Really Awesome But Overpriced Tech 1.0!

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Time for a new series! Today we're going over some awesome but overpriced tech. If only this dope side table was a bit cheaper...
Find it here:
Sierra Modern Home Studio Smart Table: amzn.to/2AQEHKw
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Feb 9, 2019

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Comments 1 499
Matthew Baldeosingh
Matthew Baldeosingh 11 hours ago
Waiting for the next one big guy 🙏🏽
Syed Raiyan
Syed Raiyan 6 days ago
Can someone add share some information to buy this item in India?
Kealeboga Trenatoh Ramotuana
But the Price is okay..
Xavier Ryan
Xavier Ryan 24 days ago
"Plant and notebooks not included"
Jusinhel_life Jxh
Jusinhel_life Jxh 25 days ago
The price is reasonable. It depends on what product you think it is.
Oscar Dog
Oscar Dog Month ago
Next wireless.....couch, shoes, eye glasses, chicken , tomato Bluetooth speaker google assistant Alexa charger
Michael Farrell
Michael Farrell Month ago
I think $220 is fitting for something packed with so many features.
Dead Man Drifting
Call me when you can synchronize at least 2 of this side table.
JD Fetterly
JD Fetterly Month ago
Love the idea!
Yung & Reckless
Yung & Reckless Month ago
Title sums up his whole channel
Mike Woltmann
Mike Woltmann 2 months ago
I bought that coffee table for my home office/Man cave and I love it. Not overpriced in my opinion
Stimulus von Dunkelheim
I don't think it is overpriced at all, but would rather buy it at $500-1000 if they upgraded the sound to be on par with other great speakers in that range. I wouldn't want a speaker of that size if it wasn't my main speaker. It looks amazing, but if they make those upgrades in the 2nd gen and it would have Google Assistant installed - I'm sold!!!
2jzdrift95ify 2 months ago
Can you sync multiple tables together?
Rico Walters
Rico Walters 2 months ago
This is an affiliate marketing scheme
Shawn Ferrell
Shawn Ferrell 2 months ago
I’ll definitely pay $220 for that
Issa Camara
Issa Camara 2 months ago
can seems weird but... I've bought it. I will receive it in may, i'll tell you if it's cool :)
LA Ahmed
LA Ahmed 3 months ago
Where that Apartment what the name of it bc I want to live there plz tell
Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith 3 months ago
Is that link for the darker table? Can’t tell
Invki 3 months ago
Man table speaker charger like whu if it is as loud as you said it’s 100% worth it, most loud speakers are around this price anyways
Raeeqah Kilshaw
Raeeqah Kilshaw 3 months ago
Hey dude, loved this video! When are you making more?
Will it Punt
Will it Punt 3 months ago
Mkb: this is a large room I don’t think you can tell but it’s large Me: weird flex but ok
Chris Romberg
Chris Romberg 3 months ago
Great vid. Thx.
Mystery Mogul
Mystery Mogul 3 months ago
But what if you spill coffee on it
Galaxy Gamers
Galaxy Gamers 3 months ago
I would only pay 120
Julien Valiquette
Julien Valiquette 3 months ago
The coffee table is absolutely ugly.
Annmarie Bartholomew
came form the airpods vs buds vid because this table really took me by surprise
Atul Shaurya
Atul Shaurya 3 months ago
$200 is really not much. Wirelss chargers cost around $50-$100. But this is also a load AF wireless speaker!
That Dude
That Dude 3 months ago
But how does it stand on two legs?? Anyone notice that but me?
LordLindberg 3 months ago
deffinetly picking one up, looks hella dope
DUB Williams
DUB Williams 4 months ago
I think it's worth my 220 Dollars
The Dancing Watermelon
The first needed to be a iPhone
Cameron Baker
Cameron Baker 4 months ago
I think $220 is a fantastic price
David Kim
David Kim 4 months ago
Those Kobes tho 👀
QueenhappyFace 4 months ago
Found it!
Hèctic Lívin
Hèctic Lívin 4 months ago
Can you pair them together tho ?cause these would be fire if so
Appy Tiwari
Appy Tiwari 4 months ago
Can we sit on it
Lovin9Lives 4 months ago
487.84 can..... oh hell nahhhh
Thir7een 4 months ago
What $220 is cheap ????
Andrew Vakalis
Andrew Vakalis 4 months ago
I would buy an gamers paradise version,u know: white with blue lights
Hamza Farooqi
Hamza Farooqi 4 months ago
Are we not going to talk about where the third leg is at 3:57 ??
Benjamin Solowiej
Benjamin Solowiej 4 months ago
Hold up one second guys, I gotta charge my table
Anthony Anthony
Anthony Anthony 4 months ago
We're not gonna talk about how the two different colored tables are under different brand names? This seems like a case of rebranding a generic chinese product.
Willie & Maria Hamblin
why does it look like a google home and can you pair two tables
yoshi579 4 months ago
so basically apple?
LethalTerror 4 months ago
I think it'd be much nicer if the wireless charging symbol wasn't there but I understand that's just there for clarity.
Spitdogger 4 months ago
I wonder how the wireless charging works if you have a case on your phone?
Tasneema Rahman
Tasneema Rahman 4 months ago
Do you live in America
Kaval Patel
Kaval Patel 4 months ago
I mean he is a average consumer 🤣🤣😂😂
chanyeol burger
chanyeol burger 4 months ago
Please more of this series 👍🏽
Tropic-Al 4 months ago
That MAC computer should have been included in your video.
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