Reacting To & Recreating Viral TikTok Makeup Trends

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to React To & Recreate Viral TikTok Makeup Trends!! I've been obsessed with the app recently and there are so many talented artists on there so I thought this would be a fun video to try out. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


Published on


Oct 4, 2019




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Comments 60
Ms. Potato
Ms. Potato 2 minutes ago
James: *coughs* I think im dying Coronavirus has entered da chat
lxvlilei Hour ago
12:37 i can't tell if she said the n word or not-
Scarlette Keahey
Oh Zoe... Zoe Zoe Zoe
Marilyn Andino
Marilyn Andino 3 hours ago
If you’re a hater stop hating
Marilyn Andino
Marilyn Andino 3 hours ago
Why do you keep on hating no reason to hate
Marilyn Andino
Marilyn Andino 3 hours ago
Haters can you eat hay
-Shadow Chanz-
-Shadow Chanz- 5 hours ago
“ *I think I’m dying* “ No no you’re not you posted 3 days ago :>
kezi williams
kezi williams 6 hours ago
James I love you but you kinda talk alot no hate
London Elizabeth
London Elizabeth 6 hours ago
5:27 James. Starts talking dolphin
kusum Adh
kusum Adh 7 hours ago
Random person who like this comment is the best human ever,,,,
Subika grg Subika grg
I im watching this 100times and look i am at 2020
Bipul Kunwar
Bipul Kunwar 9 hours ago
I want u to allow us download your awesome vdo pleaseee james🤗your one like is james seeing this comments 1 hole🤗
sub or you will die tomorrow
Its the any boy in the comment? Pls replied me I am boy and i feel like all comments are girls and james intro is *hi sisters*
Amanda Santana
Amanda Santana 16 hours ago
I miss the good old days in 2019 no virus 🦠 😔
Georgina Salgado
Georgina Salgado 17 hours ago
Love how James just vibing lol
Isadora Tierney
Isadora Tierney 17 hours ago
My choir in high school sang the shuboom whatever its called but I loved it
michael panar
michael panar 17 hours ago
I love your Chanel
Tiffany Farrell
Tiffany Farrell 18 hours ago
hey james charles can u do my make up for fun plzzzzzzz if u ever have time cause i know ur always so busy and if u can can charli be there too
Isyraq Playz - Call of Duty and Roblox!
10 million views and 10 months ago its the same word 10m 10m
Aimir Diaz
Aimir Diaz 20 hours ago
Bely Ruales
Bely Ruales 21 hour ago
I love your videos!
Dominique Garofalo
Dominique Garofalo 21 hour ago
The fact that James doesnt know Zoe Laverne just proves her that she isnt the Tiktok Star
R Sh
R Sh 12 hours ago
But she’s zoe f*cking Laverne!! It’s she the queen of everything lol??
Rainbow puppy girl Amazing
3:38 lol I have those natural and she just putting them on like it’s just makeup and it’s not real lol
katelynn albrecht
katelynn albrecht 22 hours ago
Ur soooooooooooooooooooo awesome James
Lydia Neilson
Lydia Neilson 23 hours ago
It’s the way he says Birmingham for me
isabel gallacher
isabel gallacher 23 hours ago
2:34 he looks like Benny from instant influencer. also 7:48 is that before she was famous?
R Sh
R Sh 12 hours ago
No, he just didn’t know about her lol
Anna Oehlke
Anna Oehlke Day ago
Me looking at james makeup : 👁️👄👁️ hOw DoEs He NoT mEsS uP!?
Anna Oehlke
Anna Oehlke Day ago
For anyone who doesn't understand the joke it means im surprised about how he doesn't mess up because for me doing makeup is hard
Aaliyah Oiknine
August 2020?
Jessica Wann
Jessica Wann Day ago
:3 Day ago
Hi sisters! I am daisy and I’m James Charles bigest fan my friend is a step sister 😔😢😭
mercy&mariah show
I'm sorry to wake you and please subscribe Mercy Mariah show 🙏
MarTheBear Day ago
James: says my name (it was another person) Me: WHAT I DONT EVEN HAVE A TIK TOK!?!
Nina Pulido
Nina Pulido Day ago
Luv how James follows his fans
Kelsey McNamara
umm no hate but i think louis is zack efron
Lokesh Vohra
Lokesh Vohra Day ago
I’m coming to your house
Lokesh Vohra
Lokesh Vohra Day ago
James Charles
Cecilia Centeno
And you’re Sweet Awesome Amazing And if people don’t see that then they are blind
Cecilia Centeno
James you are so kind and your makeup is amazing
Shayna Wiegold
Not gonna lie I was a hater until I saw those makeup skills and I was like 🤩 and then I attempted the rainbow eye and I looked at myself in the mirror like 😑
Sons Foua
Sons Foua Day ago
I look like you when I put make put on
s.M. c
s.M. c Day ago
Me, alongside James, wanting to install Tik Tok at 3:38.😅
Yoliana cristal Rivas toro
Omg that Benny lol
My Twisted Thoughts
When you do the liner on the corner of your mouth you look like you have bratz lips
preetha sivadas
preetha sivadas 2 days ago
I felt so weird when James started counting the palette to find 38 when there's only 39 like I don't get it just get the second last one. Not trying to be rude i love james
Katie Cortes
Katie Cortes 2 days ago
My first pallet was the Carli Bybel By anastasia
Talulla Bukta
Talulla Bukta 2 days ago
The first person was from instant influencer
Henry Bielanko
Henry Bielanko 2 days ago
You know BTS?
You know BTS? 2 days ago
I love how happy he gets when he sees someone use his palette but he doesn’t know how famous his makeup actually is 🥺
Ionela Aman
Ionela Aman 2 hours ago
True and hii army💜💜💜 I am an army too😄💜💜
mel zeederberg
mel zeederberg 23 hours ago
Wont you get exited when the world know you
Anna Oehlke
Anna Oehlke Day ago
Ikr 💕🥰❤️😍
Kelly Darries
Kelly Darries 2 days ago
I love you James
Møønłight Ċøøķìèś
14:06 *That's A Dude-* *I Think-*
Yolanna Granger
Yolanna Granger 2 days ago
*me watching James at 3 am* James:"oMg wHaT tHe hEcK" *my parents waking up and getting the bet* *my mom doing that thing before the whooping* me:"aAaAHhHh" OMG BHAHAHAH
Prerna Mistry
Prerna Mistry 2 days ago
James: *chokes hard on air* His staff: Oh my god! Paramedic! Paramedic! James: *calms down* "I think I'm dying." Me: Same sister same. Love u James!
Rhiley Leitch
Rhiley Leitch 2 days ago
I love the spooky scary skeleton look
marjorie ebuenga
marjorie ebuenga 2 days ago
James said OMG hahahah shoutout pls btw
Adam C
Adam C 2 days ago
He reminds me of ravon ngl
Zentro X
Zentro X 2 days ago
Hay James can we talk?
Chloe Harrison
Chloe Harrison 2 days ago
Me watching this in August 6th near my birthday may I add looking at his bleached hair like 👄👁👄x
Aviah Tenyah
Aviah Tenyah 2 days ago
Bring back the makeup takeovers plz!
Kari T
Kari T 2 days ago
Omg What is James using on the lips?😍😍😍😍
Hadiqa Yaseen
Hadiqa Yaseen 2 days ago
Am I the only one who saw the photo of Louis.....
Hasmik Hakobyan
Hasmik Hakobyan 3 days ago
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