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I might as well just react to every single song off of this album.This is the intro track "Premonition" from his new album Music To Be Murdered By. I'm kinda freaking out over here. How are you guys feeling about the album so far?
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I'm a fat, white RUvid rapper and damn proud of it. Welcome to the Crypt show.
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Jan 16, 2020




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Comments 100
Crypt 8 months ago
Mobil3 Us3r
Mobil3 Us3r 6 months ago
JJ Daze
JJ Daze 7 months ago
Crypt Does that quote on the board behind you translate to "Fuck bitches, Get Money?" lol
Central Matrix
Central Matrix 7 months ago
React to yah yah
Bradley Amos
Bradley Amos 8 months ago
@Shane XCS spoilers
Alan Cannon
Alan Cannon 8 months ago
Coming after U like the letter V is also a V for vendetta reference duh
Sam Amez
Sam Amez 7 days ago
Is ‘gold’ , ‘ platinum’ status still as important now that record sales, in the traditional sense, no longer mean shit
Allen Clawson
Allen Clawson 19 days ago
You gonna react to thee rest of this album!!
Matthew Land11
Matthew Land11 20 days ago
When em says he coming after you like the letter V, I thought it was about V for Vendetta
Wasted Generation
Wasted Generation 28 days ago
Lmao I noticed when the beat dropped the camera was shaking
Vile Ink
Vile Ink Month ago
The album "Bad" is from LL Cool J ,Em's favorite rapper ever
Lani Wrothman
Lani Wrothman Month ago
BAD - Bigger And Deafer by LL COOL J, Rated 2.5 by Rolling Stones
DonnerK Month ago
Crypt I love how you randomly shout what you say, its unique and is funny too, please keep doing that 😂
Good Bye
Good Bye 2 months ago
You get mad at yourself for catching things slow. Meanwhile, majority of your fan base only catch things after you. Don’t worry about it lol. Impressive mental speed as always (mostly)
Marquel Johnson
Marquel Johnson 2 months ago
Yah yah
Random 2 months ago
4:12 Who Is That? Is That Skylar Grey?
Saaim Shah
Saaim Shah 2 months ago
It's sad that u come to ur favourite reactors channel expecting them to break ur fav songs down but half of the stuff just fly's over their head.
Jonathan Provenzano
Jonathan Provenzano 2 months ago
Revival 4x platinum
Jacob Keet
Jacob Keet 2 months ago
Also incase you didnt catch it notice the first letters for each sentence in this after he spells out goat I was the G. The O.A.T Once i was played in rotation, At every radio station They said im lyrically amazing
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh 3 months ago
Do yah yah
Corvo 654
Corvo 654 3 months ago
Yo please listen to mesus the white sin I think everyone should listen to this song
Sergio Camici
Sergio Camici 3 months ago
Revival is platinum.
Mark Hammond
Mark Hammond 3 months ago
He calls a woman a b**** and then he has a problem with some of Eminem's lines throughout this album. Big fan but I don't get that.
Iheart football
Iheart football 3 months ago
Eminem "marsh" react to that
myles reynolds
myles reynolds 3 months ago
Why haven't you reacted to those kinda knights
The bad album by ll cool j
Elton Mckinley
Elton Mckinley 3 months ago
You gotta do lock it up darkness an no regrets if you haven't already. Prob my 3 fave songs of the album. A lot of hidden stuff
Jamie 3 months ago
James Brown references not Michael Jackson
神42TheOne 3 months ago
I honestly think he only did the Alfred thing cause he's rich his middle name is Bruce how could you not tbh😂😂
Sergio Camici
Sergio Camici 4 months ago
Revival is platinum.
blaze 4 months ago
Venom suits this album
Caine Hawkins
Caine Hawkins 4 months ago
BAD is an acronym for LL Cool Js album Bigger And Deffer
Garry G
Garry G 5 months ago
He didn't catch u v bar
Nigel Kotahatuhaha
Nigel Kotahatuhaha 5 months ago
You know i think that wasn’t bad when you put an album and sold 4million. I mean that’s a big number for an album sellin’ and this man said that was bad sellin’? Really em?!🤣
Iyce Phoenixx
Iyce Phoenixx 5 months ago
7:42 Like Nickelback with rock? 😂
anirudh rijal
anirudh rijal 5 months ago
Slim shady is g.o.a.t
anirudh rijal
anirudh rijal 5 months ago
Slim shady is g.o.a.t
BulletProof 6 months ago
And V is shaped like an arrow!
David Reiten
David Reiten 6 months ago
Bruh watching this and No life Shaq makes my mind 🤯🤯. Y’all break it down so well
Donnie Boii
Donnie Boii 6 months ago
And you shouldve kept that bass homie🔥🔥
Donnie Boii
Donnie Boii 6 months ago
One of the best intros on any Eminem album EVER🔥🔥🔥
Instinct 04
Instinct 04 6 months ago
"he slit someones throat... A bitch" dude wth
Zim Zam
Zim Zam 6 months ago
Revival is PLATINUM
Jaykay 6 months ago
Alfred Hitchckock
Geoff Savage
Geoff Savage 6 months ago
@CRPYT He spelled GOAT twice , "once i was the G.O.A.T' Ônce i was played in rotation, ÃT every radio station T I FORGOT THAT PART , BUT GO BACK AND STUDY he fucking murdered this album, the most genius shit ive heard from em yet and ive studied bar for bar for years @CRYPT
Wicked Moto
Wicked Moto 6 months ago
at one point i felt an old flow back from his "yellow brick road" song. WAY WAY WAY back in the day 90s em or very very early 2000s em i can't remember it's been so long ago now
Bismark Anloadey
Bismark Anloadey 6 months ago
crypt: i dont know, did Juice world record this song before dying? me: really? u really asking this question?
dennis pugh
dennis pugh 6 months ago
Only bar I didn't get was that "I got more hooks in me than swaylee?" Can someone explain lol?
Logistic Tuna
Logistic Tuna 6 months ago
Sway has a lot of song hooks. People have hooks in Em trying to pull him in all directions.
dennis pugh
dennis pugh 6 months ago
Please please please finish reacting to this album!! There so many more incredible tracks 🔥🔥🔥
claUsTf18 7 months ago
Crypt ,where's the I will reaction?
Pvpv Oscvr Limv
Pvpv Oscvr Limv 7 months ago
DalenPotato 7 months ago
We hate Brady because he is insanely good and plays for a team that’s good. The same is for Em. He is one of the (if not the) best ever. I personally love Eminem, but I know people who don’t quite like him.
1 hour Loop songs
1 hour Loop songs 7 months ago
Yo the that’s what they gave bad back in the day bar flew way over your head. It was a double entendre. It was what you said and, one of the things that sparked the beef with em and benzine was because when the source magazine was a thing benzine gave em 2.5 mics on his album.
Dante Alighieri
Dante Alighieri 7 months ago
That whole song is 🔥
tonyroid1 7 months ago
I bet you know by know but in case. Bad was an LL COOL J album. Notice he says "James", LL'S name. Fun fact.. LL is the longest running rapper in the game. Great reaction Young Jedi.
Anna Herget
Anna Herget 7 months ago
You gotta keep listening to it to like it
Danny HillJr
Danny HillJr 7 months ago
Bad was LL cool Js album (ll cool j real name is james) which is why he said if it happens to james it can happen to shady
Farnaws Khojastehfar
Why aren't you reacting to other songs?
Aryan 619
Aryan 619 7 months ago
React to "i will"
Oo oO
Oo oO 7 months ago
Starts at 0325 your welcome
Chris Kerr
Chris Kerr 7 months ago
Turn this base down? Turn the muthafucka up!!!
Benchwarmer 7 months ago
Man Crypt should've reacted to I Will
Zeke Lara
Zeke Lara 7 months ago
He was talking about James Brown's bad album not Michael Jackson since they hated on his album not one particular song
Adam Macias
Adam Macias 7 months ago
I think it’s funny how no one understood the BaD reference from LL Cool J. His name is James so he was talking about how he’s the modern day LL Cool J but literally better in every way. He’s surpassing even one of the greats that he mentioned in interviews inspired him to rap in the beginning.
Doc BBQ 7 months ago
You should check out Lock It up ft Anderson Paak on that album. its fire.
Jamie 7 months ago
Denaun is Mr Porter, Kon Artist of D12
Sean Larson
Sean Larson 7 months ago
Revival went platinum just not the first week it dropped
Attila 7 months ago
I thought it was Bad by James Todd Smith which is LL COOL J
Ry Mac
Ry Mac 7 months ago
Good reaction, great quality, keep it up bro!. And Please teach your boy scru face how to make a RUvid vid with good quality, Have you listened to his reactions? It amazes me that he hasnt fixed the music quality, hook him up for the fans! 😎
Aaron's Reptiles
Aaron's Reptiles 7 months ago
Its not a michael jackson reference its an LL Cool J Reference. bigger n deffer or his "BAD" album got 2.5 stars and if it can happen to james it can happen to shady. James todd smith is LL Cool J So he is saying if it can happen to one of the pioneers of rap it can happen to him
parker? 7 months ago
Marsh and Little Engine are two of my favorites that aren’t Premonition, Unaccomodating, Godzilla, and You Gon Learn
Ken Mon
Ken Mon 7 months ago
Young maaaa lol M..A...
Justin 7 months ago
I was the G the OAT Once I was played in rotation At every radio station They said I'm lyrically amazing Crazy.
Shadow Suave
Shadow Suave 7 months ago
This could be a reach, but alphabetically Marshall would be right before Nick 🤯 haha
Aquiles Vailo
Aquiles Vailo 7 months ago
"I'm coming after U like the letter V" BARRRSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien 2 months ago
That one line u can hear it and memorize but not get it unti lu really think about how clever it is. Thats why he is the best lyracist.
BrrColdHandZ 7 months ago
V for vendetta is also a movie reference
El Drifto
El Drifto 7 months ago
Denaun is Kon Artis/Mr Porter
sparda9060 7 months ago
A lot of the beats on this album sounds like something that would be used in a rap battle.... This has to be on purpose cuz hes fucking firing full throttle on this album.
sparda9060 7 months ago
If Eminem is the Rap God... Then that makes Slim Shady the Rap Devil.... Hmm where does that put Marshal and Marsh at?
Omer Astrahan
Omer Astrahan 7 months ago
BAD= Bigger and Deffer LL Cool J album
I am Dubbey
I am Dubbey 7 months ago
Did crypt say peace or penis
Kalani 7 months ago
This dude really said : 🐿
addyzNxanyzz 7 months ago
Bro the uv line is like a quintuple entauntra
Mental Maud
Mental Maud 7 months ago
Eminem is the Shakespeare of this generation, the word play, the double & triple entendres. I’ve always maintained that and always will. He is a lyrical genius 🔥
Sand Eater
Sand Eater 7 months ago
Is this song a continuation of Kim listen to. The beginning of this and the end of Kim by Eminem of course
CoMpleXCS 7 months ago
Any piece of literature: *Exists* English teachers: 10:30
Ernest Thomas
Ernest Thomas 7 months ago
And he talking about ll cool j im bad song
Jas Chana
Jas Chana 7 months ago
@crypt "I'm coming after you like the letter 'v'.." Could also be a reference to "v" for vendetta... You know you're done when the "v" is after you.
Abdul Way
Abdul Way 7 months ago
LL cool j bad
Feregan Fortuin
Feregan Fortuin 7 months ago
crypt i love your videos please make a video of stepdad
Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee 7 months ago
This track along with *(Godzilla)* continues to prove you can get Lyrical🎶on a *Badass Beat🔊* Giving listeners an option to just Groove to the *Beat🔊* or pay Attention to the Lyrics🎶
Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee 7 months ago
When it comes to the *juice wrld* feature I thought you would point out the timing is even more Awkward. Since you did *Everything Wrong with (Nick Cannon's) Diss* where one of his guy said they should have traded *Juice wrld for Eminem and hear juice wrld* who was a big fan of *Eminem* is a feature on one of his tracks👏
jay roccc
jay roccc 7 months ago
He referenced Bad from LL cool j
Billy Lightning
Billy Lightning 7 months ago
V For Vendetta is what I took from the alphabet bar🤷‍♂️
pete cook
pete cook 7 months ago
LL reference not my...LL second album BAD
Luke Sullivan
Luke Sullivan 7 months ago
LMAO at the end 11:45 it sounded like he said penis🤣🤣🤣
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor 7 months ago
BAD album refers to ll cool js bigger and deffer album
No One
No One 7 months ago
I was the * G, the O-A-T * O nce I was played in rotation * A t every radio station * T hey said I'm lyrically amazing There is something wrong with this man
Frederic Fortier
Frederic Fortier 7 months ago
gotta do darkness asap!!
IV Production
IV Production 7 months ago
Alright Crypt I don't know how often you go back and read your comments but I will say that I am a new fan of yours since the Nick Cannon Invitation and last Friday when Eminem suddenly dropped this album I couldn't wait to hear your responses... But sadly with my schedule I did have to wait for my day off to do so. But in to meantime I've listened to this album probably a good 4 times; and I gotta say while it is SUPER DARK and Controversial I am Loving every bit of it. And you response to just the intro is Hilarious! And I can't wait to watch the rest.
P Sensei
P Sensei 7 months ago
Bad reference is b.a.d album bigger and deffer by ll cool j james todd which also got 2.5 in rolling stone mag
Christopher McMillan
Never love again reaction would be cool
Michael Logsdon
Michael Logsdon 8 months ago
disappointed on the lack of knowledge of Alfred Hitchcock
Nick Mitchell
Nick Mitchell 8 months ago
At the end there, I swear there was a mention of eulogy, anyone else? @Crypt
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