Ray Williams Squat Fail + Most Vascular Bodybuilder + NPC Jr Nationals Results

Nick's Strength and Power
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#GymFail #NPC #Bodybuilding
Ray Williams Squat Fail 0:34
NPC JR. Nationals- 3:17
Luke Sandoe Guestposing- 5:14
WSM Results- 6:36
Most Vascular Bodybuilder- 8:53
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Jun 17, 2019

Ray Williams Squat Fail + Most Vascular Bodybuilder + NPC Jr Nationals Resultsray williamsgym failIPFIPF WORLDSpowerliftingpowerlifterworld's strongest manwsmmost vascular bodybuildersquatmartins licisnpcnpc jr nationalsbodybuilderbodybuildingnicks strength and powernick's strength and power




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Comments 591
KingOfKings8375 11 days ago
I like veins! But when the veins curl and wrap around no thanks
Garry Sekelli
Garry Sekelli 19 days ago
Luke Sandoe looks massive at that guest posing.
Daniel Prell
Daniel Prell 21 day ago
npc dudes look like they have their faces photoshopped on their bodies - colormissmatch anyone?
Hahauravirgin 21 day ago
They need to come out with a hydraulic spotting system
Chris Yunge
Chris Yunge 22 days ago
So is.he hurt....is.he.ok...?
JBERRY603 23 days ago
Good video Nick. Stay positive!
Anthony Rock
Anthony Rock 28 days ago
zokotu ckikazu
zokotu ckikazu 29 days ago
It’s all in your brother! You know you can squat, Ray. You know it!
Moe Datnoid
Moe Datnoid Month ago
What a pussy he can’t squat 440kg. 😂 that guy would eat me
levi dye
levi dye Month ago
Dudes vascular but.... I think the wrath still beats him haha
AH_ Aesthetics
AH_ Aesthetics Month ago
Ryan Casey’s dad?😂
Caleb Blackwell
Caleb Blackwell Month ago
hey man no need to be so harsh on ray.
Kyle Hatch
Kyle Hatch Month ago
He was just on Fouad Abiad’s podcast, he’s qualified for the O on points, no Grand Prix
JuL3r Month ago
Nothing more manly than men in shiny pink tangas looking to get the attention from other men.
DCJayhawk57 Month ago
Martins will be a great embassador for WSM. Outgoing funny guy with social media presence. Looking forward to more irreverent training vids from him coming soon.
Jeff Hackett
Jeff Hackett Month ago
That vascularity is nasty. Need to have a most Swole Olympia where the guys come in as huge as possible with no visible fat.
DTS ! Month ago
Luke is JACKED !
Prof G
Prof G Month ago
Vascular dude looks like varicose dude. Not a pleasing look.
Kevin Musiol
Kevin Musiol Month ago
9.51 right thigh wtf 🤔🤣🤣🤣or is he had a serious injury 🤔
Kugelspecht Einhorn
It's called perspective.
EscapePlan Skateboarding
Damn, that dude is grossly vascular! 👀😆
lildick clique
lildick clique Month ago
So is my cock bub
lildick clique
lildick clique Month ago
So it my dick bub
White Ninja
White Ninja Month ago
He needed bigger boots for better balance. Maybe next time.
Dan Conner
Dan Conner Month ago
As good as the spotters were, is as bad as that POS squat rack was. Come on, I've seen better racks in the back of 1975 Weider magazines for 100.00 bucks. Can't these guys get a decent rack?
St.Fiacre Month ago
8:57 ---Tren
Haroon Aziz
Haroon Aziz Month ago
Two weeks? Luke looks like two months away
filmfrosk Month ago
So, is there a steroid that exclusively beefs up the blood veins?
filmfrosk Month ago
Where are Eplers triceps?
schnabeltier Month ago
Usually I don't like how modern bodybuilders look. At all. I'm not interested in the sport , so I can't judge a body by bodybuilding standards. I just don't like to look at it. I sometimes see the guys in nick's videos and think "how did that guy win? He looks like a creepy goverment experiment." But that sandoe guy? He actually looks good. He doesn't look like a freak or a big lumpy mountain of muscle. I mean, he is really buff, but it's in the right places and he just has a pleasant shape overall. I'm actually surprised I like it so much.
Oswaldo LN
Oswaldo LN Month ago
I feel so happy for Martins. I watched all his youtube videos, guy is an amazing person. Someone I aspire to be.
Blue Blue
Blue Blue Month ago
Ray Williams needs to stop eating hamburgers he’s fkn fat
skirts365 Month ago
It would be too much to ask this channel operator to call it what it is, a HALF squat. If he didn't forfeit his integrity to majority views his subscribers would fall by 80 percent. There is no sense, inasmuch as the powerlifting and wsm factions would set 150 orphanages ablaze before admitting what they do are partials, they may as well apply the same "sense" (?) to the BP and call a half range lift a "legal" bench press, and forget about "raw" anything, bring in the forklifts too and deploy one of each side so they can brag all the more as to how superior they are to any "purist" (full range strict only no wraps/suits/gear) lifters. What can a lifter move in the weak range down low from a dead stop rump to ankles, back up to parallel without cheat gear. Few besides the O lifters have cared at all because low cleans force them to train low squats.
mongopoju Month ago
wtf the last guy looks disgusting to be honest
miles grant
miles grant Month ago
Aye, Strength Central!!!
Mister Natural
Mister Natural Month ago
Good spotters.
Ruben Soto
Ruben Soto Month ago
Spot me bro😂
Alexander-Olaf von Eich
Nicks Strenght and Flower
Christian Rivadeneira
Luke Sandoe looks damn amazing
DB 26
DB 26 Month ago
Should be done in a rack.
Odawne Month ago
Hey Nick, It looks like Calum Von Moger has progressed a lot since his injuries. See below. ruvid.net/video/video-Zvmy1irVpXk.html
backpulse Month ago
Ray Williams bombed out because he found out about Kelly Branton testing positive. He was scared about extra testing before the meet and came off cycle. All the top IPF lifters are fake natty.
LHunter Month ago
Ray will come back STRONGER
Tomi Peltonen
Tomi Peltonen Month ago
Why they dont have safety bars for squatting in powerlifting?
Mathieu Month ago
I dont get why they dont use rack squat with built in safety in powerlifting meets. Is there a reason?
Matt Month ago
Why don't they use safety bars or safety straps? It's... Safer
neurosis333 Month ago
Ray could really fucked his back on that one....I NEVER get under a weight unless I 100% KNOW it is going back up. And the experienced men and women here are fully aware that you CAN 100% know as SOON as you lift it off the rack...we know our bodies that well.
West Coast Freediving
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J'tta Month ago
why would u filter yourself ugly?
Mitchell Kim
Mitchell Kim Month ago
Bodybuilders = halfway athletes that could never become a real athlete for NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, NHL etc
malcolm low
malcolm low Month ago
The spot the spotters were standing was spot on
Mahmoud Takieddin
490kg yeh now I get it hahahaha
Raphael Louis-Marie
Hi Nick. I know Fehd Karouani for a very long time. He always been vascular. It’s a very nice guy too and a great champion here in France. Congratulations for this super video. As usual you have such smarts comments. 😊💪🏾
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