Raiding Servers With 10,000 People!

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Check out the cool servers in this video! (We're not affiliated with any of these servers but we got permission by everyone involved)
discord.gg/thespirenetwork - Dungeon server Discord
thespire.network/ - Website
www.voidrealms.net/ - Void Realms website
discord.gg/invite/5XXV3DP - Void Realms Discord

www.nodebuff.net/ - No Debuff website
discord.com/invite/JjCEV8X - No Debuff Discord

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Aug 8, 2020




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Comments 100
NcM McD Hour ago
According to optifine: this may be why the high-tier server is laggier than others "Before answering, we'd like to first inform you of the very common misconception that more RAM = better. This is NOT true, and in fact, this can result in overall worse performance if you allocate too much RAM to the game. This is due to how Java handles something called "garbage collection", which is basically how the game deals with data it is no longer actively using. When giving Java too much RAM, this means the garbage collector will have much more data it needs to remove all at once, which results in massive lag spikes and stuttering framerates. With that said... it depends. The amount of RAM you need to allocate will depend on how many mods you're using, your preferred render distance, and various other factors. You should only allocate enough RAM to the point where Minecraft's memory usage tops out at ~70%, and never falls below ~50%. You can view Minecraft's memory usage by pressing F3 while in-game, and looking at the top-right of the screen. You should see a line starting with "Mem:" followed by the percentage."
H Plays
H Plays 5 hours ago
It’s very annoying that they let everyone out on the lower severs but when they went on the high tier servers they crammed everyone and it messed up the server performance
Claudia De Oliveira
Mrbeast pls play fortnite or warzone pls
The Agamer
The Agamer 11 hours ago
Guys is the server still running
100 hawos Minecraft
100 hawos Minecraft 14 hours ago
How u join it?
jalepeno hot sauce
jalepeno hot sauce 16 hours ago
june likejune
june likejune 20 hours ago
Fun fact:you can let the players go away so theres no crash and lag
Mathew Doak
Mathew Doak 23 hours ago
Not gonna lie I used to love creating an running serves back when 1.8 was the best version
Tyler Bradham
I was hoping you would go on hypixel
Andrei Calix Cambronero
Are u crazy ur screaming
Moonrye Day ago
"Im a mage I dont do as much damage as you" Im triggered. Mages are OP.
Otium Hill
Otium Hill Day ago
I appreciate the fact that they asked for permission before trying to crash the servers, that is some lawful chaos right there.
Help me reach 10k subscribers without videos!
To the 1 person that’ll read this: you’re an amazing and adorable person! stay safe and have a wonderful day! 💫☁️
Prezison Day ago
Oh u playin Minecraft. I like ya cut G
The Arrow
The Arrow 2 days ago
2:25 my regular internet
CrazyJWolf 2 days ago
OMG one of the players had a skin i made... wow!
Billy 2 days ago
This is the most unentertaining gaming channel i think I've ever seen, clearly made just for views and money and not because anyone in the channel particularly likes a game. You can really tell by how unenthused everyone is.
kinglongmoney lugotti
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 3 days ago
Jimmy- We have 269 players Chris- NICE
Himawari uzumaki
Himawari uzumaki 3 days ago
9:15 this is how friendship is made.
Walmart gaming chair
This is how many people pc broke | V
Lila Cortes
Lila Cortes 4 days ago
Karl is mine
Squabble Sūū
Squabble Sūū 4 days ago
Chris: i watch these kinds of anime Me: :00000000000000000000 YESSSSSSSSSSSSS There is actually a Mr. Beast Otaku Teammate!!!! 👁👄👁💅🏻
Calf Gamer
Calf Gamer 4 days ago
the giant mountains are lava casts
Seenpie Z
Seenpie Z 4 days ago
Is this mc java?
Coding Kit
Coding Kit 4 days ago
Hi Mr.Beast. My name is Praanesh. I from India. I love to do Animation, VFX, Editing stuffs. But I don't have a good PC. I only have very low end laptop, which takes 5minutes to open Chrome. Please help me. I have participated in many VFX competition in our region and won. For it is like giving tip to waiter, but for me it is like giving me the life I wanted. Hope you will help me.
Janis Garland
Janis Garland 4 days ago
Karl has sounded dumb
Karatic 5 days ago
Giving 10,000 people huge PCs? Seems legit.
Sun down
Sun down 5 days ago
his moderator banned me for no reason!!!!!!!!!!! on the discord sever unbann me pls...
Chloe Im
Chloe Im 5 days ago
Smileyface gamingツ
Munchy mc is not raided
Rezolution 6 days ago
Stone Mountain = LAVA CAST
justin barraquio
justin barraquio 6 days ago
I wish I can join your challenges But I dont Have A good pc Thats why I cant :(
Sherbet-123 6 days ago
I cant do that cuz my computer broke 😭😭
TheusualdaysYT !
TheusualdaysYT ! 6 days ago
You should play a minecraft pause challenge
Jeron Alarcon
Jeron Alarcon 6 days ago
they have build a civilization to live in peace of the honor mrbeast and one tip have Chris lick karl's head
Wheres the link for that test raid server i want to put a sign saying "tech support scammer hideout inside mountain"
Lorrie Lopez
Lorrie Lopez 6 days ago
Ummu Keiko
Ummu Keiko 6 days ago
Karl: I thought I was gonna be lonely forever His Fangirls: Excuse me?
LT Leelo
LT Leelo 7 days ago
Do videos with Skippy
Hot Shot YT
Hot Shot YT 7 days ago
Karl sounds like morty from rick and morty
anjallee paatil
anjallee paatil 7 days ago
My server is too laggy
anjallee paatil
anjallee paatil 7 days ago
Too lag
Rose marie Bangoy
2b2t early times lolol
Demon Gaming
Demon Gaming 7 days ago
Demon Gaming
Demon Gaming 7 days ago
Sara Scheitlin Hiranoyama
Girls: ugh i bet he is cheating on me The boys:
ML Asterisk
ML Asterisk 7 days ago
I petition to challenge them on 2B2T server
Joel Onting
Joel Onting 8 days ago
Ashidx 8 days ago
Frances Rosas
Frances Rosas 8 days ago
I am a Mr Beast fan but I can't have minecraft 😞
Bennex Game
Bennex Game 8 days ago
Hallo coole video! BennexGame
Baguette 8 days ago
The outro got cut short monke sad
amps2b 8 days ago
My iPad is lagging
Fasih 8 days ago
I was shown at 1:37 s
Fasih 8 days ago
I am TheBreadofDoom
Fasih 8 days ago
I was in his vedio
Dream op
Alex Hall
Alex Hall 9 days ago
i would love to raid a server with you but i dont own a pc :(
Sam Cz
Sam Cz 9 days ago
Repeat quickly 0:00 😂 That face and that sound 😂😂
FallenHorizon 9 days ago
8:33 F in the chat for them not realizing the people were using a hacked client
Xen TV
Xen TV 9 days ago
wish I had a woman that I don't even know love me that much, anyone else in the forever alone gang?
Colin Luo
Colin Luo 9 days ago
Mr. Creepersalot
Mr. Creepersalot 9 days ago
Wait what is the IP address for the dungeon server
Maxwell O'Hearn
Maxwell O'Hearn 9 days ago
I'm a simp for karl
PortalCube GD
PortalCube GD 10 days ago
Imagine raiding Hypixel... xD
UVRAZE_YT 10 days ago
subbed and liked keep up the great work guys!!! :)
Automatic 10 days ago
8:40 looks like 2b2t
MORo-Basyoni 10 days ago
Who want to Get Fortnite Montage FOR FREE ? you can check my last montage in the channel and tell me if you wanna get your own
A'MERIE IVEY 10 days ago
Aryaa Nadkarni
Aryaa Nadkarni 10 days ago
This video is making me feel much better cause today my grandpa died of COVID :( ur videos are so positive and spirt lifting thank you Jimmy and team
ItzBlaze CH
ItzBlaze CH 10 days ago
Mid tier server? More like meteor server (Get it? cuz there's a big hole in the ground :V)
Nightmare WasntTaken
They literally turned the server to 2b2t 😂 By the way, The Cobble Buildings are made by a Water Bucket and a Lava.
Cyprus 10 days ago
"And This Children was the invasion of Poland"
Michael Stanfield
Michael Stanfield 10 days ago
Yay hi
Xyprus Glen Acebedo
can i have robux pls
melody protasio
melody protasio 11 days ago
Don't Read My Profile Picture
My life is a joke
FaTe _Hydro
FaTe _Hydro 11 days ago
lava cast
Elijah Mendoza
Elijah Mendoza 11 days ago
chris is pretty hot
100 subs with no vids challenge
wow lol 😆, maybe he will become the flamingo of minecraft!
Nicholas Massetti
Nicholas Massetti 12 days ago
wuts the discord
Snaliens 12 days ago
Hmm I wonder why Minecraft is glitching so much............
GeekyGamer 12 days ago
Petion for jimmy to use his discord to crash hypixle
Felisha Childers
Felisha Childers 12 days ago
So much lag
Felisha Childers
Felisha Childers 12 days ago
King Ninja
King Ninja 12 days ago
Raid me
8 ball irfan ahmed
8 ball irfan ahmed 12 days ago
Hey mr beast can I get 10000$only because I am a subscriber and watched all videos:))
ItsMeFishyy 12 days ago
I like how Karl was playing the dungeon server without the resource pack needed
Yogi the bear
Yogi the bear 13 days ago
Bruh bruh bruh imagine if you loaded in with a client and had tracers on
Bassem Guitani
Bassem Guitani 13 days ago
7:40 Someone With Pewdiepie's Minecraft Skin
Jeremy Adomako
Jeremy Adomako 13 days ago
arxo 13 days ago
Dragon Rider
Dragon Rider 13 days ago
Look at Karl's blue shirt.
Gamer_ 6451
Gamer_ 6451 13 days ago
When hypixel lags alot I guessed this video was raiding hypixe, i was wrong If you make a new vid on raiding server please try out mc.hypixel.net
OP Eclipse
OP Eclipse 13 days ago
Whats the sever ip
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