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Trick shots should be an everyday thing!
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Jan 22, 2018




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Comments 125 876
Aditya Krishnan
Wish life could have been as simple.
A Vishnu Sankar
How many of you came again and again for the song
Daniel Nicolas
The part that I loved was that game
sebastian ojeda
1;58 que bago :v
Eli Thompson
Eli Thompson Day ago
Dude Perfect why do y’all got bloopers
Jesica Roman Celis
Fernan es megor
Logan Call
Logan Call Day ago
Na na na na naaaaaaaaaaaa
MrZillas Day ago
When I threw my like under this video, it was a perfect hit.
Hamed Mohammadi
Behind the scenes 🤣🤣🤣
amjad naseem
amjad naseem 2 days ago
You guys are amazing 😉
Alexander Baer
Alexander Baer 2 days ago
Why somebody gives a dislike at the video?
Mower Power
Mower Power 2 days ago
At 1:10 is not a trickshot
хХ Chara SL-мир Хх
"Когда ОЧЕНЬ хорошо понял физику, геометрию и алгебру":
dietní kořínek
Аброр Дадаев
Emre Can
Emre Can 2 days ago
2:28 WHAT!
4VIRAS4 CH 2 days ago
1:59 What is this
Shiromal Fernando
Ok guys what I’m going to say might... no, it will be totally random. But plssss check this channel / singer “ Grace Vanderwaal “ If you liked her tell me if u care to.
Khoa Trương
Khoa Trương 2 days ago
2 0 2 0
God King Darius
God King Darius 2 days ago
This take years to train. But u guys do that it's nothing. Great
SHIMPANZE 2 days ago
Alexander.m Williams
Why so many dis like ? Huh?
Lucas Pineda
Lucas Pineda 2 days ago
2:23 The hardest trickshot ever
Чынгыз Т
Чынгыз Т 2 days ago
1000 попыток и отличный монтаж
Chatchai Chaiyathip
Who's love this video in 2020 💗
Fts mood 2020 Gila game
Pengen bg jdi youtuber gitu😭
James Fetzer
James Fetzer 2 days ago
i wonder what the bloopers look like
Haven Chae
Haven Chae 2 days ago
How do you guys do all this stuff
Jan Mucha
Jan Mucha 2 days ago
RANEEM GAMER 2 days ago
2:28 my fav
ali imran
ali imran 2 days ago
It has been so long since i started wachin dude perfect and i still cant tell who is cory, coby or cody
ii2rt 2 days ago
This is what lazy people do
Bagua Gaming
Bagua Gaming 2 days ago
Plot twist: This is just how they live
Adnvvn 2 days ago
2:19 “the heist prep equipment was destroyed.”
mistaah xurkitree
You are the best RUvid or ever and also can I please have a shout out
MILAZZO z 2 days ago
1:21 is hard
Junior FF
Junior FF 2 days ago
Se vcs sabem escrever português, vc tbm sabe falar, então faz vídeo falando em português tbm
J B 2 days ago
Save the turtles gare
The_Master_plays New
No way this is real
Mariam Akouche
Mariam Akouche 3 days ago
This it fake
Kas Vandeputte
Kas Vandeputte 3 days ago
zijn jullie nederlands hopelijk wel ik ben zoon grote fan you guys are the best like if your a graet fan to !!!!!!!!
Awesome Nathan
Awesome Nathan 3 days ago
Have you passed college
Bjjs 3 days ago
It must be hard nit celebrate after so many tries
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee 3 days ago
Should be Lazy trick shots
MICHU PL_V8 3 days ago
How do you do it xD.
N P 3 days ago
Wie könnt ihr das
N P 3 days ago
Wie könnt das
Vincent Lo
Vincent Lo 3 days ago
Julian Keusch
Julian Keusch 3 days ago
Spiel bring mir ein bisschen die Krise Level 17 und das total schwieriges und euer Ernst dass das dass er zu mir schwierig und mach das bitte leiser Level 17 bitte hab es kein Bock dann dann lösch das Spiel Wale
Joey Vlogs
Joey Vlogs 3 days ago
Pound it Noggin Masons
Валедол Мегаладон
Я русский и большенство не понимает что я пишу))))
Shoshmaster 3 days ago
It must of taked them forever to do this 😂
Karn 3 days ago
3:53 That's not special. Every delivery guy in the US can do that. Sometimes they kick it even!
toan nguyen thi
toan nguyen thi 3 days ago
again again again....
toan nguyen thi
toan nguyen thi 3 days ago
1:36 ????
Matúš Borsányi
kiber konfeta
kiber konfeta 3 days ago
А вы думали это было с 1 попытки ,кто знает мем лайк
MARK FLINT 3 days ago
0:24 he put it on the wrong finger
Riyaz Pirani
Riyaz Pirani 3 days ago
Ooooooooooooooooooooosam Bro👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
ごまる 3 days ago
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