Really Awesome But Overpriced Tech 1.0!

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Time for a new series! Today we're going over some awesome but overpriced tech. If only this dope side table was a bit cheaper...
Find it here:
Sierra Modern Home Studio Smart Table: amzn.to/2AQEHKw
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9 фев 2019

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Horrorcain 16 часов назад
Only things missing from this, is... One or maybe two built in drawers. State-Of-The-Art bluetooth functionality. And true Hi-FI, and that's it. Maybe for like $320-$360, done deal.
Horrorcain 17 часов назад
I don't wanna down vote the man's channel, but.._ When he said overpriced, I'm thinking $500 and up. But $220 for a speaker with all those features. I'm sorry, but it seems underpriced if anything else. Shout outs to the company who makes it.
frederik gundestrup
frederik gundestrup 22 часа назад
What!? 220 Quid? Thats a Deal
Pranav Varma
Pranav Varma 2 дня назад
2:31 It looks like it's 3rd leg is missing
10,000 subscribers with No Videos?
Next Video: *iPhone XS Max Unboxing*
The Bobster
The Bobster 2 дня назад
If you think about it that's not overpriced
Mo 2 дня назад
This is sexy af. Price is fair tbh
Marko Gabud
Marko Gabud 3 дня назад
Oh I forgot to charge my coffee tabe..
David S
David S 3 дня назад
Awesome new series, I am looking forward to more of them.
Ameya yeet
Ameya yeet 3 дня назад
I think just about any apple product fits into this
Andrew Stokie
Andrew Stokie 3 дня назад
Inventions Ventures
Inventions Ventures 3 дня назад
Fantastic content, Keep doing what you do!!
JunkionMarnot2005 4 дня назад
Yeah, great idea, great series. Keep it going!👍🏽
Democtic 4 дня назад
Says it's overpriced... *Has 2 in 1 room*
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold 4 дня назад
I agree with @Mogawty. For the fact that it is a functional side table, in a wood grain finish, with a Bluetooth speaker built-in, and wireless charging; I think that price is very reasonable, and not overpriced.
Myballsitchsomethingfierce 4 дня назад
I thought he was going to say a $1000 but $220 seems low to me. The table looks like a stool.
Marian Petrides
Marian Petrides 5 дней назад
Alas, I have a bazillion smart speakers already, so I’m having trouble justifying getting yet another. However, I really like the built-in wireless charging. Thinking about what I have already spent on wireless chargers and bluetooth speakers, the price really isn’t too bad. It doesn’t bother me at all that it doesn’t have Alexa/Google Assistant built-in (see first sentence).
Im Niksa
Im Niksa 5 дней назад
That speaker i buy before 2months and price was 164$ they probably rise the price for video ;)
freebandz f
freebandz f 5 дней назад
not overpriced at all. you be blowing money lol... I expected it to cost 1500
Magnus Hansen
Magnus Hansen 5 дней назад
Do another episode
JONJON0NE 6 дней назад
I think the price is pretty good compare to a home pod or an Bose speaker 🔈
John Jiles
John Jiles 6 дней назад
Can we get the wallpaper you had at 4:43 please?
Younes Ten
Younes Ten 6 дней назад
So beautiful
Aaron Drummond
Aaron Drummond 6 дней назад
I don’t get how this is overpriced but apples AirPods are 160?
Will Key
Will Key 6 дней назад
I thought it would be all Apple products when I clicked on this
The k sisters
The k sisters 6 дней назад
This piece of technology is amazing 😉
Andre Mckenzie
Andre Mckenzie 6 дней назад
Can multiple speakers be linked together?
Zane Powell
Zane Powell 7 дней назад
Like the new series!
Kingshuk Sarkar
Kingshuk Sarkar 7 дней назад
What if someone mistakenly spill some coffee or tea or water in it? Is it IP Rated?
Scarcity Muse
Scarcity Muse 7 дней назад
The price matches up really well. A JBL bluetooth speaker, a samsung fast charger and a coffee table comes around the same price.
Pelago _
Pelago _ 7 дней назад
I’d pay 220 in a second, I’d expect 550-600 honestly. Wtf are you talking about?
dittocopys 7 дней назад
i must be watching too much UTherapy, i thought he was gonna say it was 1.5k
noirsoulse 7 дней назад
You call a coffee table, that have a loud clear speakers, have an internal battery, can charge your gadget...AND... support WIRELESS charge...... Over price... and its okay for apple to sell their stuffs for $1000..... well... i hope the next video of this series make more sense....
Critically Cheesy Caleb
Critically Cheesy Caleb 7 дней назад
But, if it has a lot of bass, does that make it possible for something to fall off the table due to the rumble?
the_real_adil 8 дней назад
but my jordan 250 lol
Broke Dad
Broke Dad 8 дней назад
I think if I was putting together the ultimate tech gaming entertainment room this would be a great addition. I like that it has a charger built in and can go wireless a lot and it looks nice as well. Thank you for sharing it with us and my vote for this series is yes, I like seeing things like this, so please do more.
Arun Kalyan
Arun Kalyan 8 дней назад
I thought that price would be 1000$ you surprised me,it's actually affordable.
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 8 дней назад
I don't think it's overpriced, I think it's a good price!
David Villalona
David Villalona 8 дней назад
table, speaker and wireless charger. what more do you want?
MattJLG 8 дней назад
I could see the $220 price being justifiable if you're looking at it as a piece of furniture that fits an individual's tastes, but as a piece of tech it's not the great of a buy. There are people who don't mind spending more money on furniture so I can see some people being happy to hand over the cash for it. Cool vid, Jud!
feeldennis 8 дней назад
Can you pair two to make stereo?
SourCan 9 дней назад
Just review all the apple products in this series
GhostPlayer7 9 дней назад
If that desk had wireless charging i'd buy it instant!
Ndivhuwo Masindi
Ndivhuwo Masindi 9 дней назад
We not getting a gaming this year ?
ThatGuyKwe 9 дней назад
Friend : Hey! Where's that end table you had before. Me : I put it away, forgot to charge it.
ThatGuyKwe 9 дней назад
But it doesn't have Alexa or Google Assistant
Joshua Joxhzuz
Joshua Joxhzuz 9 дней назад
Which song is that
ig:jack_thrillaa 9 дней назад
Can 2 of them be linked together??
Gogetyours 9 дней назад
The price really wasn't that bad to be honest i was expecting $600+ or something, the ( side table ) sounds good, it would top it off if it had a wireless phone charger table top built in. But if one of my friends did have this table it would definitely get my attention.
ZeroX Al-Attas
ZeroX Al-Attas 9 дней назад
can we sit on it?
// BeatLaunch \\
// BeatLaunch \\ 9 дней назад
You should definitely do a review on either the Bobby Backpack, or the Bobby Urban anti-theft Backpacks!!!!
Lisandro Reynoso
Lisandro Reynoso 9 дней назад
This channel has always shown "Really Awesome But Overpriced Tech" so this section is not new
MaceWindu11 9 дней назад
What only 220 thats noting for it I thought u would say some about a 1000box
Kevin Rigney
Kevin Rigney 9 дней назад
when is the smart house tour gonna be
Liam Hawley
Liam Hawley 9 дней назад
Why wasn't this video just called coffee table speaker if that's the only piece of tech that you had in it? I skipped through the last five minutes of it because I was hoping for anything else.
Hans Pierre
Hans Pierre 9 дней назад
Yo!! That's an amazing price!! My JBL Extreme was $300 and I'd definitely buy this.
istillhavea VCr
istillhavea VCr 10 дней назад
that toro y moi is FIRE
Hi-Fi Insider
Hi-Fi Insider 10 дней назад
@Judner, I wish you didn't call it "overpriced". IMHO, overpriced is something that is high priced and doesn't meet the advertised performance/quality/feature. The high price alone doesn't make it overpriced. There is a cost to quality and design.
Steven Suarez
Steven Suarez 10 дней назад
That looks like a $220 side table even without the tech.
Shaun Berendt
Shaun Berendt 10 дней назад
I dig the idea for the new series, but I was full on expecting this to cost well over $500. I would pick this up for $220!
DigikidForever 10 дней назад
That is a END TABLE. Not a Coffee table.
Demetrius Davis
Demetrius Davis 10 дней назад
Not even overpriced for a nice table lol
Demetrius Davis
Demetrius Davis 10 дней назад
Love the bass till your drink vibrates off the table
April Jetson
April Jetson 10 дней назад
I had this on my wishlist for like a year now. Lol
Bleach Tea
Bleach Tea 10 дней назад
Crap I forgot to charge my table
Ethan Ames
Ethan Ames 10 дней назад
Please help me find that couch in the background so I can cop
Ethan Ames
Ethan Ames 10 дней назад
What’s the couch in the background???
Dave Lokey
Dave Lokey 10 дней назад
Definitely like the concept and table, price seems reasonable considering the overall package. like others have said google assistant would definitely put this over the top. Looking forward to the next video in the series!
Nemo 10 дней назад
Wait one second I gotta charge my table 🤣
Dylan Adrian
Dylan Adrian 10 дней назад
Lol I have the same ikea couch
Exit 53
Exit 53 10 дней назад
I think the side table has a good price! I actually guessed it would be $250. I’m still waiting for my Sobro side tables🤦🏾‍♂️
Kevin Carlsen
Kevin Carlsen 10 дней назад
Take a shot every time Jud says "this thing"
Yucy42 10 дней назад
At 1:55 can any one tell me the name on the Spiderman music.
Den Ægte
Den Ægte 10 дней назад
Acoustics in your room is pretty bad, you should look into that my dude
Everardo raygoza
Everardo raygoza 10 дней назад
Only if it had Google assistant built in..thanks for the find. I still may pick it up.
Javy 10 дней назад
Keep making vids like this👌🏽🔥💯very interesting i like them
Tanja Louw
Tanja Louw 10 дней назад
do a skullcandy venue vs Jbl t600 (Anc)
Knockable gamer
Knockable gamer 10 дней назад
What is it
Lavie Gariv
Lavie Gariv 10 дней назад
I honestly think that the price is not too high for this product, I saw it the last week and thought about buying it, but I wondered how good is the build quality of it and I couldn’t find any reviews of it online. Now I think I might actually buy this one.
itsbiju 10 дней назад
I'd buy it if Google home was built in.
Kyle Lockhead
Kyle Lockhead 10 дней назад
WuschelofDespair 11 дней назад
Volume is controlled separately? Pretty much a dealbreaker, I hate that
_hayden_taylor_ 11 дней назад
*buys coffee table with speaker* PLUG IN AN EXTERNAL SPEAKER
WhaDemFeelLike? 11 дней назад
My guy where is that sweatshirt from?
Ricardo Torres
Ricardo Torres 11 дней назад
They should call this cool shit you cant afford 1.0
Muniraju Setty
Muniraju Setty 11 дней назад
I think u should continue this series
Vas Dávid
Vas Dávid 11 дней назад
200 bucks ain’t that bad, a wireless speaker this quality cost around 150 by itself without wireless charging and design, functionality. I’d definately buy one :)
EliteGamer 11 дней назад
Airpods are 160 tho
Jesus  Barraza
Jesus Barraza 11 дней назад
This is definitely not overpriced. 2 USB ports, loud Bluetooth speaker, wireless charging and the table itself for $220? Definitely getting this
Mario Mata
Mario Mata 11 дней назад
Yes the new series is great all tech is great to know all the time!
Jabeena Begum
Jabeena Begum 11 дней назад
An average consumer reviews overpriced tech. Hmm🤔
moopers 8
moopers 8 11 дней назад
Overpriced tech: the iMac behind you.
Filip Velitchkov
Filip Velitchkov 11 дней назад
That's not overpriced! After all the speaker, battery, charging and Bluetooth technology + the aesthetics, those things in this size are not cheap, I think it's fine.
Adam Wroten
Adam Wroten 11 дней назад
Man ......this thing makes so much sense
Jacob Post
Jacob Post 11 дней назад
Would like to see more of this in the future! (and yes, I would buy it)
Chulo Productions
Chulo Productions 11 дней назад
Bluetooth speaker, table, wireless charger all in one??? And it looks really nice!!! $220 is a really good price...
Danny 310
Danny 310 11 дней назад
I'm going to have to unsubscribe your videos always seem like advertisements than in-depth reviews...
Ben Nottelling
Ben Nottelling 11 дней назад
They could have made a wireless charging pad for the table itself and kept the entire thing wireles
liroso 11 дней назад
Been watching you for a while & I think you demonstrate some really cool tech, thank you! I particularly like that you set up tech in groups according to price (best tech under $50, etc.). As far as this speaker/table/charger the only thing I find is that the "button" stitched on the side detract from the design. It has a light to indicate it's on but they might have done something like the Google Mini; touching the right increases the loudness, touching the left lowers it, touching the top pauses, etc.If the soundstage, and the freq. response is good then they might be worth the $220 - have you been furniture buying recently?!?! If you get two do they pair/sync up to provide stereo? I agree with Gyaan, it should have Google built in. Anyway, great channel!
Wesley Johnson
Wesley Johnson 11 дней назад
FRIEND: Hey man, when are you going to be at the party? You know we're waiting on you for the music right? ME: Hold up man, I gotta charge my table real quick.
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