Railroad thermite welding

Wolfgang Lendner
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Rail thermite welding in Storfors, Sweden.
Schienenschweissen in Storfors, Schweden
Rälssvetsning på Inlandsbanan i Storfors

Science & Technology

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Aug 7, 2011




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Comments 80
John Alarcon
John Alarcon Day ago
Thermite is easy to make
Zgh Dgh
Zgh Dgh 5 days ago
🙋🏻‍♂️Morocco 👍👍👍
VJ 7 days ago
malakai651 8 days ago
What happens when the rails get hot with the sun there isn't any expansion gaps anymore.
malakai651 2 days ago
@Vinsu Karma I doubt it very much as the thermite weld I suspect will be solid. When I was at school many years ago I remember in science we had an experiment to explain why at that time there was a small gap inbetween the rails for expansion. Two rods with a space between, a bunsen burner under one and when the rod expanded it touched the other and a light came on. Hence trains then would have the familiar cricket click. I would like to know the answer, as an aging geriatric it's puzzled me for years and I'm getting a headache!
Vinsu Karma
Vinsu Karma 2 days ago
Flexible joints I guess
Vend Master
Vend Master 8 days ago
All that for a tiny gap?? Slap some JB weld on that mo fo!!!!!
Дмитрий Паймуллин
Кто-то зарабатывает, работая с железом и высокими температурами. А кто-то снимает, как работают с железом и высокими температурами и зарабатывает еще больше.
Дмитрий Паймуллин
Roni Nguyen
Roni Nguyen 11 days ago
Working this job is easy to get sick of lungs and another organs of human. Owner should pay them high price of salary. I knew the guy he did this job 20 last years .now he passed away because he got cancer on lungs even though he never used smoking.
Dr. Rock
Dr. Rock 11 days ago
Apparently thermite welding causes baldness
Mike Huntsitchy
Mike Huntsitchy 11 days ago
The railroad i work for in the u.s. makes welders wear earplugs so sparks dont sizzle your inner ear parts, fire proof jacket so you dont catch on fire and face shield plus goggles so u dont sizzle your eyeballs from a piece of hot metal
Shawn Begley
Shawn Begley 13 days ago
Don't worry it's over their Heads !!!?,,,, ,,,, 👑
Shawn Begley
Shawn Begley 13 days ago
There's somethings that just shouldn't be shown on U-TUBE "! Like working with Thermite !!!??? 👑
albshore 18 days ago
Wow cad welding on steroids.
Ian jones
Ian jones 19 days ago
If I was a train i'd run away from that !
Matthew Bulloch
Matthew Bulloch 19 days ago
Reminds me of the residue beneath the twin towers
Richard Patterson
Richard Patterson 25 days ago
You guys are gonna make fun but I'm dead serious. Do yoga. This work is rough on your body and I'd barely be waking if it wasn't for yoga. I stopped for with quarantine and I'm struggling to put shoes and socks on. I forgot how much yoga helped. Plus the added bonus is you're surrounded by smoking hot sweaty ladies who are stupid sexy. Don't be creepy, but do go.
Pennsy District Railfan
I wish they did that with American tracks. besided those railroad ties look way sturdier than wooden ones like what we have here in america.
Eddie Brennan
Eddie Brennan 26 days ago
Walter and jessie used it to rob the metaline....
VѢ НѢДъ 26 days ago
Как же приятно смотреть, когда работает профессионал!
sheremetbyevo 27 days ago
Sluggish process, now the use of flash welding is the leading process.
Robins Harris
Robins Harris 27 days ago
What you Making ? Nice Pretty Tracks.. Like NEW.. Space Track No more.. Old Western Cowboys
Elaine Harvey
Elaine Harvey 28 days ago
05062020 🤗👍😎😎👍
Юрий Субботин
хуета какая-то ...
Seawolf 29 days ago
Ох, ребята, Швеция - другая планета. Страна для людей.
Rus 29 days ago
Пздц скока возни
Arnulf Baldwin
Arnulf Baldwin 29 days ago
Meanwhile in Siberia ruvid.net/video/video-POaGOuVH1z4.html&feature=emb_err_watch_on_yt
Димитрий Кудрявцев
А в России сразу ровно кладут
комрад онуфрий
Почему, блятт,без касок и страховочного пояса!?
6lr6ak6 Month ago
What gas is used for the blowtorch, would it be oxy acetylene.
chippledon1 Month ago
Now that's something you don't see every day!
Ben Bollinger
Ben Bollinger Month ago
Paweł ,
Paweł , Month ago
Kens Garage
Kens Garage Month ago
So this is what Vikings are doing these days :)
Isaac Pulamte
Isaac Pulamte Month ago
Very nice. I just came to know about thermit welding today.
AC Stinnette Country Music
That’s cool
Daniel Jarrell,jr
They are using concrete on a large scale for cross ties now?
Daniel Jarrell,jr
@Kapten Rövsvett Glad they found a suitable replacement for oak wood with creosote on them. Word is oak was very scarce . Every one planting pines instead of hardwood trees.
Kapten Rövsvett
Been using concrete for cross ties here for a long time now.
damon ryan
damon ryan Month ago
No women crying for those jobs? Lol
terry waller
terry waller Month ago
Thermite emits toxic gasses, they are violating both EPA and OSHA rules. Plus handling those pans of liquid metal just using shovels is another violation. At a minimum they need to wear masks that protect against the Thermite fumes. They can look forward to an agonizing death at a fairly young age
Kapten Rövsvett
They are not violating any rules considering this is in Sweden and not the USA.
psirvent8 Month ago
These pans of molten metal look like lamps to my eyes 😂 Incandescent lamps indeed... Take a look from 0:50
Seth Wolfe
Seth Wolfe Month ago
I always wondered how they did that.. now I know. A lot goes into that for sure
Коля Калыч
Коля Калыч 2 months ago
На три вещи можно смотреть вечно; Как горит огонь🔥 Как бежит вода💧 И как работает люди👷👷
LouisianaBoy1990 2 months ago
These ol boys talk way too much... Sarcasm*
Mathematic class IX
Mathematic class IX 2 months ago
nice great Please subcribe my channel .I like rail
psirvent8 2 months ago
À 0:50 le métal fondu s'écoule à grandes lampées et forme deux lampes ! 😂 (From 0:50 lots of molten metal flow and make two lamps 😂)
Tingel-Tangel Bob
Tingel-Tangel Bob 2 months ago
i am here cause our teacher told to watch this cause of corona and we arent at school
Sirius 2 months ago
dieser Moment, wenn mein Lehrer will, dass ich mir das angucke. .-.
AZ8theist 2 months ago
I would fire the fucktards not wearing safety glasses. IMMEDIATELY.
Eric Vickery
Eric Vickery 3 months ago
so is this welded with thermite instead of electrical for penetration purposes?
VANSH TYAGI 3 months ago
Fe2O3 + Al ------> Al2O3 + Fe + heat( thermite reaction)
Kavita Tawale
Kavita Tawale 3 months ago
Difference between MIG and TIG ruvid.net/video/video-QxNdA6v38Hs.html
sz42781 3 months ago
Do they put a filler metal below the thermite?
Alan C137
Alan C137 3 months ago
There must be a lot of sprained ankles and knees in this job. Moving heavy, awkward equipment around between rails and ties it's just a matter of time.
Alex Ross
Alex Ross 18 days ago
@Richard Patterson This video is in Sweden. They have universal healthcare (which obamacare was fundamentally trying to implement in the US) therefore rendering this comment about obamacare invalid. As it is in Sweden they will likely get paid very well and the public pension plan itself is great - Sweden is a world leader in social care and social services. I agree about the safety glasses comment and it does look like they will be in dire need of yoga to avoid health issues.
Richard Patterson
Richard Patterson 25 days ago
@ratata d I'm making an educated guess so take it or don't. I'd say with the physical labor, skill and risk added up... bout 50 an hour with a very decent retirement plan. (The skill and risk are the factors the labor doesn't command a high wage) I'd wager the Obama care scam fucked these guys out of about 15-20k per year in medical depending on how many children they have. I'd also be very surprised if these particular folks didn't get in big trouble for not wearing their safety glasses properly. I'm not judging them mind you, but if their supervisor sees this he will be. That's why you never post videos like this of people you like. A family posted a few pics of my co- workers doing a great job for them on social media(Facebook) and the business manager saw it and they got 3 weeks no pay. The family felt awful but you gotta wear your bs or work for yourself. Do your yoga boys, your backs will thank me No joke. That yoga is hard and it's pure therapy Slow slow therapy.
ratata d
ratata d Month ago
@CMDR BouncyStickman what would someone expect to be paid in this profession though?
CMDR BouncyStickman
Bidu Bidu I started 9,5 years ago when I was 18. And no I don't share specific job details online.
Bidu Bidu
Bidu Bidu Month ago
@CMDR BouncyStickman must be a very rough job and at what age did you start working as a railroad worker? Could you please list what all works you have to do only with regards to the rail lines, specifically the rail lines.
Dick Triangle
Dick Triangle 3 months ago
Pfft. More male privilege.
Mazda Miata
Mazda Miata 4 months ago
The white blocks look like a bunch of plastic explosives :P
KsM_GaMiNg_ Tips & Tricks
Fe2O3+Al-Al2O3+Fe Highly exothermic reaction 😱😱
George Reynolds
George Reynolds 4 months ago
Great to see professionals at work - thank you!
Fintan Cummings
Fintan Cummings 4 months ago
Are the concrete ties as flexible and durable as the wooden ones? They surely save on trees but do they last?
Kapten Rövsvett
Here in Sweden they last a lot longer than wood. Wood ties are usually replaced every 8-10 years here thanks to the winters and such. The concrete ones last 35-40 years.
ilhamjan Qarataev
ilhamjan Qarataev 4 months ago
🌎🌞🌈🌠🌟💎👍✋👏🙋Railroad rails. Okey .Thank you much.
celter.45acp 4 months ago
This is awesome I had no idea thermite could be used for this
TJ NightTrain
TJ NightTrain 4 months ago
lol, they don't wear safety glasses.... what a garbage video.
Junkman2000 5 months ago
Ahhh... to be young again. Look at them fresh young knees and joints. My ass would be sore for a week after one hour of that shit.
Aghast Here
Aghast Here 5 months ago
Amazing talent and focus. Great job!
Rob Miller
Rob Miller 5 months ago
Now that is a complete joint penetration weld! Love the precast rail ties too.
Octavian clif
Octavian clif 5 months ago
Very interesting this is done in the case of welding the grounding plate in the electric field
Korakot Oranthanadon
How about rail pad after welding
Gary Merrin
Gary Merrin 6 months ago
What a beautiful sound.
Reza Teymori
Reza Teymori 6 months ago
Sie arbeiten als Gleisbauer?
Yappy Mat
Yappy Mat 6 months ago
Love that sound 0:48
Sifat Steel house
Sifat Steel house 6 months ago
I'm interested in working
James Myers
James Myers 6 months ago
Guy in the thumbnail shot looking up the track: "Did I just hear a whistle?"
Keith Steinke
Keith Steinke 6 months ago
not wearing safety glasses?
Photo Story Channel
Photo Story Channel 7 months ago
Thanks for sharing, really important
Shadow 7 months ago
Thanks. It helped. Love from India 😇🤗
Janek Keediniihii
Janek Keediniihii 7 months ago
Love the gas powered grinder!
Bill Pugh
Bill Pugh 7 months ago
Yes, I worked with the aliens and the NSA putting thermite in to cause downfall of US America, thermite everywhere in building, lifts, carpets, sandwiches. How you discover?
Ankur Mili
Ankur Mili 8 months ago
i like this warks..
Ankur Mili
Ankur Mili 8 months ago
Dan Myself
Dan Myself 8 months ago
bad engineering, instead, just laser weld, plasma weld, forget about cast joints, very bad idea! strong workers though , they deserve all the credit !
Dan Myself
Dan Myself 8 months ago
@Simon Ross sound ping works, as well as other methods, but there are better welding and fusion technologies, this is very old school
Simon Ross
Simon Ross 8 months ago
@Dan Myself Which is why they will be regularly ultrasonically tested to make sure it's sound. This has been used for nearly 90 years now, it's a sound process which produces a very reliable joint.
Samarium 8 months ago
@Dan Myself I don't think they would use this metod if it didn't work or last.
Dan Myself
Dan Myself 8 months ago
@Samarium because the rails connecting points are heated, but the rest of the rails on each side of the heated mold is not, and they act as a heat sink, creating a very high temperature difference, which in turn can cause micro cracks in the weld that could lead to failure.
Samarium 8 months ago
How can it be bad engineering?
Công ty TNHH - TBCN Vân Long
👍👍👍 Oh.Your video is great .......
Mike Crawford
Mike Crawford 8 months ago
no more wood nice
Mike Crawford
Mike Crawford 8 months ago
breathing that cant be good like thoes e ciggs
michael king
michael king 8 months ago
Vossloah railroad ties and vossloh tie clips.. subtle advertising...
Prabhas Nukathoti
Prabhas Nukathoti 8 months ago
U guys r osm
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