Really Awesome But Overpriced Tech 1.0!

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Time for a new series! Today we're going over some awesome but overpriced tech. If only this dope side table was a bit cheaper...
Find it here:
Sierra Modern Home Studio Smart Table: amzn.to/2AQEHKw
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Feb 9, 2019




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Comments 1 456
Raeeqah Kilshaw
Raeeqah Kilshaw 2 days ago
Hey dude, loved this video! When are you making more?
Will it Punt
Will it Punt 9 days ago
Mkb: this is a large room I don’t think you can tell but it’s large Me: weird flex but ok
Chris Romberg
Chris Romberg 16 days ago
Great vid. Thx.
Mystery Mogul
Mystery Mogul 16 days ago
But what if you spill coffee on it
Galaxy Gamers
Galaxy Gamers 18 days ago
I would only pay 120
Detilly 19 days ago
The coffee table is absolutely ugly.
Annmarie Bartholomew
came form the airpods vs buds vid because this table really took me by surprise
Atul Shaurya
Atul Shaurya 21 day ago
$200 is really not much. Wirelss chargers cost around $50-$100. But this is also a load AF wireless speaker!
That Dude
That Dude 23 days ago
But how does it stand on two legs?? Anyone notice that but me?
LordLindberg 24 days ago
deffinetly picking one up, looks hella dope
O.W Productions
O.W Productions 26 days ago
I think it's worth my 220 Dollars
The Dancing Watermelon
The first needed to be a iPhone
Cameron Baker
Cameron Baker 29 days ago
I think $220 is a fantastic price
David Kim
David Kim Month ago
Those Kobes tho 👀
QueenhappyFace Month ago
Found it!
Hèctic Lívin
Hèctic Lívin Month ago
Can you pair them together tho ?cause these would be fire if so
Appy Tiwari
Appy Tiwari Month ago
Can we sit on it
Lovin9Lives Month ago
487.84 can..... oh hell nahhhh
Thir7een Month ago
What $220 is cheap ????
Andrew Vakalis
Andrew Vakalis Month ago
I would buy an gamers paradise version,u know: white with blue lights
Hamza Farooqi
Hamza Farooqi Month ago
Are we not going to talk about where the third leg is at 3:57 ??
Benjamin Solowiej
Hold up one second guys, I gotta charge my table
Anthony Pravato
Anthony Pravato Month ago
We're not gonna talk about how the two different colored tables are under different brand names? This seems like a case of rebranding a generic chinese product.
Willie & Maria Hamblin
why does it look like a google home and can you pair two tables
yoshi579 Month ago
so basically apple?
LethalTerror Month ago
I think it'd be much nicer if the wireless charging symbol wasn't there but I understand that's just there for clarity.
Spitdogger Month ago
I wonder how the wireless charging works if you have a case on your phone?
Tasneema Rahman
Tasneema Rahman Month ago
Do you live in America
Kaval Patel
Kaval Patel Month ago
I mean he is a average consumer 🤣🤣😂😂
chanyeol burger
chanyeol burger Month ago
Please more of this series 👍🏽
Tropic-Al Home Theater
That MAC computer should have been included in your video.
Gianflavio Month ago
I was expecting 400 for overpriced. 220 is fair I think
cmvelo1 Month ago
Definitely more videos like this! 💯👍 As far as the price goes, I think that the $220 is fair if it is a well constructed piece of furniture (especially when you add in the tech features). Thanks for making me aware of this table (have mine on order from Amazon 💥🔥 😎)
CandiceKrause Month ago
I actually just went to buy one - but it costs an additional £130 to ship it to the UK..
Maki Month ago
every apple product should be here
Blake Warford
Blake Warford Month ago
I think the price is fair! $100 just for a small Bluetooth speaker is pretty average. The grill/speaker size, with wireless charging. $200!? That's pretty standard for furniture alone. I'd cop this....actually even considering it...probably will LOL
Matt O'Quinn
Matt O'Quinn Month ago
510 dollars Canadian. Yeesh, we really get shafted with tech prices
PapaAquchala Month ago
Just imagine telling someone "yo hold up my table's dying lemme charge it real quick"
Nickolia Baker
Nickolia Baker Month ago
Its $195 now! Totally worth it in my opinion
Imran William
Imran William Month ago
I'm looking forward to see new overpriced tech. You should def continue with this idea.
Luke Deveraux
Luke Deveraux Month ago
If this was designed by Apple... It would look sick af... Definitely not like this... And it would be $ 799 with a irreplaceable glass on top which can be only fixed by Apple for an additional $ 199... 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 There goes your Dollar notes right outta the window... Bam... 🤣
Android.A Android.A
Honestly it's nice must be nice to have 1
_Egg_ Month ago
Damn, talk about minimalism.
Luis Calvo
Luis Calvo Month ago
Just bought a pair 🙌
UMB3R NA33M Month ago
I want it
AcidSpitting llama
Imagine someone came over and accidentally spill liquid on your coffee table
Jack Brooke
Jack Brooke Month ago
I was expecting like $3000 like wtf. All this for $220 is great!
mithikx Month ago
Chargable earbuds/headphones, watches, backpacks, beanies and now coffee tables.
Lance Howard Comedy
I love the series
inimicaltube Month ago
Love this series! Keep it up! Ps i commented on your other vid about where can i get this table... that brought me to ur vids which got me to subscribe which got this vid a like.
This Is Jaegi
This Is Jaegi Month ago
So I googled it ,as one does, and bed bath and beyond sells it for $180. You’re welcome
ENSeventea Month ago
Maybe that says something about myself but I thought this would be upwards of $500
Terence Hardy
Terence Hardy Month ago
The price ain't a thing, I'm getting one ASAP!
Ci fy
Ci fy Month ago
lol I thougt that it would be more expensive!
Speedeo 2020
Speedeo 2020 Month ago
2:30 and 3:57 where is the 3rd leg
nicholas collins
that's actually not that expensive imo. Esp with all the features that come with it.
Tom Ponsford
Tom Ponsford Month ago
I am looking for a speaker, a new night table, and a wireless charger. Just what I need!
MonsterDiesel 1100
Yeah but you would have to charge it like every day lol
Baba Gomda
Baba Gomda Month ago
@UrAvgConsumer please select me for a gave away. I won’t stop until you get it
Robert Miner
Robert Miner Month ago
The pice is fine
itzisaacbikes_ Month ago
Google home XL
Horrorcain Month ago
Only things missing from this, is... One or maybe two built in drawers. State-Of-The-Art bluetooth functionality. And true Hi-FI, and that's it. Maybe for like $320-$360, done deal.
Horrorcain Month ago
I don't wanna down vote the man's channel, but.._ When he said overpriced, I'm thinking $500 and up. But $220 for a speaker with all those features. I'm sorry, but it seems underpriced if anything else. Shout outs to the company who makes it.
Mothforlife Moth
What!? 220 Quid? Thats a Deal
Pranav Varma
Pranav Varma Month ago
2:31 It looks like it's 3rd leg is missing
10,000 subscribers with No Videos?
Next Video: *iPhone XS Max Unboxing*
The Bobster
The Bobster Month ago
If you think about it that's not overpriced
Mo Month ago
This is sexy af. Price is fair tbh
Marko Gabud
Marko Gabud Month ago
Oh I forgot to charge my coffee tabe..
David S
David S Month ago
Awesome new series, I am looking forward to more of them.
Little Yeet
Little Yeet Month ago
I think just about any apple product fits into this
Inventions Ventures
Fantastic content, Keep doing what you do!!
Yeah, great idea, great series. Keep it going!👍🏽
Democtic Month ago
Says it's overpriced... *Has 2 in 1 room*
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold Month ago
I agree with @Mogawty. For the fact that it is a functional side table, in a wood grain finish, with a Bluetooth speaker built-in, and wireless charging; I think that price is very reasonable, and not overpriced.
I thought he was going to say a $1000 but $220 seems low to me. The table looks like a stool.
Marian Petrides
Marian Petrides Month ago
Alas, I have a bazillion smart speakers already, so I’m having trouble justifying getting yet another. However, I really like the built-in wireless charging. Thinking about what I have already spent on wireless chargers and bluetooth speakers, the price really isn’t too bad. It doesn’t bother me at all that it doesn’t have Alexa/Google Assistant built-in (see first sentence).
Im Niksa
Im Niksa Month ago
That speaker i buy before 2months and price was 164$ they probably rise the price for video ;)
freebandz f
freebandz f Month ago
not overpriced at all. you be blowing money lol... I expected it to cost 1500
Magnus Hansen
Magnus Hansen 2 months ago
Do another episode
JONJON0NE 2 months ago
I think the price is pretty good compare to a home pod or an Bose speaker 🔈
John Jiles
John Jiles 2 months ago
Can we get the wallpaper you had at 4:43 please?
Younes Ten
Younes Ten 2 months ago
So beautiful
Aaron Drummond
Aaron Drummond 2 months ago
I don’t get how this is overpriced but apples AirPods are 160?
Will Key
Will Key 2 months ago
I thought it would be all Apple products when I clicked on this
The k sisters
The k sisters 2 months ago
This piece of technology is amazing 😉
Andre Mckenzie
Andre Mckenzie 2 months ago
Can multiple speakers be linked together?
Zane Powell
Zane Powell 2 months ago
Like the new series!
Kingshuk Sarkar
Kingshuk Sarkar 2 months ago
What if someone mistakenly spill some coffee or tea or water in it? Is it IP Rated?
Scarcity Muse
Scarcity Muse 2 months ago
The price matches up really well. A JBL bluetooth speaker, a samsung fast charger and a coffee table comes around the same price.
Pelago _
Pelago _ 2 months ago
I’d pay 220 in a second, I’d expect 550-600 honestly. Wtf are you talking about?
dittocopys 2 months ago
i must be watching too much UTherapy, i thought he was gonna say it was 1.5k
noirsoulse 2 months ago
You call a coffee table, that have a loud clear speakers, have an internal battery, can charge your gadget...AND... support WIRELESS charge...... Over price... and its okay for apple to sell their stuffs for $1000..... well... i hope the next video of this series make more sense....
Critically Cheesy Caleb
But, if it has a lot of bass, does that make it possible for something to fall off the table due to the rumble?
the_real_adil 2 months ago
but my jordan 250 lol
Broke Dad
Broke Dad 2 months ago
I think if I was putting together the ultimate tech gaming entertainment room this would be a great addition. I like that it has a charger built in and can go wireless a lot and it looks nice as well. Thank you for sharing it with us and my vote for this series is yes, I like seeing things like this, so please do more.
Arun Kalyan
Arun Kalyan 2 months ago
I thought that price would be 1000$ you surprised me,it's actually affordable.
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 2 months ago
I don't think it's overpriced, I think it's a good price!
David Villalona
David Villalona 2 months ago
table, speaker and wireless charger. what more do you want?
MattJLG 2 months ago
I could see the $220 price being justifiable if you're looking at it as a piece of furniture that fits an individual's tastes, but as a piece of tech it's not the great of a buy. There are people who don't mind spending more money on furniture so I can see some people being happy to hand over the cash for it. Cool vid, Jud!
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