Real-life Superstar couples: WWE Playlist

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See adorable highlights featuring real-life WWE Superstar couples, including Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Andrade, Brie Bella & Daniel Bryan and more!
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Comments 80
Natalya MacDonald-Risner
See Becky lunch and Seth roilins aren’t awkward on this.
Stelliferous Oofer
Stelliferous Oofer 10 hours ago
Seth Rollins is Becky Lynch's Monday Night Moron I SHIP
fun time
fun time 21 hour ago
Nobody: Not a single soul: Rita:🤢🤮 21:19
V4L-G Yunzal
V4L-G Yunzal 22 hours ago
Becky and Rollins is very Legit 💯
Shelby Bryant
2:14 look at Xavier woods in the back
Makenzie Zsigray
Did anyone else notice that she said get down on one knee again
cindy v
cindy v Day ago
becky and seth are ADORABLE i cant
Chief Chipmunk01
Chocolate with mint is the best something is wrong with Seth🤣
saubhagya kanwar
Where is the most beautiful couple jhon cena and niki bella 😢😢
Bagas Raysan
Bagas Raysan Day ago
2:40 seth rollin makan nasi uduk😂😂😂
aliyah odusanya
Becky and Seth Rollins (Brollins) Charlotte and Andrade (Chandrade)
Is it just me or they really forgot John Cena and Nikki bella???!!😔😠😔😠🤔🧐🤔
Peanut Han
Peanut Han 2 days ago
맨처음에 민트초코 얘기 하는거 실화냐
•• []
•• [] 2 days ago
21:19 *Rhea be like* EWW *S I M P*
Ocario 2 days ago
11:16 Un respeto por favor
Neji Hyuga
Neji Hyuga 3 days ago
becky lynch is really beautiful :3
Mohannad Osama
Mohannad Osama 3 days ago
Navneet Taunk
Navneet Taunk 3 days ago
Chocolate-Mint combination is indeed trash
Alex_WorldPlayzz 3 days ago
from 11:35 to 11:41 the dogs face in the Background oh my god XD
Tomi Gbolahan
Tomi Gbolahan 3 days ago
I agree with seth rollins
Ian Engrav
Ian Engrav 4 days ago
I agree with seth rollins 100%
StreamCheese 4 days ago
weird seeing brie without makeout
Emily Badach
Emily Badach 4 days ago
Triple h and Stephanie
Matteo Rossi
Matteo Rossi 4 days ago
Erick and Sarah are so cute
Giani Lee
Giani Lee 4 days ago
So the wwe 2k20 cover is a couple😂😂 O IF WWE AINT FALL OF ALREADY IT DID NOW
Mark Curry
Mark Curry 4 days ago
Seth: chocolate and mint are a bad combination Me: Seth and twitter is a bad combination
Queenie Eleanor Flores
Cute and manly😉
Jack RL
Jack RL 4 days ago
14:18 Brie coming in with the submission manoever on little bryan and he tapped out bruh
Steven Ling
Steven Ling 5 days ago
Are seth gay
Ethan suetomo
Ethan suetomo 5 days ago
18:40 did you find liv morgan and ruby riott me yes
Synthetic Star
Synthetic Star 5 days ago
The fact that they forgot Naomi and Jimmy uso
Joshlyn Pegg
Joshlyn Pegg 5 days ago
Becky so pretty ❤️🥰
LSSJ Benson
LSSJ Benson 5 days ago
The man's "man"
YouTuber Extreme
YouTuber Extreme 5 days ago
Noman Tariq
Noman Tariq 5 days ago
Couldn’t agree more Seth, chocolate and mint is an awful combination idk how to this day people eat mint chocolate chip ice cream
michael gamer
michael gamer 5 days ago
Swapnil 6 days ago
Who else found out just now that Aliester and Zelina are spouses
Mecyla Welmans
Mecyla Welmans 6 days ago
I realy are a big van of beky jo beky
SmokinOAK 6 days ago
After 8’s😍😍😍
Artez Terry
Artez Terry 6 days ago
Daniel Bryan bought a "eco-friendly " braclet
WilMania1510 6 days ago
Tommaso Ciampa and Goldie????
Taylor Currie
Taylor Currie 6 days ago
Rhea Ripley 21:19
JAMYA WEBER 6 days ago
Soooo no Naomi and jimmy?
Kid Snake
Kid Snake 6 days ago
I agree with Seth
sicebim 6 days ago
Mint does belong in chocolate 😫
Nathaniel Barragan
I agree with Seth with the chocolate mints that they're trash
Death Gamer2020
Death Gamer2020 6 days ago
Did u know John cena is in the video But u can't c him
Gabbi Durham
Gabbi Durham 6 days ago
They were legit arguing over chocolate lmaooo
Yuja Eunchae
Yuja Eunchae 7 days ago
edge and beth pheonix are a legendary couple , fight me
YourMom 7 days ago
Yo where’s Nicki and John cena
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith 6 days ago
*Nikki. They broke up
Cyrxll 7 days ago
23:14 Wonder what randy was thinking right now.
Cyrxll 7 days ago
There’s a couple y’all don’t even notice Brock lesner and the championship - He won’t let go!
Nya Patterson
Nya Patterson 7 days ago
Zack and Chelsea I ain’t see that one comin
Rose Marie Salyers
Who agrees with Becky that mint chocolate is so good if you do Then LIKE because I agree with becky
Caitlin loves anime_xx
They completely forgot about naomi (trinity) and Jimmy uso😂
Dilawar Abbas
Dilawar Abbas 7 days ago
Seth and Becky good couple
Justin Grant
Justin Grant 7 days ago
Could’ve used more Miz and Maryse
Camille Christy
Camille Christy 7 days ago
I knew Montez was married to Bianca but, I didn't know he had them vocals like that!
The Leader
The Leader 7 days ago
Beautiful team 🥰seth and becky
Momo 7 days ago
Selena vaga has left the chat
BeefyThePork123 8 days ago
Jesus I never realized Andrade was in such good shape the man looks like he could gorilla press Mark Henry
Dez 8 days ago
Sorry, but I'm with Seth - mint chocolate is vile lmao
arshad arshad
arshad arshad 8 days ago
May God bless you and never parted away...because we fan heart broken
Michael Preston
Michael Preston 8 days ago
Becky lynch 🔥
stubacca315 8 days ago
Sweet Becky is a rise against fan
Abigail Mireles
Abigail Mireles 8 days ago
Edge and Beth Phonxes
Amaya Cabilangan
Amaya Cabilangan 8 days ago
For me the best couple is Seth and Becky
JapaneseDog_23 8 days ago
No offense but seth and becky is way cuter than shawn and camila
sofia fonseca
sofia fonseca 9 days ago
On the up up down down thing you see there love touch bracelets! Awww 😊 2:05
Magx 9 days ago
Nobody Seth rollins: After Aids?
Oosha Oosha
Oosha Oosha 9 days ago
aliyah odusanya
aliyah odusanya 10 days ago
but Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins (Brollins) are my fav couples of all they are too cute together love it
Dimakatso Fatyi
Dimakatso Fatyi 10 days ago
Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. My favourite couple
Abigail Richards
Abigail Richards 10 days ago
Can we just agree that brie and Bryan are goals
Riley Ost
Riley Ost 10 days ago
Seth I got u bro chocolate mints suck
Zachary Getridge
Zachary Getridge 10 days ago
Oh yeah yeah right now
Zachary Getridge
Zachary Getridge 10 days ago
Oh yeah yeah
Saad khan Baloch
Saad khan Baloch 11 days ago
In real life ; I think all WWE superstars are good Friend,these moments come from there hearts, But in WWE Ring; they follow script. May be WWE is fake.
Antetokounmpo jr.
Antetokounmpo jr. 11 days ago
Chocolatte mint is really trash
Angshu Sarma
Angshu Sarma 12 days ago
Chocolate with mint is really trash
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