Re-Air | Bellator 197: Chandler vs. Girtz

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Tune in for FREE on THURSDAY, JUNE 4th at 3pm PST / 6pm EST to see this stacked card. #AloneTogether
EVENT RE-AIR FROM: April 13, 2018
1. Eric Ellington vs. Jordan Howard 00:06
2. Dominic Mazzotta vs. Josh Sampo 18:52
3. Derek Anderson vs. Zak Bucia 38:09
4. Juliana Velasquez vs. Rebecca Ruth 56:21
5. Kevin Ferguson Jr vs. Devon Brock 01:10:39
6. Logan Storley vs. Joaquin Buckley 01:17:14
7. AJ McKee vs. Justin Lawrence 01:36:48
8. Michael Chandler vs. Brandon Girtz 01:57:29
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Jun 4, 2020




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Comments 56
anti bro
anti bro 15 hours ago
boys cant fight, pls go sell urself, thats all u can in the industry u invented; red light, thats better placement for idiots like this
Juan Albéniz
Juan Albéniz 2 days ago
These are the kind of videos why I did subscribe for. Thanks
Dan Bruneau
Dan Bruneau 10 days ago
well that ref goes to top of idiots list
Jerome Taylor
Jerome Taylor 17 days ago
It'd be great if you would post the postlims from this event.
Chris Month ago
The best grappling fight ive seen in long time! Mazotta vs sampo
sarah jane matheson
Jesús Nicolás Tortoza Acevedo
Eto no es pela, parce un concurso de baile. Lo cambiaré.
God King
God King Month ago
Girtz is good just not going to be champion a great fighter though much respect
King Lucifer
King Lucifer Month ago
Michael Chandler is the Matt Hughes of Bellator...!!
Queef Sniffer
Queef Sniffer Month ago
When Jordan howard fights,i fall asleep.
Miroslav Kaiowas Lukin
Fight between Mazzotta and Sampo is the raeson for love it MMA sport
Lakshmanan Lakshmi
Lakshmanan Lakshmi 2 months ago
Last. Na. Nenachthu. Natakals. Girg
T M 2 months ago
Have not seen a mullet like that since 95. It rocked.
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info 2 months ago
These timestamps will start you at the tale of the tape: ---Prelims--- 0:06 - Jordan Howard vs Eric Ellington 18:51 - Dominic Mazzotta vs Josh Sampo 38:09 - Derek Anderson vs Zak Bucia 56:20 - Rebecca Ruth vs Juliana Velasquez ---Main Card--- 1:10:37 - 'Baby Slice' Kevin Ferguson Jr. vs Devon Brock 1:17:10 - Logan Storley vs Joaquin Buckley 1:36:44 - A.J. McKee vs Justin Lawrence 1:57:29 - Michael Chandler vs Brandon Girtz Not Shown: A.J. Siscoe vs Justin Robbins (Postlim), Jordan Dowdy vs Jeff Crotty (Postlim), Adam Cella vs DeWayne Diggs (Postlim) and Cort Wahle vs Joe Roye (Postlim). That's it everyone, enjoy!
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson 2 months ago
Thank you brotha!
Jerome Taylor
Jerome Taylor 2 months ago
Be nice if Bellator would also include the Postlims
Rebekah Field
Rebekah Field 3 months ago
The commentator advertising "Muiller light yoghurt only has 96 calories" makes me smile. Wouldn't 'thick cut crisps that go well with a BEER, B More fitting?' Seems so light and fluffy advertising MUILLER with such HARD CORE action going on.
Dill Andrews
Dill Andrews 3 months ago
I think Chandler is one of the best MMA fighters ever.
ταραγμένος άντρας
Definitely one of the most aggressive
LivelysReport 3 months ago
If I were young Slice, I would change that name from Baby Slice to something else.. come on dude..
Blaze GAMES Month ago
Do u know what baby slice means
Donald Savage
Donald Savage 3 months ago
Wow! She went quick, I didn't know women had a set of nuts.?
EviLLivE Clan
EviLLivE Clan 3 months ago
chandler looked big as F in this vid
John Weedon
John Weedon 3 months ago
Ellington reminds me of "Oscar Pretorius" aka"Blade Runner"!
Estaleirinho Sérginho
Cedric Blackmore
Cedric Blackmore 3 months ago
The good ole silver league.
baloncuadrado1 3 months ago
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 3 months ago
Now the Sampo fight was a good fight
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 3 months ago
The bantam fight sucked Ellington did nothing
John Cosgrove
John Cosgrove 3 months ago
1:59:45 in.
Hector M
Hector M 3 months ago
re-airs, garbage.
NiCe_tRy I_WoNT_LiE
NiCe_tRy I_WoNT_LiE 3 months ago
would be cool if someone timestamped all the fights
Marten Dekker
Marten Dekker 3 months ago
In the Primus fight, Primus kicked Chandler's nerve on the outside of his calf, semi- paralyzing Chandler's calf & ankle.
The Wizard Of Cigrets
loved to see storley fight, I don't know what's with this audience...
ROLEX OMEGA 3 months ago
Baby slice good luck take care 👍👏
Prince of All Saiyans
Literally one of the worst cards i have ever watched. Total waste of time. Todays fighters are such pussies. MMA has become nothing more than a wrestling match and the concern os not losing rather than put on a show. This isn’t the fking Olympics, it’s a combat sport and your paid from the PPV views and tickets sold. No one cares if your the champ. We only care if you fight.
Marcos Higa Nunes
Marcos Higa Nunes 3 months ago
MR ME 3 months ago
They match maker needs TO be fired.. Thee fighters wit a 0 should be brought up and along to see if they gt 🌟 potential
Womzer Jack
Womzer Jack 3 months ago
Chris Kuhn
Chris Kuhn 3 months ago
also this announcer vs bruce buffer is no contest lol. refs are good in bellator just need a new more exciting annoucner
Mr.Nelloxx 3 months ago
the Fights are important. Who really cares about the anouncer, really?
Pikuni Jones
Pikuni Jones 3 months ago
Dude ruth got straight up kicked in the 🌮🐙🌳is what i looked like for me.. huh?
Astana Astan4anin
Astana Astan4anin 3 months ago
Первый бой негр покрупнее был
Opel Omega
Opel Omega 3 months ago
Грамотно закидываете видио 4-июня. Посмотрев будто вчера😊
Akang Abah
Akang Abah 3 months ago
Hade mang chandler...👍😁
Game Time
Game Time 3 months ago
I would rather watch a wrestling match (Logan Storley vs Joaquin Buckley) than some one with a long reach that runs when his opponent throws a punch( A.J.McKee vs Justin Lawrence)... only fights people with a shorter reach... Have a sandwich and get into a weight class with people that have a comparable reach or STAND AND FIGHT YOU JON JONES WANNABE. Eat some food A.J and step up a class, (if I was there, that would be the fight I would boo).
Hunter 3 months ago
Такого дерьма ,я ещё ,не видел ,отстой ,полный.
Tsjung Fu
Tsjung Fu 3 months ago
" Bellator always ends up Rollator...!"🍼🥳🎶
Tsjung Fu
Tsjung Fu 3 months ago
Why are You marking my reaction? It's just a Joke màn! Most of the time they come 'crippled' outta the octagon in a wheelchair to safe their bodies from more harm cause they're hurt! What's y'r problem if you feel so easily offended!?? You watch the trashtalk on RUvid don't You?!
Рустам Шакиров
Харош старьё крутить.👎👎👎👎
Stef Carrubba
Stef Carrubba 3 months ago
That's some truly high level commentary!
Donald John Trump
Donald John Trump 3 months ago
LOL! Yes.
Larry Rickmann
Larry Rickmann 3 months ago
bellator = wrestling
Islam4iK_Tyumenskiy Antipino_Street
Фписту.... первые 2раунда не зашли, дальше накуй надо
Rafael Galvao
Rafael Galvao 3 months ago
Brasil... 💪👊
Red Ness
Red Ness 3 months ago
O buy Justin comin in wit da strong mullet
DXFXmc 3 months ago
A.J a beast!!
GB INFORMATICA 3 months ago
Boa sorte a nossa Juliana Velásquez
Aldeir Sousa
Aldeir Sousa 3 months ago
Se tiver Brasileiro no card já sabe né... certeza de Vitória.
Edison Sanchez
Edison Sanchez 3 months ago
Send me a Msj wen the real fight empty
Jai Stead
Jai Stead 3 months ago
How old are these fights? Are they recent? Thanks
tatia archvadze
tatia archvadze 3 months ago
Good luck chandler 😏🙏
D Woolaver
D Woolaver 3 months ago
@Frankie T. Its an old repost dude not like it hasnt been posted everywhere.
latest news
latest news 3 months ago
It is only a remodel of old lost time
Frankie T.
Frankie T. 3 months ago
@KORN 1999 Spolier Alert 🤣🤣🤣🤣
KORN 1999
KORN 1999 3 months ago
Chandler wins by TKO RD 3
조정우 3 months ago
와 기대된다
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