Reacting to YouTube Rewind 2019..

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Dec 6, 2019




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Shravan Hari
Shravan Hari 5 hours ago
did dan say 'poodiipie'??
Eyeland Popos
Eyeland Popos 5 hours ago
im still confused how youtube rewind is the most disliked video in youtube q-q
DinoPLAYS 8 hours ago
I think that there is to much editing, just my opinion
Infernal999 8 hours ago
ganesh bhandari
ganesh bhandari 12 hours ago
i play free fire plz play
Gavin Dickinson
Gavin Dickinson 18 hours ago
2:52 when this played in naruto something sad happened tho
Gavin Dickinson
Gavin Dickinson 18 hours ago
bruh that naruto music in the background tho i love it
G̷a̷c̷h̷a̷ !R͓̽o͓̽b͓̽l͓̽o͓̽x͓̽¡
I can't believe Dan isn't subed to YT
Tyler Idk
Tyler Idk Day ago
Johnny Depp boy brah
People who see this goodluck for conavirs
Harry Reid
Harry Reid Day ago
These are how many people are in 2020 👇
OdDAnnyboi 2 days ago
To be honest obviously it’s on trending it’s by RUvid official
VakareMC 2 days ago
JE Pingky
JE Pingky 2 days ago
HI DAN!!, can u react meme rewind plz!!??🙏🙏👌
Fletcher Graham
Fletcher Graham 3 days ago
They forgot scenario
bafrin Mohammadi
bafrin Mohammadi 4 days ago
Why is Dan not in Yt rewind????
MrSamGaming48 4 days ago
I feel bad that Dan not in here 😔😔😔
Natarsha Helms
Natarsha Helms 4 days ago
I just realized that 0:17 that a song from Naruto
Daniel Guo
Daniel Guo 4 days ago
Dan : Leaves Minecraft For Around 4 Years....... Also Dan : *Still Celebrating Minecraft Being Number 1* My Heart : *awwww......
Harryboi50x Gaming
Minecraft is always number r1!
LA Debrian
LA Debrian 4 days ago
“At least they censored it”. Well according to their own policies if they didn’t, only adults would be allowed to watch. It wouldn’t show up on RUvid kids
Jonathan Jonathan Choi
I totally forgot about my childhood hero up till he appeared in my recommendations 6 years later.
Lachlan Williams
Lachlan Williams 5 days ago
Dan: Chicken noodle soup Me: literally dying because I thought it was rlly funny! Anyone else think that was funny?? 😂
Shitij Shrivastava
In my opinion RUvid REWIND 2019 is better than................................................... RUvid REWIND 2018🤣🤣
WoomyMan9000 5 days ago
Nobody has pointed out the fact that Dan wasted money on RUvid Premium
JUST LAST 6 days ago
Minecraft got 100B views. But.. there is only 7B people in the world... I’m..Uh..Never mind..
JaceGames YT
JaceGames YT 6 days ago
Dan why you not on the rewind
Cisco Guerra
Cisco Guerra 6 days ago
Super 6 days ago
Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol
Ornzgj Quinnzup
Ornzgj Quinnzup 6 days ago
dimash reaction
kingdrift pink ghoulz
use code dantdm in the fortnite item shop
TheSlitherMaster 6 days ago
MrBeast can just say it again
ahua ahua
ahua ahua 7 days ago
I dont even know why people hate it ಠ_ʖಠ
charchiedee 7 days ago
Griffin Maurice
Griffin Maurice 7 days ago
Imagine rewind 2020 its gonna be horrible
Peppa’s Big Toe
I wanted dan to be in it :(((
Thirdy Camlian
Thirdy Camlian 8 days ago
Minecraft: has 100B VIEWS..... The world population: aM i A jOkE tO yOu?
Thirdy Camlian
Thirdy Camlian 8 days ago
Minecraft: finally I have 100B VIEWS!! ROBLOX in 2019: I suck at RUvid Rewind 2019... ROBLOX in 2020: I wish I could go top 1 in the most viewed video games from this year’s RUvid Rewind! (Also known as RUvid Rewind 2020)
The Dark knight 28
Dan!he dabbed,you didn't notice 10:50
Roblox Doge Cow king
Inered dan say aha
Roblox Doge Cow king
Roblox roblox roblox
Merlin Suhatam
Merlin Suhatam 8 days ago
"he's just making slime...just slime okay.. " ~Dan 2019
KrulWilkuw 9 days ago
They Be Lying Cuz Theres Only Over 7B People on Earth
marco leones
marco leones 9 days ago
if Earth has 7 billion People why does Minecraft have 100 billion views?
Jasheel Ksheersagar
marco leones bruh people may have more than one device
「taniartzz」 uwu
Cns was uploaded at 6:00 am EST , It was a school day so I was eating breakfast while watching Cns ;)
Owo animie
Owo animie 9 days ago
Rewind but its actually good?
Jasheel Ksheersagar
Owo animie except it became a watch mojo top 10
Michael Dachkov
Michael Dachkov 9 days ago
Dan make an other stream on pokemon sword istle of armor
The Pigeon Party123
matpat LITERALLY had an interview with susan, where she said gAmErS aReNt UnApPReCiaTeD, yet GAMES are put in rewind and not GAMERS, yeah susan sure there not unappreciated , maybe people of youtube this is why your company is failing, cos you unacknowledge the people who do the most work for you, raise the most for charities and are the only reason your company stays alive, can we rant for gamers to be in youtube rewind 2020
ShadowBlade MDK
ShadowBlade MDK 10 days ago
DanTDM: 10.9M is over double 4.7M. Math teachers: *sO yOu hAvE cHoSeN dEaTh tHeN...*
Jasheel Ksheersagar
Ummm.....it’s not Dan who’s choose not death it’s you. Dan got math right 4.7’s double is 9.4 and if you didn’t know 9.4 is more than 10.9
Spacebug 111
Spacebug 111 11 days ago
Drift SMC
Drift SMC 11 days ago
Bling bling bling bling Bling bling bling
Nafukgt C2
Nafukgt C2 11 days ago
7:30 Garena Free Fire is the Game that has the bad graphics and also no door. It will hurt your eyes and brain
Jasheel Ksheersagar
How many brain cells have you lost by seeing the game’s graphics?
Jasheel Ksheersagar
Nafukgt C2 basically a more scuffed version of pubg which is a scuffed-ish version of fortnite
imzah farhan
imzah farhan 11 days ago
hol up the backround music is naruto im happy
JsaBuilds 11 days ago
Minecraft is the BOSS of all videogames ever.
Jasheel Ksheersagar
JsaBuilds *king
2020 lets make dan #1 on that content creator list
Fat sack frank
Fat sack frank 12 days ago
T-series sucks
Jasheel Ksheersagar
Name the meme has stopped, by our king
Trey Grant
Trey Grant 12 days ago
Dan: this reminds me of fall rap Me: dan you listen to Post Molone
Rajendra Pratama
Rajendra Pratama 12 days ago
Atha halilintar is indonesian and me to
Daniel Kool Kid Ice
2020 is way worst just virus videos
Ryan's world
Ryan's world 12 days ago
There's one thing this video need K-pop
Clanka #367
Clanka #367 12 days ago
I'm sad that Dan didn't get in it
ObiYeet69 12 days ago
Dan u a SAVAGE u dont care about copyright
Ivan The Riddler
Ivan The Riddler 12 days ago
4:01 that one says buying everything you can carry from the store/market
Farah Tayyeb
Farah Tayyeb 13 days ago
how is minecraft 100bill but 7bill people in the world
Jasheel Ksheersagar
Farah Tayyeb people can have more than one device
PICKLE RICK 13 days ago
Waaaaaaaait youtube why cocomelon is note there is the most viewed channel
CrisLife OG
CrisLife OG 13 days ago
fortnite would be number one IF they featured travis scott js
Jasheel Ksheersagar
CrisLife OG and seeson 3.....I think
Adrian Medellin
Adrian Medellin 13 days ago
Dan why would you be mad at K-pop watch BTS and you will be in the hole
Αγγελος Χατζης
13:03 this Turkish creator copies Pewdiepie, Mr beast and more channels and false copystrikes or even terminate channels for exposing him. He was banned for a week before making it to Yt rewind 2019
Mysterious Person
Mysterious Person 13 days ago
Garena Free Fire Is Just a Rip Off Of Pubg And Fortnite And People In Indonesia Love It Tf
Mysterious Person
Mysterious Person 13 days ago
The Girl That Ate The Shoe Is Hunnibee She Eats Edible Food Things
Bero DA GOAT 13 days ago
Did he say he to james charles
I wish dan was here I hope dan is in 2021 yt rewind
did you put sugar on your spaghetti again?
I think YT rewind 2020 will have Toca Life Stories in it
LiquidRuby 14 days ago
The one youtuber i hate in this video is (drum roll please) Enes Batur
EggBoy59 14 days ago
to the 1% of people who is reading this: You are amazing and blessed, please stay safe.. Have an amazing rest of your day! P.S ive been struggling to get to 300 any help is appreciated 🙂
Pewdiepie _99 _
Pewdiepie _99 _ 14 days ago
Pewdiepie _99 _
Pewdiepie _99 _ 14 days ago
AustinPlayz 14 days ago
Who was heartbroken when Dan didn’t show up anywhere in the vid
Snowy King
Snowy King 14 days ago
You should react to Pewdiepie and Mrbeast and you should make a react channel
Colin Martin
Colin Martin 14 days ago
I was so happy when Minecraft won the most viewed video game
Kevin Hao
Kevin Hao 14 days ago
Yass Minecraft has 100 bil views wooohhhh
Jackthemaniac 14 days ago
In the game part where tf is my boi warzone
ctbiles RBLX
ctbiles RBLX 14 days ago
Lmao 0:41
rama srivastava
rama srivastava 15 days ago
How is jelly laughing
Hollie Burrows
Hollie Burrows 15 days ago
lazarbeam is aceeeeee
mr. gamer skul x
mr. gamer skul x 15 days ago
Imagine youtube 2020 rewind
Ny Leng
Ny Leng 15 days ago
Another channel is going to be born
K Wise
K Wise 15 days ago
Alex Yang
Alex Yang 15 days ago
R.I.P Dantdm
Dan has to be in the youtube rewind!
Shaima Imad
Shaima Imad 16 days ago
Yeah it is cool 😎😎🤨
Nick 16 days ago
Damn am I the only one who thinks the "Reacting to RUvid Rewind 2020" Might not exist or will have atleast 1B dislikes. And we'll forget about 2018.
Geekos Fenton
Geekos Fenton 16 days ago
10.0 Minecraft rules
GregYT 16 days ago
Imagine 2020 RUvid rewind
Isaac K. Carrasquillo
Lazarbeam did it
TH3 94M3R
TH3 94M3R 16 days ago
9:02 NOM
daniel histon8
daniel histon8 16 days ago
2017 5 2018 0 2019 7 2020 Wat is it
WinxClubAnd LolirocksForeva
I have Mario 64
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