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She had NO IDEA what she was about to see...
Things Got Weird 😳
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Aug 13, 2017




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Comments 14 377
Solace Nava
Solace Nava 7 hours ago
Do blurred
_bijj 12 hours ago
Like, people are her commenting about LaurEx, but I'm here realizing that Alex × Roi will always remain superior. ❤
Nicole Pham
Nicole Pham 2 days ago
99% - people talking about the break up 1%- telling everyone to shut up and just watch the video
Cesar Sanchez
Cesar Sanchez 2 days ago
Long live laurex may the ship that sank may one day sail
Andrea Campillo
Andrea Campillo 2 days ago
First video I watched from you and roi was the ice bath. I rember you got the hot water. I want to see that video every day😂 My cousin showed me that video a few years ago.
Kassandra Dichoso
Wel i guss alex is a luttle happy cause he hates laurens stuff toy
Kassandra Dichoso
Why did you break up
Skyla Mcullough
Skyla Mcullough 2 days ago
Lauren are you Asian? And if u are are u Chinese Jappenese or Korean ?
Miss.Roblox 3 days ago
I miss Alex and Roi together
0mega_Death Playz
You started the pause challenge in the last part of how to avoid fights
Jesus Echeverria
Jesus Echeverria 3 days ago
im on my grandparents account but the song at the end tho im watching after they broke up
Aliya Hanjra
Aliya Hanjra 4 days ago
what is andrews channel called
Molly Gorbett
Molly Gorbett 4 days ago
Molly I am molly
samara and Tyler
samara and Tyler 4 days ago
Alex do u have a new girlfriend? ?
Angelina Lopez
Angelina Lopez 5 days ago
i,m lafing so much
Caroline Gordon
Caroline Gordon 6 days ago
I hear a lot of adult jokes in this video ALEX YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE FAMILY FRIENDLY WHAT MADE YOU DO THIS!!!!
Angelina Le
Angelina Le 6 days ago
tri marwanto
tri marwanto 7 days ago
i promis i cried cuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS LAUREX
ThatCheesyDucky 8 days ago
I used to think Richard was a separate person and I was shocked that it was Alex lol
Lipsy Hernandez
Lipsy Hernandez 8 days ago
Wow sad that they broke up
Ricochet Gaming
Ricochet Gaming 9 days ago
Yo honestly succ
Evelyn Williams
Evelyn Williams 9 days ago
wow lol hahahahaha this is grat
Bald Martin
Bald Martin 10 days ago
Stop talking about the break up grrr I know where u live
Nikkony Hooves
Nikkony Hooves 11 days ago
Nice to see you laurex
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 13 days ago
Mona Fakhro
Mona Fakhro 14 days ago
I love you alex sexy ❤️💚🥰😻😍😘😍🥰😻💋💄👄💐🌷🌹🥀🌺🌸🌼🌻
Danny Torres
Danny Torres 14 days ago
Billie Jean
Corner of the Barn
Corner of the Barn 15 days ago
Everyone keeps saying "oh i miss Laurex" "whos here after the breakup" well guys seriously let it go. I know its hard not seeing them together i get it i love them both, as what they are *two separate people* , but things happen and you cant stay mad at them for breaking up or hate their new bf/gf. If its meant for them to ever get back together, it'll happen. But for now just be happy for both LAUREN and ALEX they live two separate lives now and you gotta respect that 💕 thx for reading all of this if you did. ★ Alex, be who you are. Be funny weirdo talented and be with who makes you happy. Enjoy every silly second of life. Dont let ppl make you think you made the wrong decision. ★ Lauren, be who you are aswell. Be an amazing DIYer, smart talented super beautiful and just enjoy the relationship you have. Dont let ppl make you think you made the wrong decision also. I wish both of you the best in life 💞
mlp motion
mlp motion 15 days ago
LAUREX WAS AND STILL IS MY FAV COUPLE ON RUvid!!!!😢😢😢 Anyway towards the end of the video Alex's face was almost as red as his lollipop🍭🍭
p cacador
p cacador 15 days ago
i want you (alex) and ur girlfriend to react to peppr roullete or redbull and maalk
Flippin Legit
Flippin Legit 15 days ago
Laur diy is true ☺☺
Mia Gonzales
Mia Gonzales 17 days ago
Who wants Richard to come back they were so funny
Nevaeh Winters
Nevaeh Winters 17 days ago
I feal so sad for you
Nevaeh Winters
Nevaeh Winters 17 days ago
I Sean your girlfriend Alex in boo2
John Lickfelt
John Lickfelt 19 days ago
KCB Werth
KCB Werth 18 days ago
Leticia Fragoso
Leticia Fragoso 19 days ago
Anyone here after both break ups
Regina Zhao
Regina Zhao 20 days ago
I have a lollipop 🍭
Saucy studios
Saucy studios 20 days ago
I wonder if they still talk?
PatrickWants10,000 SUBSCRIBERS
I hate you!! You made me so emotional Alex!! 😞
dennise rafer
dennise rafer 24 days ago
did anyone see that roi spelled supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wrong he spelled supercalafragelisticexpialadocious
Jorge Anzaldua Corona
Teh_Nugget 25 days ago
I miss this :(
Mia Nasca
Mia Nasca 26 days ago
who else shook when you found out they started ' the floor is lava'
Mia Nasca
Mia Nasca 26 days ago
Lauren: you look like a bubblegum Alex: you trying to chew me hahahahahahahaha
Maria Cena
Maria Cena 26 days ago
Who else is watching this on 2019 I miss them together 😭😭❤️😆
Emma Alcaraz
Emma Alcaraz 27 days ago
Who is watching this after break up
ramona richards
ramona richards 28 days ago
ramona richards
ramona richards 28 days ago
ROWENA RETES 28 days ago
Ahahahahahahaha is a rolando
Keuri Martinez
Keuri Martinez 29 days ago
who is here after the break up:(
Kevin Faison
Kevin Faison Month ago
No dabing dab police
Maureen Wapshare
micah badon
micah badon Month ago
you used to be so funny with roy! but now you only do boring blogs
Tashina Frazier
Tashina Frazier Month ago
Karen Carter
Karen Carter Month ago
That was strange but funny 😂😂 because of Alex's face Ha ha ha ha.
Tina Thompson
Tina Thompson Month ago
The first bid was the year I was born
Yary G
Yary G Month ago
i was Born in 2011 anyone 2011
Spider Gamer
Spider Gamer Month ago
The first one was when I was born
Patriono Month ago
7:02 the moment you have all been waiting for...
Tracy Tu
Tracy Tu Month ago
Alex looks like my brother
sub to PewDiePie
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KittenQueen 123
KittenQueen 123 Month ago
Kat _12_TB
Kat _12_TB Month ago
Watching this again hurt my heart 💔 when you say "my girl friend" it broke my heart! Because im a huge fan even when Roy left you im with you!!! I cant move onnnnnn! Love you!!!! Stay strong!!
Gabriel Acosta
Gabriel Acosta Month ago
00f less
00f less Month ago
Lauren : *"you look like a big peice of bubblegum."* Alex : *"you tryna chew me?"*
Ruby Jack Lenoir
Lauren got a new boy friend 😭😭😭😭
Miley Tomasian
Miley Tomasian Month ago
Why did you have to quit wassabi p to productions 😞
Bree Grainger
Bree Grainger Month ago
It’s so weird to see them together after their breakup
uhharjo Month ago
alex get back with roi pls i miss wassabi production
Swiss Cheese
Swiss Cheese Month ago
xD Alex tries not to talk about Roi in the videos
5:01 I know what’s she’s thinking and now I can’t unsee it. 💀💀
maria madriz
maria madriz Month ago
She only met he’d family when she was 4 pathetic girl
Yamilet’s Adventures
We had Dora the Explorer not rolando
Sophie martashvili
I hate Lauren she made Alex break up with Roy
Vilika Vireak
Vilika Vireak Month ago
Is this gusting why do you make that video is so disgusting
Vilika Vireak
Vilika Vireak Month ago
Donuts doing is crazy OK whatever I’m gonna die for us
Tasty - Pan
Tasty - Pan Month ago
*RIP Laurex...*
star zarate
star zarate Month ago
I want roi and Alex to be on wassabi productions once again together
Jozalyn Kempf
Jozalyn Kempf Month ago
Alex is weird.
Cat Mooney
Cat Mooney Month ago
I want the old productions back :(
beth hooson
beth hooson Month ago
We love baby Dino
Bella Hawley
Bella Hawley Month ago
Lauren is cute
Taylor Mcquay
Taylor Mcquay Month ago
Lauren: you look like bubblegum Alex: you trying to chew me 😂
Gaming withfanny
Omg rois BUTT omg
Rebekah Roundy
Rebekah Roundy Month ago
Laurex!!!!! No
denis memer
denis memer Month ago
I know you guys broke up but are you still friends and hangout
Aaleah Quicho
Aaleah Quicho Month ago
I'm here after their breakup😪😭
I was like 3 years old when you started your channel and I was like 7 when I started watching your videos so I was watching you for 6 YEARS WHICH IS CRAZY this proves that you are still entertaining even tho I miss the old days
HI Studios
HI Studios Month ago
my friend dressed up as richard it was weird
Scarlett Flower
Scarlett Flower Month ago
Hi! I am new
Drew Tian
Drew Tian Month ago
hi wassbi
Antonio Coll Guy
6:00 6:47 6:59
Edwin Reyes
Edwin Reyes Month ago
Every time they have a happy moment it mkes me sad
Edwin Reyes
Edwin Reyes Month ago
Why did I watch this after thier break up
len and nat
len and nat Month ago
Why you hatin on Richard!!!
Lesly Cux
Lesly Cux Month ago
What happend to Rolando The Explorer?😿
Caroline Gordon
Caroline Gordon Month ago
2011-2015 Wassabi was a little better than now, after the breakup just turned AWFUL!!!!! Who is here after 💔 Laurex was done like if did
kharm mode
kharm mode Month ago
I I'm a wassabian for almost 6 years i started when i was 5 and I'm almost 11
syana cupcake slime forever
The 1video that they see is in 2008 and thats the year i was born
Haylyn Henderson
Haylyn Henderson 2 months ago
Laurex will be missed
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