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Follow the wild journey Ray J and Princess took us on during their Hollywood love story.
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Aug 24, 2020




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Comments 100
Nontombi Bashe
Nontombi Bashe 26 minutes ago
What does princess do?
Nana Anokye
Nana Anokye 7 hours ago
15:18 it’s crazy how this stripper story is literally the exact same thing that they talked about on “the conversation” ray j is such an asshole I could never be with him
Yeliah Thompson
Yeliah Thompson 13 hours ago
I’m confused didn’t she try to push him first in the pool and than she missed bc he pushed her after .
Rasstone Speaks GWC
Slow! ruvid.net/video/video-7QdEKXyIO8I.html
she is dumb this is toxic af
BlessedTrici Dear
Melody looks just like Rays mom dammmmm ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
BlessedTrici Dear
If my sister in law aint like Brandy bitch I don’t want her!!! 😩😩😩😩😩♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ she’s sooooo sweeeeetttttt....
AUSOME LOVELY 2 days ago
How many times has Princess threw her drink on RayJ? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
D Paper
D Paper 2 days ago
I mean I'm a woman but if I was a man like Ray J in his situation where a bitch want to throw a drink or two in my face and try and push me in the pool, I would have pushed her ass in the pool too because knowing "I'm a man" I shouldn't hit a woman so the least I can get out of it is a push in the pool. 💯
AmpsTheDeuce 3 days ago
Brandy is so fake..
Zakyria Batemon
Zakyria Batemon 3 days ago
YOOOO “ You ain’t even got no car bitch “ 😂😂 then his face right after has me so dead
AmpsTheDeuce 3 days ago
Ray J is emotionally abusive and Princess seemed lonely at the beginning of their relationship... he manipulated TF out of her. I hope she does better
A.0k 3 days ago
Ray J the clown. Waste of space, Tierra was wasted on his ass
denise j
denise j 3 days ago
Doesn't Morgan look like a young Mona Scott. Even down to the voice
Michael Christopher
Princess and Ray J are the embodiment of what i never want out of a relationship.
Tae Zwane
Tae Zwane 3 days ago
Ray jay is trash
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy 3 days ago
Mama is always riight baby. Get that damn prenup
Jessica 3 days ago
You think that song Melody has different memories for Ray? Who was he messing with at that time? 😂
Jessica 3 days ago
Kudos to Brandi (even if it was just a show), Princess kept taking shots and she didn’t clap back. And his dad is perfection.
Jessica 3 days ago
Ray with the one wedding tear though 😂
Jessica 3 days ago
_If this is forever then why are we preparing for the worst?_ Girl I don’t expect my house to burn down, but I still get insurance. You saw his momma when he tore that paper? She was about to yeet that glass at his head. Was she literally getting ready for a wedding when you didn’t even want to talk to the groom?
Jessica 4 days ago
Wow princess lost so much weight at the time of the wedding. Purposefully or stress?
Jessica 4 days ago
😂 _So it’s only about the dogs?_ *Yea* _Sign that prenup man_
Benita Beaubrun
Benita Beaubrun 4 days ago
Mrs Sonja so beautiful 😍
Jacquelin Garcia
Jacquelin Garcia 4 days ago
I believe Ray should be with Tiara M
Jennifer Hamm
Jennifer Hamm 5 days ago
U see brandys face when he ripped up the prenuptial lol u can tell she is sick of her family shit
Jennifer Hamm
Jennifer Hamm 5 days ago
Ray j is a loser and his music always sucked he has only rode his sister coattails
Ortheia Pemberton
Princess definitely deserves better but I have to be honest, this is her Karma. The way she treated Tierra was absolutely foul! No man (especially fucking Ray J) should come between 2 women like that! A man who allowed your behind to go to jail and tossed you in a pool (and never looked back to make sure you didn't bloody drown)!!!! I just hope she learns from this, especially for the sake of those beautiful children
Ty Buie
Ty Buie 6 days ago
"as a man, you should never let your girl go to jail' - i felt that
Jesse Imperial
Jesse Imperial 6 days ago
He never said anything she be lying
Lindsay Louis
Lindsay Louis 6 days ago
When he pushed her in that pool 😭
Andres Villarruel
Princess deserves better
Zanele mahlangu
Zanele mahlangu 6 days ago
Its so painful that in this franchise when the man says “she’s been with me through the good and the bad” the bad actually means the man treated you less than human and you forgave him 😩😩😩 women need power in this franchise. This can’t be it...
Rough Diamond
Rough Diamond 6 days ago
Safaree...The only thing that was worth me seeing here. The rest meh
Cherish O'Neal
Cherish O'Neal 6 days ago
Is Sonya wrong for pushing a prenup? Be cause, clearly, love an make people do crazy things.
Mateo Banda
Mateo Banda 7 days ago
Their baby is beautiful. Also, she kinda looks like her grandmother (Princess' Mom) mlre than her parents lol. Genes are so unpredictable.
Mateo Banda
Mateo Banda 7 days ago
I just watched the Wedding scene. Ray J and Princess are their real namez!?!?!?!?
Rose Ingram
Rose Ingram 7 days ago
Princess wouldn't be able to disrespect my momma like that in front of my face!!
Queeni 7 days ago
46:59 "Ray thinks he can just embarrass me in front of everyone at the party, not come home all night, not call me and think he's just gonna wake up the next day, kiss and makeup and we're gonna get married?" Princess yes, yes he does your dumb ass is sitting in the chair getting your hair done for this wedding as you're arguing with him. That's exactly what he thinks I don't know why you're acting surprised
Kat Kellz
Kat Kellz 8 days ago
Sonja Norwood is no joke!
Tan 9 days ago
Straight COWARD
Tan 9 days ago
Yes she's right he is a FRAUD!
Tan 9 days ago
He's still a kid doing little boy shaniagins!!!
Bithiah ford
Bithiah ford 9 days ago
I felt so bad of how they did Morgan smh
Eagle 9
Eagle 9 9 days ago
Typical narcissistic & codependent relationship
Jae ME
Jae ME 9 days ago
I don’t understand how someone would want to purposely marry ray j.
Vona Black
Vona Black 10 days ago
That white sweater/shirt Ray has on, in the confessionals, makes him look like Chef Boyardee w/o the hat! Looking dumb as usual 😩👑
Tanecia Moniqué
Tanecia Moniqué 10 days ago
I don't know why ppl think Ray was wrong for pushing her in the pool. She kept throwing stuff him and tried to attack him THEN he pushed her the pool just happened to be there. Ray is childish and disrespectful but Princess is physically abusive and disrespectful.
Kelsi Piper
Kelsi Piper 10 days ago
Princess got low ass self esteem
Carmen Lu
Carmen Lu 10 days ago
Congratulations you got a player for life.
Tam Tam Smiles
Tam Tam Smiles 10 days ago
Ray J mom is like a evil Witch 🧙‍♀️ 😈
lunar Skies
lunar Skies 10 days ago
Never ever feel bad or belittle a women for get an infection down there. There's nothing wrong with it. Women who are virgins can also get infections just from their hormones being out of wack or candida overgrowth.
Akilah Nicki
Akilah Nicki 10 days ago
So was princess genuine inviting tierra or was she doing it to get back at ray?! She can’t even pick a lie lol
Javon & Kay’s Family
Ray J messy af and Teairra you dodged a big ass bullet
tbarret320 10 days ago
Sonja was right - they were not ready to marry.
tbarret320 10 days ago
I hope they signed a prenup.
tbarret320 10 days ago
Princess was the aggressor, so she deserved to go for a swim. Princess, why would you go to jail for that boy?
Queen73 10 days ago
Why would Princess confide her relationship problems to Ray's ex-girlfriend?!?! That's crazy!!! 🙄🙄🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🙍🏾‍♀️
Shavonne Holmes
Shavonne Holmes 10 days ago
Ray J was so disrespectful to Morgan and it wasn’t necessary. Morgan was better off w/o being friends with Ray J. With friends like Ray J who needs enemies. Ray J isn’t ish and I do not know how any woman want him but what is worse is how his mom puts him on a pedestal. As a mother myself of 2 boys, I wish they would act like this man child. But it’s about how he was raised which is funny because it’s his father a pastor or something. Brandy and their mom can love Ray J but still tell him about himself. That is the whole point of family.
Nicole Watts
Nicole Watts 11 days ago
Ray J you ain't shit, Go on with you life. You beautiful all the way. So keep your head up sweetie you are beautiful
RAIN DROPS 11 days ago
Ray J married the wrong woman.
Fiercely Me
Fiercely Me 11 days ago
Moneice everything I swear 😂😂
Black Sportz Magazine
RAY J TALKS ABOUT his side of the Ray J and Princess Divorce: Part 1&2: ruvid.net/video/video-D0oBX98lUa4.html
Black Sportz Magazine
RAY J TALKS ABOUT his side of the Ray J and Princess Divorce: Part 3: ruvid.net/video/video-TkoUPs61Qic.html
essence Nelloms
essence Nelloms 11 days ago
First of all princess how u gone be mad at Brandy at the end of it all that's her brother and she gone put her brother first before any bitch so oh well 🤷
Nykelti Collins
Nykelti Collins 11 days ago
So princess is blasian😲
Rodonya Clarke
Rodonya Clarke 11 days ago
Princess so lonely🥺
Asia Allen
Asia Allen 11 days ago
Princess reaped what she sowed. Look at her and Ray now.
Neyce P
Neyce P 11 days ago
During the baby shower, the way Brandy is looking at Princess...like B!#@& if you weren't pregnant and I didn't have something to loss....
Santana James
Santana James 11 days ago
That was sweet when Ray j brought her grandma
Santana James
Santana James 11 days ago
Princess had teirra with that Vegas trip trap!!
Boumsong Karen
Boumsong Karen 12 days ago
Seems like bodyguards are well paid in this show seriously they are working every single minute like come on it's insane 😂😂😂😂 I want to quit my job and be a bodyguard
Boumsong Karen
Boumsong Karen 12 days ago
Those people and the B word though it's something else🙄😯
Bluesilhouette 12 days ago
Princess tried so hard to be with Ray J and all he does is embarrass her and cheat on her.
Dalea Fowler
Dalea Fowler 12 days ago
This is the pettiest relationship ever! Childish
Kelly Marie
Kelly Marie 12 days ago
Yeast infections are extremely common, which sucks. It does ruin your self confidence and for someone to put you on blast in public for having that... it’s absolutely disgusting bully behaviour.
Ally Xoxo
Ally Xoxo 12 days ago
Vh1 aint shit for posting their relationship foolery a minute after the divorce is filed 🤣🤣🤣🙃🙃🙃
Freshangel E.N
Freshangel E.N 12 days ago
I think Princess married Ray - J just so she could feel like she won. What a mess
Freshangel E.N
Freshangel E.N 12 days ago
A1 is a handsome n**** just saying!!! Game I see you 😍 oooowieeee that room was on fire
Neisha Colon
Neisha Colon 12 days ago
Any girl that sleeps with him is nasty too
Neisha Colon
Neisha Colon 12 days ago
Ray j is a plug he is so corny how you put any girl in jail he is nasty
patricia obasanjo
patricia obasanjo 13 days ago
@deborah washington it says in the article they use a skin lightening/bleaching lotion.They dont even look black anymore but like light skinned mixed race .But they are denying though matsuiskinlightening.com/products/1-best-seller-extra-strength-orange-peeling-lotion-100-ml evidently this is the same lotion african american hollywood celebrities use to lighten their skin i guess they want people to think they are naturally light skinned thats why they deny it.
Mas Modiba
Mas Modiba 13 days ago
Brandy is so cute 😅😅❤❤❤
Mas Modiba
Mas Modiba 13 days ago
Ray: I've learnt to come myself down. 2 minutes later: Throws Princess into the pool
EarthAngelBre 13 days ago
This relationship has been giving red flags since the beginning. Princess was foolish going to Tierra aka his ex for advice and an shoulder to lean on. This relationship shouldn't have went any further than the first season. The only good thing that has come from their relationship is their children.
Miss Pisces
Miss Pisces 13 days ago
Went to jail? Kisa
Sadie Ramsey
Sadie Ramsey 14 days ago
Ray J: “ As long as the love is there that’s all that matters “ That is not all that matters... sometimes love just isn’t enough.
Michelle Kashora
Michelle Kashora 14 days ago
Princess: knock knock Nobody .... silence 😂😂
Tell it as it is with Shalom Russel
But wait, how does she actually talk to Ray’s mom like that??? Princess is lowkey disrespectful and arrogant, plus she’s extra defensive. Terrible combination... she always wants to fight.
Tell it as it is with Shalom Russel
Their marriage was doomed from the start, and as much as everyone might want to blame Ray, Princess is not free from blame.
Latia Ruffin
Latia Ruffin 14 days ago
Princess such a dummy
Andy Sower
Andy Sower 14 days ago
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J H 14 days ago
Ray j is so fucking corny
Tiny Tia TV
Tiny Tia TV 14 days ago
FLOWER 15 days ago
Leave that fool alone.
Nosha Dean
Nosha Dean 15 days ago
He has girly boy issues!!
Nosha Dean
Nosha Dean 15 days ago
And it's sad to know that this is the boy!that Whitney Houston shared a hotel room with upon her death!he's such a girly boy!as most men are in this doomed generation of vipers!!sad
Lovielondon Jackson
Princess talking all that mess but she was a stripper to how do you think she met Floyd and ray
On My Own Terms
On My Own Terms 16 days ago
Moral of the story: how you get him is how you lose him.
Shownnie arroz
Shownnie arroz 16 days ago
Princess can have any man she want.She can do way better than Ray J.
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