Reacting to Wizards of Waverly Place Clips (w. David Henrie) | Gregg Sulkin and Cameron Fuller

Gregg and Cameron
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This week we take a trip down memory lane... it’s a blast from the past! Wizards of Waverly Place stars are BACK together and react to their old clips. Could a reboot happen? David Henrie shares a BIG update. If you want a reboot, comment below. Like this videos and don’t forget to subscribe!
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About Gregg Sulkin and Cameron Fuller:
Hi guys! First off, we hope all of you are safe and healthy during this stressful time in our lives. We are all in this together. If you are still with us, subscribed to our channel after the ups and downs, we are so grateful. Gregg and I have been a part for over 2 years, but we realized that doing this together brings us so much joy. It’s not the same without the two of us. We love making content, and we love doing it for you. With that being said... WE ARE BACK!
Reacting to Wizards of Waverly Place Clips (w. David Henrie) | Gregg Sulkin and Cameron Fuller
Gregg and Cameron


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Jul 11, 2020




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Comments 100
Gregg and Cameron
Gregg and Cameron 3 months ago
Comment below if you want a Wizards of Waverly Place reboot!! Lets make this happen!!!
Ashley Weaver
Ashley Weaver 15 days ago
Karim Lucero
Karim Lucero 3 months ago
OF COURSE WE WANT. I've been waiting for this since Alex vs Alex was released, and David H. wasn't there.
Nicole Martillo
Nicole Martillo 3 months ago
Nicole Silos
Nicole Silos 3 months ago
BTS ARMY35 3 months ago
Alexa Googly
Alexa Googly Day ago
What a wholesome friendship! ❤️✨
Kassidy Locke
I just binged watched from episode 1 to the very end including all of the movies and extras I don't just want, I NEED a reunion. This show shaped my childhood and is the most goated series on Disney Channel thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
Samantha Day ago
Mason and Alex will always be the cutest meeting in the world of tv in my mind you did great! plus yes please I want a reboot
Affan Hafiz
Affan Hafiz 2 days ago
I want a wizards of Waverley place reunion pleaaaasee
areesha ali
areesha ali 2 days ago
Want want want wantttttt reunion
Adi Greenberg
Adi Greenberg 2 days ago
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! More! More! More! Wizards was the best show 👇 👇 these people loved-wait, no-LOVE wizards.
Eurianna Glass
Eurianna Glass 4 days ago
katie k
katie k 5 days ago
I love David’s laugh omg
Wizards of Winery!
Deija Roberts
Deija Roberts 6 days ago
Being_Yashika !
Being_Yashika ! 7 days ago
Justin-Grew a lot Max-Grew a lot-lot Alex-Did she actually grew up? *I don't think so*
Riley Adegunleye
Riley Adegunleye 7 days ago
So I was watching wizards of Waverly place I'm watching the episode where Justin turns dark And I'm just thinking to myself when I'm watching this video he looks exactly the same.!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nicole Thomas
Nicole Thomas 8 days ago
This was great!
Nicole Magar
Nicole Magar 8 days ago
my sister both finished the show and restarted it in one day she is obsessed
Annie Lee
Annie Lee 9 days ago
having the reunion would DEFINITELY be a blast to the past and soo AMAZING bc wizards of waverly place was my CHILDHOOD ahhh I would be so happy
Wimar Peña
Wimar Peña 9 days ago
REACT TO JUSTIN BEING SCARED OF MANTOOTH THE GHOST💀💀💀 “captain Jim Bob help me”😂😂😂 and when Justin fainted it was the funniest thing ever
Mariel Velazquez
Mariel Velazquez 11 days ago
Les Fountain
Les Fountain 11 days ago
I would love a reunion
Darksouls ZHL
Darksouls ZHL 12 days ago
They should watch the Meatball part from Season 4 Episode 2 it was hilarious!
Seryna Ramos
Seryna Ramos 13 days ago
Actually every time Justin had tea he would always miss the cup and I loved that so much
Margherita Marsiglio
I watt a reboot and a reniunion of wizards of waverly piace i Miss it so much it Was and still si My favorite series i need it back so badly and by the Way sorry for commenting this late
Tiana Smith
Tiana Smith 13 days ago
I just love how after all the years David hasn't aged at all 😂
Kimberly Natal
Kimberly Natal 13 days ago
It’s so crazy how my cousin was an extra in one of the episodes of this show.
melina mullan
melina mullan 13 days ago
Metallic Panda
Metallic Panda 14 days ago
I’m rlly glad this vid came on my recommended I rlly miss this show
Laurelise Badillo
Laurelise Badillo 15 days ago
David Henrie’s posture is perfect
Aizra Garcia
Aizra Garcia 15 days ago
Wizards reboot!!!
The Fun Cousins
The Fun Cousins 15 days ago
Who saw this is the recommendation area of RUvid and was just extremely, really happy 😊
Sina Bahalwan
Sina Bahalwan 15 days ago
Please please I neeeeeeeeeeddddd a reunion
FamousKhaliq Tv
FamousKhaliq Tv 15 days ago
I want a Wizards of Waverly Place Place reboot please it was always my favorite show you guys gotta make this happen🙏🏽🙏🏽
Melissa Mikaelson
Melissa Mikaelson 16 days ago
They should have a late night channel like teen Nick but teen Disney where they show all the older shows and stuff
EFFYZE Music 16 days ago
More pleaseee
Yadira Naranjo
Yadira Naranjo 16 days ago
Yes reunion PLEASE
Love & Strength
Love & Strength 17 days ago
I really want a reunion!!!!!!!!
C vdL
C vdL 17 days ago
we legally need the reunion !!! i deadass used to watch wizards of waverly place religiously
Meemi Retro
Meemi Retro 18 days ago
I like how David is like "my good sis Selena" awhh love how they still so close
Ameeyah Pipes
Ameeyah Pipes 18 days ago
Selena gomez is the best human being in the world
Autumn Eileithyia
Autumn Eileithyia 19 days ago
After all this years, do you still ship Selena Gomez and Gregg Sulkin? me: Always 💪
Anna Jacobsen
Anna Jacobsen 19 days ago
We need selena to join them!!
Sophia Tanjangco
Sophia Tanjangco 19 days ago
pls have a wizards reunion PLEASE
victoria lynn
victoria lynn 19 days ago
you guys are hilarious, REBOOT PLEASE!!!!
sasuke uchiha
sasuke uchiha 20 days ago
PLEASE YES! I grew up watching this show and I still watch on Disney plus I love it!
Lauren Alex
Lauren Alex 20 days ago
Les Fountain
Les Fountain 21 day ago
So down for that
Juhi Bheda
Juhi Bheda 26 days ago
Chloe Fisher
Chloe Fisher 27 days ago
wow. David doesn't look a day older XD like he looks the same from in the last season.
Liana Salcedo
Liana Salcedo 28 days ago
I love you guys so much I literally always watch wizards of waverly place
Peyton Gonzales
Peyton Gonzales 28 days ago
Pls do it whith selena
Peyton Gonzales
Peyton Gonzales 28 days ago
I watch wiz 10t what Evey season
Jenna Ajlouny
Jenna Ajlouny Month ago
i need a reunion
Premeditated Ideation
When David said "the mason skip" that was it for me 😂😂😂
Lesart Month ago
I could watch a full hour of these videos
Gabrielle Duplessis
Every wizard’s fan needs a reunion with everyone. The last episode was not enough closure in my opinion.
jahn britten
jahn britten Month ago
Lol 7:47 was hilarious!! David’s British’s ascent
Natalie Susana
Natalie Susana Month ago
Reunion or reboot idc jusy pleasee
Natalie Susana
Natalie Susana Month ago
Yla Stars
Yla Stars Month ago
after binge-watching the first three seasons, it'll be fun to see a reunion
Richie Hughes
Richie Hughes Month ago
This is Richie Hughes I Got Down Sydrome I Want Reunion Of Wizards of Waverly Place Because I love that Show You Guys Should Have Reunion Yes Totally
Ray Rax
Ray Rax Month ago
Yesssss reunion where do we sign the petition
Vooia Month ago
Gregg, please tell us where your jacket is from xx
Anika arie
Anika arie Month ago
Tell Jennifer Stone I'll see her in PE
bearisol Month ago
gregg sulkin was my first crush ever this is so weird
Aadreeja Pandey
Aadreeja Pandey Month ago
omg yaaasssss! i love wizards and i would be so stoked for a reboot!
baybeecee Month ago
Greg naming everyone; Zeke; am i a joke to you ?
Anauris Santana
Anauris Santana Month ago
Gia Valle
Gia Valle Month ago
I love the show
Vladimir Sears
Vladimir Sears Month ago
I would love to see a reunion
Carly Sharmat
Carly Sharmat Month ago
Why wasn’t David Henrie in Alex vs. Alex
EvilRegal Swift1989
I love this
Rachel Irwin
Rachel Irwin Month ago
They honestly haven't changed much lol
Ruthie Slaughter
yesss it is needed
Alexaundria Ramona
yeah we want the reunion !!!!!
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson Month ago
Yes miss u
Stephanie Long
Stephanie Long Month ago
You can email me
Stephanie Long
Stephanie Long Month ago
Daughter boy friend
gabellamava _
gabellamava _ Month ago
Want? I need a wizards reunion
LOLurD00D00 Month ago
David lookin 16 still lol geez.
emily kathleen
emily kathleen Month ago
were all in quarantine (hopefully) and would absolutely DIE for a wowp reunion
BeeYouAreKayEe Month ago
Mason wheres the reunion
Luna Angel
Luna Angel Month ago
LMAO they made Gregg say cheerio for the Disney ad
Luna Angel
Luna Angel Month ago
Reunion pls & love the howl😭
Magali Grammond
Magali Grammond Month ago
we all want a reunion! duh
Sheetal Agarwal
Sheetal Agarwal Month ago
Mariah Kumher
Mariah Kumher Month ago
Wizards of Waverly place was a big part of my childhood. Thank you guys for being awesome!
Vivek Chopra
Vivek Chopra Month ago
REUNION!!!!! 🤩😍
Hallie Y
Hallie Y Month ago
If you did a reunion do you think it would be like a whole season, maybe like a Netflix original reunion season or would it just be like and hour and a half movie
Leyla Samadova
Leyla Samadova Month ago
Abigail Way
Abigail Way Month ago
"I've talked to my sis Selena" Omg I LOVE THEM
Avni Agarwal 7C 1
Mason is sooo sweet and cute. I really can't imagine anyone else playing his part Gregg absolutely slayed it
Alyssa C
Alyssa C Month ago
This seems like a good vid for me to say this: Wizards of Waverly Place was my all time favorite show when I was younger. Selena Gomez became my biggest role model. I want to thank you all for that. Have a great day.
Natalia Gomez
Natalia Gomez Month ago
i would like to see y'all have a reunion
Kevin` Bourne
Kevin` Bourne Month ago
What about a Wizards sequel? 🧐 Where either Max or Alex has kids doing the Wizard compitition and Justin has the role of Professor Crumbs
Cassi Vallejos
Cassi Vallejos Month ago
i love you guysss
cam nicholson
cam nicholson Month ago
wizards of waverly place reboot that have kids
Gabriella Stein
Gabriella Stein Month ago
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams Month ago
I definitely want a reunion!
Ioana Enache
Ioana Enache Month ago
I would literally cry if they made a reboot
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