ReaI Madriid vs SeviIIa 2−2 - Extеndеd Hіghlіghts & All Gоals 2021 HD

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Nenad Bulic
Nenad Bulic 18 days ago
Riadh Ri
Riadh Ri 23 days ago
تحيا ريال
denis okelo
denis okelo Month ago
Pathetic referee
Leonardo Batista
Vinicius Junior no jogou nada uma trabalha no vou te falar a verdade mascarado não serve para tá jogando o Zidane tem razão tem que botar o Vinicius Junior tem que ir embora não tem vaga para ele é horrível ele tem que jogar no Bahia pô la casa de la lque lugar de jogador ruim
Bla Bla Bla
Bla Bla Bla Month ago
отскок сливочной помойки
Kabiranjan Naskar
Not given the sure penalty of Benzema,🙄🙄🙄
Top Gun
Top Gun Month ago
Real mayit 😅
SC Month ago
It was handball from Sevilla player first.lol.karma
Pedro Month ago
Hey bro I wanna buy a channel from you text me on Instagram (woolly__k)
Team Dream
Team Dream Month ago
Mistake in the title *madrid
keburia nnika
keburia nnika Month ago
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pavel tofei
pavel tofei Month ago
Don’t deserve draw
Kandi Nugraha
Kandi Nugraha Month ago
Hay Hay
Hay Hay Month ago
làm video như sít
Hala Madrid
Человек с планеты Земля
Беспонтовый обзор, плохой👎
Udith Pandian
Udith Pandian Month ago
Every team doing its best to bottle out
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Fatima Đỗ
Fatima Đỗ Month ago
Coi như mất cúp, đừng mơ nữa
Ayflac Month ago
should have added Casemiro's last shot which almost went in on 96th minute
Imman Lazalo
Imman Lazalo Month ago
Denis Retamozo
Denis Retamozo Month ago
Vinicius out right now , he's very bad
Infinito Month ago
Vinicius es malardo 🙈
Papuia Ppa
Papuia Ppa Month ago
Real lucky draw👍👌👌💞
md zidane
md zidane Month ago
not lucky, it's tit for tat, Real Madrid and Benzema was robbed by the referee so Sevilla paid for this
Duy Dương
Duy Dương Month ago
Barcelona 0-0 Atletico Madrid Real Madrid 2-2 Sevilla Đùa à.....
Chanez Hayat
Chanez Hayat Month ago
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Partha Pal
Partha Pal Month ago
Why was that goal given to hazard???
Sohan Panda
Sohan Panda Month ago
Because even though Kroos shot it last touch from the Madrid team was Hazard's .... And if you see properly Real were lucky otherwise Kroos's shot would have gone directly to the Goalkeeper
Jarek Gorgul
Jarek Gorgul Month ago
Real Madryt 😍😍😍
Giovanni Marinho
Jogo feio Ugly game
Valijon Valijon
Valijon Valijon Month ago
Карим Бензима 💯👍
Goran Jakšić
Goran Jakšić Month ago
Atletiko Madrid champion this year🤔🤔🤔🤔
Magic Wand
Magic Wand Month ago
I don’t Rrry Ed Dd have everything
amrit limbu
amrit limbu Month ago
Fuck ref for 6min extra time
Benny Satriawan
Benny Satriawan Month ago
Madrid aneh
Wixter Sabalw
Wixter Sabalw Month ago
Benaissa Wassini
Arbitrage incorrect il a privé le real des 3 points si c'était pour le barca il ne sifflera jamais, c'est un arbitre corrompu, qu'il aille au diable.
Gurprit Singh
Gurprit Singh Month ago
6 min extra XD
Ayflac Month ago
did you even watch the game? Sevilla wasted a lot of time using too many substitutions in the end
Совок 2.0
Совок 2.0 Month ago
Отдайте чемпионство Севилье!
Novichok Month ago
Лол они этого не заслуживают
Tito M R
Tito M R Month ago
Que horrorosa playera del Madrid con la que salió al calentamiento. fuchi
Oluwatoyin Lot Lasilo
Fixing Match by Soccer Betting and VAr and fefree officials we are tired of soccer fixing God will punish you people for destroying soccer entertainment
Rubencito Month ago
*Q orto!ya terminaba!* 😷
Grabiel Torres
Grabiel Torres Month ago
Abdel Abdel
Abdel Abdel Month ago
Penalty for benzema !!!!!! Scandalus
Lord Pain
Lord Pain Month ago
@SC karma is on benzema who had the ball in his hand to take the penalty after his dive only for it to be called on the next end 🤡
Lord Pain
Lord Pain Month ago
@Antoine 7 miltao hands were extended, his was close enough to his body
Bruce Hoo Fung
Bruce Hoo Fung Month ago
@Antoine 7 that was in no shape or form ever considered an handball much less a penalty. If you saw how the ball came to him his hands was nowhere attempting to go for it unlike Militao whose hands were stretched out and very obvious to see. Maybe he didn't see it but ref was being an ass to let play continue until VAR told him to cut out his bs and so he had to look for himself. If you hadn't noticed the ref wanted Madrid to win the game especially giving 6 mins of added time which is way too much time as well
SC Month ago
It was handball from Sevilla player first .lol.karma
Antoine 7
Antoine 7 Month ago
What about that handball from sevilla's defender in 51st minute ??? Wasn't that the same scenario as the militao one
love for music🎧
Hazard 😆😆😆😄😆😅😆😆😅😆😄😆😅😆😅😆
Nathan Murray
Nathan Murray Month ago
Real Madrid playing against 13 men Sevilla.
Vishesh Srivastava
that will definetly explain the penalty right
فهمي حبتور
Pokai Pratumrat
Pokai Pratumrat Month ago
โห่ เกือบตายเหมือนกัน😓😓
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall Month ago
So no one nuh wah win la lega
Vitto il Capo
Vitto il Capo Month ago
nuh look so a bbc
manLIKE drogba
manLIKE drogba Month ago
Renal Fernandy
Renal Fernandy Month ago
Ku ma hak ka die