Railroad thermite welding

Wolfgang Lendner
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Rail thermite welding in Storfors, Sweden.
Schienenschweissen in Storfors, Schweden
Rälssvetsning på Inlandsbanan i Storfors

Science & Technology

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Aug 7, 2011





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Comments 6 775
Nobel Hossain
Good Joan
Jairo Luis Hendler
Sou brasileiro e achei muito bacana
death2pc Day ago
Just like WTC 1 and 2..............................
peter mworia
peter mworia 2 days ago
Technology is good making everything easy
peter mworia
peter mworia 2 days ago
Wow this is amazing i love it why lie
Perplexer1 3 days ago
Damn that's a lot of concrete. It looks to me it would work just fine if they skipped every other block.
Simon Ross
Simon Ross Day ago
Then the track would lose lateral stability and the likelihood of it buckling in high temperatures would roughly double.
bipedalbob 3 days ago
Interesting rail ties, concrete? Never seen any thing other than wood used.
Simon Ross
Simon Ross Day ago
Concrete is far more common in Europe and the UK than wood, lasts longer and is better suited for higher line speeds.
Norb J
Norb J 4 days ago
Thermite ... World Trade Center? Ring a bell?
Norb J
Norb J Day ago
Robert .G lol ok U still believe the 19 terrorists....
Robert .G
Robert .G Day ago
No it doesn't. The phrase conspiracy theorist does.
Nix Awesome
Nix Awesome 5 days ago
Here I am again, visiting this fabulous video and to hear that twang at 0:45
Jayaram HN
Jayaram HN 7 days ago
one good old steel industry situated in bhadravathi is by great maharaja of Mysore and sir M visweswaraya saw the process of thermite welding process for over head crane rails during 1980's.
tuggbote1 7 days ago
Molten metal...one guy with no safety glasses and the other has his on his forehead. Smart...!!!
deancj1 7 days ago
Transcontinental railway laid record 10 miles in one day......hard to imagine
Alex Paulsen
Alex Paulsen 7 days ago
RailWAY, because this is Sweden, not America, and any translation into English should be of the British variety.
Simon Ross
Simon Ross Day ago
It should be the railway as a whole but even in Britain we think of our Railway in terms of roads, the "Up Fast Road", "Down Slow Road", etc. Even if we commonly omit the word "Road" within the industry. I can still excuse railroad/railway personally and I'm something of a pedant!
orasmo oliveira ipda
orasmo oliveira ipda
orasmo oliveira ipda
William R
William R 8 days ago
not wearing safety glasses... hard hats... or hearing protection.
oron61 5 days ago
Perhaps the Swedes are fools. They should wear eye pieces, but perhaps the fear of lawyers here is part of all the safety protocol that isn't always logical.
William R
William R 7 days ago
@oron61 Well I worked on a major RR for 28yrs. Track Dept. I've helped these kind of welders a lot... helping them get out all their tools, and set up for the welds.... clean up and putting everything away. Damn hard work. IMO Railroad Welders are the hardest workers. BUT... with the ATSF and BNSF … Safety gear was always enforced. Hardhats, Safety glasses, steel toe boots, boots with metal cleats when snow is present. hearing protection. all of it. No baseball caps..with no eye protection.
oron61 7 days ago
Regarding hard hats, there's nothing above their heads to fall on them or any low ceilings to hit them, so they wouldn't be needed. No loud machinery that would warrant hearing protection. And you can go buy some new eyes at your local supermarket, so who cares if a bit of molten steel gets in 'em, huh? (I agree with you there.)
Mark Guy
Mark Guy 8 days ago
Wow those guys are good! Some cool science making all that work. Gg
Казанская Сирота
Что они делают? Хуйнюй заниматься?
José M Solís
José M Solís 10 days ago
This is a lot of hardwork!
Matt Pike
Matt Pike 11 days ago
Safety glasses??
Sea Scorpion
Sea Scorpion 12 days ago
I dint no termites could do this on steel. Thought they jus ate wood. Thanks for vid.
tedwoe 9 days ago
LOL. You thilly perthon.
tedwoe 9 days ago
Lol. You thilly perthon.
John Bush
John Bush 12 days ago
What country.No hard hats.
John Edwards
John Edwards 13 days ago
So no more ratter tat tat doesn't steel expand in these very hot countries and contract in extreme cold so how does this happen now ....some videos show tracks twisted to death as there was no expansion so these would go where ? Some de rails are a coming
Simon Ross
Simon Ross 9 days ago
No because they stress the track to take seasonal temperature variations into account
hntrains 13 days ago
The comments section almost as funny as that for "How to Avoid Huge Ships" on Amazon (www.amazon.com/Avoid-Huge-Ships-John-Trimmer/dp/0870334336). Thank you, boys!
Purple Space Cow Studios
why arent there any wamen working there?
Toni Al
Toni Al 15 days ago
is there an easier way to do this. looks way to much work for just a link and there are thousands or miles to go
Simon Ross
Simon Ross 9 days ago
There is but the equipment to do so is pretty rare and is restricted by access availability.
Jim Watson
Jim Watson 12 days ago
No, Union's came up with this method for job security.
Miss Take
Miss Take 16 days ago
Good job better than being stuck in a stuffy air-conditioned office all day I was a Postie best job outside on a bicycle keeping fit and being paid for it good combination
Dan Shockley
Dan Shockley 16 days ago
Nanothermite took down the WTC buildings 1, 2, and 3.
tedwoe 9 days ago
Rick O'shay
Rick O'shay 16 days ago
Thermite was used at 9/11...Right?
Dan Shockley
Dan Shockley 16 days ago
abu zaid
abu zaid 17 days ago
good job . Are these workers sweden ?
Miss Take
Miss Take 16 days ago
Real work for real men only who can lift and swing a sledgehammer
Michael Kovalchuk
Michael Kovalchuk 17 days ago
White people doing construction work... it is a strange sight for these American eyes. BTW - what are those idiots doing down the line, 4 guys get paid earning money not working while one guy is building a railroad.
shovelmastaflash 18 days ago
Alright, I'll ask: what's up with those weird railroad ties tho?
ubecool454 16 days ago
@Kapten Rövsvett USA high speed train is Acela from Washington DC to Boston at 80 mph lol. USA is in the dark ages when it comes to trains.
shovelmastaflash 16 days ago
@Kapten Rövsvett Thanks.
Kapten Rövsvett
Kapten Rövsvett 16 days ago
Designed for high speed trains.
luis muñoz pachón
Ray Ottaway
Ray Ottaway 19 days ago
it`s a joke, really, isn`t it ? (!)
pog mo thoin
pog mo thoin 20 days ago
The guy jn the black T-shirt went off the rails
Jorge Mendieta
Jorge Mendieta 20 days ago
Puta madre asi se pegan los rieles de tren oooo siempre me pregunte eso exelente y bendiciones
Андрей Зубро
классно делают работу! :)
Mr T
Mr T 20 days ago
i always thought you needed a space in the tracks for the metal to expand during hot temperatures.
Simon Ross
Simon Ross 9 days ago
I seem to reply to this question a lot. The track is stressed to take into account seasonal temperature variations. An extreme heat wave may still cause problems but a normal summer's day will be fine. Expansion will be nowhere near that much though under normal circumstances and 30mm is a massive gap on a fishplated joint, it should be far less, nearer the 5-10mm mark.
Mr T
Mr T 19 days ago
@bus king I wonder about extreme temperatures in UK but recently France has extreme temperatures from a Sahara desert bubble they call it . These days need to be looked at when comes to engineering. Always expect the unexpected when it comes to climate.
bus king
bus king 20 days ago
I asked the same question on another vid,I've seen rail joints butted tight together in summer and 30mm apart in winter(same joints) and this is in the UK(no EXTREME temps)so I'm not sure where the magic wand is but the expansion/contraction has got to be something like 1 foot per mile,obviously some clever people out there.
Mesh Grow Bags
Mesh Grow Bags 21 day ago
I could use some pants like that.
Manlio Massiris
Manlio Massiris 22 days ago
Hi! can I use your video for a research study?? thanks!
Doriamo 20 days ago
@Manlio Massiris nice!
Manlio Massiris
Manlio Massiris 20 days ago
@Doriamo we study in general the prevention of labor accidents through videos. For example the utilization of reflective equipment.
Doriamo 20 days ago
What are you researching?
Krista Foster
Krista Foster 24 days ago
The United States needs there railroads upgrading like this
househansa 25 days ago
When they finish the old guy will be retired and the young guy will be old.
Wellington Andrade
Wellington Andrade 26 days ago
As ferrovias do Nordeste precisa de manutenção preventiva e corretiva. Acorda Brasil já. Fora CORRUPTOS e omissos já.
SixFeetUndr101 27 days ago
I like the Star Wars lightsaber sound around 0:45.
David Flores
David Flores 27 days ago
Here’s what I don’t understand about welding the rails...when rails are bolted together with connector plates, the rails are gapped about 12mm apart to allow for heat expansion (otherwise the rails will distort)...so what method is used to allow for expansion in welded rails?
Simon Ross
Simon Ross 26 days ago
12mm would be a wide rail gap, it's usually much smaller than that. Heat expansion is taken care of in continuous welded rail by stressing it using hydraulic tensors to local weather conditions so that it can withstand the tension in the winter and pressure in the summer. In the UK expansion joints are installed IIRC at least once every five miles on plain line and around points and crossing layouts.
H D 27 days ago
Male.female equality
22 million views??
Capt Nemo
Capt Nemo 29 days ago
Why do they weld rails today? I thought to whole point was the rails needed a gap to allow for expansion on hot days, or rails would buckle?
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