Reacting To & Recreating Viral TikTok Makeup Trends

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to React To & Recreate Viral TikTok Makeup Trends!! I've been obsessed with the app recently and there are so many talented artists on there so I thought this would be a fun video to try out. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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Oct 4, 2019




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Comments 100
Emma Hirut
Emma Hirut Hour ago
James:Coughing Also James:”I think I am dying”
580 Tahura Harmain
580 Tahura Harmain 3 hours ago
8:11 that's a knock off palatte she's holding james. :O
quiting channel
quiting channel 5 hours ago
Ok... I never said this to anyone this.... I remember when I was like a child and my two sisters have makeup.... So i went a grab the makeup(p.s idk how to put on the makeup) So I pick up a random brush and started putting makeup on my face Eventually they notice it was me because I had the discusting makeup on.and now I'm a little teenager(well almost) and i still do it but a little better but i just to lip stick. Oh and my sister have your makeup palette and FYI i didn't do anything to it.
Mark Bridge
Mark Bridge 5 hours ago
James: khe I'm dying Me: yep yep you are
Ben Moody
Ben Moody 9 hours ago
When he James said my amazing editor Louis and showed a pick of Zack Efron I was like... This is me life and happiness in a nutshell
Grenade Boi
Grenade Boi 10 hours ago
kate 14 hours ago
Uhhhh...abbie said the n-word- 😳
MyLp-Lps GamerGirl
MyLp-Lps GamerGirl 14 hours ago
this part 3:29 I have that like not joke have. Who has that?
Alyne Quiroz
Alyne Quiroz 20 hours ago
I love shawn and Camila
miss em
miss em 23 hours ago
louis=zac efron
Blissfully Maddie
This is before Zoe did u know what
Amrita Plays
Amrita Plays Day ago
Akshay Shankhpal
Zaara Nathu
Zaara Nathu Day ago
I think I’m dying
Gianna Reyes
Gianna Reyes Day ago
Im gonna cry because i want this pallet and i not enaf money😭😭😭
Gianna Reyes
Gianna Reyes Day ago
enough money
Natasha Arifuzzaman
James before:omg zoe laverne that's soooo goood James now:ay yo zoe lá groómer don't fecking groom a 13yr old
Smokey’s life
To school, I wear mascara, curl my lashes, do like a natural eye look, and a bit of lip gloss. Oh I'm in 6th grade btw
Jaelyn Stephenson
james: now my amayzing editor who you all know louis shows pic of zac efron i dont know if i spelt his name right srry
Kennedi Devine
He should do a video of him telling us how he decided the names for the shades in this pallet
Imala Saleem
Imala Saleem 2 days ago
Omg i love your makeup pallete🥰🥰🥰🥰 But I cant buy it cause im brooke😔😔😔😔
Evangeline Bell
Evangeline Bell 2 days ago
Anyone else realise that the first tik tok person is benny from instant influencer???
Veronica Van de linde
The thing I love the most is the laugh of sister James ❤
Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce 2 days ago
the fact that he is friends with charli and he is watching zoe
Jenny O
Jenny O 2 days ago
Anyone here in 2021?
Isabella Fung
Isabella Fung 2 days ago
Storm 2 days ago
James: smiling genuinely because people love his palette Me: I think I'm in looooooooove agaiiin...
Abraham Mathew [Sanish]
James: **coughs** ''I think I'm dying-''
ali alrayash
ali alrayash 2 days ago
Actually he looked so good with the lips thing _hack_, 😍👄
Silvana Felicio
Silvana Felicio 2 days ago
James: my great editor Louie picture:zac efron...
Mariah Collins
Mariah Collins 2 days ago
Mariah Collins
Mariah Collins 2 days ago
I watch him when I get sad and he always cheers me up 😁 I LOVE JAMES CHARLES
Mariah Collins
Mariah Collins 2 days ago
samuel adjei
samuel adjei 3 days ago
Who is in 2021
why is it louis looks like zac effron in the greatest showman if you noticed like this'
Liana Parlanti
Liana Parlanti 3 days ago
But then I downloaded it
Liana Parlanti
Liana Parlanti 3 days ago
Omg James same with me I was a hater to
AMiii -
AMiii - 3 days ago
10:27 i didnt understand what he said:c
Richard Fleming
Richard Fleming 3 days ago
just vibing to the melanie song
Among us Queen
Among us Queen 3 days ago
Cherryredroses 3 days ago
Zoe 2019: unproblematic zoe 2021: PrEgnEnt
kduebel1 4 days ago
James is sayin follow Abby but he doesn’t even follow her
Zaahiera Amardien
You are a tiktok sister
alice silvestre
alice silvestre 4 days ago
My face when I heard z*e lav*rne: 😐😯😳😶
sharad gupta
sharad gupta 4 days ago
The fact that he like remembers all of his brushes like sizes/names and of all the colours in his pallete (sorry if i spelled it wrong) is just , it blows my mind off
Laura Ramlawi
Laura Ramlawi 4 days ago
wait is that first guy beni from instant influencer
Amanda-Faith Monaco
Me in 2021 yo that ain’t Louise that’s flipping Zac Effron whatchu talkin bout lol
Layla Flaherty
Layla Flaherty 4 days ago
Plz NEVER do this to your hair again
Lila Wimbish
Lila Wimbish 4 days ago
when zoe lagroomer showed up...........
Alfred Aquilina
Alfred Aquilina 5 days ago
you should ask other beauty gurus (sorry I can't spell) to send you pics of their make up and you should recreat them also I LOVEEEEEEEEEE YOU SISTER JAMES
elvenice 5 days ago
1:55 Me:@justjamescharles Tiktok:no results found
SURDU MARIA 5 days ago
He has a shade in his pallette that is my name 🥺 (ik he doesent even know i exist ) :))
SURDU MARIA 4 days ago
SURDU MARIA 4 days ago
No its mary
Verx 123
Verx 123 5 days ago
Pistachio Queen
Pistachio Queen 5 days ago
James: *talks fast Me: understanding everything My old flippin' tablet: l a g g i n g s o i t l o o k s l i k e s J a m e s i s t a l k i n g a t t h e s p e e d o f l i g h t.
tracy ebot
tracy ebot 5 days ago
James: cough Me:🤦🏾‍♀️ your i’m in front of you please don’t give me the coronavirus
Allegra 5 days ago
Who’s here in 2021 👇🏻
Rian ham
Rian ham 5 days ago
My friend FORCED me too get tiktok
Milene & Kiera Standridge
You need eyeliner
Sarah Manzanares
Sarah Manzanares 6 days ago
I love how he doesn't know who zoe Laverne is
Imogen Doherty
Imogen Doherty 6 days ago
Him not noticing that Zoe is famous 🥲
Imogen Doherty
Imogen Doherty 6 days ago
My first makeup pallette was yours
Luke and Ella TV
Luke and Ella TV 6 days ago
I love 💘 you ❤
Scratch 6 days ago
Leila Tindle
Leila Tindle 6 days ago
Me:O that makeup look is so cool James:OMG Me again:*throws phone across the room
Tiyani Khuvutlu
Tiyani Khuvutlu 6 days ago
I love you James plz comment on this plzz 😂😂
Jonajah Bray
Jonajah Bray 6 days ago
James:........ Someone in the background:......HELLO?!! James: gO foLLoW mE?!
Sophie Osborne
Sophie Osborne 7 days ago
Who’s here in 2021?
bitch now im solo
Oh zoe lagroomer is in here.
KittyCatGamer 7 days ago
That pic of “Louis” was zach efron ..... 🤔. Love you James 💓
Reddhimaa Singh
Reddhimaa Singh 7 days ago
How I learned English : School: 30 percent Watching James Charles videos without subtitles : 70 percent 😂😂😂😂😂
Reddhimaa Singh
Reddhimaa Singh 7 days ago
This James Charles look is another level 🔥🔥 BTW Love you sisters ❤️😘
Abhipsa Mishra
Abhipsa Mishra 7 days ago
Love u too
Lemonzz_ Playzz
Lemonzz_ Playzz 7 days ago
not the groomer in the video i- 😀
Julie Slaton
Julie Slaton 7 days ago
You DARE Say that TikTok is better than liza koshy’s vine and YoUR FRIEND larris vine
Lucy Cosser
Lucy Cosser 7 days ago
James on his phone with his nails “TAP” “TAP” “TAP”
Lucy Cosser
Lucy Cosser 7 days ago
2:57 “I think I’m dying” me in 2020 (or 2021 now) “you might be idk at this point”
Zeppelin Sulzbach
I love how we got a makeup toutorial
Athena’s awesome world
Dancing to the music tho.
Jaxi Farrish
Jaxi Farrish 7 days ago
Lol. That's not his editor that's Zach Efron. 😂
Sarkis Kenderjian
Was the first TikTok Benny
potatoTwTqueen 7 days ago
How is this not copyright
Asmr Addicted
Asmr Addicted 8 days ago
9:00 what happened here?
chalky360 8 days ago
bru can we just take a minute to look at louis he is like a double of Zac Ephron
Evi Edlund
Evi Edlund 8 days ago
Him with that concealer- 👏
Arthur Corbishley
i love makeup i am a boy i have been watching your videos for ever and you have inspired me to love makeup love you
Lucy Alsop
Lucy Alsop 8 days ago
Did anyone realize that Louis is Zak efron
Jackson Wallis
Jackson Wallis 8 days ago
Wait what?- your a boy not a girl- Your a king not a queen. Even if people say queen for a joke i just hate it- Nuuu hate!
Jackson Wallis
:0 rude-
LigitnessGamez :D
i understand that you might not understand this yet and no offense! also, be careful how you talk about that, it came off offensive because he can identify as whatever he wants
LigitnessGamez :D
LigitnessGamez :D
Ella Harris
Ella Harris 8 days ago
I like your tiktoks and. Follow
Sadie_Sunset 8 days ago
Wait a dang minute louis is zac effron lol?!?!?!
Eva Burroughs
Eva Burroughs 8 days ago
Innocent james: “sister zoe pooped off!!” Me: “oh yeah. Zoe. 😒”
Lizzy holiday
Lizzy holiday 8 days ago
Sorry but Charli is the Queen 👑
Aurora Garcia
Aurora Garcia 8 days ago
James Mason new RUvid channel
Lilian Huffman
Lilian Huffman 8 days ago
omfg i am here in 2021 and when he side omg zoe lagroomer i was like ummmmmm ok sis
Natalie Bradford
Natalie Bradford 9 days ago
POV your here in 2021
Ayla Fx
Ayla Fx 9 days ago
Back when Zoe was innocent
jenishaOMG 9 days ago
2 years ago
Hayden Julien
Hayden Julien 9 days ago
Your hair looks like derkslurps hair james
Space Cat
Space Cat 9 days ago
You all know Lewis *shows picture of Zach efron* XDDD
Emina A
Emina A 9 days ago
James I think you need a nose job
Hafsa Umar
Hafsa Umar 9 days ago
Z*e the grommer????
Alice Paddock
Alice Paddock 9 days ago
11:55 the way he said Birmingham 😂 love you James
6G.Jenisha SondigalaYHS
Your smoky eye was amazing 🤩 😍
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