Reacting To FlightReacts Ankle Breaking 1V1 Against TheFlightMike!

Extra Krispy
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Jun 1, 2020




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Comments 80
Extra Krispy
Extra Krispy Month ago
Salvatore Sultana
It's doo-rag. That's the pronunciation.
Suprxme Trap
Suprxme Trap Month ago
U and flight should 1v1
Quarantined Deku
Extra Krispy this was recorded in may 31
Basketball Reference
Don’t disrespect someone who has more subs than you
OliverGameTime Month ago
My birthday is on June 16th plz upload
JAY THE GAMER BOY 29 days ago
Screw june flight what about june krispy
Darci Coy
Darci Coy 29 days ago
11:43 06:04 01:40
Logan Davis
Logan Davis Month ago
Cant wait til he actually plays some competition and see if he actually wins
Logan Davis
Logan Davis Month ago
Bruh invite me to this gym. I be beating flight 11-0 bro, even on june 31st
Zayne Smith
Zayne Smith Month ago
No shirt flight is the 🐐
Evelina Griffis
Evelina Griffis Month ago
02:35 01:50 05:56
Hoop Fam
Hoop Fam Month ago
My June is going amazing because it’s almost my birthday
Patrick Stone
Patrick Stone Month ago
Pez dispenser has me dead 😂
Dylan Howard
Dylan Howard Month ago
Flight last shot toe on the line
Gio Guillermo
Gio Guillermo Month ago
Flight bout to be my favorite basketball youtuber
Krusttiest pizza
Once again i said this in cashs comment section 3:53 your favourite reciever is through clear to the endzone but then he trips at the 10 yard line
Carson Jones
Carson Jones Month ago
Who is flight Mike
ASMR BULLY Month ago
ill wait for 2021
Justice Rials
Justice Rials Month ago
I'm so happy
Crlongboarder Month ago
Yo the flight mike is complete cheeks 😂
TheFlightMike Month ago
You look good man, I haven't seen u for a while. I love your grind keep up the good work!
Extra Krispy
Extra Krispy Month ago
Thanks man I appreciate it! Congrats on all the success on your channel as well :)
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Month ago
Doesn't count cuz flight mike is absolute garbage
BeN Guy
BeN Guy Month ago
Flight mike is trash
ciara havern
ciara havern Month ago
Congrats on grinding and losing weight
Reece Kangas
Reece Kangas Month ago
I finally found a youtuber that loves the pistons as much as I do! I feel the same as you!
Fortnite Connaisseur
Flight after he took off his shirt went 7/14 with 4 blocks 👀
Fortnite Connaisseur
Congrats on losing weight krispy
Bryan D
Bryan D Month ago
Somebody need to tell flight that a ankle breaker with a air ball isn’t a instant replay moment
E CON Month ago
1v1 Flight vs Krispy
boats tv
boats tv Month ago
It's pronouced doo-rag
Michael Griffin
Michael Griffin Month ago
Flight isn’t that bad know ngl
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez Month ago
Flight is evolving
Jackson Mair
Jackson Mair Month ago
God damn the cameras were on too
Evan Freimuth
Evan Freimuth Month ago
June flight >>>>>>>>>> LSK
Nando G
Nando G Month ago
I unsubscribed from the flight mike after this shit lil Terrio is better
Lorenzo Mendoza
Lorenzo Mendoza Month ago
Maaaannn look at flight dawg like cmon
TheNexCoolGuy Month ago
The ankle breaker was in the intro dude
Renaissance Man
Renaissance Man Month ago
Flight actually got better wow
Joseph Month ago
Pez dispenser 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Grant Vasquez
Grant Vasquez Month ago
If Flight went to the Hornets that would be the most relevant thing the Hornets have done ever since their rebrand and that’s as a Hornets fan 😂
D3 Snappy
D3 Snappy Month ago
Lmao krispy doesn't even know how to pronounce durag
GAVanimates •
GAVanimates • Month ago
My birthday is the 7th of June. That's what's good about June to me.
TeXz promation
TeXz promation Month ago
Ofc I got a KFC ad on this video😂
Bishop Szmyd
Bishop Szmyd Month ago
Flight should make June the building month. That’s when he Improves a lot not just becomes good
Hydrogen Bond
Hydrogen Bond Month ago
good to see hes using his training
E Month ago
Flight mike a bum 🤣🤣
ThePhatGamer Month ago
game 8, 9 quarter overtime? I have no idea what that means
Iyari Hernandez
Iyari Hernandez Month ago
Krispy said "dureagg"
King VxlidSnagger
Flight still ass tuff I really thought he was gone be nice
justin Murray
justin Murray Month ago
9-29 is not a good game especially going against this scrub 😂😂😂
Daniel_cook29 Month ago
I didn’t like this 1v1 bc theflightmike isn’t even good
RoscoesWetsuit Month ago
Congrats on the lowest weight in 7 years Krispy!
Anthony Spann
Anthony Spann Month ago
This is still the same flight but still I see improvements on him still trash
Sports fan
Sports fan Month ago
Did this Man just said Mikey Williams is the next MJ😂?! Gotta be trippin
Marcus Bryant. _
Flight has an ankle breaker today?! It’s my birthday today too
Pewter Clips
Pewter Clips Month ago
Flight had a mega charizard in the beginning of the video
O Marshall
O Marshall Month ago
Why does theFlightMike look fit and fat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anthony Robinson
Krispy said eight game NBA finals🤣
Landon Shields
Landon Shields Month ago
Flight doesmt deserve any credit, the guy he is playing is absolute garbage
N3ilTheGod11 Month ago
That intro tho😂
Bull 4life
Bull 4life Month ago
Krispy legit copied that man
Cing Kobra
Cing Kobra Month ago
next we need to see krispy vs june flight next
Matthew Cardona
Matthew Cardona Month ago
I just got a new car for june!
Quarantined Deku
Bro June flight balled on this man injured Not only those but this was recorded in may 31 so this isn’t even June flight
Max Production
Max Production Month ago
Krispy really lookin good on his weight loss congratz man inspirational stuff good videos lovin the content
Akio Mendoza
Akio Mendoza Month ago
1-0 cmon flight
Logan 21
Logan 21 Month ago
Lowest weight in seven years?? That’s dope af krispy all about the grind!!
Carter Pompe
Carter Pompe Month ago
Holy crap the scrub that flight played is bad
Manny Gracioppo
Manny Gracioppo Month ago
Dominick Jeffers
It’s June first and I had court first thing in the morning so yeah tell me how my June is
Ellis von Fintel
This is like June flight vs February flight
LJ NIST Month ago
Flight is gettin good
PLUDIO MinI Month ago
Is it just me that thinks it was fake
Kid Beast
Kid Beast Month ago
He should have done a basic rim grazer dunk
Professional turtle
Congrats on losing the weight👍
The RealWetLemon
Flight tried to trick us in the beginning by playing bad but once he took his shirt off he showed us the real Flight
Conspiracyy2K Month ago
Totally not Depressed
TheFlightMike isn't a scrub. June Flight just has all the badges.
gxdly._ k1d
gxdly._ k1d Month ago
My birthday 3 weeks away
Trap Ray
Trap Ray Month ago
I want this man to 1v1 flight cause he so confident on how someone should be playing
JustBeanz Month ago
Flightmike is dressed like the dude that has all the gear but no skill
Praskalls Month ago
This is the amount of times Kripsy says bitch ass | V
Sam Penno
Sam Penno Month ago
Anyone want to see flight vs krispy IRL?
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