Ranking EVERY Marvel Movie | Teens vs. Adults

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We had teens and adults rank every Marvel movie and the results are pretty wild! Play along at home and let us know what you think about our Reactors MCU rankings! tiermaker.com/create/mcufilmsuptoendgame-9455
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Thor - Trailer (OFFICIAL)
Captain America: The First Avenger - Trailer
Marvel's The Avengers- Trailer (OFFICIAL)
New Avengers Trailer Arrives - Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer 2 ruvid.net/video/video-MZoO8QVMxkk.html
Marvel's Captain America: Civil War - Trailer 2
Airport Battle Part 1 - Captain America Civil War
Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2
Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers
"Thor: Ragnarok" Official Trailer
Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Official Trailer
Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer
Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer
Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame | “To the End”
SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Trailer
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Ranking EVERY Marvel Movie | Teens vs. Adults


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Mar 29, 2020




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Comments 100
Willy Pierre
Willy Pierre 10 hours ago
First avenger is S what the hell are they talking about
Jayden Fontaine
Ragnorok is S teir endgame is not, just admit it
I like nougat
I like nougat 2 days ago
Unpopular opinion: Civil War is among my least favorite Marvel movies
Death Watch
Death Watch 3 days ago
This is not all the marvel movies it's alll the mcu movies
Whooosh If small brain
I don’t actually like winter soldier that much. I think it’s ok but not the best. Don’t attack me
Winter Soldier should be in s tier, Captain Marvel should be in D or C. Thor Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy 1 should be in A tier
Jack O'Connor
Jack O'Connor 9 days ago
Come on man the winter soldier is definitely S tier for me
Lucky Aromantic Alien
Civil War is a low B Tier in my opinion because it didn't affect the universe that much, I found the story mediocre, and it had so much potential but it felt like there wasn't any stakes... the only characters that cared about the conflict were Cap, Iron Man, and Bucky. It didn't really feel like a CIVIL WAR... I'm a big fan of the comic series because it actually felt like a war with real stakes.
SN0WZZ 11 days ago
Although it my favorite Marvel movie, I see where the haters are taking their opinions at.
TheBeaverInHD 17 days ago
When you put Captain Marvel on the same level as Winter Soldier, and above The First Avenger I’m pretty sure
in my humble opinion... civil war is very overrated
Sxm 20 days ago
Why r people worshipping the mcu in this video
Nirvana Céleste
Nirvana Céleste 20 days ago
where did you find such tasteless people???
Cocat Gaming
Cocat Gaming 23 days ago
If someone puts Ant Man at the bottom, I will be disappointed.
Giff Fam
Giff Fam 24 days ago
Endgame is the best. I have seen infinity war like 4 times and i dont really want to watch anymore. endgame has the most scenes of the avengers safe house and stan lee's last marvel movie is endgame and even though endgame is 3 hours i can still watch it again. iron mans suit is so cool and its also captain americas last marvel film plus he lifts thors hammer and he has his dream with peggy his love and he says avengers assemble with every marvel superhero and armies like asgards army and people like wong and doctor strange and other armies. To make a hyped 3 hours long and a five star movie where all the avengers has turned to dust is very very very hard to make
i BoardOverDose
i BoardOverDose 25 days ago
whos here after black panther died?😢
Harry Collins
Harry Collins 25 days ago
Age of ultron better then winter soldier you should have gone for the head and age of ultron is not skippabel
Harry Collins
Harry Collins 25 days ago
I disagree with the teens putting winter soldier at b it deserves easily S
Justin Pettas
Justin Pettas 26 days ago
They really said that guardians of the galaxy is S just because of the soundtrack 🤦‍♂️
Kamikaze Lokison
gotg v2 is S+. prove me wrong.
Alejandro Arias
Alejandro Arias Month ago
Doctor strange an S? 😟
Iccy AU
Iccy AU Month ago
Comments: 90% Arguing about winter soldier 10% Captain Marvel Me just wondering why aren’t all of them S TIER THEY ARE ALL GOOD
Art_by_Callie Month ago
I like Marvel a little too much so every one is and s tier for me except for.. Ant man Ant man and the wasp Thor Thor dark world Captain Marvel Doctor strange I would love to hear y'alls' opinions though!
zero six
zero six Month ago
captain marvel is a Z. trash af
Destiny Bedoya
Destiny Bedoya Month ago
Avengers endgame was the bond
Destiny Bedoya
Destiny Bedoya Month ago
A for the black panther
AbhiG Covers
AbhiG Covers 2 months ago
Where is logan and Spider-Man trilogy...
MEMENZO 2007 2 months ago
That isn’t marvel cinematic universe
Adrian Estacio
Adrian Estacio 2 months ago
"we have jobs" was totally savage
Robert Holbrook
Robert Holbrook 2 months ago
These people are idiots terrible rankings the ant man films are awesome just like winter soldier and guardians 1 and 2 are fantastic
MEMENZO 2007 2 months ago
And they put captain marvel so high just because it’s women empowering
AugustAPC 2 months ago
Civil War was way overrated for me. After the hype from the big battle wore off, the story just with Zemo was awful. It's a B for me.
Freakin' Epic!
Freakin' Epic! 2 months ago
TIL: people didn't like Ant Man and the Wasp. I had that A tier.
Grant Paulsen
Grant Paulsen 2 months ago
Endgame should not be that high
SN0WZZ 11 days ago
Endgame is like the middle for me, not the worst but I only enjoyed the last 30 minutes of the movie. 12th place for me.
منوعات عربية
FBE should Have Really Stop Using Mavel Fans For Views with There Terrible lists lol they laterlly made like 5 or 6 videos about marvel movies ranking lists AND THERE NO A SINGLE TRUE MARVEL FAN FROM THIER REACTORS ffs
José Ignacio Pacheco
Jamie Agass
Jamie Agass 2 months ago
The first Avengers movie isn’t getting enough love, I would personally put it in S tier.
Jamie Agass
Jamie Agass 2 months ago
Everyone in the comments is complaining how Winter Soldier should have been in S tier, where I would personally put it in C tier. My S tier would be Endgame, Infinity War, The Avengers, Civil War and GOTG.
GhXst X kXng
GhXst X kXng 2 months ago
My favorite movie is either Thor the dark world or AoU because I really like malikeith from the comics
Bajah Fam
Bajah Fam 2 months ago
7:54 “It revolved around an infinity stone more” -Guardians of the Galaxy, The First Avenger, Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, Age of Ultron.. have left the chat
_ androo _
_ androo _ 2 months ago
Now do DC 😐
trendy regent
trendy regent 2 months ago
Guardians rule
Glocomo Toast
Glocomo Toast 2 months ago
Poor Ed Norton. He tried to make the Hulk good. He tried to make it on the same level of the Dark Knight, but Marvel insisted on making it heavy on action and so cheesy. And then HE GOT FIRED! Marvel should have listened to Edward Norton and let him have creative control. He is a F-ING GENIUS!
Christopher Ramirez
Christopher Ramirez 2 months ago
Middle won
atomic underpants
atomic underpants 2 months ago
Sharon i am norwegian too🇧🇻🇧🇻🇧🇻🇧🇻🇧🇻
Anissa Bulan
Anissa Bulan 2 months ago
Winter Soldier is on another superior level, the disrespect tho
TGG Pangolin Productions
Say , Doctor strange is only one to focus around infinity stone. Lets see Guardians-Power Avengers-Space Ultron-Mind First Avenger-Space Dark World-Reality
Arch Robertson
Arch Robertson 2 months ago
I am mentally emotionally, and physically hurt by the placeing of winter soldier it is the best movie ever
lil big kid
lil big kid 2 months ago
Putting guardians of the galaxy and Captain Marvel in the same tier it’s just wrong
GODABBAS 2 months ago
mattee 2 months ago
bruh these ratings are cracked
Fiona Chong
Fiona Chong 2 months ago
Noooooooooooo Winter Soldier had all my Romanogoerssssss
7 Eggs
7 Eggs 3 months ago
Where’s venom
Dmitri Shaw
Dmitri Shaw 3 months ago
They should have released Black Widow before Captian Marvel bc Captian Marvel was trash and gave a bad look on Marvel women
Dmitri Shaw
Dmitri Shaw 3 months ago
Ok but even Thor: the dark world was better then Captian Marvel
Josiah Miller
Josiah Miller 3 months ago
10:32 black panther?
Peter Finney
Peter Finney 3 months ago
Guardians vol 2 deserves more RESPECT. I can ACCEPT A HIGH B TIER but it is not a C TIER.
J Zillion
J Zillion 3 months ago
I’m not tryna be mean but this tier list is TRASH
Josh Bennett
Josh Bennett 3 months ago
And they are disrespecting avengers 1 so hard bro
Josh Bennett
Josh Bennett 3 months ago
How do you put doctor strange at number 3 what in front of winter solder and avengers 1 and 4
ZeKe Icy
ZeKe Icy 3 months ago
Captain Marvel is a B tier for me
Albaraa 3 months ago
Capatin Marvel is C tier at best
Albaraa 3 months ago
Ragnarok is S tier
Josh Wukong
Josh Wukong 3 months ago
The teens and adult d tier is trash. Their c tier is trash. Their b tier is trash their a tier is trash
ZeKe Icy
ZeKe Icy 3 months ago
13:43 he’s flipping them off for putting doctor strange low
Livy Smart
Livy Smart 3 months ago
yo what winter soldier is literally my 2nd fav
Adrian Polanco
Adrian Polanco 3 months ago
I know the fans didn’t compare The First Avenger to Winter Soldier and Civil War by ranking all 3 Cap films at B tier🤦🏻‍♂️
Brayden Loves Movies
Am I the only one that thinks Ant-Man and the Wasp is at least a B?
Marvel-ous Potterhead
Winter Soldier was an easy 'S'. They messed that up bad.
AnonymousAssasin 3 months ago
Guys...Stop being mad at people's opinion..everyone has a different taste so..dont be mad
Nothing just noting
Nothing just noting 3 months ago
The best thing in caption marvel is samual l Jackson
Muhammad G
Muhammad G 3 months ago
15:44 OMG same broski!
Ryan 3 months ago
Why does it say react on the computers because that is a channel:|
TGG Pangolin Productions
and dark world talked all about a stone. And Avengers was about two
Ella BvB
Ella BvB 3 months ago
I love that all these comments are complaining about how low winter soldier is
A_g18 3 months ago
winter soldier is a top 3 mcu movie bro
Toby White
Toby White 3 months ago
Rip Winter soldier. I think just as good as civil war
TOHJAH GREEN 3 months ago
captain marvel is a bad movie and her character shouldn’t exist.
Hamish Tiltman
Hamish Tiltman 4 months ago
All 3 of these lists hurt me
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz 4 months ago
I would give winter soldier a A+
Malsz Everywhere
Malsz Everywhere 4 months ago
Different people have different taste so i don't mind if they think different from we thought so i'm just gonna watcj this without judging or smthg Watch*
Sam Shipp
Sam Shipp 4 months ago
Guardians of the galaxy on b is an opinion I don’t understand I believe that movie is a tier on par with end game and incredible movie
neve the enby
neve the enby 4 months ago
i’m happy to see that everyone in the comments are in agreement on the winter soldier
Silver Spider 101
Silver Spider 101 4 months ago
A movie isn’t good because of girl power, a movie is a good movie because it’s a good movie😂
Josh Wukong
Josh Wukong 4 months ago
Why does the kid give ragnarok at b but black panther is less better. And if it had a tier moments wouldn't it be an a tier movie but give it a b. Wow these guys suck at doing tier lists
Josh Wukong
Josh Wukong 4 months ago
How is ant man and the wasp under captain marvel and just because it's a girl movie does not always mean it's amazing. And why is winter soldier so low. Are these guys even marvel fans
Dozor. Smerti
Dozor. Smerti 4 months ago
That guy said that it was more about the infinity stones then other avenger moviesLIKE 90% WHERE ABOUT THE INFINITY STONES
Hydro Ghost
Hydro Ghost 4 months ago
Come on Endgame is better than infinity war it was the the best movie of 2019 I mean come on
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz 4 months ago
For me endgame is my favorite marvel movie
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz 4 months ago
@Han Solo lol
Han Solo
Han Solo 4 months ago
The best movie of 2019 is the rise of skywalker
Jack Sonia
Jack Sonia 4 months ago
No one is gonna talk about 5:56 that was golden
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz 4 months ago
iron man 2 is not a b
Ricogel Esguerra
Ricogel Esguerra 4 months ago
What is that?? a B for Thor Ragnarok maybe a A or S for sure
DancingCucumber 4 months ago
The original Avengers is the best mcu movie in my opinion.
Emil Nunez
Emil Nunez 4 months ago
The only reason cpt marvel is important is because they introduce the skrulls, and THATS a game changer
Driftui 4 months ago
Can’t be a super fan when you put captain marvel above c
Rosie Stevenson
Rosie Stevenson 4 months ago
Dark world isn't that bad. Yeah it's one of the not so strong films. But to me It's fine. Loki in that film is incredible.
bubbazwezzy_707 4 months ago
I feel like every mcu movie is s tier
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz 4 months ago
majdzet 4 months ago
the disrespect in these lists
Sudeep Santhosh
Sudeep Santhosh 4 months ago
are there no dc fans in react ??? I love dc I would want a dc version
Thomas benedict Dasco
Winter Soldier Was always been a S tier
Mulu Roba
Mulu Roba 4 months ago
There is not going to be a black widow movie because she died in endgame
rene vasquez
rene vasquez 4 months ago
Thor the dark world is the most forgettable movie in the mcu.
Marcus Purcell
Marcus Purcell 4 months ago
The kids are clueless putting winter soldier so low! And the Norwegian woman is downright embarrassing
Zachary Trevino
Zachary Trevino 2 months ago
mac p And having Thor Ragnarok at B
Liyla H
Liyla H 4 months ago
tws is one of the best marvel films ever created
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