Realistic Minecraft - THE MOVIE (Episode 1 - 14)

Kibitz and The Captain
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Realistic Minecraft - THE MOVIE (Episode 1 - 14)
The entire Realistic Minecraft Series is now all in one epic 1 hour + movie version! Watch the entire adventure from waking up in Minecraft, to the Town Invasion, to dealing with griefers, and to fighting Herobrine in real life! Everything in this took over 2 years to create and countless hours of editing and animation, so please give it a LIKE!
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Mar 24, 2017




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Comments 100
Leah Ndugi
Leah Ndugi 2 hours ago
Ayleks yt Studio
Ayleks yt Studio 17 hours ago
Oh dont mind me im just re watching my childhood
Kelly Neilson
Kelly Neilson 18 hours ago
ngoruh2378 22 hours ago
Herobrine finds Steve on jungle an then Steve saw a house 2min player just came and the player to meet steve
Arifa Tayyab
Arifa Tayyab Day ago
I like your videos.
Ahnaf khairan
Wow you creative
Cora Bergthold
Oh oh that's not diamonds its Iron! You silly butt stop mining stupid iron
*spends 7 emeralds on bread* Achievement get! What a deal
Lukas BEST
Lukas BEST Day ago
this is my childhood : (
SHROUD GAMING 2 days ago
Herebrine is in left he dont no in The block grass
Marc Raniel Alpas
his wow in sky city sounds like the wown meme
project burn it
project burn it 3 days ago
rip max
edwin ochieng
edwin ochieng 3 days ago
Max is good I love it so I don’t want to go horse and I have a good time with or villagers
Amrith Ram Vishnu
Asphalt 8🏎🏆🥇🏅🎖🤩
sweetprincess543 3 days ago
Minecraft need money
The youtuber channel
Dude i love this story
Amrith Ram Vishnu
I’m sad his horse dead I will revenge him name herobrine
Peng Wong Tan
Peng Wong Tan 3 days ago
Hooooo rayyyyy
Miriaixcel Cardona
I love it
Alexander Jogwuia
I like the beginning
Javee Sandico
Javee Sandico 4 days ago
Poor max😢
Adam Advena
Adam Advena 4 days ago
and why did herobrine have a netherite sword...
Advanced Gamer
Advanced Gamer 2 days ago
There is in v1.16
Adam Advena
Adam Advena 4 days ago
but... the iron sword had sharpness 5 ...
Iva M.
Iva M. 4 days ago
Adam Advena
Adam Advena 4 days ago
ahhaha iron axe is as good as stone sword
Ian Ignacio
Ian Ignacio 4 days ago
And also no hooman can defeat herobrine hes immortal all we can do is call notch
Ian Ignacio
Ian Ignacio 4 days ago
Its like 574746664673757447576564664643637848999587574747336647483 years
Ian Ignacio
Ian Ignacio 4 days ago
And far lands is hard to find
Ian Ignacio
Ian Ignacio 4 days ago
I knew not many peoples so dumb
Airish Macalindol
Shout out
Marliza Hadzar
Marliza Hadzar 4 days ago
You are like capten amecica when you throw the shield in the fight
jiujitsuwolfboy 4 days ago
360 dab!
jiujitsuwolfboy 4 days ago
Justin James
Justin James 4 days ago
4:43 you can never have enough cole hits 64 What?
Canadian Home Chef
Nice omg I saw hero brine and killed him
TAN YU HENG Moe 5 days ago
Is there a contunued
Iba Ibrahim Hassan
My second time watching this
David Gabriele Aguilar
I want that bread
Archana Phadke
Archana Phadke 5 days ago
George Lee
George Lee 5 days ago
The arena round 2 was quick
Hbyte !
Hbyte ! 5 days ago
How do you not see that chest you probably have some 18 diamonds and and some 18 gold
Santiago Morales
Santiago Morales 5 days ago
this is a long bro that I know Herobrine is on Minecraft for not on real life you own a real life okay does not say Where am mine
Margaret Carter
Margaret Carter 6 days ago
Herobrine he's so powerful
Kelly Carr
Kelly Carr 6 days ago
Nooooooo fix the watch
KizoX 6 days ago
So good animation i love it even tho its an old video
Katrina Macapaz
Katrina Macapaz 6 days ago
when im playing mincraft i so he and i ask my mother why this MAN is in mincraft 😰😰 so i help him and his done in happy his okay when is i say i have 100000 subcribe. he have just 1 subcribe oh year 😂😂😂
Ayleks yt Studio
Ayleks yt Studio 17 hours ago
Katrina Macapaz fix ur grammar im not being mean but fix it pls
Brooklyn Manning
Brooklyn Manning 6 days ago
him:burn trees down me: save the trees
Dane Kyrie Padilla
Tim Munce
Tim Munce 6 days ago
Minecraft dude: Nobody can teleport. Endermen: *Am I a joke to you?*
Mehshehr Ballkdkddjdjdj
Who else got mad when he used a stone pickaxe for dimands
Juliana Paddy
Juliana Paddy 5 days ago
Beni Rebollar
Beni Rebollar 5 days ago
iS A Vilage
Tof Islam
Tof Islam 6 days ago
Your welcome a like
Tayy Koolin
Tayy Koolin 7 days ago
the key was on there
Philipp Sebial
Philipp Sebial 7 days ago
"far lands" "minecraft story mode" "far lands too" 2015 and copy minecraft story mode"
Ibsy 4 days ago
ehhh not rly plus this was made around the same time after the game came out and they were planning on doing the farlands bit before the game even came out
George Lee
George Lee 5 days ago
Its not the same tho
Timothy Dylan Tambanillo
i could watch this in a year
Timothy Dylan Tambanillo
And also why didnt he take the key in the painting
Timothy Dylan Tambanillo
woah he killed herobrine!
Santiago Morales
Santiago Morales 7 days ago
You video name call kc ro Minecraft or something I don't know
Lucky 3500
Lucky 3500 7 days ago
The guy:no one can teleporte But with a enderpearl you can
Adalbeto ortiz
Adalbeto ortiz 8 days ago
omg so bored
Cora Bergthold
Cora Bergthold 8 days ago
i'm getting my first hd skin
Cora Bergthold
Christopher Bumgardner
One like = one pray for Max
Luthary Guy
Luthary Guy 8 days ago
Wow it’s three years ago
Vanessa Ariosa
Vanessa Ariosa 8 days ago
Spongebob545 8 days ago
You're to be kidding me
yuhao yan
yuhao yan 8 days ago
Mohd Siraj
Mohd Siraj 8 days ago
great mine craft video ruvid.net/video/video-swkTh43wqsQ.html
rishima aditya
rishima aditya 8 days ago
Aiden DinoGamer
Aiden DinoGamer 8 days ago
Bro you have to mine dimo
Jeremiah Adzrakou
Rip max
Sorn Chan sopheaktra
U can’t break stone stuff with diamond only iron can break
ikrama noor
ikrama noor 9 days ago
I like a Pumpkin pie
Leah Josephson
Leah Josephson 9 days ago
Run from mobs
Leah Josephson
Leah Josephson 9 days ago
Hello I love you
Lisa PearsonCarr
Lisa PearsonCarr 9 days ago
Pan Hai Yiang
Pan Hai Yiang 9 days ago
Ana paula Araújo
Uso hicicugociff8fgxy8uvigyt8556r766dy6d6tur467t74858t7dyf8r68tuf74
Leticia Cepe
Leticia Cepe 9 days ago
Im really liking your videos
shancee manera
shancee manera 9 days ago
The noob is funny🤣😂
Zichuan Wang
Zichuan Wang 9 days ago
Aaji Gamerrr Tv
Aaji Gamerrr Tv 9 days ago
Roblox Bots suck
Roblox Bots suck 9 days ago
Thank he is in a server that explains the Grefer & city
Joshua Anthony
Joshua Anthony 9 days ago
that was not max it was an illusion
Andrew Gordon
Andrew Gordon 9 days ago
kibitz and the captain: CMON GUYS I GOTTA DO AN HOUR OF WORK TO GET HEROBRINE normal players: ez creative mode :>
Mitsu Resaba
Mitsu Resaba 10 days ago
pratima johri
pratima johri 10 days ago
Steve build a castle
Iver Jære
Iver Jære 10 days ago
R.i.p watch
Greg Barrett
Greg Barrett 10 days ago
Rizqi Anna
Rizqi Anna 10 days ago
AnD DaNTDm!?!?
Rizqi Anna
Rizqi Anna 10 days ago
PinK sHEep aNd pURPle sHeeP?!
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 10 days ago
The Dragon
The Dragon 10 days ago
I love your vids so much im from🇺🇲I play minecraft too you have cool vids too love it too soon good vids too
Eli Robinson
Eli Robinson 10 days ago
I like your channel
Monkey23EAZY 10 days ago
OMG I loved this video i hope herobrine gets removed From Minecraft I hope TO.
Tonya Broussard
Tonya Broussard 10 days ago
l am so sory for yore hores l love horsis to
Qiulian Zhang
Qiulian Zhang 10 days ago
Eggboy1 Boyegg1
Eggboy1 Boyegg1 10 days ago
Doesn’t work I tried it did not look in real life
Alissa Edison
Alissa Edison 11 days ago
Pro 365
Pro 365 11 days ago
Did anyone notice HeroBrian was using a netherite sord
Danielle Priestley
Danielle Priestley 11 days ago
I want to now where the city's are
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