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Trick shots should be an everyday thing!
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Jan 22, 2018




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Comments 121 172
CRAFTY YELLOW 26 minutes ago
You play this things this things real or not
Redwan Azad
Redwan Azad Hour ago
All night video edit... Huh
derotrer roica
derotrer roica 2 hours ago
Angga pratama
Angga pratama 2 hours ago
Anjay simpel amat dah!! :v
Riley Huebner
Riley Huebner 3 hours ago
Emiliano Jurado
Emiliano Jurado 4 hours ago
1:47 the amount of times that game must have been thrown it's probably not even playable
Isaac Kim
Isaac Kim 4 hours ago
With the Mandalorian coming up, Star Wars laser tag battle
Mike Oxmaul
Mike Oxmaul 5 hours ago
EraOfCrazy Weirdoez
The second u read u know it’s fake True
demon no halo
demon no halo 7 hours ago
Who else saw the smoke ring at 1:17
Sinner 531
Sinner 531 8 hours ago
Does no one realize that he left the water running after the shaver one
BLUELEAF 8 hours ago
LJ_Dude 9 hours ago
Sticky hand to grab the kleenex
lsabel Love
lsabel Love 9 hours ago
At the end it showed there fails so there not dude perfect
vextrac 11 hours ago
2:53 he left the water on
alexandra elmore
alexandra elmore 11 hours ago
Im just imagining how scratched up their walls are by now
Gustavo Fero
Gustavo Fero 11 hours ago
Gemma Tones
Gemma Tones 11 hours ago
Hat rack
Regent19 11 hours ago
me: this is the definition of dp life sees bloopers: never mind
fleu ll
fleu ll 12 hours ago
If everyone who watched this video hit a button / subscribe dude perfect would have the most subs
Thagoat_Yng no cap
Thagoat_Yng no cap 12 hours ago
Alisa Hayes
Alisa Hayes 12 hours ago
Just wow 😱😱
Molly Slade
Molly Slade 12 hours ago
I wanted to ask that because I saw him wear a man United shirt
Molly Slade
Molly Slade 12 hours ago
Does Garrett support Manchester United
j. bill
j. bill 13 hours ago
Im not quite sure if you guys do video editing to make it really perfect. If not, im wondering how long does it take to perfect one act. Theyre awesome by the way!
Zach Hi hi
Zach Hi hi 13 hours ago
Where are the trick shots this is there Morning routine
Emil Reite Kolltveit
i like it.
Noizz 14 hours ago
2:19 как работает почта России
Andres Pacheco
Andres Pacheco 15 hours ago
Hacks in the real life :v
Tommy Andrew
Tommy Andrew 15 hours ago
Wow that was awsome
appealing apple
appealing apple 15 hours ago
Dude Perfect should show us all the bloops
ilaz uka
ilaz uka 15 hours ago
Nagshsh Bsbsbs s
Nagshsh Bsbsbs s 15 hours ago
This took 13 years to make
ಠ_ಠ ϟ GreteX
ಠ_ಠ ϟ GreteX 16 hours ago
I also know Hungarian :D = Én is tudok magyarul :D
Vanya Soso
Vanya Soso 17 hours ago
Мне похуй я волк
H H 18 hours ago
Jeeshan Jeeshan
Jeeshan Jeeshan 18 hours ago
Those last shots which are failed,😂😂😂 are my favourite
Саша Семенюк
ouf ....mettez vous au genie...ou stop music lol
Just how many try lol, the perfect ant-job, continue you're me mine.
Glitchiest 19 hours ago
Who watched this video before it it got 10m views?
Abstrakt 20 hours ago
szymon st
szymon st 20 hours ago
Kto jest z polski
Mr Ejgotgames
Mr Ejgotgames 23 hours ago
Whats up with ty and throwing trash into garbage bins
Ramadan Osmanovski
Its easy this days to edit videos its a No from me
The Alex Play/FuNYouTubers
Это! Просто! Ахерено!
The Alex Play/FuNYouTubers
Русский народ отзовись!
민뜰E Day ago
갑자기 추천에 뜨는? 이왕 댓글쓰는 김에 한쿡인 찾아요오
Rahman Cuy
Rahman Cuy Day ago
indonesia like
2:22 *and then the inside of the box was a iPhone Xs*
Rina Hakim
Rina Hakim Day ago
My favorite shot is the candle shot
Nick Thompson
Sooooo 😎
LOVE Love Day ago
Bro you all are great
Carter Qin
Carter Qin Day ago
There was a lizard or a spider like thing that flew when Cody delivered the thing.
GAMER 126 Day ago
It should be lazy trick shots like if agreed
xxstrom shadowxx
For me the hardest one was the piggy bank
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Day ago
That's so cool
Fascinating Video hating
Where was all the coby?
Mr PoopyButtHole
One word... Magnets
Edgar Garduno
Anyone seen the rat
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