Ranking EVERY Legendary and Mythical Pokémon From Worst to Best

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Legendary and mythical Pokemon are a popular topic of discussion amongst fans, and rightfully so. From Mewtwo to the newly revealed Zeraora, there are legendaries of all shapes and sizes, and they're obviously some of the most powerful Pokemon in the games. Today I've decided to go ahead and rank EVERY legendary and mythical Pokemon (in my own opinion) from worst to best, and give you my thoughts about all of them! I've never really seriously considered who are my least favorite legendaries or my most favorite, so this was a fun video to make! I hope you enjoy it!
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Comments 80
Samsonian DaBeast
I don’t THINK darkrai should be that place because the shiny is great.Mewtwo should be 1 place
Merc Solo
Merc Solo 7 days ago
The fact that you pronounce Rayquaza’s name the same way I do instead of “Ruh-Quay-Zuh” makes me happy 😊
its applesauce
its applesauce 10 days ago
Aden Mcmahan
Aden Mcmahan Month ago
I love regigas, that one broke my heart
Dylan Hilts
Dylan Hilts Month ago
This is literally such a terrible list it’s almost comical
Maniac 2 months ago
typenull is not a legendary pokemon
Jirachi star
Jirachi star 3 months ago
Top 5 legendaries 5:Regirock 4:Kyuram 3:Zekrom 2:Dialga 1:Riakou
Jirachi star
Jirachi star 3 months ago
I actually think Regirock should be the trio master.
Itz Hasman
Itz Hasman 3 months ago
*when u lik a lot of of Pokemon on this list* ummmm
ZachofBeetroots 3 months ago
My brother was playing Pokémon Brick Bronze (a Roblox Pokémon game) was surfing to the last city and then he encountered a roaming legendary, Terrakion. But he didn't have any pokeballs so he killed it.
jamasa 007
jamasa 007 3 months ago
Keldeo isn't a master
prachi sharma
prachi sharma 3 months ago
My top 10 is almost same as your top 10 but the positions are different
Zen *
Zen * 4 months ago
im sorry, i know, its your opinion at whatnot, but i just hate that "its a ripoff" reasoning.
ArthurTRead 5 months ago
idk who my favourite legendary is but my favourite mythical is meloetta, closely followed by zeraora
matthew galer
matthew galer 5 months ago
David Loisel
David Loisel 5 months ago
5:42 "it's cooler".
Jack Messier
Jack Messier 5 months ago
My top five are 5.entei 4.xearneas 3.palkia 2.articuno 1.zygarde
Bob Dill
Bob Dill 6 months ago
mans not even basing this on skill and power, just on how they look. Wack ranking
ChrisChi113 7 months ago
terrible shit list appreciate the video though
TheEnderDireWolf 7 months ago
*hears that Heatran is a legendary* Heatran is a legendary?... I thought it was a normal Pokemon...
Chinchilla General
Chinchilla General 7 months ago
If rotom phone's service isn't called Verizion what's the point
Mustaseem Daiyan
Mustaseem Daiyan 8 months ago
can't agree with rayquaza's low ranking
SuperKarolinaB 8 months ago
bleach y
bleach y 8 months ago
You had to call the video from the worst to best desing legendary or mythical pokemon
CinnamonRoll 8 months ago
Yes! My two bois shaymin and victini got top on the list back to back!! Yay!!
azura 8 months ago
Bless you, Thanks for ranking Jirachi, Victini, Mew, Marshadow and Shaymin so high up in this list owo
Dolores Rosas
Dolores Rosas 8 months ago
1) New 2) Yveltal 3) Zekrom 4) Siucine 5) Raikou
Dolores Rosas
Dolores Rosas 8 months ago
I love Mew
Theodore Heuchling
Theodore Heuchling 8 months ago
So you're saying that you like keldeo more than rayquaza and where is the primal forms and megas? *sigh*
Aaron James
Aaron James 9 months ago
My top 10 list: 1. Mewtwo 2. Kyogre 3. Groudon 4. Raikou 5. Zapdos 6. Zekrom 7. Mew 8. Yveltal 9. Registeel 10. Dialga
Noah Maldonado
Noah Maldonado 9 months ago
No, keldeo is not the trio master of the S.O.J, he is just a 4th member of the trio.
Malik Ammarazhar
Malik Ammarazhar 9 months ago
Entei has a mustache
Malik Ammarazhar
Malik Ammarazhar 9 months ago
Latias isn't a guy.
Mark Christenpaul
Mark Christenpaul 9 months ago
By watching this video I realized why you have only 97k subs. This was a very bad deduction imo.
Mark Christenpaul
Mark Christenpaul 9 months ago
Competitively, this list sucks. Good job though.
Noelle G.
Noelle G. 9 months ago
My favorite legendary is Reshiram and my favorite mythical is Victini since its so cuteeeee
Nate Conway-mulder
Nate Conway-mulder 9 months ago
Latias is my favourite Pokémon of all time
Nate Conway-mulder
Nate Conway-mulder 9 months ago
Rayquaza should be number 1
Nate Conway-mulder
Nate Conway-mulder 9 months ago
Kyogre should be higher
FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer
Just use a cheat to get Darkrai
Erick95 Gaming
Erick95 Gaming 9 months ago
Tapu Bulu Is absolute Trash
Alejandro Mend
Alejandro Mend 10 months ago
You're the first person I've seen and heard,that doesn't like zekrom😅😅😬😬
The Bots
The Bots 10 months ago
Tapu's aren't legendaries
Abijah Kish Retamal
Abijah Kish Retamal 10 months ago
Dude where is magicarp? It can defeat arceus and marshadow
Oresti Ismaili
Oresti Ismaili 10 months ago
3:02 that's racist hoops 😂
Oresti Ismaili
Oresti Ismaili 10 months ago
12:35 same thing with mewtwo in mewtwo returns movie and also Giovanni has bakuras voice in that movie so 😂
Dante Ramirez
Dante Ramirez 10 months ago
oh my god oh my god thank you so much for putting marshadow at the number spot
Elisha Caitlin
Elisha Caitlin 10 months ago
Articuno is a battling beast for me he is my favorite he looks sick aswell
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
H m:tapu fini metoweta rusharam jaraci deoxxis
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
My favorite 10.ucsi 9.mespret 8.cresselia 7.suecui 6.xurmues 5.peon 4.mewto 3.hoopa 2.shymen 1.mew
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
My fav l
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
Victeni dumb
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
Ho oh is dumb
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
Sogolao is dumb it's oreenge which is a color is hate
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
Darkri is stupid
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
Yeveltel is stupid it's not cool
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
It's arces not arseie
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
Magearna is ugly
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
Hoopa is so cute
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
I hate azelf it's stupid
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
Manapi is dumb peon is better
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
Tape bu bu is stupid
Ender kitty cat ender Pearl 171
Uxci is a mind reader that you idiot that's why uxci has its eyes closed!!!!!!
Endergamer 11 months ago
You forget white and black kryrum
T master 2006
T master 2006 11 months ago
Oh my god thank you! I've been wanting to know how meny legends and mythical Pokemon there where!!!
T master 2006
T master 2006 11 months ago
There are 68 legendarys and mithical Pokemon as of now.
yunuolu lu
yunuolu lu 11 months ago
what tapulala is my favorite tapu
yunuolu lu
yunuolu lu 11 months ago
what tapulala is my favorite tape
KNIGHT CRE3PX GAMING 11 months ago
The only sword of justice work in captions is virizon
Jip Oude Weernink
Regice is cooler... get it?
The Darkheart Violet
Marshadow is not a legendary or mithical pokemon
holy_ yikes
holy_ yikes Year ago
Pokemon Fan
Pokemon Fan Year ago
He is ginger. I am so happy!!👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰
Daniel K
Daniel K Year ago
my opinion 68. awful 67. awful 66. awful 65. ok 64. good 63. good 62. amazing 61. good 60. great 59. ok 58. good 57. good 56. great 55. ok 54. weird 53. great 52. good 51. great 50. good 49. good 48. good 47. great 46. awesome 45. meh 44. ok 43. good 42. ok 41. ok 40. good 39. great 38. great 37. meh 36. great 35. great 34. annoying 33. ok 32. best one on this list 31. great 30. awesome 29. good 28. good 27. great 26. good 25. used to hate it but now good 24. good 23. great 22. great 21. good 20. good 19. awesome 18. awesome 17. good 16. awesome 15. awesome 14. good 13. awesome 12. ok 11. great 10. cute and awesome 9. awesome 8. awesome 7. awesome 6.great 5. great 4. pretty nice 3. awesome 2. its a good pokemon but i dislike it because its overrated and ho oh is SOOOO much better 1. great
Diego Ríos
Diego Ríos Year ago
you have a shitty taste
KaratGaming Year ago
My favorite legendary is still Mewtwo. It's such a multi-purpose powerhouse and it's got a badass origin story, being Team Rocket's genetic masterpiece.
xxo ea
xxo ea Year ago
i agree with the last three especially was always fucking confused why they werent back to back on the pokedex... makes no damn sense
Curly Bug
Curly Bug Year ago
Dominic Maestas
Jirtini Wolf Studios
Yes! My victini got high on the list!
Ethan Drown
Ethan Drown Year ago
Mashadow’s eyes look like popstical sticks
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