Reacting to 2019 YouTube Rewind (THEY FINALLY PUT ME IN IT)

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Comments 80
Jamal Shamandi
Jamal Shamandi 3 months ago
I really love rice man i truly wanna be his friend, he literally makes my day and i have been waiting for him to upload a video for so long and finally he did, thank you RICE
Kevin Rosales
Kevin Rosales 3 days ago
I agree
Gus Gissel
Gus Gissel 26 days ago
shut the fuck up idiot
ÅlexTMY 29 days ago
holy shit, ricecum was being good to a fan
Elion Useini
Elion Useini Month ago
*Fun OnlineWork .c o m*, simply Google with-out spaces is too working very well for me. super easy moolah. works from a phone only also!
Ahmed Hamdon
Ahmed Hamdon 2 months ago
@Jan Peters jan peters your probably lonely
Henry Nalence
Henry Nalence 15 hours ago
“William Smith” lmao
Kiyoshi Okamura
Kiyoshi Okamura 2 days ago
i hate this i just dont like ricegum he just over exaggerates and kinda annoying
rolling cube
rolling cube 2 days ago
little pusseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
This sucks
B ella
B ella 2 days ago
Juan Elizondo
Juan Elizondo 2 days ago
Does anyone think old rice was better with longer vids
Super Walnurd
Super Walnurd 3 days ago
I'm still a virgin but I now have aids
Shufaat Alam
Shufaat Alam 4 days ago
Damn she left you
Toaster Boi
Toaster Boi 4 days ago
Kaitbro1 5 days ago
This is so shit
Greyson Nealy
Greyson Nealy 5 days ago
90% of this video has absolutley nothing to do with the 2019 rewind. He didnt even get past the intro😅😅😅
Greyson Nealy
Greyson Nealy 5 days ago
I will admit, he has the talent of making every single video about himself somehow
Jack Le
Jack Le 6 days ago
Make more video dog I love rice gum
MANA মানা
Noob master
Noob master 8 days ago
Cállese Por si acaso la tuya
Noob master
Noob master 8 days ago
No te entendí una verga no hablo ingles
Psycho Pig54
Psycho Pig54 8 days ago
You didn’t make the cut because you are a AWFUL youtuber. So sad they could have put a better youtuber in place of you like theodd1sout
Hunter Duratti
Hunter Duratti 9 days ago
You are a loser
Grant White
Grant White 11 days ago
When RUvid sucks at their own videos
MacKenzie Coleman
MacKenzie Coleman 12 days ago
Nice. Rice Gum made it onto RUvid’s version of a WatchMojo list. Really should be proud
Mohammed Rehan
Mohammed Rehan 13 days ago
Shahminan Ahmad
Shahminan Ahmad 14 days ago
His voice is so annoying
channel setting
channel setting 15 days ago
I thought you stopped uploading
Cuhvvvhhvvjj Jbijbjccjokj
Post more , we need more rice gang shit💯💉💧
New Mich
New Mich 16 days ago
I commented in RUvid rewind 2018 to include Rice and they did in 2019.. lmao
Alondra Vargas
Alondra Vargas 16 days ago
Finally gets what he wants and starts complaining smh
Nataly Liu
Nataly Liu 17 days ago
he is so..........................u know..................
kitty 17 days ago
When u finally made the cut lol
ClutchOnMobile 18 days ago
Is Richie your cosin
Siege Gaming
Siege Gaming 18 days ago
This channel is the reason the corona virus started
Chris Lol
Chris Lol 3 days ago
Siege Gaming 😐
KP Beast X
KP Beast X 19 days ago
Lowkey feel bad 😔
Adamaris Perez
Adamaris Perez 19 days ago
When your off of school and so bored you came back to watch rice gum because you remember his content always made you laugh
Omar 6 days ago
@iPlay no0b same
iPlay no0b
iPlay no0b 13 days ago
Nah im here for the purest cringe
mick_ penv
mick_ penv 20 days ago
You are as predictable as a house tour
Swiss Snickers
Swiss Snickers 20 days ago
1:04 dat dance tho is legendary
lorena R
lorena R 21 day ago
I just noticed that rice looks like lil tay...
Jessie Ly
Jessie Ly 22 days ago
I came here because of Sneako. Way to represent Asians. Why don't you eat your dog for lunch.
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha 22 days ago
Wyatt Myers
Wyatt Myers 23 days ago
This is basically a rant about how he got into youtube rewind for not making fun of kids anymore.
Everything Marilyn Monroe
Your still a thing wtf I thought you got canceled for being an asswhole
Bagguete Was I dislike Britain
Damn I dubbz really killed him holy shit
Annie liu
Annie liu 25 days ago
super Nick do everything _
RUvid Rewind
Broken_ Katherine
Broken_ Katherine 25 days ago
Ricegum: i was waiting for this day Me: *waiting for Ricegum to post*
Luke Saadeh
Luke Saadeh 26 days ago
he sounds like when you have a big ball of phlegm in the back of your throat
Chanel Stackzz
Chanel Stackzz 26 days ago
well if hes going thru stuff why can’t y’all understand that
Ikbal Ali
Ikbal Ali 26 days ago
This guy got the virus
bts was on there
confusion gaming
confusion gaming 27 days ago
Bro the flose is not cool
Isaac R
Isaac R 27 days ago
Rice man post I dont wanna see you fall off😣
oti 27 days ago
literally didnt even show the yt rewind vid barely
Fliphone Dboi
Fliphone Dboi 27 days ago
Good shit rice fuck da haters
Cavan obrien
Cavan obrien 29 days ago
鄧雅文 Month ago
You are not a person You are just a dirty garbage like a sewer
鄧雅文 Month ago
Rice can eat the belly Chewing gum after eating vomit Like people are abandoned Like garbage
Nguyễn Đức Minh
Wow can't believe THIS is the person representing my country on RUvid
Rice that bitch hella used you LMAO
Ashly Productions
William Smith? 1:57
DORITOS Month ago
No wonder why RUvid rewind was trash
Trash Becker
Trash Becker Month ago
Asian Jake Paul
GreenPuma99 Month ago
I know that Rice doesn’t live in asia... ...but i still hope the Corona gets to him..
Basketball4Life Month ago
do a closet tour
Isiah Mckinney
Isiah Mckinney Month ago
stop hating on rice my dude 24,662 dislikes yall haters
Ziandfin Month ago
I only came from watching content cop on him for the 30th time lmao that video will always be history. Rice gum poopoo cheese
Mika Cobb
Mika Cobb Month ago
wth was that part after he saw the part he was in there
Call of duty Gameplay
Are you chinese?! Hehe
Mr King
Mr King Month ago
最後警告ricegum向香港人道歉,否則你死定 贊成見他一次打他一次按這裡 Just bringing them back xD
cheese nugget
cheese nugget Month ago
Brendan Newton
Brendan Newton Month ago
soooo you are back to making music?
PHANTOMej-x Month ago
They Call Me David
Congratulations, you were put in the worst RUvid rewind ever!
Jason Richards
Jason Richards Month ago
William Smith 😂😂😂💀💀💀
Are you Form Mongolian
Stickerz Month ago
If only if they put JayStation and N&A Productions in there too aince they wanna put douchetubers in the rewind
Ki Seng Mendes
Ki Seng Mendes Month ago
his subs stopped going up because he got a gf now and that’s why I stopped watching him. I used to love rice
Deskbot Prime
Deskbot Prime Month ago
2 months and only 1.3M views....ouchrelevant
R.J. Frias
R.J. Frias Month ago
This guy gives off the same vibe as Xian Gaza
Yuna Month ago
When the video ended i was confused asf because jake Paul's videos and sht showed up and i was like, "wtf, hell no."
Juan Estrada
Juan Estrada Month ago
Still miss the old Bryan or rice
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