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Stay tuned as we cook up and eat a venomous Rattlesnake! What should we try next??

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Comments 100
Sassy Grsa
Sassy Grsa Day ago
kinda risky letting peric by rattle snakes, should have waited 5 years when hes 18
Simon Gillgannon
fuck you why would you eat a rattle snake you flair and peric suck snakes are amazing you dick heads
Cristian Vega
What up with the lighting
Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller 2 days ago
How about cooked vegetables,I hate cooked vegetables.I like meat rare ,fresh fruit and fresh veggies.Except potatoes,baked,sliced,diced, mashed are the bomb
Conner Lamphier
Conner Lamphier 21 day ago
If I won that truck the first order of business would be to take that ugly wrap off before I got home
David Cooks
David Cooks 23 days ago
I would like to win that truck
Efficient Trader
Efficient Trader 24 days ago
Do a go vegan challenge!
Efficient Trader
Efficient Trader 24 days ago
Dustin Weinberg
Dustin Weinberg 25 days ago
Armadillo catch and cook!!! Like this comment
Matthew Kidd
Matthew Kidd 25 days ago
Might sound stupid but scorpion catch and cook👍
Dennis Renner
Dennis Renner 26 days ago
Get me entered. I love the Bandito Bait. Caught a 16.5 lb bag on a 5 fish limit with the Okeechobee color.
Dannamo 27 days ago
And the catching is where...?
Chris Baldwin
Chris Baldwin 27 days ago
Catch and cook. Crow
DARIN PILK 28 days ago
Flair you finally did a snake catch and cook...yeah....
Cooper Trampe
Cooper Trampe 29 days ago
When you live of the part of Nebraska I do the smallest one I have caught is 5’3’’
Robert Redford
Robert Redford Month ago
NO, just HE77 NO. :)
Og Vonniee
Og Vonniee Month ago
I like them shirts💯💪🏿
Andrea Stull
Andrea Stull Month ago
do a frog catch and cook
The WeldingHooker
Henry Simar
Henry Simar Month ago
jon birds da
EastCoastFishing Ecf
Cook cow tongue
Sur-13 Month ago
would like to see googans Dad vs sons
Michael Tucker
Michael Tucker Month ago
copperhead catch and cook
Ron Porter
Ron Porter Month ago
I'd say try Wichiti grubs or emu egg If u couldn't tell I'm Aussie
Greg Wilson
Greg Wilson Month ago
Next Googan challenge Surstrommen. Yawl love fish otta be easy for ya!!
Johnathan Carter
Do an coyote since y’all don’t want to to make it challenging. Drop a like so they can see it
Grant Scott Wilson
Lol there not poisonous, they are venomous snakes
Raejon Hampton
Raejon Hampton Month ago
Wild Hog catch and cook with taste contest
Andy Chase
Andy Chase Month ago
Alligator gar
Jessie Casteel
Jessie Casteel Month ago
Loooooveiiiin thiiis gooooogan squad. Have you all ever came to Missouri lakes fishing? Please send feedback
Natasha Hindmarsh
How bout peric’s tan
Evergrain Design
Am I the only one who’s noticed their hats and t shirts have lead poisoning warnings? 😂😂
Kaiden Walker
Kaiden Walker Month ago
U guys should make a googan baits crank bait and jerkbait
chris fossinger
chris fossinger Month ago
I'm about to get a googan sqaud hoodie
Lelandra Lyman
Lelandra Lyman Month ago
Are you guys ever gonna check your P.O. Box again?? I sent stuff in October and still haven't seen a video or gotten it back yet
henry schrader
henry schrader Month ago
Do a shark catch and cook 👨‍🍳
Chandler Medlin
Chandler Medlin Month ago
I killed a rattlesnake while dove hunting in the morning and he didn’t stop moving until it got dark
Hayden Raithel
Hayden Raithel Month ago
That’s pretty fucked up no lie
Peter Neufeld
Peter Neufeld Month ago
Do a letch catch and cook
David J Scalf
David J Scalf Month ago
AP is done for ANYTHING
Charles Staropoli
Is mullet man going to become a googan? He’s got my vote!
Cole Armstrong 2007
Wrangle a saber tooth tiger I heard they taste really good
Bella  Wright
Bella Wright Month ago
It's official...Jon B is the Only Grown Up in the Bunch...he gets more views on his own.
Outdoor Boy
Outdoor Boy Month ago
OCDive 21
OCDive 21 Month ago
Flair stop saying Boney Apple Feet, getting super old
Savino Renteria
Savino Renteria Month ago
Robert Kimpel
Robert Kimpel Month ago
You like just introduced the truck and now you’re going to give it away 😂
Dennis Gotcher
Dennis Gotcher Month ago
Rocky mountain oysters and whale sperm.
Chuco Fishing
Chuco Fishing Month ago
Is that a 3 fooooter
Chuco Fishing
Chuco Fishing Month ago
Grab it by the fangs peric please !!!
Chuco Fishing
Chuco Fishing Month ago
If I win can I take flair blabber stupid face off the truck id rather have peric as annoying as he is lol jk love all you guys
Jay Bird
Jay Bird Month ago
cooked soft shell turtle....
Michael Couture
Michael Couture Month ago
This whole video got on my nerves. I understand eating things for meat, and that just being a part of life, but those were two tiny rattlesnakes. I also cringed at the mulleted guy saying "we'd bring home every snake we saw on the road". What other animal is that okay to do with? I'm sure there are regulations on just killing snakes/turtles/etc.. for eating. Even fish require a license. This video lacked any reason for killing those rattlesnakes, as well as absolutely zero information on the species or regulations concerning harvesting them. It's just a click-bait, sensationalist title.
Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller 2 days ago
It will kill you and your kids, that's why you kill and eat it first.
Alex M.
Alex M. Month ago
7:54 science😂
Wild Yosa
Wild Yosa Month ago
Anybody know what kind of mic Wes uses?
Wilderness Boys
Wilderness Boys Month ago
Eat a fox
Zach The Fisherman
Damn it now I wanna try snake
John Sutherlin
John Sutherlin Month ago
He looks like Obey_Nicks
Michael C
Michael C Month ago
I would only unwrap Flair’s face off that truck...👍🏼😂
Randy Dale
Randy Dale Month ago
You guys should do a two week fishing or hunting trip with you guys some of use dont have much money but we love. Your guys videos make it easy for the ones that dont have much money . im poor I would love to hang with you guys
Stephen Likes Everything
Come to az and try javelina
Patrick Bazin
Patrick Bazin Month ago
You guys need to try prairie oysters!!!!
Hassan raad Abotizze99
dick catch clean cook
North Carolina
North Carolina Month ago
I'm waiting for Rob to give away his ol ladys 4runner. Thing is sick
Xbridgeman1975x Month ago
Mullet Man! Eat Goooood!!
Mike Becker
Mike Becker Month ago
Nice try on a stache AP.
Wild Yosa
Wild Yosa Month ago
I feel like flair and mullet man were a match made in heaven. More collabs between those 2
Zack Carter
Zack Carter Month ago
It’s a miracle a rattle snake that doesn’t bite at all 😂 @peric
Now do a video catching them too
Fishing4sure Fishing4sure
You should cook bobcat
Nathan Tavaglione
Best catch and cook so far.
jermo fishing
jermo fishing Month ago
I need a flair rod and reel combo
dhock75 Month ago
It is called nerves not reflex’s
Corey Sage
Corey Sage Month ago
Northern Outdoors
Catch and cook bobcat
terry ducote
terry ducote Month ago
Yall should catch and cook trouser trout next. I'm sure Flair can locate them
Colby Golson
Colby Golson Month ago
Kill and cook : ELK
Jack Townsend
Jack Townsend Month ago
ay i just ate a snake last night, 4'2" black rat snake
Jordan Caldeira
Jordan Caldeira Month ago
Next we need a armadillo catch & cook.
hean sengkimhor
hean sengkimhor Month ago
What about rat !?!?!
Silas Horton
Silas Horton Month ago
You guys should try groundhog
Jake Washburn
Jake Washburn Month ago
I’m with flare I would not touch that thing no thank you
Jack O'Connor
Jack O'Connor Month ago
skunk catch and cook
Mark Jurgens
Mark Jurgens Month ago
Snake don’t really have parts but if I were gunna start eating one I’d start with its knee
Joshua Lafond
Joshua Lafond Month ago
Peric is looking a little greasy. His nose is gleaming.
Patrick luft
Patrick luft Month ago
Hate to here it but peric is not the brightest bulb
Calvin And Hobbes Bear
Some people shouldn't have mustaches.
Mickey G
Mickey G Month ago
Prairie Oyster = Ask OutLaw to set you up with some
Jonathan K
Jonathan K Month ago
Cow shit?
Jake Golbeck
Jake Golbeck Month ago
Love the catch and cooks
Byerboys Outdoors
Perics nose is still longer than that snake lol
Byerboys Outdoors
Watched this 3 days ago on mullet man's channel lol
pmhops77 Month ago
Totally jealous! I've heard rattlesnake is amazing, but they're hard to find in KY lol...
gooksecki Month ago
googan squad needs to recruit mullet man asap!
gooksecki Month ago
is that googan tundra awd? or rwd?
Officer Steinert
It’s either a coyote or a cat take your pick flair
Ryan Becker
Ryan Becker Month ago
Are you guys still doing the sign and return on merch if we send it in, with a return address?
Brandon Lankford97
I just watched flairs vid of him shaking in his boots to pick up a Gardner snake now rattle snakes🤔
Kenny Kocian
Kenny Kocian Month ago
First 10 seconds already a dislike cause of peric lol
Calvin H.
Calvin H. Month ago
Next time only cook snakes that size for no more than 15 minutes on a preheated grill. And I think the next challenge should 100% be Coyote.
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