Real Life Partners Of Luke Cage

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Real Life Partners Of Luke Cage
Mike Colter's wife Iva Colter
Simone Missick's husband Dorian Missick
Theo Rossi's wife Meghan McDermott
Alfre Woodard's husband Roderick Spencer
Rosario Dawson's boyfriend Eric Andre
Ron Cephas Jones' wife Kim Lesley
Gabrielle Dennis' boyfriend Pooch Hall
Mahershala Ali's wife Amatus Sami-Karim
Frank Whaley's wife Heather Whaley
Thomas Q. Jones' girlfriend Meagan Good
Antonique Smith's boyfriend Nas
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Jun 24, 2018

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Comments 85
Mary Miller
Mary Miller 8 months ago
Some of this info is old....mad old
Betty Millz
Betty Millz 8 months ago
Omg Misty and her husband played so good wow u would never think that they are husband and wife
djw80158 9 months ago
Misty is too damn fine...How she gone marry Cockroach for real? This is sum BS 😂
Bridget Lawson
Bridget Lawson 10 months ago
How old is this Meagan Good married to a preacher
dgrayman43 11 months ago
Rosario dawson so fine bruh lawd
GhOsT MaN 10 months ago
Omfg yes I'll kill for her
Daycow045 11 months ago
You fucked this up bruh
thunda bratha
thunda bratha 11 months ago
Who made this dumb ass list
csyd22 11 months ago
WTF who names their kid Pooch
Shawn Greene
Shawn Greene 11 months ago
Thomas Jones is not in a relationship with Megan Goode
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory 11 months ago
Dam that is thomas jones fromer jets rb ....thats Whats up get that money
SweetAzzPie W
SweetAzzPie W 11 months ago
That is not Meagan boyfriend!!!
Cassandra Jackson
Cassandra Jackson 11 months ago
why the music!!!!
Ricardo Cadet
Ricardo Cadet 11 months ago
Ricardo Cadet
Ricardo Cadet 11 months ago
Alfre??? Wtf???
SweetAzzPie W
SweetAzzPie W 11 months ago
Ricardo Cadet Alfre been married to him for yearrrrrrrssss!!
Stay Alert Stay Alive
Stay Alert Stay Alive 11 months ago
She fuckin with Ray Ray after he killed Rayna? The nerve.
Calvin Campbell
Calvin Campbell 11 months ago
This is inaccurate
lip latham
lip latham 11 months ago
lmao isn't Pooch Hall married
Elliott Callaway
Elliott Callaway 11 months ago
Nightshade and the angry looking brother from The Game.
ladydip21 11 months ago
Y’all need to revise this ...inaccurate !
Brian Rose
Brian Rose 11 months ago
Juice has a wife??? What happened to him and Marylin Manson? I thought those 2 would make it last 😢.... lol j/k
Viltheegr8! 11 months ago
Kevo 11 months ago
Bring back COTTONMOUTH!!!!!
eon001 11 months ago
1:12 "Nas's boy friend" lol Bro fix that.
Don't Be A Sheep
Don't Be A Sheep 11 months ago
This List is inaccurate as fuck
Brian Bonner
Brian Bonner 11 months ago
Waste of my time to see such inaccuracy smh
Brian Bonner
Brian Bonner 11 months ago
eon001 yo!!! I was like wtf goin on?!?! Lmao
eon001 11 months ago
Not to mention 1:12 "Nas's boy friend" lol
Dene Pride
Dene Pride 11 months ago
I wonder how many marriages in Hollywood last more then 20 to 30 years?!? I bet none since no one knows what loyalty means anymore
Dene Pride
Dene Pride 11 months ago
Joshua Rivers loyal to the Tribe too...lol
Dene Pride
Dene Pride 11 months ago
Joshua Rivers nope its not just Hollywood its everywhere.....you marry once and once only where I co!e from.... No do over ether lol my parents have been married for over 40 years even after my father passed away my mother never remarried or met someone else....she just says "I'll be back with your father in the spirit world" but then again maybe its just Natives who stay together through thick and thin...for better or for worse....
Truth 11 months ago
Dene Pride Lol marriages outside of Hollywood don't even last that long so cut the bullshit. Most of the marriages in and outside of Hollywood don't know what loyalty means let alone have it.
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris 11 months ago
Soo wrong
OfficialChrisJ 11 months ago
Pooch Hall is married to his wife Linda since 1997
George Taylor
George Taylor 11 months ago
Trash. Kill yaself
Rahvee P
Rahvee P 11 months ago
Ah I see that Gabrielle and Pooch hooked up after that one movie. I didn't know Alfre is married to a white man lol
Marcus Baldwin
Marcus Baldwin 11 months ago
This video would be entirely more accurate if it was named, "Real life past and present partners of Luke Cage and cast members". Otherwise, there are relationships that did not exist as of Jun 24, 2018. Refer to the other inputs in the comment section regarding this topic.
JoshTheMartian 11 months ago
This nigga Mike is gonna get his ass whooped by darkskins😂
Swatkins1800 11 months ago
who made this crap lol
Syň Xclūsïv
Syň Xclūsïv 11 months ago
That cockroach one threw me for a loop I never would've thought!
Snoi Med
Snoi Med 11 months ago
That would make some scenes take a new turn
LLMBC 11 months ago
I thought Luke didn't like espresso lol
LLMBC 9 months ago
@Amalgam X that's what i meant.
Amalgam X
Amalgam X 9 months ago
LLMBC espresso was not about black or white. Espresso is Italian. As in the Italian mafia she ran.
William Freeze
William Freeze 11 months ago
LLMBC well Jessica Jones is his wife.....loves that creamy white coffee
eon001 11 months ago
Rougé Yea that's true too. Could be a bit of both. It's really none of our business who he falls in love with though.
James Tillman
James Tillman 11 months ago
We have our own group doesn't really mean anything anymore since science and technology has made the human race all one group. The internet, speed of information, travel has made all this none sense a moot point. We are all connected and if anyone fails we all generally fail which is what is happening. Humans has always blended and mixed. The only thing that held it back was isolation due to natural barriers. That no longer exists. Intelligent people tend to be be around each other. Obese people tend to be around each other. Ignorant people tend to be around each. So now it is about individual character and compatibility. Prince Harry could have had any one but he chose Meghan Markle. Serena Williams wound up marrying a Billionaire who could have married anyone. You see them and see the chemistry. Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. Since one group is a fraction of the size of another the slow assimilation takes place as it has through the history of mankind. The concept of sex is over a billion years. It came about to help the organism survive be mixing help protect it from signal pathogens from wiping it out. So you are basically wasting your time with this group business. It is already over and there is nothing you can do about it.
Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen Year ago
Antonique is not that older lady, she black and younger.
Kidd Year ago
Lucke cage is a fucking sellout. How hard is it to marry one of our black queens? As a black man I'm disgusted
Charles Baylor
Charles Baylor 11 months ago
Shut the fuck up. His personal business, has nothing to do with you.
Michael P.
Michael P. Year ago
Video needs to be redone. If you keep it up your just silly. Rosario is no longer with Eric Andre. Meagan good is married and its not to that guy. Gabrielle is not married to Pooch Hall. He's been married to Linda Hall since 1997. Get your facts straight.
Michael P.
Michael P. 11 months ago
Rahvee P its still wrong. He's been married since 97
Rahvee P
Rahvee P 11 months ago
Michael P it didn't say that Gabrielle and Pooch are married it said boyfriend.
Huriel Romero
Huriel Romero Year ago
Nas 😎
Wonderfuli Made
This list is not accurate. Maybe 3 are correct
Yea this list is wrong, you didnt confirm how up to date your information was, this is a fail
Bruce Knight444
I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Cockroach.
dgrayman43 11 months ago
Bruce Knight444 this.. I like this
William Phelps
Pooch Hall has been married since 1997. They played a couple on a TV show!!!
William Phelps
You need to learn your facts Universal
Goddamn 47
Goddamn 47 Year ago
Love how Simone and Dorian's was so ironic. Lmao.
Iron Kyan
Iron Kyan Year ago
Misty and cockroach are together I really life
Cheap Ship
Cheap Ship 11 months ago
Lost you after together
MASTER TUBE 11 months ago
The Inspiration Specialist
Megan Good is married to Devon Franklin and has been since 2012!
Dejour Va'leon
Dejour Va'leon 11 months ago
Hell yeah !!!!
Rodney Davis
Rodney Davis 11 months ago
Fake. This video is
Da1 King0fWakanda
Da1 King0fWakanda 11 months ago
Willis J
Willis J 11 months ago
Yeah I don't know why they put Megan Good (his old girl)
The Inspiration Specialist Yes
Willy's Toys
Willy's Toys Year ago
He sure gets around
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