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Jonathan Morrison
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Broken Samsung Galaxy Folds are everywhere. My thoughts on the problems, chaos and if Samsung can bounce back from Galaxy Fold screens breaking all over the place.
My go to tech! ruvid.net/video/video-0orbL_WNcWE.html
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Jonathan Morrison
Wasn't a good day for the Galaxy Fold but let's not root for tech to fail! Also, if ya missed it. Here's my current go to tech! ruvid.net/video/video-0orbL_WNcWE.html
Vi Faller
Vi Faller Month ago
I'd rather use tablet. Samsung fold?👎
ᑕOOᒪ ᗯIᘔᘔᗩᖇᗪ ᗩᑎIᗰᗩTIOᑎᔕ
Jonathan Morrison I am more of an Apple fan but I honestly liked Samsung’s idea of making this a real thing and hoped big things would come to Samsung a lot of success it’s just I knew Samsung was aways trying to be more upgraded more new more different but they don’t test there problems with there products and I personally don’t like getting scammed out of my money so that’s why I’m an Apple fan but I still want to see this phone succeed it’s just kinda sad to see as a person without any actually choice of phone just wanting to see the future of phones continue I’m just saying I don’t think anyone with or without a opinion on this phone is good or sucks can hate on this it’s really a great idea just brand new and needs some more time to be studied on any issues as my opinion
Sam Cherkak
Sam Cherkak Month ago
I hope you break your fucking neck next time you worthless pathetic piece of shut. FUCKING DIE ALREADY
They aren't breaking you dont Supost to peal off that Clear plastic that work for protecting the screen
Obi Dark
Obi Dark Month ago
How many months will ultra thin amoled layer last before retention?
Vidhya Sagar
Vidhya Sagar 29 days ago
After the face edit scene, I now feel his head is large.
jax2maxs1 29 days ago
hey john ..how r u....
ricky v
ricky v Month ago
The warping effects on this video were the funniest thing for me. Because, buying a 2000 dollar POS would make me cry. :,(
Game Kids
Game Kids Month ago
Wow 666k
Toxic 12
Toxic 12 Month ago
Galaxy Fold did not broke It make me broke
Maria Colls
Maria Colls Month ago
I wondered if this was going to happen. I'm not a iPhone buff. I own a Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Tab A.
OobigradvomutoO Nog
I mean everyone saw this coming 🤭
Lüvv Sürya
Lüvv Sürya Month ago
Okay, I understand being the first generation, Galaxy Fold was bound to face issues sooner or later. But for Samsung to price it an exorbitant $2000 calls for a sharp criticism because that kind of price tag on a phone means pure perfection on hardware and software front. And Samsung failed on both with Galaxy fold.
shabrina z
shabrina z Month ago
Typical Samsung.. Always asking people to pay for their beta trial. As if their annual 30 diffrent phones are not enough. But Hey Hey Hey the money dementors is Apple bcause they release 3 new (STABLE) phones every year
Julien J
Julien J Month ago
What's wrong with us ???? Yes , I am so happy that Samsung crash....Korea is simply a fucking racist coutry toward foreigner.
Diego Mendoza
Diego Mendoza Month ago
What are you saying? pay $2000 bucks for a phone that breaks to keep tech moving forward??!!
khoshi _x
khoshi _x Month ago
Yhhhh iPhone for lifeee android sucks and bitch what’s wrong with u that ur saying what’s wrong with me ppl can have there opinion
Bryan Turnbow
Bryan Turnbow Month ago
If I were to spend $2000 dollars on a folding phone I’d want it to have a glass screen, slimmer design, and uses a trifold to make a bigger tablet rather than having a small screen on front and a tablet inside.
King Atlan of Atlantis
Lol poor FailDroids
shubham sam
shubham sam Month ago
I think u r just mad that u haven't got a review copy yet lol
shubham sam
shubham sam Month ago
Apple sucks
Jess Adenir
Jess Adenir Month ago
I keep on looking on ur face. Ur so handsome
Ibrahim Khalil
Ibrahim Khalil Month ago
Samsung is bad for the Galaxy fold
Josip Ozimec
Josip Ozimec Month ago
Best phone company made big mistake. I have no words to say abaut that.
FighterMan9836 Month ago
king josh
king josh Month ago
if apple create a fold phone intead of $2,000 you will see $5,000.R.I.P BANK ACOUNT
EliZeth Month ago
Wtching this video half With my NEW SAMSUNG FOLD 😍
Georgio Month ago
No Samsung are pieces of shit.
Olimpo 2016
Olimpo 2016 Month ago
This Weird because the Galaxy fold is not released yet to the public until Aril 26, 2019 and shipments will begin to ship out until May 1, 2019 and you are telling me that there are people with the Galaxy fold and having problems?
Joshua Schofield
" Oh don't hate on these brands just because they are delivering shit products." Why, why exactly should we stop criticism....Give me a break.
Classifyyy .
Classifyyy . Month ago
The new Samsung OS update just ruined my phone so bad that I want to sell my Samsung A8
Awesomepancake01 RBLX
The iPhone XS Max is my Dream Phone Not the Galaxy Fold
Mr. Biz
Mr. Biz Month ago
Nice vid
Joshua Gaming-ROBLOX
Someone plz tell Samsung to go pound sand
Nufta1 Month ago
There is a difference between a device bending when you try to bend it and a device that becomes unusable after 1-2 days (even if these are just some) or a phone being banned from planes, because there is a chance it explodes
Anna Marfa
Anna Marfa Month ago
Why not make in permanent. Samsung ahould have made the plastic film permanently to the screen
LTU Bass boosts
LTU Bass boosts Month ago
Foldable phones will fail anyway. because they use plastic screens
spencer Month ago
So it's basically a DS but it doesn't work
Keoni Chicago
Keoni Chicago Month ago
Lol don’t remove plastic film that will fall off and collect junk in a week or two and then your phone is done.
Anre Ueckermann
Anre Ueckermann Month ago
phresh Month ago
Lol “decent human beings”
Dark Trix
Dark Trix Month ago
Samsung phones breaking ten fold!
Ron Kai
Ron Kai Month ago
I love all tech but wish people wouldn’t get into a craze over shit tho like I’m fine with my iPhone 8 for now
Jireh Choo
Jireh Choo Month ago
Oh ye ye _723
Oh ye ye _723 Month ago
1:01 Damn bro, I didn't know you could read my mind
Noscoper Gamer
Noscoper Gamer Month ago
Re:zero refrence
Jacob mars launchpad
Apple has joined the chat
NAMAGIJ Month ago
Galaxy Break
Wangelasian Union of Eeveelution Squad republics
Groot was like wtf at 1:02
James Logan
James Logan Month ago
Really folding phones are breaking? No? Are we being punked is this possible?is Samsung saying nobody foresaw that something as asinine as a folding phone would break????? DUH DOY!!!!!! THIS IS SO STUPID IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE BY MICROSOFT
keithtko Month ago
What a joke huh, at least it hasn’t blown up yet.
Jason Querubin
Jason Querubin Month ago
You should read the directions before doing anything before you damage it
Meow Meow
Meow Meow Month ago
I am groot
Tiky CZ
Tiky CZ Month ago
Yoooo I need to stop you I gonna make fun of Samsung bcs ofanother proof that they can not make a phone. This is 🤣 hilarious
Your Neighbours
Your Neighbours Month ago
Imagine what’s going through Samsung’s head. “Oh god no. Exposed.” And wouldn’t they test it before they give it out to people? Surely their Galaxy Folds would have broken too!
Gacha Heart
Gacha Heart Month ago
Ok who tf expects the first model of a FOLDING phone to be absolutely perfect? Smh🙄
Sevenseven Oneseven
Maybe we should wait for xiaomi mi fold 😊😊😊
Shaf Serious
Shaf Serious Month ago
Renz Martinez
Renz Martinez Month ago
Which one is better Samsung? or huawei?
Fujin Yumi
Fujin Yumi Month ago
Lol Samsung sucks.
Jackson Hilgers
Jackson Hilgers Month ago
I mean, would a temporary cancellation of the product be so bad? Possibly to fix some of the issues with the display and make that plastic display on top not peel, would that be a better move than to keep them on the market, likely but Samsung did want to be first to the foldable game, and I guess this is what they made, probably should still be a prototype model.
Ayame Shinzo
Ayame Shinzo Month ago
Just wait for xiaomi ......just saying
Its wolfey Here
Its wolfey Here Month ago
Like how that there is so much ignorance in this comment section There is a protective special layer that you are not supposed to peel. When the protective layer is peeled by some youtubers and people that causes the phone's screen to go black.
Amanda Douglass
Amanda Douglass Month ago
They didn't test this?
Mladen Jakulic
Mladen Jakulic Month ago
And cool is to Samsung to sell it like that ???
Kotarou BajaHitam
Good thing about Samsung is they are open and responsible for their mistake. Imagine if this is Iphone. "Oh it is designed to be folded twice a day. Pay a grand and we will change your lcd"
Antonio Gates
Antonio Gates Month ago
Apple will have the best one that's why they waited
Stephaine Madrid
It’s the first one to be released to the public. That’s why you always wait a year or two so they can fix
Henk X
Henk X Month ago
all galaxy folds that broke were handled by dumbass people trying to peel of a screencover that was glued on their device. how serious can I take that?
Mohammed Naik
Mohammed Naik Month ago
Dummy ppl always rush to try things without calculating the consequences..!
Mr11ESSE111 Month ago
better before then later
Lil Durk
Lil Durk Month ago
That’s what y’all get for paying $2000 to text
Dang Salangsang
Dang Salangsang Month ago
Apple all the way❤️🍎
wael fad
wael fad Month ago
The only thing is that you should take really good care of it from dust and scratches
Karlo Gabrek
Karlo Gabrek Month ago
I think samsung rush to much with phones
J0yb0y Month ago
*HUAWEI MATE X IS BETTER* Note : it's a joke, but welcome to reality
Flibbity Month ago
From a samsung fam pov, I disagree with the concept of foldable phones in general
Momo 242003
Momo 242003 Month ago
This is why phones and folding don’t tend to mix.
JustANormalML Player
A big failure
Ron Gumabon
Ron Gumabon Month ago
A thing will not break if u take good care of it
puhgeh Month ago
of course it will. only rich stupid people will buy those
Deathpacito Month ago
These phones were unnecessary in the first place. I feel sorry for people who wasted $2000 on this.
James Collins
James Collins Month ago
HELL NO!!! ... THIS is a REPEAT of Samsung failures and stupidity where they don’t seem to learn their lesson, from exploding batteries, losing rightfully to Apple in the the 5 years of litigation for stealing iPhones patents, and now a $2000 phone RIP-OFF which doesn’t even look like it went thru beta testing. Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Defrauding customers, These ARE ALL CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, ALL ILLEGAL according to State and Federal Laws. Imagine That!! ITS TIME for Prosecution and Jail Time!! It’s that SIMPLE.
Charlotte Dashwood
I actually think Samsung have been clever here. They sent the device out to reviewers. The faults have been detected without having to recall anything, without people losing money. Reviewers are obviously going to put the device through its paces. There's been no harm done here. They can go back now and look at what's happened and fix it before rolling the device out to customers.
AT dreams
AT dreams Month ago
stupid i phone's
xMstrGmr Month ago
OMG. Samsung is trash.. HAHAHA Have a nice day
La Féte
La Féte Month ago
So the huawei fold is better. Ok cool
Okta Widiasa
Okta Widiasa Month ago
Don't dispose it yet. It has magnet which you could put on your fridge lol
royale king
royale king Month ago
That’s why you don’t buy Samsung 😂
Wing Tse
Wing Tse Month ago
No way spending 2g for this piece of shit no matter how reviewers rationalize the apparent failures!
Kalyan Shankar Haldar
Galaxy Fold is breaking because of your fault. Samsung has given you a new device with new technology. You can't handle it properly, it is your fault.
Jouseph Custodio
Did you pull screen protector wow that i never take off screen protector
Professor Seal
Professor Seal Month ago
Im a pineapple
JaysonSensei Month ago
Sponsored by Apple
LTMelzar Month ago
Verge put clay in theirs, like wtf
Midhun Thomas
Midhun Thomas Month ago
Haha just like the expensive exploding phone Samsung has introduced super expensive breaking foldable phone 😝😝😝😛😛😛
nel c
nel c Month ago
Just throw and dump this SillySung products into thrash bin.
Piraveen kumar
Piraveen kumar Month ago
#lgV50Thinq 😂 Always lg is in a right way
Craig Gonzalez
Craig Gonzalez Month ago
Yeah I don't understand the rooting for text failure because it's the only way tech will progress with competing for one another
Gics Gaming
Gics Gaming Month ago
Change the title too *Samsung people are breaking the fold please help*
Coni Glione
Coni Glione Month ago
No all tech can win. Some designs are flawed more than others. And seeing them failing it means seeing logic win.
New Beginnings
New Beginnings Month ago
Samsung just wanted the public to beta test their new Owners Manual
Cylon 02 Laz
Cylon 02 Laz Month ago
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