Reacting to FlightReacts Most DELUSIONAL Moments

Agent 02
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Nothing FlightReacts does ever makes sense...
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May 28, 2020




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Comments 80
Paul 4x
Paul 4x 18 hours ago
Flight is dumb
The Sight
The Sight 23 hours ago
"This dudes name is Chriss"
astra ?
astra ? 3 days ago
magnumxlpi 5 days ago
Flight looks like earthworm jim
Elias Banks
Elias Banks 5 days ago
Flight is obviously high lol
hi00118 6 days ago
I haven’t actually touched a basketball court in like 5 years but guarantee I could still whoop Flights ass 1v1
Charles Powell
Charles Powell 6 days ago
he said zach La Vine.. i closed out the video
Alejandro Parache
No there is land in Antarctica Jesus fucking idiot.
Smokey McSmokeDank
yall high af.
Quez Bankhead
Quez Bankhead 7 days ago
Tell flight he sucks
JangleJunction 8 days ago
outro of this video about to me both of them fighting
Ydk Storm
Ydk Storm 8 days ago
Flight - Bradley Beal is a casual Me - Flight you cant even make the NBA
Nigel Hall
Nigel Hall 8 days ago
Thats a sick lid PS it is in fact not just a big piece of ice. Antartica is the landmass in which the "big piece of ice" is resting upon.
Jimmy John
Jimmy John 9 days ago
1000th comment
MugenThaInfinite 9 days ago
This nigga act like he riley during that dream scene in the boondocks.
StealthTigerX 10 days ago
How dare he bash Carugoat😤😡
Flight is actually smart
Jaxon Spearance
Jaxon Spearance 10 days ago
I’m the 1000th comment 💯
Brandon Willams
Brandon Willams 10 days ago
Flight has an Iq of 2
lotr6ringZ Th36oat
lotr6ringZ Th36oat 11 days ago
Low my nigga
SmittyTheDon 11 days ago
Only my second video watching on this channel and I’m loving it
Dedede Main
Dedede Main 11 days ago
Dedede Main
Dedede Main 11 days ago
Bailey Collins
Bailey Collins 12 days ago
I’m glad y’all and walid moved in together. Videos been fire as shit ever since
Zack Durrant
Zack Durrant 12 days ago
1000th comment
King Shane
King Shane 12 days ago
Bradley Beal is better than Klay 🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️
deeboi206 12 days ago
Agent be big high off the weed just like his big homie flight
LOKI 13 days ago
No cap lo got some personal hated to flight he be clowing him hard asf
Leonardo Saravia
Leonardo Saravia 14 days ago
Bro can we please get a react of yall watching flight react to lows video
Intelijenc Boi
Intelijenc Boi 14 days ago
*HOW TO KILL A VIBE:* *STEP 1:* 12:00
Idub 28
Idub 28 15 days ago
When you see the Atlanta Falcons new uniforms: 11:34
Louis Castillo
Louis Castillo 16 days ago
Agent 02 should make his own delusional moments
Amari H
Amari H 16 days ago
flight really said “all zach lavine can do is dunk” lmao he literally has the record for most 3s in a game him and steph
Jonathan B
Jonathan B 18 days ago
Agent understands flights idiocy 😭😭
Jacob Lobdell
Jacob Lobdell 18 days ago
Antarctica has land underneath the ice
Ethan Petro
Ethan Petro 19 days ago
flight is really dumb
ItzKingJaden 20 days ago
BRRUHHH I swear to god I thought you had like 4 million subs
Jonathan Cargile
Jonathan Cargile 19 days ago
ItzKingJaden 🤣😂
Zack The G
Zack The G 20 days ago
The fat guy is the haters in flights comments
Jonathan Cargile
Jonathan Cargile 19 days ago
dna sammy
dna sammy 20 days ago
flight so smart everyone thinks he’s dumb 😂😂😂
Derek Alvarado
Derek Alvarado 21 day ago
Is their anyway we can help flight out to help him get a little smarter. Kids stay in school
Combo2K 23 days ago
agent high asf onna low😭
Ace_Jay 24 days ago
Nigga just got dementia..
Dray Purple
Dray Purple 24 days ago
Saying flights weakness in basketball is everything on and off the court
Big Kevin
Big Kevin 25 days ago
You know your gonna change your mind when june comes
Sir'Rickey Davis
Sir'Rickey Davis 25 days ago
“How do u record it in the oven getting baked”😂🤣
Where’s your hairline Boi
By the way flight is high a lot
KT Ciller
KT Ciller 26 days ago
Bradley Beal is a casual player, leading the league in miles ran per night and carrying a whole franchise. Got it 😂
Tumac 26 days ago
Bro let flight in amp and then amp vs 2hype in like athletics and academics
Absolute Auto
Absolute Auto 28 days ago
Agent stop talking bout my boy flight with ya fat big body ass
Kogat 28 days ago
Flights butterfree impression is fire
Charan Nanduri
Charan Nanduri 28 days ago
Why’s this dude SO FUCKING LOUD
Chris Lucero
Chris Lucero 28 days ago
ITS JUNE!!! He won the irl tho
My Strange Creations
I thought he was plugging a coin in there two😂😂😂😅
t935 flashback
t935 flashback 28 days ago
You should watch flight get broken by bone collecter
Kyle Schwartz
Kyle Schwartz 29 days ago
4:44 my new favorite meme
BigMeech 29 days ago
low act like he can hoop wtf lets see you play trash can
Killer Prod.
Killer Prod. 29 days ago
3:20 who is this??
LoveHaxx Month ago
all i hear is agent yell ShE tHiCk
5WIFT Carti
5WIFT Carti Month ago
GET FLIGHT TO 1V1 one of them since they calling him trash
Joel Ellis
Joel Ellis Month ago
#flightreacts - why you focus on material things like the shoes, clothes when balling? Its about if the person can play
Joel Ellis
Joel Ellis Month ago
#flightreacts - do you really watch basketball and for not that long?? You said Luka can't play?? 🤨
Gogglethron 6000
Did you lose weight
Brandon Reynolds
16:20 we'll be right back
Tobey Rigsby
Tobey Rigsby Month ago
This shit has me on the floor lmaoooo
Tolu 2K5
Tolu 2K5 Month ago
These guys need to check out june flight.
Deimos The chosen one
Can we actually appreciate how smart Flight is to build up his character.
Yeimwill Month ago
man your friend low is hard to look at lmao
Javaun Saddler
Javaun Saddler Month ago
Why the other big dude on my mans
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson Month ago
I never heard Low say a bad word until now
Yikes Month ago
This man is the most delusional guy I've ever seen 🤣🤣
Daeshaun Cummings
John Legend
John Legend Month ago
Agent looking slimmer
Cza_DevilXxsaint X
“What was the wind like “ got me dead 💀
Tosha Dyer
Tosha Dyer Month ago
5:16 low is right im 13 years old and flight wouldnt score 10 points on me in a game to 100 if i was blindfolded
Ben Weiss
Ben Weiss Month ago
He’s fasholy trollin
Manfunny2620 Month ago
Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray Month ago
CashNasty out here doing WORK!
Video Game Clips
Cheeseaholic actually went to 15 but yea flight didn’t even score
Addison Kennedy
Addison Kennedy Month ago
Low looks like the guy from monster inc
Logan Paige
Logan Paige Month ago
4:30 using that same logic I’d say the thunder and pelicans played in New Orleans if the thunder won it would count but if they lost it wouldn’t
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