Railroad thermite welding

Wolfgang Lendner
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Rail thermite welding in Storfors, Sweden.
Schienenschweissen in Storfors, Schweden
Rälssvetsning på Inlandsbanan i Storfors

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7 авг 2011




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mathai thomas
mathai thomas 4 часа назад
More advanced form of this chemical compound is believed to be used to demolish WTC by US government to make a reason to start war !
Keita Marislo
Keita Marislo 7 дней назад
So where are the termites?
Wim Philipsen
Wim Philipsen 7 дней назад
Walter Wright used that stuff in breaking bad to break in to a storage room to steal stuff he needet to make meth
raresaturn 7 дней назад
surely they don't have to do this for every join? that would take years!
Simon Ross
Simon Ross 7 дней назад
No because unlike jointed track welded rail isn't typically laid in short 20 metre/22 yard sections.
nana kala
nana kala 7 дней назад
Now this is REAL job kids. Fuck off from your cell phones.
artides 8 дней назад
Froggy Noddy
Froggy Noddy 8 дней назад
equal rights for men and women please. thank you.
Keita Marislo
Keita Marislo 7 дней назад
lol had a chuckle
Froggy Noddy
Froggy Noddy 7 дней назад
+Anna Vajda do you get sarcasm... no? ok then.
Anna Vajda
Anna Vajda 8 дней назад
If they were pregnant they really shouldn't be doing that hard of "labour".
Anna Vajda
Anna Vajda 8 дней назад
Wtf are you talking about?
rolandet 8 дней назад
Those 2 make a good team.
Martin Whalley
Martin Whalley 9 дней назад
Folks! Here's some food for thought: You are watching thermite welding. Thermite will take the temp of those steel rails upwards of 2500°F. It's a lower grade of what was used on 9/11
Skender Hogu
Skender Hogu 7 дней назад
Martin Whalley MN
CannedBread270 9 дней назад
What's the tool they're using at the end?
Simon Ross
Simon Ross 9 дней назад
It's a grinder
Michael Lorkovic
Michael Lorkovic 15 дней назад
That looks really complicated and a backbreaking job
용접맨Jk 16 дней назад
Kuwar Rohit
Kuwar Rohit 16 дней назад
Which country
My Nature My life My Passion
My Nature My life My Passion 16 дней назад
عوام پاکستان ۔
عوام پاکستان ۔ 17 дней назад
Nice video
Rana Nadeem
Rana Nadeem 14 дней назад
Pakistan men be aisy he wldng krten ha.or ab pak railway ne 70 cror ki welding treak machine plant be le leya ha.ab machine wldng krten hen
MusZico13 17 дней назад
0:48 access granted sound..
steve 19 дней назад
All that work just for that? I think that machine would make a much better vape pipe for some good medical weed. Whoa dude, here comes the train man. Woo Woo ROFLMAO
العبد المطيع
العبد المطيع 20 дней назад
Matilda Southon
Matilda Southon 20 дней назад
Loved this video! We watched it in science and I found it really entertaining, my teacher said it would be her dream job -bit weird- but thanks for the insight to this amazing profession.
Unknown 20 дней назад
Att man gör sådär hade jag ingen aning om.
karloz gutieres
karloz gutieres 22 дня назад
Mean while we used this video to explain people that safety glasses should be used all the time. But this is in EU. No problem.
Paul Aoki
Paul Aoki 23 дня назад
guess safety glasses are optional...
Arzu Yaman
Arzu Yaman 24 дня назад
wooowww super
DjFarco IST
DjFarco IST 24 дня назад
В какой стране производиться ремонт
NITISH KUMAR 24 дня назад
Nitish jha
IamJake98 25 дней назад
There's people that hate modern femenists, I'm one of those people. Then there's people that hate women in general. Some of these people commenting seem to fit in the second category i mentioned.
Oliverkim1 25 дней назад
Where is this
Jason7000 M
Jason7000 M 25 дней назад
prasanjal mukherjee
prasanjal mukherjee 25 дней назад
João Watanabe
João Watanabe 26 дней назад
Vai demorar uns 30 anos pra fazer 50km
DeeboBelfast 26 дней назад
I would love this job
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong 24 дня назад
You'd be exposed to the elements, but if they play well, hard work is satisfying.
Антоніна Сорочинська
Djamel Hamoul
Djamel Hamoul 26 дней назад
gharmoul tieret
Pavel Ryabov
Pavel Ryabov 26 дней назад
Молодцы ребята добротно делают...
Harcourt Fenton Mudd
Harcourt Fenton Mudd 27 дней назад
911 truther comment in 5...4...3...
Saiful Sarif
Saiful Sarif 27 дней назад
R there killing a thermites..lol..sorrry lame joke
Cordial Pariat
Cordial Pariat 27 дней назад
Km Anjali
Km Anjali 28 дней назад
Nice working
大日本田吾作 28 дней назад
Mr ali
Mr ali 28 дней назад
تلحيم السكة الحديدية في السويد
jj waters
jj waters 28 дней назад
In north America this is a very good paying job is that the same in Sweden?
Ibarhim Sahil
Ibarhim Sahil 28 дней назад
kowuyi psan
kowuyi psan 29 дней назад
Mini3005 Месяц назад
Dustin H
Dustin H Месяц назад
Is all that shit necessary?
Simon Ross
Simon Ross 29 дней назад
Assuming that they're intending on running 90mph+ trains, that they don't want to spend a fortune constantly maintaining fishplated jointed track or both, yes.
Md. Shahidul Islam
Md. Shahidul Islam Месяц назад
EdGo Vlogs
EdGo Vlogs Месяц назад
The fun part is the take offs! Just try to stand there when they apply full throttle for take off, never seen anyone able to stay on their feet!!! But it was fun trying!!! 👍🙂
Ahmad Afandi
Ahmad Afandi Месяц назад
Why no use MIG welding?more fast and cheap,buat still strong
Simon Ross
Simon Ross 29 дней назад
No faster (They're filling a gap with this technique anywhere between 25mm-80mm wide and it needs to be joined completely all the way through), less reliable (Needs ultrasonically tested) and not cheaper. This gives a consistently reliable and strong joint.
John Месяц назад
I don't think they make minimum wage.
abu jahan
abu jahan Месяц назад
Abu jahan
Basile Ok
Basile Ok Месяц назад
This technology has been used to cut the twin towers metal structure to 9/11.
Dr Chunky Biscuit
Dr Chunky Biscuit Месяц назад
Odd! Don't see any ladies doing this. I wonder why not? 🤔
Jay Sharifi
Jay Sharifi Месяц назад
Great to know, thx Wolf
gilson bueno da silva Bueno
gilson bueno da silva Bueno Месяц назад
USA RF Месяц назад
Нам до вас как до луны!👍
LION X Месяц назад
Jason Statham works on railroads
stan Месяц назад
The extremely specialized equipment (this ain't your body and fender spot welder) and the procedures that have become second nature to these rail workers is what is impressive to me. Curious what the dollar per hour wage would be for this type of work. Thanks Mr Lendner for the clip.
Njazi Pllana
Njazi Pllana Месяц назад
Kef103 Месяц назад
They seem to have done this a few times before lol
ABC ABC Месяц назад
Hard working men
รัตนาพร สุขศรี
Just.xxtentac Месяц назад
Haven't seen nazi workers since 1945 !!
Ian Kelly
Ian Kelly Месяц назад
Inside job lol
Ant Rod
Ant Rod Месяц назад
This plus dynamite is how they weakend the TWIN TOWERS.on 911
Elliot Huh?
Elliot Huh? 25 дней назад
Nano thermite That nano particles let out a shit ton more energy.
Masni Wijaya
Masni Wijaya Месяц назад
GlenStace Месяц назад
Pay gap explained.
B Evans
B Evans Месяц назад
Same stuff the Bush CIA used to bring down the towers I believe.
Pankaj raj Kumar
Pankaj raj Kumar Месяц назад
Cam West
Cam West Месяц назад
Prefer jointed track anyway it has more character
I love you and you love Me
I love you and you love Me Месяц назад
жб ои
жб ои Месяц назад
I love you and you love Me +992550050610 ALO Of TaJlklstan
Mới Đổi
Mới Đổi Месяц назад
Thật hiện đại
Loganathan Mohan
Loganathan Mohan Месяц назад
Very risk. but super work!
beatrice rizzo
beatrice rizzo Месяц назад
Married German maintenance buy otherwise peer vote eager blanket confront library turn
Dinosaurs DNG
Dinosaurs DNG Месяц назад
nice video
Rick OBrien
Rick OBrien Месяц назад
You'd think that they would have a machine that rides on the rails to do this . That's a lot of time and labor just to do ONE weld at a time .
Figueroa Rury Laquinta
Figueroa Rury Laquinta Месяц назад
We need to show this to equal rights Feminist and Dykes they will. Run away back to sucking dicks anf cooking for men
Figueroa Rury Laquinta
Figueroa Rury Laquinta Месяц назад
0:15 he burns his partners heads 0:19 he brings his face0:58 he Pauses the Game
Jleed989 Месяц назад
Are these cement ties and will they be covered with more ballast or is that it?
Simon Ross
Simon Ross Месяц назад
Yes they are concrete and there will be more ballast added up to the top of the sleeper/tie level and a slightly higher shoulder on the outer sides.
Enteraname Месяц назад
Jet fuel only worked once on 9/11
Lila Brille
Lila Brille Месяц назад
aha, so wird eine Schiene zusammen geschweißt.
plotin 3000
plotin 3000 Месяц назад
What about the womens quota ?! ;)))))))))
Tampon1989 Месяц назад
Super :)
Rohit Yadav
Rohit Yadav Месяц назад
Salute to you all rail workers from India
Brofessor Z
Brofessor Z Месяц назад
America rail infrastructure is so far behind the rest of the world I haven't even seen those concrete railroad ties yet in America
ksholmes70 Месяц назад
That's pretty cool that safety glasses aren't needed, or are only required to protect the forehead.
RailDisruption Месяц назад
Super vidéo ! Merci ! *Apprenez à conduire un train suisse* grace a nos vidéos *sur youtube* ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-T8ogPBKgQsQ.html
Kuppan Munian
Kuppan Munian Месяц назад
I would like to know Mr. Wolfgang Lendner email address please? My company want to advertise to be shown on the video screen? Tq
Bablu Singh
Bablu Singh Месяц назад
This is how to connect the broken railroad tracks.
Oh, I see. Thank you for the information.
Simon Ross
Simon Ross Месяц назад
No, this is how to connect new rails. Broken rails are usually repaired by cutting out the damaged section and replacing it with a short length of new rail.
Danny Jones
Danny Jones Месяц назад
Do they have muslims doing this now? You Swede's are fkn cucks.
hellaaight Месяц назад
Christ this is fucking impressive.
Kevin Bowers
Kevin Bowers Месяц назад
What's wrong with conventional welding it it doesn't take this long
Ant Rod
Ant Rod Месяц назад
Welding will only be on outside of rail this welds it all.
Simon Ross
Simon Ross Месяц назад
To get a strong enough weld that would reliably pass ultrasonic testing would take just as long if not longer.
jason beaulieu
jason beaulieu Месяц назад
no shot of the finished product? Fuck off
Andreas Garcia
Andreas Garcia Месяц назад
Where can I find pants just like those with suspenders too?
Dave Dave
Dave Dave Месяц назад
So these are your big tough Swedish men who allow all their women to be raped by African Talking Apes and Muslim Demons? Big tough Swedish men who caused Scandanavia to be the rape capital of the world? Big smart tough VIKINGS? Fagggots and Pussies and Cowards ALL.
Ryan Andersen
Ryan Andersen Месяц назад
Dude almost gets melted at :16
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Месяц назад
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great, this turns out to be the way to connect a broken rail.
deernutOO Месяц назад
All that and no eye protection... until the grinding..
Regis Paulo Nunes
Regis Paulo Nunes Месяц назад
cade o capacete o óculos de segurança. ta faltando proteção? ?
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