Reacting to Making $4,000 a Month on UNEMPLOYMENT in Los Angeles

Logan Allec
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In this video I react to a Business Insider article about how a laid-off editor in Los Angeles spends in a week.
ORIGINAL ARTICLE: www.businessinsider.com/what-i-spend-in-a-week-unemployed-magazine-editor-la-2020-5
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Jun 2, 2020




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Jonathan Frey
Jonathan Frey Month ago
You're being pretty harsh Logan. When you're living on unemployment you don't need to be investing in retirement. Period. You can start that back up when you find a new job.
Jonathan Frey
Jonathan Frey Month ago
I live in Santa Clarita and have been living on $4,000 per month unemployment now for two months. It's very doable, especially if you don't have any debt.
The Truth
The Truth Month ago
I only pay 495 for a 1 bdrm apt here in a state college town in the South. It's a big nice apt, water included, very low crime rate, excellent schools, booming town until corona hit. Now there's endless empty apt complexes cuz there ain't gonna be students in the fall, I bet, so rents are gonna plunge. Y'all should move to cheaper areas. I'm just sitting at home enjoying over 700 a week PUA which pays all my bills plus a whole lot more. And of course I'm working on my self-owned online business cuz this corona isn't going away. The only steady, safe jobs are gonna be at-home jobs. And no, I'm not selling a "business opportunity". lol
Jeanette Lewis
Jeanette Lewis Month ago
If it was u that was out of a job you would not be coveting this hater
Nado 64
Nado 64 Month ago
I’m still working risk my life for around $500 a week. Why people get back to work. That is unfair
Nado 64
Nado 64 Month ago
I’m still working. Risk my life every day for around $ 500 a week. Why people go back to work. That is unfair.
Melissa Brodzik
Melissa Brodzik Month ago
6,000 a YEAR A YEAR mind you ....???????
Melissa Brodzik
Melissa Brodzik Month ago
Bugs Monkey
Bugs Monkey Month ago
Wish you would put the spreadsheet in your description!
Freestyle Mark
Freestyle Mark Month ago
You see how ridiculous this girl is and there's many more like her receiving unemployment but I'm on disability with a lot of health problems and my wife is out of work for 2 months due to her having surgery and I'm really struggling here 2 months behind on a car payment making some ends meet and it really pisses me off because I can't get help. I think giving 600 a week for unemployment is to much. Especially when people like myself can't get crap a week!!! The government really needs to do something better for the one's that can't get unemployment because people like this will always take advantage of the system as people like myself would cherish the help.
Kim Gilster
Kim Gilster Month ago
Even a roommate situation is average $1300 a month. Your numbers are way off. Have you been living under a rock when it comes to rent? Why do you think there are so many homeless here? A big part of the issue is the crazy cost of rent. I mean, a little 300 sq ft room with a kitchenette downtown goes for 3k. Yeah, there are some deals but the deals are currently in the $1500 range. Since Covid rents are going down a bit but not by much. I'm out in Arcadia which is cheaper and it's still average $1600-1800 for a one bedroom. A single can be had for the $1500 mark around here. But not in the rest of L.A. You gotta go to the IE to find the kind of rents you are talking about and even then, it's not that much of a savings, especially when you factor in gas and wear and tear on your car, etc.
Kim Gilster
Kim Gilster Month ago
The median rent for a 1 bedroom in L.A. is $2500. Seriously? Good luck finding any one bedroom anywhere in L.A. County for $1300. Where did you look that up? Seriously.
Even if you have your parents in your corner it can also be a good thing and be a bad thing. I was just fortunately blessed to have the parents that I have so if I do make a mistake I know that I have that safety-netthat most people don't have. But I have to learn from that mistake so I won't make that mistake again.people in their thirties need to learn that their parents are not going to always be there so they have to learn from the stuff they do. Oh I also get social security and disability and I'm just 33. so if I want my own house I have to save up a little bit of money and I know that my parents would help me purchase a house in the near future. parents need to learn that the child is grown and let them make their own mistakesclearly she makes enough money to actually live out there. She wouldn't even make it on $800 a month staying in Texas. With food stamp
That is funny what is this white people stuff LOL. It's just funny to me and he said it's so smoothand in the back of his mind why in the world is she buying this lol.
Dawn Watkins
Dawn Watkins Month ago
It's bad enough Donald Trump puts unemployment on social security drains people who already on it. Push out 2034 or 2035 it's going be harder
Lena Newton
Lena Newton Month ago
OMG..... I'm lucky enough to still be working. And I'm not even making that kind of money!!!
A Different Story In Life with The Jones
Whatever your name is you keep looking Constipated when you making you RUvid video covers.
But what about the yoga studio what they going to do with no more dumb people who gives 120 a month for out of place bones? Didn't thank about them did you? LOL.
Tsadie1 Month ago
Deduct taxes
teresa wright
teresa wright Month ago
NOT good news to share. Hurts those who are barely making ends meet with the federal and state benefits, and worried about the federal benefits ending July 31 with no job to go back to. With these type of stories coming forth, the second stimulus is in more jeopardy!
Brian Jacobsen
Brian Jacobsen Month ago
When shit gets tight. She going to be the first to jump. Off the building. Try living off less 500.a month. Last 3:months. Fun to watch.though.
Ray Ooghe
Ray Ooghe Month ago
What's up with the credit card interest being paid by the government up to 10thousand fillers? I asked my credit card company, they know nothing of this. I thought you were the one who said this. Is this true? How can I find the answers???
Todd Peterson
Todd Peterson Month ago
Logan...thx for all videos...I'm wondering what is my best option in order to save money for the long term..i dont have alot of money,but need a place that i can put something away each and every month..money that i won't touch..i live in Arizona. Where would you suggest i go .a simple savings acct?? I am not educated I. Thos area at all..any advice would be greatly appreciated....thx
Ram Ificationz
Ram Ificationz Month ago
Or she could become my girlfriend and save $1315 a month ! 🤣🤣
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee Month ago
or find a sugar daddy that will pay for everything.
Genevieve Rogers
I am happy for her I have been applying for PUA seen first week of April and I have gotten Zero I have nothing in savings I am within days of having nothing
I Am!
I Am! Month ago
Hang in there! It will come. I waited for a month in a half. Hope it goes well for you.
john right
john right Month ago
It's not 4grand a month. TAXES taken out
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee Month ago
You can choose to not have any tax withheld. Which is something she will pay next year.
* Month ago
Interesting video. I assume it's nice knowing an inheritance is coming when the parents die. Ultimately, she doesn't understand real financial hardship, and she never will. This article was not for people with real struggles; appreciate that you picked up on that.
BossBabe 1111
BossBabe 1111 Month ago
I AGREE!!! 💯💯💯 SPOTIFY & YOGA IS NOT A NEED IT'S A WANT! You can honestly do yoga at home! Those are just EXTRAS if you have the money!
Pennies Not Perfection
Man, I really should have went the unemployment route. Ha.
franger olivo
franger olivo Month ago
awesome video! The only website that made me monnies from day 1 & works from any country look up in Google this with-out gaps *E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m*
Christen Denise
Christen Denise Month ago
My son in law (23 years old) is still awaiting normally scheduled tax refund from March filing..Still hasn't received first stimulus check its June 2...😡😡
mike g
mike g Month ago
No financial discipline
Edwin Zhingri - Financial Intelligence
Not harsh at all. You let her off easy
Thomas Keil
Thomas Keil Month ago
The girl is acting much like the senate. Entitled with little or no understanding of the true future of uncertainty. As Logan said she has a safety net, and lives life that way. Plus she looks older than 33. The additional $600 doesn't even come close to replacing my funds, helps better than just receiving state funds though. I have my entire budget filled out in a spreadsheet until the end of the year. Hoping I can get employed by then.
russel stratten
russel stratten Month ago
Hey, Love the videos, and the non bias factual info you provide, Im sure it helps alot of people. Id like to ask a favor, Id really like to use that spreadsheet for the Roth IRA investments, If that possible please mention it in the next video you make. Maybe it can be downloaded in the comments, or i can DM your IG with my email. Hope u see this, Thanks again Stay Safe. Also I left a Message on your IG previously(user:Rshane619) whenever you get the time to check. Sincerely Thank you for these videos and helping people in these hard times, Its very honorable. :) Definitely apologize for size of comment, sorry.
Robert Bellagio
Robert Bellagio Month ago
This is funny
stacy mccurdy
stacy mccurdy Month ago
Wow I'm sorry it must be nice to get 4000$ a month on ssdi I get less than800$
Len Olson
Len Olson Month ago
Here's the honest to God truth. I bought a house in 2005 cause I was adopting a little girl that wasn't even born yet. Ended up with black mold in my lungs from the house I bought, and giving me 24 percent lung capacity. Now going thru throat cancer and radiation 45 treatments and surviving so far. And this girl worries about her future. And money problems. Logan. Pick and choose who you blog about better. I know your an intelligent person. Apparently she's just a spoiled. B...h and I really hate to talk about people. But that REALLY CHAPS MY ASS.
ceramic Month ago
A Roth IRA? No, I'd buy silver. The price could go 100X by 2023.
Gurmer Martinez
Gurmer Martinez Month ago
I've always been frugal paid my house in my early 50s. I don't like to go out to eat . I love to cook. Took lunch to work everyday. BOGO at the supermarket. Always thought about tomorrow. Saved for a rainy day. Young people now a day don't think about tomorrow sad how they will end up. Never ask my dad for help. Yes he had 💰 money.
h_hill-mzy Month ago
Gurmer Martinez i invested my money in toilet paper, now im a bazillionaire
Gurmer Martinez
Gurmer Martinez Month ago
I invested my money very well
Gurmer Martinez
Gurmer Martinez Month ago
@h_hill-mzy you wish! I sold an 18 apt building by the intracoastal just sold a house in NC a week ago. And so on
h_hill-mzy Month ago
im 100% sure i have more in my savings than u do and i’m a millenial
LiS Wright
LiS Wright Month ago
You're assuming that Michele will find a job and make the same amount of money.
Johnny Novels
Johnny Novels Month ago
You wanna give her a pass on skin care cause it might bring her a bit of joy.....but you wanna PUT DOWN THE YOGA COMPLETELY. look man, some of us whether rich or poor understand the need for hobbies, stress relief, or just simply things to look forward to. Not all of us can go on living happily by waking up, going to work, coming home, eating, going to bed, and do it again just to put whatever money is left after bills straight into savings.
Ronda Kelly
Ronda Kelly Month ago
She is stupid. Investments are even dumber.
zero2three1 Month ago
No stones to cast here. Yoga is probably worth it. The duct-taped iPhone selfie is very nice. It's great she has a loving parents to lean on. And she's fairly young, smart, and pretty. Good for her!
Icela Mendez
Icela Mendez Month ago
Too easy Logan I need to hear it if someone is going to give me advise . Thxs for being respectful 🤣.
Larry Richards
Larry Richards Month ago
I'm sick of these people crying over "high" unemployment comp. GET OVER IT!!
split the infinitive
r u a simp?
Rob Jacobs
Rob Jacobs Month ago
Tasha Gill
Tasha Gill Month ago
I'm hearing frivolous? I'm hearing privileged? Sr. Editor? ---But making more while being unemployed? It doesn't add up really. Not sure IF she was gainfully employed before the pandemic. Although she over shared, there's still something she isn't disclosing. I used to live in North Hollywood and was unemployed in 2009 when the economy took an unpleasant shift. I barely made it. Found some stagehand gigs when an opportunity presented itself. Yes $1800 a month is definitely not enough as far as the max for unemployment insurance. Back then, having an extra $600 a week would have been nice. Of course I was making more gainfully employed as a property & casualty insurance agent. BUT........ I .DID.NOT.LIVE.OUTSIDE.OF.MY.MEANS. $16 BACON??!!! Why???? I think gradually decreasing the $600/week by a percentage until the end of the year is reasonable. 15% less for August, 20% less for Sept, 25% less for Oct and so on. Congress needs to decide quick though. Thank God I am an essential part of the workforce. Thanks for your reliable content Logan.
First the yoga $120 has to go and health insurance $440 has to go wth she has to look for lower rate insurance woow
White Whale
White Whale Month ago
she doesn't know the 2020 tax report on how much she has to pay back to IRS. she is stupid. you have to pay back 22% tax. (4000x22=$880). You have to save The $880. I don't make jokes. I am paying each week 22% now from my UI. It is less than I earned. You better wake up. I don't understand why you post this kinda stupid thing. Becaful your neighbor and friends. They tried to loan money from you. Good luck. Remember IRS is not my family. No forgiveness.
Rob Hunter
Rob Hunter Month ago
A travel editor will never pay shit...It’s like pay in the comic book industry. If you love what you do they pay squat. If she took her knowledge and edited and wrote for financial boringville USA or gov logistics are us she would make bank by comparison.
Rob Hunter
Rob Hunter Month ago
Alec, I really like your no nonsense straight to the facts logic and delivery. Unfortunately I think you have a lot more confidence in this country and our future when you are talking about compound interest and investing in general. My wife and I joke all the time how she’s invests in her 401k for the world we hope for and I invest my earnings expecting the apocalypse. In the last few years I’ve been the prophetic one always expecting humanity to let us down.
Bill Bowman
Bill Bowman Month ago
Keep that positive attitude these days are ONLY A TASTE of the coming appocolyps and it's just the flue
V JC Month ago
Interesting...UI is temporary & taxable. Get roommates. House hack. Eat cheaper and learn to cook. These are simple adult life skills. Understand your lifestyle is not applicable to millions who are unemployed. Lower your standards, learn the value of money & the draw of consumer marketing. You should be able to support yourself at this age, but since you have a safety net you are wasteful and maybe you don't even know it. Even if we weren't in a pandemic, I would tell you the same thing. Save now so you can breathe easy later. Yes, I am harsh, but I'm honest. Ligan, if you're gonna do financial reviews, help out your subscribers
I_llogical Myth
I_llogical Myth Month ago
$120 a month on yoga that’s $1440 a year for something she can do at home, Logan your not being harsh your being honest and people need the harsh truth me included. As someone how can be wasteful with there money I have a lot to improve on and eating out is one of them, I’m 25 I been furloughed from my part time retail job and no ira or investments not looking for pity or anything. I urge all people who read this to make better life and financial decisions, I have a lot of catching up to do. I’m not saying be a penny pencer just be smart about how you spend your money
Adam Hobbs
Adam Hobbs Month ago
I'm on ssdi n under 900 a month crazy
latieraqueen87 Pacheco
Cut that Netflix and Yoga out. Like Logan said Yoga can be done at home. She should get HuLu $11 bucks a month.
shawn brown
shawn brown Month ago
she seems out of touch by normal everyday standards......16 bucks for bacon? 9 bucks for cherries? Egads, I know people that could be homeless in the coming weeks!
Cora Rose
Cora Rose Month ago
She needs to live on minimum wage for a few years and see how she does then smh
Mavick Espino
Mavick Espino Month ago
🤣🤣🤣 you’re cute in comments mhen.
Feleena Shinkle
Feleena Shinkle Month ago
I'm on Social Security 759 a month in Kentucky live on that and I have a hard time making it
mary jane
mary jane Month ago
Feleena Shinkle you won't make in Los Angeles. KY is cheaper by far.
Donna Hoder
Donna Hoder Month ago
Harsh yes. Lol. But Helpful? Hell yeah!!!
Diana Cramer
Diana Cramer Month ago
can tell she has never worried about money, when you don't eat for 3 days so your kids can eat, then you can worry about money, good thing I never had to diet
Tom Tapp
Tom Tapp Month ago
Years work in SE Asia
Kelli’s Life from her chair
i am on ssi and i live in Mississippi.... ssi caps at 783 ....cant save anything over 2000 and if i did save i would be forced to put it toward burial expenses...
Melodie Raska
Melodie Raska Month ago
Try living on 934.0 a month....huh I worked for 46 years.!!!!!....that is SSDI....no choice...I wish I could work 😔💔
Sandra Jodon
Sandra Jodon Month ago
I am on ssi I don't even make that a month I get 783 and my rent is 400 for a two bedroom house that's not even my electric. Water/sewage, my phone bill , my cable bill , and food bill
Denise Month ago
Ditch the cable. I had to.
Terri Lunsford
Terri Lunsford Month ago
I really like you. But, I must say her budget is ridiculous. Why waste your time on her pettiness. People with dependents are eating from a food bank everyday! Poor her! Listening to her whining just cost me brain cells listening that I will never be able to get back in this lifetime. Come on Alex, surely you are not that board today.
mary haynes
mary haynes Month ago
i work my ass off everyday at my job hard work on feet 12 hours a day non stop walking and lifting heavy things 6 days a week being exposed to sick people putting myself and child in danger and only make at the most 1600 a month and raiseing a 15 year daughter alone, as i am a 50 year old widow . by the time bills are paid and daughter has what she needs not things she wants but needs there is nothen left for savings or buying items not needed to survive . i have no parents who can give me loans ect so are you being harsh on her no i dont think you are she needs to relize just how lucky she is to have money to get extra things that she wants not needs. we dont eat out and only eat 2 meals a day and they are cheap meals, hot dogs mashed potatos and veggie type of meals that are cheap. maybe she needs to spend just one month living like the average working single parent and then she will realize how good she has it and be greatful for what she does have
The Truth
The Truth Month ago
Mary, why in the world are u working? Haven't u heard about PUA? I'm just saying..
Let's not forget that all this money is taxable income.
Ronda Rivadeneira
Logan. Your advice is right on! She can't relate with alot of people ..she has safety nets...alot don't...it's sad she is a bit mixed up...her priorities are everywhere...well you were honest...she seemed to be asking for advice...when one does that they need to be open to the truth.. Her post sounded like a personal ad... Always enjoy your shows..thank you for your help.
Len Olson
Len Olson Month ago
Some people are just to spoiled in life to know and see what hardship actually is. I was lucky to get shoes and clothes from salvation army and goodwill. And hand- me downs from older sisters. REALLY!!!! Try dealing with that as a kid. Go to the food pantry once in your life and get some reality.
Lu Ann Purcaro
Lu Ann Purcaro Month ago
$70 for utilities??
Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf Month ago
This is bs 440 a month for health care everyone knows the vegan diet and yoga membership pretty much cure everything. Lol
Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf Month ago
120 yoga membership you pay 120 dollars a month to stretch and breathe? You'd be better off buying 120 dollars of opiates or other drugs at least you'll feel good
Ricky AZ
Ricky AZ Month ago
33. Needs to find a partner she can divorce in 10 years. That's her retirement plan
The Truth
The Truth Month ago
oh, because she's a woman? Shut up, u misogyntic jerk. Real men like me respect women.
Marie Labarbera
Marie Labarbera Month ago
The Truth
The Truth Month ago
@Midas Touch Of Love sorry to hear that. I'm not trying to be funny, but if I was u, I would check out some of the thousands of dumpster diving videos on youtube, it's very popular and easy. You'd be amazed how much food and many other items are thrown away every day.
Midas Touch Of Love
I agree to a certain degree because my daughter been fighting 🥊 for UE benefits since February 24, 2020 so not only has she not received her regular pay she hasn't received her $600 a week on top of that.... Said to be ending at the end of July. Then she still hasn't received her 2019 income tax refund and to put the good ole extra sweet icing on the cake... 💣 💥Social Security Administration deleted my SSI application my daughter spent hours on putting in all the doctor records.... Yep, and it gets better SNAP benefits denied saying I need to have the Form 1836 filled out by a "PCP" proving my disability before we can get food stamps! So Praise Be for the Stimulus checks we paid up all our bills up to May 2020 but now it's June and as always We Gonna Make It! Trouble Don't Last Always This too shall pass! I Love You and wish you and yours the best of health and prosperity inspire of the state of the 🌏! 😊😉
Whats Up
Whats Up Month ago
Damn I'm going to open a yoga studio.
Patricia Johnson
"What is this white people's food" Logan that was to funny! Michelle has a roommate, so that's why she spends so little on monthly groceries and rent. Michelle was born into a family that has money to burn, so she isn't worried about tomorrow, she's living her life to the fullest and I don't blame her. No doubt, Michelle's parents have set aside a nice little nest egg for her when they pass on.
Patricia Johnson
@Ronda Rivadeneira for 33 years of her life, her parents seem to have managed their finances extremely well. You have no way of knowing if her parents haven't already set aside a nice nest egg for themselves and you don't know if she would toss her parents into a home, you're just making assumptions!
Ronda Rivadeneira
They better be saving that nest egg for themselves...a girl like that won't care for them...too concerned about herself... she'll toss them in a home...hope they have that covered!!
Bobby Calloway
Bobby Calloway Month ago
Another thing that would probably eliminate a lot of her health problems is to stop eating sugar, pork and red meat! She can sweeten stuff with stevia, pure maple syrup, honey! Also do away with wheat and white flour! I had constant headaches, had no energy and felt depressed most of the time? Went to a nutritionist and she gave me these suggestions? It changed my life completely! Another way to save: when you go out to eat with friends, etc. order a fruit or reg. salad and water, with extra lemon slices! Keep some stevia packets in your purse and make lemonade! If you must have snacks, get the sugar free ones! Better still, make your own fudge, cookies, etc. Of course using stevia! Good luck! One more thing, there are thousands of people looking for roommates! Many people lease houses and 4 or 5 move in together and share expenses! It's an option!
Shane Wimer
Shane Wimer Month ago
That is some whacked out made up bullish right there.
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