Reacting to Thrift Store Art Ft. Emma Chamberlain

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Can Emma Chamberlain help us guess the prices for these thrift store treasures? GMMore #1527
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Comments 100
ImDisconnected 13 days ago
She is rlly cute c:
Alaa Dwidar
Alaa Dwidar 13 days ago
She is so awkward 😂😂 they r too old for her... cute though😍😍
Susan 27
Susan 27 13 days ago
Emma can barely hold back her memey RUvidr side, even in front of adults. 😂
Irene Rod
Irene Rod 14 days ago
my name is Irene.
Nathan Richards
Nathan Richards 17 days ago
That bathrobe looks like if In Living Color did merch
saneh lata
saneh lata 18 days ago
No One: Literally No One: Rhett: eRNiE
Olivia Keener
Olivia Keener 20 days ago
I love Emma Chamberlain so much 💞💞💞💞
Natalia Barraza
Natalia Barraza 20 days ago
Emma looks kinda lost between them😂💗
Haley Barth
Haley Barth 21 day ago
Why does she look like a young, female Steve Buscemi to me? :/
Elizabeth Flanagan
Elizabeth Flanagan 22 days ago
I love her voice
Butter Popcorn
Butter Popcorn 22 days ago
Emma trying REALLY hard to not cuss for 11:16 minutes :P
sh4nemurphy 22 days ago
She sounds like Jojo siwa
Jordan Eyre
Jordan Eyre 23 days ago
She looks like she just woke up, right?
Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose 23 days ago
This was wholesome aww
Phillip Riser- Giraffe15
I have that sculpture of two people on a loveseat in my house- I have no idea where it came from.
thecrazy8888 25 days ago
Not sure what I was thiking but I was expecting SOME form of motivation... then it flatlined :(
&& 26 days ago
She honestly could pass as Rhett’s daughter
llJeezusll 26 days ago
Why does RUvid notification bell keep recommending videos ive seen 6 days ago
Arianna Mooney
Arianna Mooney 26 days ago
Rhett and Emma look like they could be related. Like he could be her uncle or older brother. lol
I actually found a frame like that at a thrift store but it said Karen in it and I was so tempted to get it for my mom.
WhateverBrooke 26 days ago
Reka Ritzma
Reka Ritzma 26 days ago
Omg the collab that we have been waiting for!! My 2 fav RUvid channels
Jacqueline Fink
Jacqueline Fink 26 days ago
Ooh, this little girl needs to be cancelled.
Kayli Hill
Kayli Hill 27 days ago
You could arrange it as “Reine” which is French for “queen”.
lewisholt 27 days ago
18 a month from now
caylin's vlogs
caylin's vlogs 27 days ago
*it could be ernie*
Jonathan Ospa
Jonathan Ospa 27 days ago
My Two Dads ft. Emma McLaughlin-Neal
Mikayla Cox
Mikayla Cox 28 days ago
Spot on with the Texas stereotype
Sofia H K
Sofia H K 28 days ago
I would buy the "Irene" frame for my mom. 🙈 She's the 1% of the population Emma is talking about. 😅✌️
Sean Evan
Sean Evan 28 days ago
8:03-8:14 lmao link with his finger
Hi Move
Hi Move 28 days ago
*bro rhett could be emma’s dad they look so much alike*
Felicia Santana
Felicia Santana 28 days ago
Omg does she had something in her teeth ?! It's so irritating
Nurul Hidayah
Nurul Hidayah 28 days ago
im here for emma❤️
Josie Grace
Josie Grace 29 days ago
Ok but isn’t 75 cents closer to $3 rather than 8$, Emma should of won the first round 😂😂😂
Jaded 28 days ago
Josie Grace lol wtf!
R. Allen Maxwell
R. Allen Maxwell 29 days ago
Wendy Patricia Medina Rodriguez
this is random but when are you gonna date ethan u guys are soooooooooooooooooooooo cute
BIG CREFLO 29 days ago
Her voice is so attractive to me idk why lmaoo
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson 29 days ago
I want to see Rhett and Nick Offerman do wood projects together.
just taylor
just taylor 29 days ago
Emma: i was like LiNk iS sO sMaRt Link: yeah dont make that mistake i can relate Link, i can relate
R L 29 days ago
Emmas so prettyyyy and fun
littlesmew 29 days ago
Frankie Millcarek
Frankie Millcarek 29 days ago
The disappointed mocking tone when Link says, "Twice, Emma" is the most dad thing I have ever heard.
Cameron Goode
Cameron Goode 29 days ago
You made that dream a reality. Imagine what other dreams you can make a reality!
Keet Randling
Keet Randling 29 days ago
Love me some thrift store bargains! Most of my clothes, all very nice, are from the local Goodwill.
Katraca Leigh
Katraca Leigh Month ago
She was a better guest than I was expecting after watching the Instagram clip. Sorry so many people got up my butt about my comment and started to personally attack me 🤗
Eve Turpin
Eve Turpin Month ago
You could rearrange it to spell « Reine » witch means Queen 👑
GamesHacker1000 Month ago
She's pretty, but she keeps making these weird ass face expressions every few seconds...
IAmVeruca Month ago
9:55 I did not hit the "like" button until she said "who let mom go to Marshall's again" Great Line!
popmusic2008 Month ago
Michiganders represent! 🙌
April Reites
April Reites Month ago
so dont say its ugly
April Reites
April Reites Month ago
my mom has a picture that says love makes our house a home
eric Month ago
emma seemed so uncomfortable with link 😂😂😂
Don’t know who Emma is. But is she usually this way? Or is it an act?
that1guy plays
that1guy plays Month ago
If they didn't fire you for being naked, repeatedly, what are they really gonna fire you for? Go wild
Explosive Tea
Explosive Tea Month ago
Omg I used to watch these ppl in 3rd grade😂
Miranda Ann
Miranda Ann Month ago
Link is fighting for those to both be girls
mars maher
mars maher Month ago
I was NOT expecting this 😂
Zahwa’s Little Channel
Emma is fangirling as friqqqq😂
Saint Parallax
Saint Parallax Month ago
Richard’s eating gets me every time
Red Panda
Red Panda Month ago
Emma was so close to not being a 2000 kid lol
Jessica Lim
Jessica Lim Month ago
ernie ERNIE
7:13 Irene Ī - RE- NĒ irony
elohel Month ago
Is she cross eyed?
Anubis PUNK
Anubis PUNK Month ago
Rhett slowly turning into Ron Swanson
Trevor Storm
Trevor Storm Month ago
"Look at that, it stands on its own." 2 seconds later board falls over...
Yomn Eisa
Yomn Eisa Month ago
emmas face at 2:19
Tyler Merritt
Tyler Merritt Month ago
1:58 did Rhett just say Joseph - like Joseph and the coat of many colors - is a deep cut??
Mahnaz Ashoori
Mahnaz Ashoori Month ago
She is so funny I love her humor
Irene vd dool
Irene vd dool Month ago
I want the irene art 🤗
Brian Adkins
Brian Adkins Month ago
To male 40 year olds talking about being naked at work with an underage female. Should I call the authorities?
RAMDOMI TV Month ago
hon3ybuds Month ago
Aw it's great seeing Emma with you guys hehe awesome collab!!💓😜
Cindy Cruz
Cindy Cruz Month ago
Her eyes.
Lindsey M.
Lindsey M. Month ago
I've never met anyone named Irene but I would hang that on my wall regardless. Personally, I like it That ceramic statue is a collectible. My mom used to collect those things and has a bunch of them still
Andrew Zach
Andrew Zach 27 days ago
Lindsey M. My wife was anxious about the ceramic piece because she was also saying it was collectible and might be occupied Japan and worth good coin. Hope they didn't smash it before checking.
Its Grhegg
Its Grhegg Month ago
Emma Chamberlain ahhhhhhhhhhhhh 😁😁
C Caro
C Caro Month ago
@crazylamplady this is a new thrift haul video format for you and Sue
Olivia s
Olivia s Month ago
we don't stan sea world
Alexis Sestina
Alexis Sestina Month ago
Is Emma on coke ??? Lol she keeps doing that lip thing that you do when your tripping
Xervello Month ago
You guys aren't pulling in the same amount of views as before. Good.
Salma Dolan
Salma Dolan Month ago
emma’s like the only 17 year old girl that would be fit to do a collab w them bc she has that kind of humor and personality that just fits in a way
x x_molly_x x
x x_molly_x x Month ago
Or joseph in the amazing coloured techni dream coat 😂
son of father time
oh my irene
PieofDoom Month ago
she sounds like a heavy smoker
Zackary Godin
Zackary Godin Month ago
Wensis Rompas
Wensis Rompas Month ago
... I was actually in the shower xp
Mutah Month ago
(o ) _ ( o )
Draw me Muffins
Draw me Muffins Month ago
Rhett: look at it it even stands up! falls over
Jenny Castano
Jenny Castano Month ago
who else is only here bc emma is on it? cause me... i only watch gmm sometimes... srry stans
Im getting PTSD from when i played Joseph.
MBGxMBG Month ago
0:14 that's simple. he's a pornstar/nude model
Andrew Harbort
Andrew Harbort Month ago
i do not like her at all
OrphicQueen Month ago
I’d love to have the porcelain sculpture of the lady and her fop. I’d repaint it though.
Hi Shisters
Hi Shisters Month ago
Director: are you going to cuss throughout the video? Emma: no
Michael Hall
Michael Hall Month ago
I think I saw all of this stuff before on an episode of Hoarders.
Jeff Session
Jeff Session Month ago
rhett has a lot of sexual tension?
Reeferriss Month ago
I’m a new youtuber and would appreciate it if you watched my latest video :)
nağme Month ago
even I guessed the first item's price right and I'm a foreigner who has no thrifting experience lol
Alex Theel
Alex Theel Month ago
Alextown is a great place.
Irene Enerio
Irene Enerio Month ago
I’ve never felt so special watching an episode. This was awesome.
Woahexdeegg NEXIE
I'm a simple man, I see goodwill I click.
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