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Trick shots all day everyday!
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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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Feb 25, 2019




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Comments 43 844
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Year ago
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Eryk X
Eryk X Month ago
Dude Perfect Subscribe✅
Andres Diaz
Andres Diaz Month ago
The shredder
roweda escueta
roweda escueta 2 months ago
All of them 🤣🤣
rintubably bably
rintubably bably 2 months ago
Paper shredder
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 2 months ago
The paper in the shredder took longest
Brixy Boy
Brixy Boy Hour ago
The longest one I guess was the key thorough
Luqman Hisyam
Luqman Hisyam 2 hours ago
Edit guys
brian smetham
brian smetham 6 hours ago
can you flip a chair or a ladder pick 1one
HDT Tổng hợp
quá đỉnh bạn
Ashley Kynkor
Ashley Kynkor 11 hours ago
Panda cereal box top is actually facing out of the cabinet so technically it didn't make it
Sankara Narayanan
Sankara Narayanan 12 hours ago
Today is 1 year of Real Life Trickshot 3
àcid red
àcid red 13 hours ago
The paper throwing one on real life trick shot 2
Logan Quevedo
Logan Quevedo 14 hours ago
Name of the song?
Toby Brandon
Toby Brandon 16 hours ago
Paper/ shredder shot took longest because I watched overtime 8 And 13
Max Gifford
Max Gifford 18 hours ago
this the one year anniversary
ravinder gundu
ravinder gundu 22 hours ago
half track mind
half track mind 22 hours ago
How many times did it take to get it right?
SHUN Izuki
SHUN Izuki Day ago
When You're Skilled And Lazy At The Same Time
Alex Lim
Alex Lim Day ago
Joseph Gaudio
Cheese Balls
Roblox Keith
Roblox Keith Day ago
When you accidentaly throw a coke at the mentos aisle
Дима Маренич
Дизы поставили те у кого так не получилось)
Bernard Antolin
Do the same trick shot
Cynthia Ford
Cynthia Ford Day ago
I think the longest trick shot was the keys one with cody
Cynthia Ford
Cynthia Ford Day ago
No way I love you guys
LuKaS 7776 H
LuKaS 7776 H Day ago
Imagine how many fails it took 😂
Remo M.
Remo M. Day ago
I like lemons and potatoes _
I think the longest shot was when tall man threw the envelope
Fredric Johansen
How 😱
Stacey Williams
Stacey Williams 2 days ago
I am a big fan
Erik Murataliev
Erik Murataliev 2 days ago
LOL TIMUR WANA 2 days ago
Let's be friends? And why am I asking anyway do not answer
LOL TIMUR WANA 2 days ago
you are cool guys
thomas dalla vecchia
In this video some food are maltratted
Daniel Judge
Daniel Judge 2 days ago
I think the cheeseball one took the longest
Curtis Sage
Curtis Sage 2 days ago
That pizza throw was cheesy
Girls World
Girls World 2 days ago
Either the keys, paper, trash, straw, marshmallow....... all of them?
They should be crediting gravity for these vids lol
Oscar Zepeda Wentges
Make 4
Fire Keks
Fire Keks 2 days ago
A normal day for dude perfect
stephen curry
stephen curry 3 days ago
more bloopers!
Hamzah 3 days ago
Dylantheking22 Halligan
Food trick shots?
Mahyar Motevalian
0:56 you burned for it .
Epic Piano Kid
Epic Piano Kid 2 days ago
Mahyar Motevalian ?
TTMaster 2007
TTMaster 2007 3 days ago
Cody is the worst at real life trick shots. He always looks if the trick is successful
TTMaster 2007
TTMaster 2007 2 days ago
Epic Piano Kid you are just a hater( but i was a bit mean)
Epic Piano Kid
Epic Piano Kid 2 days ago
Epic Piano Kid
Epic Piano Kid 2 days ago
TTMaster 2007 NOT TRUE
Firdaous El Boulime
Dis is fake
Epic Piano Kid
Epic Piano Kid 2 days ago
Firdaous El Boulime ? Not fake but ok
Obie Simper
Obie Simper 3 days ago
3:43 will you pass some paper bowls gets toilet paper
Random Smiler
Random Smiler 3 days ago
I dare you to do these tricks in an abortion clinic.
Jay Star
Jay Star 3 days ago
Man, must take a hard time to make this pile of Video. After many Errors, and near misses....That ain't easy....What a BreakThrough !!
Scarred Hunter
Scarred Hunter 3 days ago
Just to think that the trick shots are epic! The background songs are next level too 👌💥
grady murray
grady murray 4 days ago
My friends dad does'nt like your channel because Tyler would always yell and be the rage monster. But i think thats really funny and i like your channel
Sally Howard
Sally Howard 4 days ago
Pizza shot and char shot
Grace Grech
Grace Grech 4 days ago
That is so goofy with the cheese puffs with me about when they tried to do the trick shot in at the end of the video
RK basic spoken English
After the Airsoft battle 2 make Real life trick shots
Mukesh Mali
Mukesh Mali 4 days ago
Sir how to do it 😍😍 love you I am big fan of you
Westdude 47
Westdude 47 4 days ago
The paper shredder took the longest
Cece Dahniar
Cece Dahniar 4 days ago
It's cool! I like it
huy tien dinh
huy tien dinh 4 days ago
Có ai việt không
alpha panther
alpha panther 4 days ago
Some weren't really skilled but most were
G-money72 4 days ago
I swear from this video to the last they got 5 years older
ÚT CHANNEL 4 days ago
Em là fan của anh nè
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