Reaction To Naya Rivera Going Missing

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During "ET Canada Live", Graeme O'Neil, Keshia Chante, and guest co-host Ebonnie Rowe discuss the latest details after Naya Rivera went missing, and reaction from her former "Glee" co-stars Heather Morris and Demi Lovato, and her ex-fiance Big Sean.
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Published on


Jul 9, 2020




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Comments 100
Marshmallows& Cream
Those photos break my heart ❤️
sainaa mbye
sainaa mbye 4 months ago
Hope Glee cast is not cursed
malachi brown
malachi brown 4 months ago
Headline ".......... ........ has passed at age....." Sam: " Damn, it's a shame, I could be GONE at that AGE too Jade: I may only have X amount of time, to chase my dreams, f*** all this other S***" Mark: "Somebody dies everyday, it's just a shame, that it takes being a CELEBRITY or FAMOUS, to get some recognition"
Alex K.
Alex K. 4 months ago
Naya Rivera just got canceled LOL.
Brandon Turley
Brandon Turley 4 months ago
The Bible said it's hard for rich people to enter heaven;and being good in the eyes of humans are a different story in the eyes of God....Y'all may think she was a good person,but I don't.
Brandon Turley
Brandon Turley 4 months ago
Y'all should've felt sorry for her when she signed with devils and turned her back on God.This whole conversation is stupid;y'all worrying about one sellout when thousands dying everyday.Some of y'all act like she couldn't die....."Oh my God,I'm still in shock".....Shut up.....You're not in shock about all these people dying to the Coronavirus?
kolim jone
kolim jone 4 months ago
I will be so glad when January 1st arrives. Not trying to rush my life as but; this year as been horrific! I am praying for her family....
Antonio Amabile
Antonio Amabile 4 months ago
... baby boy... not girl
Dashiele leano
Dashiele leano 4 months ago
They thought Josey is a girl....
Elohim's servant
Elohim's servant 4 months ago
RIP Naya ruvid.net/video/video-SsEawD1TgY0.html...
Joy Branch-Londesborough
Over critical. Did you go out looking? The female "reporter" was not analytic...or considerate, as usually for officers. Sorry for her loss. Maybe its triggered her
kolim jone
kolim jone 4 months ago
But she has a son? Not a daughter right?
Shannon Whitney
Shannon Whitney 4 months ago
This is so sad! From video she looked like she was walking drunk a bit. She staggers thru parking lot. Her car was even parked funny. Did her family say she had drink problem? I don't mean to be disrespectful but something to look at.
Sheryl Jones
Sheryl Jones 4 months ago
God Rest her Soul. Thank goodness her son is okay. Poor little boy. God Bless him and all of Naya family and friend's and fan's.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 4 months ago
mommy. So sad.
John Coffey
John Coffey 4 months ago
Just because they ruled it a drawing doesn’t make it true, she was sacrificed. I’m guessing on Sunday to the pagan sun god
tinah2402 4 months ago
Was it a 3 yr old girl or boy ??..
Paul Finau Makoni
Paul Finau Makoni 4 months ago
I dont feel like this is real
Gerry Santos
Gerry Santos 4 months ago
Am so devastated 😭
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 4 months ago
Im so tired of posers in lipstick that have male huge heads, mouths, hands & feet
Jonathan Crespo
Jonathan Crespo 4 months ago
No disrespect...but this was obviously suicide
Harry Tasker
Harry Tasker 4 months ago
3 year old [BOY]!!!!
Dee Vers
Dee Vers 4 months ago
I’m sorry the girl in black talks about how her fiancé died....it was her ex fiancé at the time... she had broken up with him called off the wedding and everything so 🤔
Desi Calvin
Desi Calvin 4 months ago
I just don't understand this at all, I grew up watching her and I am just so devastated and can't imagine what her family is going through, I always rewatch glee because Iove the show but i watch it for corry and now it's just too sad, her and her family did not deserve this😭😭
Oprah Williams
Oprah Williams 4 months ago
I don't think it was suicide and I don't think someone killed her. I think she drowned. Do you know how easy it is to drown even if your an amazing swimmer. I almost drowned at the beach from a muscle cramp in my foot! What's with people. Anyway I don't want any explanations. I'm just waiting for the autopsy report.
realcolataste97 4 months ago
Wow they put ads on this video... making money off a dead person. Show some respect damn..
Uma Hendrickx
Uma Hendrickx 4 months ago
But she has a son? Not a daughter right?
Bri'Asia Wright
Bri'Asia Wright 4 months ago
Today they found her body but she is not safe she was found dead😢
Katerra Danae
Katerra Danae 4 months ago
It just kept irritating me that he said daughter over and over !!
ᔕKYᒪY 4 months ago
Rest In Peace 🖤Naya Rivera 🖤
Come out, Neville!
Come out, Neville! 4 months ago
Two Questions: 1 Where is she? 2 Who is she?
Saniyah Reese
Saniyah Reese 4 months ago
The fact that she saved her son first, is what shows true love💞 like just think about it, would someone do that for u?
Teal Baby1736
Teal Baby1736 4 months ago
This dude is wild. It was a little boy.
Hidden Player
Hidden Player 4 months ago
What probably happened was she was more than likely a wave came by and she was knocked out by hitting her head on square part of deck while trying to get back on the boat I am just guessing R.I.P.
Hidden Player
Hidden Player 4 months ago
or ladder K.O. occurs when the brain is knocked around the skull bone
Quinn cover
Quinn cover 4 months ago
when i was little girl i said that i wool be Naya when i grow up
kolim jone
kolim jone 4 months ago
AGRRED, KESHIA! It didn’t sit well with me when he said “3-year-old daughter” either. Seems indicative of something bigger. I certainly hope not.
Joseph Tadulala
Joseph Tadulala 4 months ago
I think she committed suicide 😭
Ara Alfaro
Ara Alfaro 4 months ago
The recent news that Naya Rivera is confirmed dead is just heartbreaking :(
Mark McDonald
Mark McDonald 4 months ago
Keshia is as dumb as a door knob.
Faris Achmad
Faris Achmad 4 months ago
that's why i hate being on deep water than my heights :(
Rebel 7
Rebel 7 4 months ago
We spoke to her, she said this FAKE, FAKE, no, you didn’t speak to her and she didn’t say anything Cause it’s a 4 yr old boy And deaths in lakes like this in the USA happens a lot more than what you think And sometimes it actually good swimmers with no explanation to why them
G Scrototo
G Scrototo 4 months ago
it was stated that a mistake was made on the terminology
Live Love and Hope
Live Love and Hope 4 months ago
why the officer call josey a daughter?
Mastnaer Ceef
Mastnaer Ceef 4 months ago
Maya Rivera is dead. They found her body today.
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 4 months ago
Love keshia’s statement, it’s about naya not big sean. I hope they will find her soon. #PrayersForNaya 🙏🏻
Alyssa 4 months ago
This disgusts me
Alyssa 4 months ago
It’s her son wtf get it right
Louissette Hernandez
He kept saying “daughter”and “girl” but it is a boy, her son who accompanied her in the boat!!
Sallow Squalls Official
This was on the same day the boat was found. Her son has long hair he goes by Josie. They thought he was a she.
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 4 months ago
I don’t believe this death. Why does the son have a vest and she doesn’t. ? Weird. I’m sure it’s those sacrificing crap cults may God already stop these crazy cults.
Jasmine Alleyne
Jasmine Alleyne 4 months ago
I think know what happen 1. It could be something bite her n she drowns 2. She maybe was swimming right down the water something tie her up n drown her body let go n end up floating. 3 suicide 4 sacrifice 5 crying etc heat attack
R H 4 months ago
Tranquil mujer. he got the age wrong by a year. And the name is pronounced "Joe-see", not "Ho-zay" so there must have been a bit of confusion there.
Katie St. Vincent
Katie St. Vincent 4 months ago
People need to stop with the conspiracy theories. There is nothing here to suggest foul play or a suicide and everything to suggest a tragic accident. Things like this happen all the time on lakes even to women you just don't hear about it because they are not famous. I get that some of you did not grow up around lakes and feel uneasy around large bodies of water but for those of us who did a day out boating is par for course even for single women with kids. Very few adults who are comfortable around water wear life-jackets because we associate them with those who can't swim. But the fact of the matter is if you hit your head it won't matter how strong of a swimmer you are.
bubbleicious damn
bubbleicious damn 4 months ago
This is why I only swim in a swimming pool with a life guard present, natural bodies of water are dangerous, poor Naya, it's so sad. At least her son is OK but he no longer has a mommy. So sad.
jona Zanches
jona Zanches 4 months ago
Rest in peace 1987-2020
Breeze Bay
Breeze Bay 4 months ago
The commentator in the middle I truly agree with, and, the least they could do is get that she has a 4 yrs old son (correctly) (no dis-respect) not a 3 year old daughter just looks like they don't really care about the facts.
Jacque Renee
Jacque Renee 4 months ago
Always goes to negative play. Sounds like a accident. Nita should’ve put on her life jacket. I’m sorry but she wasn’t responsible enough being she was there alone with her child. RIP baby. I’m sorry this happened. Lessons learned though. I am a great swimmer. But always always wear your life vest.
Michelle Sarpong
Michelle Sarpong 4 months ago
I hate this.
Mrs Yafa
Mrs Yafa 4 months ago
Why do I feel like this is a suicide . Cops said she helped her son to get on the boat , y she didn’t get on ? . She left her purse in the car ? Who leaves their purse in the car. This is a heartbreaking story !
Frances -Salt
Frances -Salt 4 months ago
Exactly why is big Sean tending, she was a married woman people🤢🤢
Zom Da Don
Zom Da Don 4 months ago
my heart goes out to her and family, I believe something is definitely off and they’re not telling us anything wrong information fake 911 it all seems weird to me, curious to know the updates.
sarah hassan
sarah hassan 4 months ago
Rest easy angel♥️
Stevie Marie
Stevie Marie 4 months ago
Unfortunately it sounds like something in the lake may have grabbed/ attacked her? So sad :(
Enlightened Shenanigans
She died
via subliminals
via subliminals 4 months ago
i am here after naya was confirmed dead, i never watched glee or anything she was in but i am still devastated, no one deserves that.
Vermex Van Croix Music
I don’t believe this death. Why does the son have a vest and she doesn’t. ? Weird. I’m sure it’s those sacrificing crap cults may God already stop these crazy cults.
marie lynne
marie lynne 4 months ago
Awww so sad. They did find a body. NBC News. They did not confirm it was her yet, recovery in progress. RIP Naya. xxx
Gloria Santiago
Gloria Santiago 4 months ago
I mean hello you can't blaim the son has long hair and looks like a girl, yes their are judging but that not a big deal, the body is so let's be clear focus on the body.
Hannah Tress
Hannah Tress 4 months ago
She is a. Big part of glee
YUH 4 months ago
I just made a tribute video to hwr R.I.P
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 4 months ago
This cop sounds fake as fuk Is this even real he doesn’t even know it’s a boy .
YUH 4 months ago
They found her body R.I.P
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 4 months ago
In tears.
kkheflin3 4 months ago
The fact that the sheriff referred to her son as a girl is very understandable. The name Josey could belong to either a boy or a girl and the child has very feminine features and long hair. I doubt they pulled his pants down to find out if he was a girl or a boy. That is all perfectly understandable that there was some confusion at first. Everyone wants to act as if this is some sort of bizarre incident. It most likely was an accident and she either hit her head or something climbing back into the boat or had a terrible cramp or something and then drowned. This happens to people all of the time everywhere everyday but it's a big deal because she's a celebrity. It is tragic and horrific and my heart aches for her family and friends. What a loss of talent and humanity at such a young age. It is tragic.
BMO BMO 4 months ago
Maybe there was someone watching or waiting for her there ?. it “looks very suspicious “!! 🤔🤔
Animal Mother
Animal Mother 4 months ago
These people are dumb AF stating the obvious and making it about themselves
Ping Xuan Loh
Ping Xuan Loh 4 months ago
the sheriff got the her son’s gender and age wrong. they said it was a few boaters that found him, but then they said it was the rental company. something is wrong here
Reality Check
Reality Check 4 months ago
Lord that gives us great confidence in LE...NOT
know thyself
know thyself 4 months ago
Her son is a he sheriff not she sheriff, get it right. Omg, ominous she went in the water and didn't come out. Could've been the trees and flexible branches under the water. Omg so talented, misunderstood and beautiful. This is just, oh so sad.
Emmalyn Grace
Emmalyn Grace 4 months ago
How did a kid that age get back on a boat without help though?
Muse 4 months ago
Everyone's attention, her body drops in the footage and a new person gets switched with the kid. Attention to detail alert. She had WHITE SHORTS AND A LARGE WHITE BAG. and her whole body seems to drop and a new person with different colored clothing are switched with the kid. Watch the full video!!!! You see a person with a whtie top and navy shorts leaving with the kid, Attention to details. They also stop at a different boat together and different people get on the boat. Why if they were going on a separate boat, would they want to stop with a second boat for people they didn't know??? Attention to detail. Unless, someone was holding you at gun point to stop when they stopped. Everyone in that other boat needs to be investigated. As well as who our all white suit person is and the navy shorts guy are. Furthermore, when she was getting out of the car, people were tampering with her boat.
Kaylee Gridley
Kaylee Gridley 4 months ago
Does anyone think maybe some other boat drove by and hit her, this could also maybe be a hit? Like maybe someone drove by and shot her? At 4 years old, so much more couldve happened that he didnt see or realize he saw...?
LydiaDeetz Lover
LydiaDeetz Lover 4 months ago
This is infuriating... first of all I heard they stopped the investigation during nightfall so they are actively searching for Nanya secondly he sounds so stupid calling her son a girl
LydiaDeetz Lover
LydiaDeetz Lover 4 months ago
Kaylee Gridley
Kaylee Gridley 4 months ago
That cop needs to get his facts straight.
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 4 months ago
I met her last year she was the kindest celebrity I've ever encountered I pray that she is okay and returns to her family!
Tiffany-Knight Payne
So they can't drain the dirty lake??
Fionna Adeline
Fionna Adeline 4 months ago
In tears.
Kimbo 74
Kimbo 74 4 months ago
This cop sounds fake as fuk Is this even real he doesn’t even know it’s a boy .
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 4 months ago
the water with his mother if so who put him back in the Boat? Can he answer any or all of these questions who what when where how and why?
Lava Girl
Lava Girl 4 months ago
Vanessa Guillen disappeared in Texas and now Naya Rivera and alot of other women...Be careful going out alone and bring others along with you
Cindy Palacio
Cindy Palacio 4 months ago
Only God knows what has happened to her and btw to the lady that said it's hard to communicate with a 4 year old, I don't agree. Kids these days are extremely gifted with common sense. I'm still holding out that she's alive. Naya, we all love you, authorities will find you.
Jujubee Babycakes
Jujubee Babycakes 4 months ago
R they saying a girl and different age cuz they don’t want to give the information out about who it is?
Yuktha B.N
Yuktha B.N 4 months ago
"3 year old girl"?! Get your info right.
Symone Taylor
Symone Taylor 4 months ago
Is there any river snake in this lake or some creature??
marciemendez82 4 months ago
Miss you naya❤😭😢
Brent McLean
Brent McLean 4 months ago
Bro they need to block of the lake and drain it
Jen J
Jen J 4 months ago
this tells all the criminals of where they can go.
Dainelle Speaks Tv
Dainelle Speaks Tv 4 months ago
There is no foul play here. how? her son killed her? what she killed herself and left her son floating on a boat? why take him then, she can drown herself perfectly on her own. people are ridiculous, that lady in the middle is super ridiculous. it is more than likely that she got caught in a debris under the water and she could not untangle herself from it. Maybe eventually she got loose from the debris after already drowning and floated off, hence the reason why they cant find her in the location where she was thought to be last. DAH!!!
Lynn Adamson
Lynn Adamson 4 months ago
It is all about you, isn't it Keshia or whatever your name is .....steal the show, why don't you.
tony matrisin
tony matrisin 4 months ago
How disrespectful from these Keystone Cops. Please find her
Luanne Mangene
Luanne Mangene 4 months ago
Do not let them cease the searching. For her,it is foul play ,there was other people out there,in a boat ,more like abduction,from in the water pulled to other boat,,,,,,get a real psychic,,,,that is not afraid to go deep within.......feeling it deeply,she struggled,but still possibly alive,but in harm's way.....
Luanne Mangene
Luanne Mangene 4 months ago
Extend the search,to grounds,hills Mtns,,,
Vala Dina
Vala Dina 4 months ago
I AGREE suttin not right with this story👀
Faith marcano
Faith marcano 4 months ago
The night is still young....she was so young...
Sylvia Mitchell
Sylvia Mitchell 4 months ago
Was someone else out in the water swimming as well who would leave their Little 4yr.old all all alone in a Boat? What about her Life jacket? Who found the son? Was he out in the water with his mother if so who put him back in the Boat? Can he answer any or all of these questions who what when where how and why?
Sylvia Mitchell
Sylvia Mitchell 4 months ago
Tracy Powell
Tracy Powell 4 months ago
Why doesn’t anyone else see the black figure on the boat that moves when she gets really close to the boat. And that black figure isn’t on any of the other boats that are supposedly empty!!!!
Aquariana X
Aquariana X 4 months ago
A woman and her 3 year old girl 🤦🏽‍♀️ if you don’t know the facts don’t go on national tv 😑
Dr. Bee
Dr. Bee 4 months ago
One can tell the narrative is just off..’A 3yr old girl’..GMAB..here son can swim and get back in a boat..No..No..
Greice Salazar
Greice Salazar 4 months ago
How touching those words of that lady reporter on the left... my heart shrinked
Lifegoeson100 4 months ago
Since he kept saying “her” about the son, I was wondering why the police didn’t lookup Naya but, I’m thinking they didn’t know she was/is a celebrity
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