Reacting To My Very First Youtube Video/ Story Time * Super Emotional *

Nikki V.
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Thank you guys so much for all your love and support, I hope you guys enjoy todays video! Have a good and Blessed weekend. Please keep comments positive ,Thank You.
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Mar 6, 2020




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Comments 100
karina garcia
karina garcia 10 days ago
Leylanie Holloway
Leylanie Holloway 2 months ago
all datjaz
all datjaz 2 months ago
You’re so humble you have a beautiful heart 💕
crystal gomez
crystal gomez 5 months ago
you were at plaza mexico 🥺
Fransisca Cruz
Fransisca Cruz 5 months ago
jxselyx 5 months ago
I would go there every summer 😩❤️
Bryana Duran
Bryana Duran 5 months ago
Hi my name is sophia
Its VerosLife
Its VerosLife 5 months ago
“I was skinny” girl you’re still skinny 😂🤍
Johnna Rodriguez
Johnna Rodriguez 6 months ago
You look better with dark hair 😘
Abygail Molina
Abygail Molina 6 months ago
so beautiful! may God bless you and your family with all the strength you need.
Samantha Gonzalez
Samantha Gonzalez 6 months ago
You the best 😍
Jason Venecia
Jason Venecia 6 months ago
Your cute Nikki!!
Odalys Diaz
Odalys Diaz 6 months ago
U look depressed 😞 I hope you have great day
Kvssy Xo
Kvssy Xo 6 months ago
Lemmme find out que andabas en plaza Mexico in that old video lmao
Rivera 6 months ago
Your super cute you look a lot like a younger version of Catherine from the Ace Family❤️🥰
Humble 909
Humble 909 6 months ago
Yall be acting too paisa and I'm Mexican my self
Jackie Ranae
Jackie Ranae 6 months ago
She so fucking pretty like now and before . You so fucking cute like daaam 🥰🥰
scarlett sil
scarlett sil 6 months ago
So humble ❤️ 😊 you’re so so pretty
Diana Munoz Llamas
Diana Munoz Llamas 6 months ago
You soo beautiful!!
A Barajas
A Barajas 6 months ago
You’re beautiful no matter what! Don’t hope you end your senior year well! Enjoy this last school year to the fullest❤️💯
Natalie Carranza
Natalie Carranza 6 months ago
Post notification shout out 😍❤️🙏🏽
Natalie Carranza
Natalie Carranza 6 months ago
Omg no wonder you looked so familiar 😂❤️ I had seen You there that day I was like damn she’s so pretty and confident I could never 😭😂
Norma Castro
Norma Castro 6 months ago
Hi been watching you and your family for about a year and watching some of your vlogs. But you dont post as much as your family but thats ok school work is important need to graduate....but about your hair I like your dark hair but its hard seeing u with dark hair I like your hair like you have it now
Yesenia Lopez
Yesenia Lopez 6 months ago
You guys are the best l love you guys
Yesenia Lopez
Yesenia Lopez 6 months ago
I am a fan of you guys😘😘
Aneidy Moreira
Aneidy Moreira 6 months ago
Plaza Mexico 🙌🏻😂
The Wesleys
The Wesleys 6 months ago
if you could just come do my eye shadow that would be great...
Maris Mo
Maris Mo 6 months ago
You got a beautiful heart and you seem humble shout out from Dallas tx
Conci Arredondo
Conci Arredondo 6 months ago
i have the same teddy bear 🤧🧸
Efrain Rodriguez
Efrain Rodriguez 6 months ago
Efrain Rodriguez
Efrain Rodriguez 6 months ago
Kathy Aparicio
Kathy Aparicio 6 months ago
I need a post notification shoutout !! & i wanna see a new intro video and just a daily blog from you !! 💗💗💗 love u girl !
Yasmin Melara
Yasmin Melara 6 months ago
lizeth pacheco
lizeth pacheco 6 months ago
Aw your so mature and beautiful love you girly ❤️
Gerardo Vazquez
Gerardo Vazquez 6 months ago
Who was that fat girl next to you
Vanessa M
Vanessa M 6 months ago
I love the ponytail look 🥰😍
Magali Cazares
Magali Cazares 6 months ago
Gorgeous stay positive ❤️
Claudia A. Morales
Claudia A. Morales 6 months ago
❤ good attitude
Claudia A. Morales
Claudia A. Morales 6 months ago
God bless u and ur beautiful mom keep making videos ❤🙏🏼.. good family and remember always ignore haters
Juan Cortes
Juan Cortes 6 months ago
U look better in black hair
M M 6 months ago
You should of wore them retainers girl lol!!
Dallas Hamilton
Dallas Hamilton 6 months ago
Do you ever want to get braces?
Dallas Hamilton
Dallas Hamilton 6 months ago
MC Records her voice is so annoying it sounds like her nose is all plugged everytime she talks
Lyricas De musica mx
lmaoo🤣 idk but she also talks hella weird it's annoying 🥱
Dallas Hamilton
Dallas Hamilton 6 months ago
MC Records damn what a waste of money her bottom are jacked up
Lyricas De musica mx
Dallas Hamilton she already got them
Jess Baby
Jess Baby 6 months ago
I can’t remember you with dark hair 😱
Jacqueline Cabrera
Jacqueline Cabrera 6 months ago
Plaza mexico
maria rojas
maria rojas 6 months ago
Woooow te miras hermosa Nikki v con el cabello café love itt!!!
Team Ruiz
Team Ruiz 6 months ago
You should tell your mom to turn on her comments to REALLY see how much people like the aguilars
jakelin rosalez
jakelin rosalez 6 months ago
Not Many Do 🤣
S P 6 months ago
It's not her it's RUvid
Melissa morales
Melissa morales 6 months ago
Love you beautiful god bless you always 🧡
Vivi Vera
Vivi Vera 6 months ago
You should do one with ur car kinda like alos
Priscilla Perez
Priscilla Perez 6 months ago
Love the lip combo what did you use?😍
Mariela Gaona
Mariela Gaona 6 months ago
so pretty!!!
Valeria Manriquez
Valeria Manriquez 6 months ago
Are you ever going to get braces again??
Valeria Marin
Valeria Marin 6 months ago
Die your hair back to black 🤩🤩
Xochitl Cov
Xochitl Cov 6 months ago
What ever happened to your moms car
Ellie Delgado
Ellie Delgado 6 months ago
You look so different!! I like your hair style from now better than your first video. Yes keep up with school so proud that you are determined to get those good grades for your senior year. I can relate it was so busy my senior year but it was the best. Love you and your families videos. 💕
Litzy Jaimes
Litzy Jaimes 6 months ago
You’re so beautiful girl 🥺🥺😍😍😍
Karina Reyes
Karina Reyes 6 months ago
love this video 🖤💙💜💖😊🤩🥰😍😘
Karina Reyes
Karina Reyes 6 months ago
love your channel 💘🖤💙💜😘🤩🥰😍😊
Karina Reyes
Karina Reyes 6 months ago
your makeup is on point every time girl 💜💞💗💘💓🖤💖💙🤩😍😊🥰😘
Karina Reyes
Karina Reyes 6 months ago
look so beautiful and gorgeous every time girl 🖤💙💜💞😍🥰🤩😊
Jazmin Medel
Jazmin Medel 6 months ago
Do you have a tongue piercing??💗
Derlin perez
Derlin perez 6 months ago
The amount of work they give is high school is nothing tbh 🤷🏽‍♀️ no hate I’m js .
Mary Paz
Mary Paz 6 months ago
You did seemed more confident and not shy.
danny 1324
danny 1324 6 months ago
Literally my heart is beating fast bc I saw her in main event and took pictures with her I'm so happy❤❤❤❤❤😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😀😀😁😁😁😁😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗🤩🤩
Robles Adventures
Robles Adventures 6 months ago
Love Your channel 👌🏼💕 Confidence is everything girl. You look good!
cvaladez12 6 months ago
God bless you!
Daisy 6 months ago
I honestly like your intro lol
Ana Luna
Ana Luna 6 months ago
You are a good person 😍
Ana Luna
Ana Luna 6 months ago
samanthaaa 6 months ago
Ur so beautiful nikki😍and ur such a great sister winning that crown for Sebastian💛🙌
Cadenita Del Nazareno
tel your OG to turn on the comments lmaoo
ImDann i
ImDann i 6 months ago
Su introducción debe estar con toda su familia y novio 💕
Karlitaaa V.
Karlitaaa V. 6 months ago
Nikki you haven’t changed much from that first video. I feel like you still talk the same way. Only thing was that you were more confident on the camera .
Jessica Roble
Jessica Roble 6 months ago
I will like to see videos with you and melody and Ethan sisters and brother 🤗🙏😁🤩
Karely Rivas
Karely Rivas 6 months ago
Love you girly ❤️
Susana Guillen
Susana Guillen 6 months ago
What a beautiful story!❤
Jennifer 6 months ago
Your so gorgeous 💞💞😍😍😍
Rose Ortega
Rose Ortega 6 months ago
Vanessa SJ
Vanessa SJ 6 months ago
You should react to your moms drama with maria 😂😂
Adriana Avalos
Adriana Avalos 6 months ago
Your pretty btw when you come to LA can you do a meet and greet at Plaza Mexico 💗
Selenia Rios
Selenia Rios 6 months ago
What u mean you were skinny girl u look the same you stunning
Jasmine k
Jasmine k 6 months ago
you look better blonde 😣💖 well pretty both
Jasmine k
Jasmine k 6 months ago
i love you nikki😭😭😭😭💖
Sabrina Vasquez
Sabrina Vasquez 6 months ago
You look better in black hair
ConnieNSimon Garcia
ConnieNSimon Garcia 6 months ago
Sooo beautiful ilovee your hair and makeup ♥
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez 6 months ago
Omg you was always so beautiful 😍
Leidy Gonzales
Leidy Gonzales 6 months ago
Girl drop a new makeup routine, it‘s been looking bomb lately!!🤩💗
Joanna Banuelos Santacruz
Yess Nikki you do look hella different with your dark hair too blond . But you still all beautiful 🥰😘😘
stephanie moreno
stephanie moreno 6 months ago
okayyy but how did U look that good at 15😭
Maribell Sanchez
Maribell Sanchez 6 months ago
Hi nikki v
Nancy R
Nancy R 6 months ago
Dang I have been supporting your family for so long🥺
Carmelo Lopez
Carmelo Lopez 6 months ago
I am so glad you are almost graduating but what I’m mostly glad about is that you did all that for your little brother Sebastian you are the most caring person I wished I had
Genny lizmailin Gonzalez antunez
Lol you guys have so much depression. I can see it in ever video.
Johanna Magallanes
Johanna Magallanes 6 months ago
I go to that place
Jane 6 months ago
Love you girl .
Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez 6 months ago
I love how any color hair fits her 😍
Jose's World
Jose's World 6 months ago
Sipriano Martinez
Sipriano Martinez 6 months ago
I like that video it look so nice keep of the good work Nikki v you look so pretty And you allwaYs you gonna look pretty you look like a nice pretty girl and yea say I say hi to your family
A. P.
A. P. 6 months ago
U Should Get Back Into Modeling
Diana Pano
Diana Pano 6 months ago
Omg you look so different with dark hair🥰
Jennifer Morales
Jennifer Morales 6 months ago
Next videos
Full Face Makeup Tutorial !