Raising Cane's Full Menu Challenge!! (All 5 Combo Meals)

Matt Stonie
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Morgan & I asked for 50k Likes & 20k Comments, and you guys delivered! So, as promised (as if I wasn't going to do it anyways...) we are doing the Raising Cane's Full Menu Challenge!! All 5 Combo Meals in one sitting & finish as fast as I can!

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Nov 24, 2020




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Comments 100
ghostly_01 -_-
ghostly_01 -_- 46 minutes ago
Enjoy the food
Ab awal Hawlader
Ab awal Hawlader 48 minutes ago
how lucky his grandmother will be
Nuclear Satin
Nuclear Satin Hour ago
Nice diet coke with that 4 combos
at the edge of cosmos
Waiter: what would you like to have sir .... Matt : just bring two plates of everything you have
Happy Yana
Happy Yana Hour ago
Erie Priscilla
Erie Priscilla 2 hours ago
He doesn't eat the food the food eats him 😳😭
Talkative Yellow Toad
5:54 you know they’re in pain when the camera transitions from a still one to s moving one
Team Zodic
Team Zodic 2 hours ago
Did no one else hear the “DUH- DU- DUH- DU-“ android notification???
TLKthunder 2 hours ago
matt: eats an entire menu in 20 minute me: takes one day to eat a chicken strip
Anesta Barnett
Anesta Barnett 3 hours ago
Taste the food maan..
Collin P
Collin P 3 hours ago
Idk why but I watch people eat food when I’m hungry
ADAM TIGER 3 hours ago
you are laing you stop video and contenue eating in another day 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎your body small.. you cant eat all off that 😂😂
green Apple slimes
green Apple slimes 3 hours ago
i think is soo funny that there was an intense music at apple juice
Pavit Bhalla
Pavit Bhalla 3 hours ago
Matt's toilet: *_am_* *_I_* *_a_* *_joke_* *_to_* *_you?_*
Parky kid
Parky kid 4 hours ago
Dude this guy has to get so much pain to get millions of views
IM CRACKEDDD 2.0 4 hours ago
6:51 duh duh duh duh
Salahuddin Hussain
Salahuddin Hussain 5 hours ago
How does he not get full
Jose Velez
Jose Velez 5 hours ago
Spork 5 hours ago
I never knew someone could make apple juice look so intense
faqz i
faqz i 5 hours ago
I just ate but this made me hungry again
Everdeen Beech
Everdeen Beech 5 hours ago
FBI:FBI open up MATT:OK FBI AGENT:we got him boys the creator of maths
Mikael Serrano
Mikael Serrano 6 hours ago
Badlands chugs x Matt stonie
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 6 hours ago
Storm Martinez
Storm Martinez 6 hours ago
I wonder if you've ever bit your fingers really hard. I cringe thinking about it because I have and I cried lmao
Paul Massey
Paul Massey 6 hours ago
I always get the caniac, sub slaw for sauce, add 4 Texas toast.
Justin Caceres
Justin Caceres 6 hours ago
what we seewhen our dads eating
Ryan 6 hours ago
How much does he poop in one session
Justin Caceres
Justin Caceres 6 hours ago
hes so lucky he isnt alergic to anything
cqqx 7 hours ago
This just makes me really hungry
T4davesandwitch 7 hours ago
wait does he drink the ice
SMOKEY 6 hours ago
@T4davesandwitch oh, my bad. But yeah idk if he does or not cause when he slams the cup it sounds empty but imagine drinking all the ice tho
T4davesandwitch 7 hours ago
@SMOKEY no cause Morgan said that’s a lot of ice
SMOKEY 7 hours ago
I belive he either throws out the ice or asks for no ice
Aliza Mansuri
Aliza Mansuri 7 hours ago
Anyone else thinking if he got another drink instead of diet coke, the calories would have gone way up 🤔 👇
Malachi Barnes
Malachi Barnes 7 hours ago
I’m dead ik y’all heard the Samsung doo-do-do-do
Christian Robles
Christian Robles 8 hours ago
Raising Canes smacks so much🥵🥵
LGND exe
LGND exe 8 hours ago
Gotta love dem butt wipes
Rocket Boy
Rocket Boy 8 hours ago
Fishy Dude
Fishy Dude 8 hours ago
Jacob Monterrosa
Jacob Monterrosa 8 hours ago
Matt finished all of it in 22 minutes i finish 4 peace tenders in 32 mins
IM A FLOWER 8 hours ago
IM A FLOWER 8 hours ago
IM A FLOWER 8 hours ago
IM A FLOWER 8 hours ago
The Finer Things in Life
Where does he put it all?
Big Bruh
Big Bruh 2 hours ago
In his digestive system
Trey Knight
Trey Knight 8 hours ago
Best fast food restaurant ever
Bernabearz Gamer
Bernabearz Gamer 9 hours ago
A N D R O I D 3:58
Big Bruh
Big Bruh 2 hours ago
Oh no you are one of those
Mike Godin
Mike Godin 9 hours ago
Awesome job as usual Matt!
Ryder Bingus
Ryder Bingus 9 hours ago
I wish I can eat a fuck ton and still be skinny but if I eat are I gain 10 pounds
PRESTON123 Jesso
PRESTON123 Jesso 10 hours ago
Why do the cokes look like slushies and is raising canes in canada
Unko Oishi
Unko Oishi 10 hours ago
"...and last but not least. We got the kid's combo," "WITH... the apple juice" 0:50
MKS JONES 11 hours ago
How u don't gain weight
dreamz 11 hours ago
that looks so fucking good😫😫😫
Fahad 11 hours ago
RIP Toilet
Caio Sobroza
Caio Sobroza 12 hours ago
I love how he demonstrates all the foods and then makes it seem like the apple juice is the best one haha
Gacha Master
Gacha Master 12 hours ago
This is my favorite video because I love raising canes
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia 12 hours ago
NO SWEET TEA?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!
Retro Life
Retro Life 12 hours ago
It takes me that long to eat one meal 😅
Funny? Yes it is
Funny? Yes it is 12 hours ago
sirDutt 13 hours ago
Just tell them no ice stonie😭😭
Black Hawk
Black Hawk 13 hours ago
Lol fake
Black Hawk
Black Hawk 13 hours ago
Hey wanna see my speed eat
Nathan Li
Nathan Li 13 hours ago
Jesus christ he ate more here than I do in like 4 months
Dark User
Dark User 13 hours ago
Hey matt, can you try the indian style Briyani challenge 😅
JJD PERSO 13 hours ago
Iloveyou matt 💕
Nick Martinez
Nick Martinez 13 hours ago
How much does he work out to burn all that he ate
Big Bruh
Big Bruh 2 hours ago
He doesnt. Its 8000 calories and that takes about more than a week worth of intense workout
Christmas Saint Nick
How much did it cost
Damien Nepomuceno
Damien Nepomuceno 14 hours ago
Couldn’t he have just said “hey I’m Matt Stonie” then they’ll give you the whole menu
K1LL3R K4MZ 14 hours ago
I love his girlfriend is there watching him like 🤤 😋 I want some of that shit
Wali Ahmed
Wali Ahmed 15 hours ago
What toilet does he have
123 234
123 234 15 hours ago
Is that Tdkr ost😂😂
Mattnayr 15 hours ago
What's sad is that this guy can't enjoy anything he eats in these videos. He's just trying to shove it all down
John Doe
John Doe 15 hours ago
Yet, I'm over here and can't convince my parents to buy me a 10$ meal at mcdonalds
Isaiah Mamake
Isaiah Mamake 16 hours ago
Any one else not eat fries with ketchup when they get canes and instead dip in canes sauce
Yasir Ahmed
Yasir Ahmed 16 hours ago
I was eating canes while watching this lol
Jordan Bilbrey
Jordan Bilbrey 16 hours ago
i am hungry now XD
Legend Gotta Catch Em All
Do the full menu at Popeyes challenge.
Rodrigo Aaron Rogz
Rodrigo Aaron Rogz 17 hours ago
Try to watch ErikTheElectric he's better than him.
iiCloudy 17 hours ago
you didnt eat all the sauce
qtsgocrazy on twitch
he forgot about that party thing with about 100 chicken tenders in it
Yaboku 18 hours ago
Svetlana Aminova
Svetlana Aminova 18 hours ago
bra iam jealous
KainTulogBike 19 hours ago
Of course he picks the 'diet' coke
Sam Diab
Sam Diab 19 hours ago
Inigo Pantaleon
Inigo Pantaleon 19 hours ago
world record fastest to poop after world record eat
Ahmed Altheraawi
Ahmed Altheraawi 19 hours ago
The kids combo, with apple juice!
Morgan Chisholm
Morgan Chisholm 20 hours ago
Matt stonie isn’t the legend here his toilet is
Alex Fulong
Alex Fulong 20 hours ago
im hunry
Haider Ali
Haider Ali 22 hours ago
why he is not getting fatty
Lightning_ Clapz
Lightning_ Clapz 22 hours ago
If you go to 3:58 on time you can hear the Samsung tune not trying to be rude just thought it was a lil funny.
LerdyXBL 23 hours ago
3:58 the Samsung tho
Joe 23 hours ago
Yooo look at his gut. Hella round
Dragon king
Dragon king 23 hours ago
i wanna Challenge you to get 100 buger big mac and 30 fries if you can do that?
Dragon king
Dragon king 23 hours ago
oh yeah forgot it get 110 soda
Lxcid Day ago
Callie Dawn
Callie Dawn Day ago
Canes is too expensive
MateItsGaile Day ago
What did we learn? That raising cane needs to add more food on their menu
Ale Ray
Ale Ray Day ago
Abdiqani Yusuf
3:57 the Android I’m dead
zamp6969 Day ago
Can you imagine the size of the log he’s going to let loose later on 😂
ROBLOX Zidan Day ago
apple juice is the best
Dan G
Dan G Day ago
Bro you are a monster
Marty Lawrence
Wouldn't u have had dietbeaties by now?
Friend : who have the best life Le me : matt stonie
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