 дней назад
My older brother totaled his 2017 dodge viper the day before ThanksGiving on a rainy day 😭 its the first super car i’ve ever been in and gotten to drive.
Phoenix Fall
Phoenix Fall 28 дней назад
Clean Cuts Lawn Care
Clean Cuts Lawn Care 28 дней назад
Max's Brandy Review
Max's Brandy Review 28 дней назад
I can barely pop my hood
Janeal 28 дней назад
Leo Galindo
Leo Galindo 29 дней назад
Your trending! I love it!
BOOTI05 REEREE 29 дней назад
Oh yeah yeah
mcyclonegt 29 дней назад
Why is cold start a thing?
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies 25 дней назад
Cold start fuel maps are rich so increased exhaust noise and sounds like it has a lumpy cam.
maximillian sexy
maximillian sexy 29 дней назад
Oh yeah yeah
Diamonte Leach-Brown
Diamonte Leach-Brown 29 дней назад
Follow me on IG @official_diamonte
cube5000 29 дней назад
Hell yea brother some redneck engineering
Erik Botos
Erik Botos 29 дней назад
I’m new on RUvid and just started my channel, check out my first video buying my dream car! 🏎
Alex Fisher
Alex Fisher 29 дней назад
I wish I knew what a car was Oh yeah yeah
Poopy Pants
Poopy Pants 29 дней назад
Oh yeah yeah
Poopy Pants
Poopy Pants 29 дней назад
Ivan Hernandez
Ivan Hernandez 29 дней назад
4:20 what song is that??
bnorcini23 29 дней назад
U guys need to take these cars to Cruisin' Weekend in OCMD
Anthony Castano
Anthony Castano 29 дней назад
dang! that car is looking so nice
Zac Hatfield
Zac Hatfield 29 дней назад
That paint job tho
Gamaliel Hernandez
Gamaliel Hernandez 29 дней назад
My guy is putting in work with one arm...hats off to him. Most people ball up and feel sorry for themselves. He is an inspiration!!!
DJBobbyChicago 29 дней назад
Thomas is the best :D
Liam Miller
Liam Miller 29 дней назад
Oh shit he aint got an arm, how the fuck he make that bitch streight
kitty luv2
kitty luv2 29 дней назад
That car looking like the one from fast layne
Tom Ahoks
Tom Ahoks 29 дней назад
DannyTV subbed.
LooneyTune 2006
LooneyTune 2006 29 дней назад
If you had quikjack, that job would have been easier
Husky Husky
Husky Husky 29 дней назад
28 on trending 👌
stefan kristensen
stefan kristensen 29 дней назад
the plug for the seat might be a pressure sensor for the airbag to go off when somebody sits in it. bmw has it aswell.
Hyder jafri
Hyder jafri 29 дней назад
Oh no no
brandon lol
brandon lol 29 дней назад
ChilledWhisky 29 дней назад
"More Straighter" lmao
George Mitrovic
George Mitrovic 29 дней назад
can i get the name of soundtrack played at 22:50 please?
Jdub 29 дней назад
dammmn goonzsquad on trending good job boys
tracycolorado 29 дней назад
should have removed the whole rear sub frame and differential from the body to straighten it
smart 29 дней назад
Plzz upload new video
Nathan Pace
Nathan Pace 29 дней назад
Dmn i love your videos i litterarly watch every video and im a panelbeater myself 🤣 how about a honda civic type r or nsx rebuild ? Keep it up guys ☺☺☺☺
Israel Mondragon
Israel Mondragon 29 дней назад
That's the reason it totaled the suspension mounting points where messed up and there not fixable. Not suppose to pull on the mounting points it compresses the metal and won't be as strong.
Molly Bags
Molly Bags 29 дней назад
WHy didnt you guys work with Vtuned for the chassis work?
Der Zät
Der Zät 29 дней назад
On Cracks U need to drill holes on both ends. Otherwise it is possible that die Crack goes bigger under your Putty and Paint.
Stephen Gusciglio
Stephen Gusciglio 29 дней назад
use a steamer for clearbra
Jay The Giant
Jay The Giant 29 дней назад
Goonzquad I think you guys should go with the new style rims all the way around. I know it would be expensive but those things look sick! Then just sell the old ones.
Danger Ranger
Danger Ranger 29 дней назад
You guys were in “famous news “by Michael Mccrudden Channel latest video!!!!!
11GOD 29 дней назад
Are they brothers ?
The Freaky Stranger
The Freaky Stranger 29 дней назад
Why don't you upload video faster??I wait for your very much and when it comes, I watch it and when it ends, I again wait for next vid Bye the way, love your vids
Riaden Chong
Riaden Chong 29 дней назад
I just take it that is so cool that you could do free work overnight here in California and they would not let you at all it is watch very strictly here in California
Iam Lost
Iam Lost 29 дней назад
Yay my trending is indian free not to be racist sorryj
gol10dr45 29 дней назад
Why no VTuned?
Fredrik Holmberg
Fredrik Holmberg 29 дней назад
What is the goonsquad story? Would like to hear how it all started... someone else interested?
Bobby Bannerman
Bobby Bannerman 29 дней назад
Sadiq Martin
Sadiq Martin 29 дней назад
Can we get a motorcycle build ? Lol
Dumpster Marcus
Dumpster Marcus 29 дней назад
its getting there!!!
Dr. Kostakious
Dr. Kostakious 29 дней назад
How bad was this car crashed ???
NFCxRenegade 29 дней назад
Just realized bro was a mechanic with one arm. 🙏SENSAI
The Greek
The Greek 29 дней назад
I love your cat 1:47
That blue door looks beautiful on that orange clear coat. 😎
Jit S
Jit S 29 дней назад
Guys some one tell me music name 0.47
มหาเทพ คุ๊งาย
มหาเทพ คุ๊งาย
Simon Westwood
Simon Westwood 29 дней назад
Do you guys have a music playlist for each episode? Could you put one in. Some tunes you obviously love and use time and again but some good new ones that I like too... Peace!!
Disney Princess Gang Member
Disney Princess Gang Member Месяц назад
0:03 Oh Yeah Yeah
miata chan
miata chan Месяц назад
oh yeah yeah
BryBTG Месяц назад
Been watching you lately, much love from philippines!
Timo Месяц назад
Why no vtuned to straighten the car
John Gotti
John Gotti Месяц назад
Like this if these two is some goats 🙏🏾
pedro jimenez lopez
pedro jimenez lopez Месяц назад
keep up the good work guys love the videos got my whole family watching lol
MrTo YouBoy
MrTo YouBoy Месяц назад
Ummm correct me if I'm wrong but did goonzquad just say their mustang is " naturally aspirated " at 20:57
Michael Hall
Michael Hall Месяц назад
Nice job guys.
Patrick .James
Patrick .James Месяц назад
Get Thomas a respirator too
James Garnes
James Garnes Месяц назад
17:28 "Who's that kid right there" I was wondering the same damn thing 😂😂😂😂
Matt Murin
Matt Murin Месяц назад
Made RUvid trending list awesome
Alex Loboda
Alex Loboda Месяц назад
777arc Месяц назад
For all those curious- dirt bike accident
Nick Twaddell
Nick Twaddell Месяц назад
It seems like every single part on that car is $5000 or more. haha
Jireh Martin
Jireh Martin Месяц назад
Sub to Sub?
mronissopwnage Месяц назад
Framework complete... Oh yeah yeah
MzMarquette Месяц назад
Awwww man.... I thought VTuned did your framework??? Glad to see another channel with more cute guys!!!!
Censei Месяц назад
who else thought the thumbnail was from gta v
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