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Mr.Beast Month ago
Subscribe for more Joy-Cons.
Aaron Shartle
Aaron Shartle 26 days ago
@Mr.beast I subed last year
Hiimbutter 26 days ago
i subbed Mr.Beast can i have more joycons please mine are breaking...
Sendeline Martinus
Sendeline Martinus 26 days ago
Shadow Cyborg
Shadow Cyborg 27 days ago
Already subbed, btw raged from fortnite and need new joy cons
Hillbilly Gaming And Shorts
I want to play my switch. Gimme joycons
Anti Gotheat
Anti Gotheat 4 hours ago
Stfu u ugly bum
Julian Taylor
Julian Taylor 5 hours ago
Bubbly watermelon
Jacob Rudnitzki
Jacob Rudnitzki 4 days ago
5th of vodka dare me to make a RUvid video
Desmend Miller
Desmend Miller 4 days ago
0:57 Your lung if you smoke
BeyW0lf 4 days ago
7:21 I'm 11 and I know how that works
ROBLOX QUEEN 6 days ago
Pamvo 7 days ago
β€œEverything is Spanish on that” lol it’s Vietnamese good try tho
Call Me Nightmare
7:16 β€œI am bamboozled” mirage from apex legends comes in and says β€œhey that’s my line”
Semposing 9 days ago
Where’s Mr.Beast
J- Ghost
J- Ghost 10 days ago
peyton superplush
peyton superplush 12 days ago
Aaaaaaaaawww man
His Calls
His Calls 12 days ago
2 bandaids on top of each other? Hmmmmmmmm
unmistakable Ods
unmistakable Ods 13 days ago
:O wow I actually never knew melons stop lava
Stuff King
Stuff King 13 days ago
Does Chris moisturize?
Martha Flores
Martha Flores 13 days ago
Boi I got lizard skin to
Ps4Ledgends_99 14 days ago
Join mixer while it's starting up
Jesse Montoya
Jesse Montoya 14 days ago
Mr. Beast videos cure my depression. Truly. Thank you boys ❀️❀️
Teagan Schneider
Teagan Schneider 14 days ago
New tube
New tube 15 days ago
Lxa21 Oop
Lxa21 Oop 17 days ago
The way Chris says bruh is so satisfying
Trxpped Mus
Trxpped Mus 18 days ago
Looks like some shit from stranger things
A B 18 days ago
*Life hacks are always sexier with Chris and Chandler*
Greative DIY
Greative DIY 18 days ago
the wired child
the wired child 18 days ago
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl 20 days ago
Me: sees the self propelled top Also me: Mind Blown! πŸ™€
Isadora Greenberg
Isadora Greenberg 20 days ago
1:02 this is what your lungs will look like if you smoke.
Thunder VN
Thunder VN 21 day ago
1:34 sα»―a rα»­a tay ?? vietnam ?
T Himes
T Himes 21 day ago
I can confirm that zebra gum made it click.
Kernel Linux
Kernel Linux 22 days ago
0:59 sounds like that guy from family guy named Bruce, the β€œoh no” part
Frederik Holte
Frederik Holte 22 days ago
i kant think when im alive
Arthur Carlyle
Arthur Carlyle 23 days ago
1:11 this is what happens when you smoke
Jacob Eucker
Jacob Eucker 24 days ago
Who else clapped with them??
Aalimah Muhammad
Aalimah Muhammad 24 days ago
chan chan 4 life
CinnaBon Kittenz
CinnaBon Kittenz 24 days ago
Let the card shooting be the new challenge lol xD
Mason Gatewood
Mason Gatewood 25 days ago
No Chandler your wrong it would tip over and all fall to the bottom
Nixon 25 days ago
Chandler: That’s why Americans are fat we have life hacks Chris: That was in Spanish
Alida Wium
Alida Wium 25 days ago
JML 94
JML 94 25 days ago
Henri Bergert
Henri Bergert 25 days ago
you ned hetπŸ”₯ to the lava rocks
A Gay Jevil Boi
A Gay Jevil Boi 25 days ago
*gUh HuH*
Griffano 45
Griffano 45 25 days ago
I love chandler
Dale Werkheiser
Dale Werkheiser 25 days ago
How to cook watermelon 101
SPONGE BOI 25 days ago
No Johnny21
No Johnny21 25 days ago
U guys are the best
Cody Fitzgerald
Cody Fitzgerald 25 days ago
This video made me contract cancer I thought this was an actual lava & watermelon
Eileen Vaessen
Eileen Vaessen 25 days ago
i_ got_skittles
i_ got_skittles 25 days ago
Chandler: β€œThat’s why Americans are fat we have life hacks” Chris: β€œDude, that was in Spanish”
Wyatt Twedt
Wyatt Twedt 26 days ago
DxstinyBTW 26 days ago
I watched this video, saw the hologram PIKACHU segment, finished the video, went outside, turned on Pokemon Go and caught my first Pikachu!
Bri's Vlogs
Bri's Vlogs 26 days ago
Hello Welp
Hello Welp 26 days ago
This is what happens when Mr beast is gone and it’s funny but when Mr beast gets back it’s time to party
Preston Almodovar
Preston Almodovar 26 days ago
William Waldron
William Waldron 26 days ago
Mr beats is pewdipies god
Torque 26 days ago
And that is how I beat my meat 7:19
Sendeline Martinus
Sendeline Martinus 26 days ago
Jay D
Jay D 26 days ago
Throwback to do you moisturize
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez 26 days ago
Its better trust me
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez 26 days ago
You suck
VItality 27 days ago
Chandler: This is why americans are fat, cuz we got life hacks Chris: Literally everything on there was in spanish Lmao everything was vietnamese
VItality 24 days ago
YouJustDied -YT Guerilla warfare
SplashTown- EX
SplashTown- EX 25 days ago
You mean tree talk
Jett Buntine
Jett Buntine 27 days ago
Great vid love your channel!
bru broski
bru broski 27 days ago
Does chris moisturize?
Lexi the Artist
Lexi the Artist 27 days ago
That made the lotion hack for Chris to get moisturised. :)
Alves Adventures
Alves Adventures 27 days ago
i use chopsticks when i make scrambled eggs
Nathan Deluney
Nathan Deluney 27 days ago
Draco Destroyer
Draco Destroyer 27 days ago
I’m still claping
Master Drift
Master Drift 27 days ago
Just discovered this channel never knew it existed, how long is it running?
oof 25 days ago
Master Drift
Master Drift 25 days ago
@oof i knew it lol
oof 25 days ago
since 1492, colombus created it
Clayton Keys
Clayton Keys 27 days ago
Lava vs. Watermelon, such a life hack, as Chris would say
Matthew HSIEH
Matthew HSIEH 27 days ago
It’s more like firemeleon
pikachu 27 days ago
It's a homemade gyrospere
SophiDopi TF
SophiDopi TF 27 days ago
You look older then the last time I saw you.
BolT Lynx
BolT Lynx 27 days ago
Why tho
Trico Squad
Trico Squad 27 days ago
I couldn't find anything to watch, but then I found this...
Overt Tunic24
Overt Tunic24 27 days ago
Next video *Area 51 hacks*
ツIvms 27 days ago
Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue James Charles is in your bed Like to undo :)
sabin playz
sabin playz 27 days ago
i made the mini notebooks before them tuturials
Peanutbutter Diarhea
This is wholesome
Alfie Robson
Alfie Robson 27 days ago
how much did jimmy pay u guys for this because 5 stars+
colton the redneck
colton the redneck 27 days ago
Alfie Robson: rich maybe but a good time for 5 starrs
Leo Warner
Leo Warner 27 days ago
Alex 28 days ago
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