Really Awesome But Overpriced Tech 1.0!

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Time for a new series! Today we're going over some awesome but overpriced tech. If only this dope side table was a bit cheaper...
Find it here:
Sierra Modern Home Studio Smart Table: amzn.to/2AQEHKw
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Feb 9, 2019




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Comments 1 502
Jai TV
Jai TV 18 days ago
I was expecting about $500. I think it's a great price. I'll be grabbing a couple today.
Alyssa Jordan
Alyssa Jordan 18 days ago
It’s not horribly priced but I think he was right if it was 100 dollars less it would be perfect.
Nithula Ratnayake
Nithula Ratnayake 22 days ago
IT'S A STEAL!!!!!!!!
philaw123 23 days ago
Sonos makes really great speakers starting around $150 and you can't put anything on top of them and they won't charge your phone. While I may not be in the market for one of these tables, I get why they cost so much. Def pricey, but so are a lot of things. Pricey doesn't necessarily mean overpriced when compared to the value it brings. If you want to call it overpriced, then compare it to a cheaper item that gives similar or better value. Show us a table with bluetooth speaker with wireless charger with built in battery going for a hundred bucks and I'll click on that link.
LifeonMaz 25 days ago
Buying one of these . Well cheap if you ask me . One for the bedroom
Super Anoboss
Super Anoboss Month ago
Still waiting for episode 2
Paetyn Lockley
Paetyn Lockley Month ago
Are you gonna do another one
Alexander Perez
Alexander Perez Month ago
$220 is not bad.. coffee table 80-120 plus a Bluetooth speaker extra USB and wireless phone charger people pay $200 for headphones. So it's good
Matthew Baldeosingh
Waiting for the next one big guy 🙏🏽
Syed Raiyan
Syed Raiyan 2 months ago
Can someone add share some information to buy this item in India?
Kealeboga Trenatoh Ramotuana
But the Price is okay..
Jusinhel_life Jxh
Jusinhel_life Jxh 2 months ago
The price is reasonable. It depends on what product you think it is.
Oscar Dog
Oscar Dog 3 months ago
Next wireless.....couch, shoes, eye glasses, chicken , tomato Bluetooth speaker google assistant Alexa charger
Michael Farrell
Michael Farrell 3 months ago
I think $220 is fitting for something packed with so many features.
Dead Man Drifting
Dead Man Drifting 3 months ago
Call me when you can synchronize at least 2 of this side table.
JD Fetterly
JD Fetterly 3 months ago
Love the idea!
Yung & Reckless
Yung & Reckless 3 months ago
Title sums up his whole channel
Mike Woltmann
Mike Woltmann 3 months ago
I bought that coffee table for my home office/Man cave and I love it. Not overpriced in my opinion
Just another citizen
I don't think it is overpriced at all, but would rather buy it at $500-1000 if they upgraded the sound to be on par with other great speakers in that range. I wouldn't want a speaker of that size if it wasn't my main speaker. It looks amazing, but if they make those upgrades in the 2nd gen and it would have Google Assistant installed - I'm sold!!!
2jzdrift95ify 4 months ago
Can you sync multiple tables together?
Rico Walters
Rico Walters 4 months ago
This is an affiliate marketing scheme
Shawn Ferrell
Shawn Ferrell 4 months ago
I’ll definitely pay $220 for that
Issa Camara
Issa Camara 4 months ago
can seems weird but... I've bought it. I will receive it in may, i'll tell you if it's cool :)
LA Ahmed
LA Ahmed 4 months ago
Where that Apartment what the name of it bc I want to live there plz tell
Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith 4 months ago
Is that link for the darker table? Can’t tell
Invki 5 months ago
Man table speaker charger like whu if it is as loud as you said it’s 100% worth it, most loud speakers are around this price anyways
Raeeqah Kilshaw
Raeeqah Kilshaw 5 months ago
Hey dude, loved this video! When are you making more?
Will it Punt
Will it Punt 5 months ago
Mkb: this is a large room I don’t think you can tell but it’s large Me: weird flex but ok
Chris Romberg
Chris Romberg 5 months ago
Great vid. Thx.
Mystery Mogul
Mystery Mogul 5 months ago
But what if you spill coffee on it
Galaxy Gamers
Galaxy Gamers 5 months ago
I would only pay 120
Julien Valiquette
Julien Valiquette 5 months ago
The coffee table is absolutely ugly.
Annmarie Bartholomew
came form the airpods vs buds vid because this table really took me by surprise
Atul Shaurya
Atul Shaurya 5 months ago
$200 is really not much. Wirelss chargers cost around $50-$100. But this is also a load AF wireless speaker!
That Dude
That Dude 5 months ago
But how does it stand on two legs?? Anyone notice that but me?
LordLindberg 5 months ago
deffinetly picking one up, looks hella dope
DUB Williams
DUB Williams 5 months ago
I think it's worth my 220 Dollars
The Dancing Watermelon
The first needed to be a iPhone
Cameron Baker
Cameron Baker 6 months ago
I think $220 is a fantastic price
David Kim
David Kim 6 months ago
Those Kobes tho 👀
QueenhappyFace 6 months ago
Found it!
Hèctic Lívin
Hèctic Lívin 6 months ago
Can you pair them together tho ?cause these would be fire if so
Appy Tiwari
Appy Tiwari 6 months ago
Can we sit on it
Lovin9Lives 6 months ago
487.84 can..... oh hell nahhhh
Thir7een 6 months ago
What $220 is cheap ????
Andrew Vakalis
Andrew Vakalis 6 months ago
I would buy an gamers paradise version,u know: white with blue lights
Hamza Farooqi
Hamza Farooqi 6 months ago
Are we not going to talk about where the third leg is at 3:57 ??
Benjamin Solowiej
Benjamin Solowiej 6 months ago
Hold up one second guys, I gotta charge my table
Anthony Anthony
Anthony Anthony 6 months ago
We're not gonna talk about how the two different colored tables are under different brand names? This seems like a case of rebranding a generic chinese product.
Willie & Maria Hamblin
why does it look like a google home and can you pair two tables
DragonYoshi 6 months ago
so basically apple?
LethalTerror 6 months ago
I think it'd be much nicer if the wireless charging symbol wasn't there but I understand that's just there for clarity.
Spitdogger 6 months ago
I wonder how the wireless charging works if you have a case on your phone?
Tasneema Rahman
Tasneema Rahman 6 months ago
Do you live in America
Kaval Patel
Kaval Patel 6 months ago
I mean he is a average consumer 🤣🤣😂😂
chanyeol burger
chanyeol burger 6 months ago
Please more of this series 👍🏽
Tropic-Al 6 months ago
That MAC computer should have been included in your video.
Gianflavio 6 months ago
I was expecting 400 for overpriced. 220 is fair I think
cmvelo1 6 months ago
Definitely more videos like this! 💯👍 As far as the price goes, I think that the $220 is fair if it is a well constructed piece of furniture (especially when you add in the tech features). Thanks for making me aware of this table (have mine on order from Amazon 💥🔥 😎)
Lephiz 6 months ago
I actually just went to buy one - but it costs an additional £130 to ship it to the UK..
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