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This might be the most EPIC RC Airplane video you'll ever see!
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Jul 15, 2019

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Comments 16 295
Nick Jones
Nick Jones 8 minutes ago
You should post every week
Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson 8 minutes ago
Simon Dorosh
Simon Dorosh 8 minutes ago
Like if ur team coby 👇
Jahidur Rahman
Jahidur Rahman 8 minutes ago
Cobys luck is so similar to the England cricket team!
БЕСПАЛИВО · 8 minutes ago
лайк, если русский ну и можеш подписаться на канал, мне будет очень приятно😉
Irfan Abdul Kader
Irfan Abdul Kader 8 minutes ago
Tyler. Mine just land four feet away for the flag and cobys will just be in the pond Coby. R u dumb
Jensen raymond
Jensen raymond 8 minutes ago
Awsome who agrees
Ethan Rossow
Ethan Rossow 9 minutes ago
Also subscribe to dp
Muhammad Jawad Vlogs
Muhammad Jawad Vlogs 9 minutes ago
hit like if you love this channal
MrRickybutcher 9 minutes ago
This was dope
Tutu Odufuwa
Tutu Odufuwa 9 minutes ago
Finally, COBY WON!!!
Kitten clash gamer 77
Kitten clash gamer 77 10 minutes ago
Gacha Bird
Gacha Bird 10 minutes ago
I can't WAIT to be in that audience in 11 days! I'll be holding a poster that says something hilarious.
calum mckenna
calum mckenna 10 minutes ago
I’ve been waiting for this since I was 9!
It’s gamer boy 1
It’s gamer boy 1 10 minutes ago
Ya Coby!!!
Lucca Capron
Lucca Capron 11 minutes ago
Oyungerel Sanjsuren
Oyungerel Sanjsuren 11 minutes ago
Tyler means ty_means thank you Cory means corn Coby means copy Cody means code Garret means carret
Luke Van Eyk
Luke Van Eyk 11 minutes ago
Can we get another victory parade?
Josh and Caleigh
Josh and Caleigh 11 minutes ago
Epic!! Congrats on #1 trending!
Mist_Dhfuwinf 12 minutes ago
Finally been waiting a year for Coby to win his second battle let’s go team Coby all the way
JuiceBox14 13 minutes ago
He finally won after 2 years
elliot waterfield
elliot waterfield 13 minutes ago
But wheres the bottle smash
addylovename _1234
addylovename _1234 14 minutes ago
Team Cobyyyyyyy 🎉🎉🎉
addylovename _1234
addylovename _1234 14 minutes ago
Yayyyyyyy 😭😭
Chechen Saracen
Chechen Saracen 15 minutes ago
the acting like a retards with exaggerated reaction is done on purpose ?
RC 11559
RC 11559 15 minutes ago
I’ve been with coby since day one. If he ever gets out I don’t cheer for anyone
Mohamad Diamond
Mohamad Diamond 15 minutes ago
PRO 😀❤️
CrisbyboiCDC 15 minutes ago
Less go coby
chunky1687 16 minutes ago
Why does Garret look off in last few videos??? Hope there is no conflict in the group
Umar Yasir Umar Yasir
Umar Yasir Umar Yasir 16 minutes ago
Please do Airport Stereotypes Please like so they can see it
Sudhir Jotwani
Sudhir Jotwani 16 minutes ago
Do badminton stereotype
Dane Shumway
Dane Shumway 17 minutes ago
Team Coby all the waaaaayyyyyy!!!!
Egg with 20000 subscribers
Chandler: Wins first challenge Coby: Wins second battle Chandler: 🙁
Patrick Kempter
Patrick Kempter 17 minutes ago
Ty looks like a navy seal 👌🏼
jmarks881 17 minutes ago
Grown men playing with toys #1 trending kid plays with toys most viewed channel
ᎠᎾᏩᏩᎾ 645 17 minutes ago
We all knew it was coming... congrats Coby!!!!!!
Shmebulock Pines
Shmebulock Pines 18 minutes ago
Legend has it, Garretts wife's wedding ring is STILL lost!
yeetman 101
yeetman 101 18 minutes ago
Graeme Salvage
Graeme Salvage 18 minutes ago
Less Tyler MORE NED
BeerGirlandBushMan 18 minutes ago
Awesome Channel....BeerGirl loves DudePerfect!
Kelli Smith
Kelli Smith 19 minutes ago
Congrats again Coby!!!
Wesley Hernandez
Wesley Hernandez 19 minutes ago
Coby deserves this epic win
Egg with 20000 subscribers
This is how many people weee waiting for Coby to win his second battle 👇
Felix d'Ursel
Felix d'Ursel 20 minutes ago
Dude you received a dx9 and hdo’s can’t you give them to a real fpv pilot ( like me xD)
Egg with 20000 subscribers
Coby: Wins Chandler: Am I a joke to you
Silly Gamer
Silly Gamer 20 minutes ago
Yes Cody! ❤️
Bill M - bilymac
Bill M - bilymac 21 minute ago
I have seen a pimped-out Black/Purple Mercedes SUV with the DP logo, driving around in Granite Bay, CA, is that you guys?
TheRookies5 21 minute ago
This is so lovely!
Yashwant Satdeo
Yashwant Satdeo 21 minute ago
coby won his second battle , coby you made my day
Gerardo Sagahón Narvaez
Call Swiss001lol
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