Rainbow Burnout Madness - Ford Victoria Breaks Donut Garage World Record

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www.hoonigan.com/ On today's episode of Build Breakdown, Manny F. brings his small block 51' Ford Victoria by the Donut Garage and he didn't come here to talk.

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Comments 80
Aaron Provin
Aaron Provin Year ago
holy shit he came to party
tattooed92 3 months ago
well he didn't come here to talk!
Michael I
Michael I 5 months ago
Holy shit balls , great balls of fukin fire
Bboy kidcombo1
Bboy kidcombo1 10 months ago
1mpr drift🙏😎👑😎🙏
Melanie Dunn
Melanie Dunn Year ago
Pedro gaming
Pedro gaming Year ago
rizZzo88 I can give you one of the best ones
Tony Aquiningoc
That is the baddest burnout u have ever had in the lot! You guys need to bring him back when he get done do the chop! Love this car! 😍😍😍😍
Vin Spin
Vin Spin 2 days ago
He needs to come back and walk it at the Burn Yard ASAP!!! 2yrs later still the best walk it burnouts I've ever seen
No one likes Jaystation
That was violently American and I love it
Liam Henderson
Liam Henderson 4 days ago
that is my favorite burtout you have done in years
Liam Jacobs
Liam Jacobs 5 days ago
You talk to much
Kastro 876
Kastro 876 5 days ago
I like how soothing the music was, how subtle the car looked, how vicious it sounded and how savage it looked hanging ass sideways while shitting out rainbow clouds... Manny's a legend alright...
mindy tsagris
mindy tsagris 6 days ago
Yes you are party ing!!!
Emeka Dlamini
Emeka Dlamini 6 days ago
What is the name of the into song ???
madscientist 666
madscientist 666 6 days ago
The sound remind me sound of a v8 speedboat
Corbin Elliot
Corbin Elliot 7 days ago
How many noise complaints do you guys get
YOUNES ZADI 8 days ago
lovely car, please don't chop it
Sekou Brown
Sekou Brown 10 days ago
you are a BAD MAN!!!
BUBBA Cannon
BUBBA Cannon 11 days ago
One of the most epic things I’ve seen in my life
Mr.Betto Bet
Mr.Betto Bet 11 days ago
He's not playin bout that rod
Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams 13 days ago
zachary Slover
zachary Slover 13 days ago
anyone can tell me the sunglasses the owner of the car had on, i’ll send you $40
world_wide_wes 17 days ago
What a legend! Discovering this gem in 2020
Hayden White
Hayden White 17 days ago
I tip my hat to ya manny, that was proper.
Juan CHINGON 21 day ago
Where can I get some your shirts/gear ??
Hooch 89
Hooch 89 22 days ago
Dude looks like Zeke from infamous
Dave Micolichek
Dave Micolichek 25 days ago
You KNOW a car is LOW when the front end is tubbed along with the rear.
Matt Moreau
Matt Moreau 25 days ago
It’s a Ford with Cadillac rims
Gabriel Gabro
Gabriel Gabro 28 days ago
I hate seeing them destroy it with a burnout. It really takes a tall on a car. Especially this one😭
Terry Smith
Terry Smith Month ago
Hell. Ya
Fat whale Man
Fat whale Man Month ago
We have a ‘54
MC Babinos
MC Babinos Month ago
And that kids is why we don't let doc Hudson drink too much gasoline !
Ben4TheWin Month ago
Wtf was that intro music
BabyBoiQue Month ago
Started off with perhaps the weakest high five in Hoonigan history. But wait, man shit is coming... GROWN MAN SHIT!!
Jude Quesada
Jude Quesada Month ago
That beast just said fuck the ground love it
turnipgreen 28
turnipgreen 28 Month ago
no way I would chop that hardtop ,sedan maybe ..
This was my.first Hooligans Brain Drain I Ever saw.I clicked subscribe immediately,several times and this Rainbow burn out 25Xs in 48 hrs to friends and myself!No drug or alcohol could replace this vid ever!!!
Austin Miller
Austin Miller Month ago
This guy is fire all his cars
axisracer Month ago
Dont know why Im just now seeing this. That thing was a beast. Love that it looks low and slow. Cant wait to see it with a chopped top. Sick!
Makai Erwin
Makai Erwin Month ago
this is ev's best burnout ja
The Birds My Word
Sorry rainbows aren't patriotic.... rainbows used to be beautiful things in nature now it's known as a disgusting group of people who Id consider abominations that need to be destroyed.
Demetri Brant
Demetri Brant Month ago
16:30 Should use that more often on sick burnouts like that
Demetri Brant
Demetri Brant Month ago
12:20 Initial startup sounds like a bunch of V Twin Harleys
fernando figueroa
See kids... THAT'S how big boys play.
Hans Zuerner
Hans Zuerner Month ago
Where is the drone at ????
Racer 67
Racer 67 2 months ago
I like how the cars been kept in his family his father made a trade for it hes got his mothers name on it its been killed then reserected he stayed true to its roots with the ford powerplant instead of LS'in the car..awsome!
Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross 2 months ago
Sooooo cleann
Jathen VanFleet
Jathen VanFleet 2 months ago
this is my jam love this car!
Lasse Christensen
Lasse Christensen 2 months ago
‘’It’ll pass anything but a gas station’’ hahaha
KONRAD 2 months ago
I want this blokes sunnies
Sierra Peterson
Sierra Peterson 2 months ago
F ¥£€*;#$in badass #superman. ...FLORIDA
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 2 months ago
Gorgeous car, finally someone with the stones to throw it down in a real classic...
S H I Ω I N G 2 months ago
thats the worst music ive ever heard in my life.
modingnation 2 months ago
Benny’s customs in real life
Gynkys 2 months ago
Imagine playing video games îs your only personality trait
Toddy B
Toddy B 2 months ago
kev french
kev french 2 months ago
I live in the North West of England, which is a dark damp miserable fucking hole. After watching this, I am going to start saying things are "legit", "sick" and "badasss". Also going to start calling people "homes" too.
Bill Allen
Bill Allen 2 months ago
Anybody else notice the antifreeze on the water pump.....from Wyoming USA 🔫🤠
kelp juce _
kelp juce _ 2 months ago
Calleva 2 months ago
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 2 months ago
not bad but it's your typical yank burnout no tip in just a straight line
JandSilentBeard 2 months ago
Can I get a calendar with the front shot of this with the smoke in the background? Haha
matus matis
matus matis 3 months ago
Brutal car 👍👍👍 perfectly
Jose Miranda
Jose Miranda 3 months ago
craig streetzel
craig streetzel 3 months ago
definitely not going to leave a mark 😂😂😂😂
Andrew Smit
Andrew Smit 3 months ago
😲That's a bad ass car
Eric Meech Global Network
Haaaa... one hand on the wheel and lookin' 'round at the smoke building up in the cab... style man, style!
Brian Barth
Brian Barth 3 months ago
Who choose to put that ass version of the song at the intro
Brian Barth
Brian Barth 2 months ago
@M Ld that shit gives me a headache lil guy
Brian Barth
Brian Barth 3 months ago
Not everyone a fan of alvin and the chipmunks my guy
Brian Barth
Brian Barth 3 months ago
@M Ld lol its a great original song remixed to sound annoying, I'm sure everyone agrees
M Ld
M Ld 3 months ago
You're the only person that hates it
Stateofsteezo 3 months ago
nasty burnout
lucasfilm10 3 months ago
13:21 your welcome
SSxSuper manxSS
SSxSuper manxSS 3 months ago
*MY MAN* 🤙🤙🤙
danyell hughes
danyell hughes 3 months ago
That burnout would make any Aussie moist, i know because im an Aussie. Well done sir, well done. Bow out😌
Emory Young
Emory Young 3 months ago
i am 9
Nerdboy 816
Nerdboy 816 3 months ago
"You just shit all over our yard"
Jp 3 months ago
so who's the interior guy? please let me know I need interior done.
Dylan MacDonald
Dylan MacDonald 3 months ago
Top 5 episodes song choice, manny, his car, that walk😍 JUST YES!
black santa
black santa 3 months ago
Fucking incredible. When you give yourself carbon monoxide poisoning you have done all viewers a favor. Thank you sir
michael s. clark
michael s. clark 4 months ago
This video makes me a bit sad I wrecked my 87 all original monte carlo ss on the front end and had to give her up
Steve Brindle
Steve Brindle 4 months ago
I bet this fella didn't know he was an Aussie, with a burnout like that. Needs to teach some Americans how to do that.
Pedal_2 _the_Metal
Pedal_2 _the_Metal 4 months ago
Amazing !
Honey W lara
Honey W lara 4 months ago
Anybody know this version of put your head on my shoulder
jomppe 07
jomppe 07 4 months ago
Oooh I love that car so nice style
Irving Sanchez Gonzalez
Awesome burn out 💪🔥
Brad Baker
Brad Baker 4 months ago
Anyone got the ID of the intro song ? Wont let me click the link
Fuck Google & Youtube Censorship
Cadillac hubcaps?
4RUNNER4x4 4 months ago
I respect the skill and time, but that thing is absolutely ugly. Ruined it with the fucking gangster airbags
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