Real IDENTICAL TWINS Try The Twin Telepathy Challenge (ft. The Merrell Twins)

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Are the Merrell Twins psychic? Vanessa and Veronica take on the twin telepathy challenge!
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#React #TwinTelepathy #Challenge #StayHome
REAL Twins Take On The Twin Telepathy Challenge (ft. Merrell Twins)
#twintelepathy #MerrellTwins #stayhome #react #withme


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Apr 27, 2020




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Comments 100
REACT 3 months ago
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Hand crafts with Retag
That's not fair veronica have to keep the kenedec sand 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Justin Thayer
Justin Thayer 3 months ago
@Devin Gilesshit
Rhea Faye
Rhea Faye 3 months ago
Awesome! Wonder if my sisters and I will have the same synergy next time. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Hasley Amazing
Hasley Amazing 3 months ago
Devin Giles w Aa QWqqa Edddddn
Brooke Strollo
Brooke Strollo 3 months ago
aer web.
Maribel Roderiguez
The first round you can hear vernoica saying ok im going to put my hand in the coffee
Викторија Митевска
The fact that veronica said iam pointing at the coffee🤣🤣🤣
Prince Omar
Prince Omar 5 days ago
3:10 so cute
dora alieth gallo linares
They lool really similar but i can always know which is which because roni has a slimmer face than nessa
mahadevan devan
mahadevan devan 5 days ago
They are so funny
Spakan 7 days ago
I really love them
dodooo1995 8 days ago
Roni is like the best sister ever!! "I have missed you, can we remove this now"😂😂🥰🥰🥰
Cory Davis
Cory Davis 14 days ago
God I hate getting the twin telepathy questions. But the video was fun
AYRA THAPAR 14 days ago
When Ronnie wrote harry styles i was like omggggg
Erika Farhana
Erika Farhana 14 days ago
me n my brother think the same , laugh at the same things when everyone else doesnt think its funny and even say the same things and crack the same jokes so i think we're would have crushed this !
Celeste Calais
Celeste Calais 16 days ago
Actually, I don't get why telepathy is such a big deal for people. It's honestly so common! Not only in twins!
dana almalik
dana almalik 17 days ago
9:29 LOOK HOW CUTE RONI IS AWW "i've missed you"
dana almalik
dana almalik 17 days ago
Zozo 2016
Zozo 2016 21 day ago
0:42 they said we don't know we say things at the same time at the same time
Who Are You to talk to me?
Mrs.Queen ofgachavids
4:12 Apples with salsa is the only tolerable one imo
Anna Priscilla
Anna Priscilla 24 days ago
they look nothing alike
Identical Reactions
My twin and I definitely have our own secret language lol this was funny to watch 😂
Delicate Blood
Delicate Blood Month ago
*Me waiting for them to drink or eat the edible items*
Roby Willam
Roby Willam Month ago
Real Twins are Boy and Girl
stxrliighted_ Month ago
7:08 I just realized they did the same thing at the SAME time 😂
Katie Santiago
Katie Santiago Month ago
7:08 they did the same thing 👀
dreamprincess099 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Wow this was released on my birthday That's because I love the marvel twins
Unicorn Glitter
Unicorn Glitter Month ago
I did this with my cousin The reason every won says we’re twins cause we act and look the same We got it all right Also We’re the A to Z twins
Yona Kayser
Yona Kayser Month ago
Early mate
Mely Lizet
Mely Lizet Month ago
nobody.. nobody at all Roni "nessaaaaa" 😭😂😂
Shilpa Acharya
Shilpa Acharya Month ago
They're both so cute. & Beautiful. 😍😍
Its Just Cris
Its Just Cris Month ago
For the first round. Roni literally said "coffee". lmao
Vanessa Month ago
Lmao i like how at 0:58 they are reacting to hearing the rules of the game like they haven't done it at least twice on their own channel
Ashley Zander
Ashley Zander Month ago
They are do adorable :)
bhavya shree
bhavya shree Month ago
She wrote harry styles. OMG! Thats what i would write if i was in this show😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Melanie Garcia
Melanie Garcia Month ago
Algene Hermosa
Algene Hermosa Month ago
Merrell Twins on the React Channel? Hoyess!!
Elly Nguyen
Elly Nguyen Month ago
RONI: you do? NESSA: you don’t? NESSA: *cries
Davis Robinson
Davis Robinson 2 months ago
I like how Roni is the bubbly twins and Nessa is the more casual twin.
Tatiana Cor-dova
Tatiana Cor-dova 2 months ago
they are so cute
Fatima Aftab
Fatima Aftab 2 months ago
Did anyone notice that when the man was explaining the rules Vanessa said signing
Nicole Danielle Anderson
This is sis thing
safira 2 months ago
ok but why are they so cute though?😔
Maddie Bolland
Maddie Bolland 2 months ago
My twin and I always say things at the same time too 😂
YanYan 2 months ago
5:12 Roni's giggle. That's oddly satisfying. Why am I like this? hAHAHA!
An si
An si 2 months ago
Hate you guys
Ninja Girl
Ninja Girl 2 months ago
That's why I wanna give birth to twins they're so cute 💞
Anna Sikora
Anna Sikora 2 months ago
nessa : I can only drink almond Also nessa: eats sour cream and oreos
Puppy 360gaming
Puppy 360gaming 2 months ago
Yay its veronica and vanessa
Chloe N.
Chloe N. 2 months ago
Roni and Nessa ❤
Sabrina Jogezai
Sabrina Jogezai 2 months ago
3:08 oml so funny
Lily Quacks
Lily Quacks 2 months ago
I don’t know why but I find it hilarious how they had to elaborate that the Merrell twins are Actual real identical twins 🤣
Appamadena Sampadetha
I love this video 🤣🤗❤️ They were so cute ❤️✨
jacklyn 2 months ago
the thing is they’re different people so if they say to choose what the other wants, they’re going to be different answers. it would have to be choose what one wants and for the next choose what the other wants etc
Kurt Kaw
Kurt Kaw 2 months ago
I actually thought that apple slices and salsa was a true delicacy.
Marissa Bilaro
Marissa Bilaro 2 months ago
Me and mah sis: *how they react on concerts* Me and mah sis: "AAH! WE'RE GOING TO PINKBERRY" HAHAHHAA RATHER GO TO FOOD THAN CONCERTS
Daniel Lyrano
Daniel Lyrano 2 months ago
The camera work is legendary and the editing lol
Depressed Potato
Depressed Potato 2 months ago
7:07 and 8:23 HAHA
GRATEFUL MOM EVER 2 months ago
Nice twins
Ellis Rose
Ellis Rose 2 months ago
Did anyone hear Roni say do you have your hand on the coffee by accident. Instead of saying drink
The iPhone Twins
The iPhone Twins 2 months ago
Abigail Lehn
Abigail Lehn 2 months ago
She literally said "I'm putting my hand on the coffee." Lol
Sati Charran
Sati Charran 2 months ago
I loves these two 😍😍😍😍😍
Fay Hijazi
Fay Hijazi 2 months ago
I think Vanessa is in a great mood
Arrow8D 2 months ago
React channel if you get it right we give you free 3 concert tickets ha ha coronavirus go lock down
David s. comix
David s. comix 2 months ago
Lol me and my twin say the same thing at the same time and they be like "omg y'all or twins do you feel the same pain?"😔
Tenzin Youdon
Tenzin Youdon 2 months ago
I can already tell them apart. Wow lmao
Pooja Mishra
Pooja Mishra 2 months ago
Oh very cute sisters
Justine 2 months ago
try alan and alex
geralda dakovic
geralda dakovic 2 months ago
Tiana 2.0
Tiana 2.0 2 months ago
Always your 1e intuiti
Mari Martinez
Mari Martinez 2 months ago
9:17 Surprise
BERYL HU 2 months ago
3:10 was so funny
Kevin Adinkra
Kevin Adinkra 2 months ago
I love pink berry👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️❤️
xRoyal 2 months ago
I mean this is so stupid. They’re making them pick what they like themselves which just cuz their twins won’t mean they like similar stuff
Shannon Tshegfatso
Shannon Tshegfatso 2 months ago
He said everyday sintuation
Morten Larsen
Morten Larsen 2 months ago
Or in other words. "People who know eachother" challenge...
Lamar Yafi
Lamar Yafi 3 months ago
If you know your sibling as a twin not only twins can take this test.
Gracie Wenger
Gracie Wenger 3 months ago
ok was i the only one who noticed that in the last round the both put their hair behing their ear at the EXACT same time hahahhahhahahahahaha
A Villanueva Guy Im Cool
Clothes : ♢~♢
Cyrus W
Cyrus W 3 months ago
Haha ye roni is definitely the meaner twin
Meeta Verma
Meeta Verma 3 months ago
I didn't know identical twins had the same voice Also my brother and I are just like this, not because of telepathy, but because we are just that similar
Joana Layog
Joana Layog 3 months ago
Nessa : *explains twin telepathy * Roni: *Goes over nessa's spot* Nessa: wait what are you doing? Roni: what's it like over here? Me: 😂😂😂😂
Romero Martínez
Romero Martínez 3 months ago
Besties Playz
Besties Playz 3 months ago
A way twin telepathy could be used is if one of their boyfriends is cheating
Noodle lover 101 Koaion
Who else heard Veronica say coffee on the coffee round
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson 3 months ago
okay, REAL QUICK!!! i wanna say, that in a good way, oreos and sour creams sounds sick. i'd definitely go for that. yummy. 3:38 aaaaaaaaaaand 5:08 MY SUSPICIONS ARE CONFIRMED!!! thank you, -ladies- Nessa. i wanna try oreos and sour cream now.
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson 3 months ago
i keep forgetting Roni's lactose intolerant. poor thing. :'-(
BlackSunShineGaming 3 months ago
they don’t even look identical to me
Amara Ishaq
Amara Ishaq 3 months ago
Before the last one they both bent forward and then fixed their hair 😂 love u guys ❤️
Isis Filipek
Isis Filipek 3 months ago
U S 3 months ago
@7:08 they did the exact same movements at the same time!! 😯
Vanini Krishna
Vanini Krishna 3 months ago
I got excited when she wrote harry styles because I love him......this is probably out of context so I should stop talking!
Flower Pop Friends
Flower Pop Friends 3 months ago
Should this be a challenge cuz I really wanna know, being hancuffed to someone and trying to communicate without talking
Lauren’s DIY
Lauren’s DIY 3 months ago
Me and my brother can do this but we are not twins
CaptainTAE 3 months ago
Do Brooklyn and Bailey next!!
Kay Lov
Kay Lov 3 months ago
4:54 was so funny 🤣
reighn hkgdvk
reighn hkgdvk 3 months ago
7:11 freaked me out lol i do stuff like that everyday w whoever im around
Sad Skye
Sad Skye 3 months ago
This video was made 1 week ago or I mean posted 1 week ago I have been in quarantine for 1 month hmmmm
Nhi Luong
Nhi Luong 3 months ago
Octavio Loglen
Octavio Loglen 3 months ago
OMG they said “someone pointed out” together
siham basha
siham basha 3 months ago
After every flash thing it’s feels like I am watching the flash
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