Raiding a Woodland Mansion! ▫ The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Lets Play) [Part 59]

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The Minecraft Survival Guide continues! This tutorial will show you how to find and raid a Woodland Mansion. These structures are home to the Illagers - axe-wielding Vindicators, spell-casting Evokers, and their flying friends the Vex. We also acquire our first Totem of Undying!
The series will teach you how to master Survival Mode, and will also be my Single Player Let's Play series!
Watch the full Minecraft Survival Guide playlist here: ruvid.net/group/PLgENJ0iY3XBiJ0jZ53HT8v9Qa3cch7YEV
World Seed (Java Edition only): 7574084833700264939
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Jan 22, 2019




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Comments 100
Swazzy HD
Swazzy HD 13 hours ago
Are u on bedrock?
Akmal Primulya
The vindicators do like 9 HEARTS of damage without armor
Neko 2012
Neko 2012 2 days ago
I love the mansion illigers: u friend
Matthias WORLD
Matthias WORLD 2 days ago
Make a raid at the woodland mansion
Martha Arellano
Martha Arellano 3 days ago
Martha Arellano
Martha Arellano 3 days ago
Pavlos Zimbrakos
Pavlos Zimbrakos 4 days ago
Why not wear netherite lol
Pavlos Zimbrakos
Because he mentioned something about diamond in the video and I just responded like seriously man what’s the problem here!?
Meef Meef
Meef Meef Day ago
@Pavlos Zimbrakos then why on a 2 year old vid not new one
Pavlos Zimbrakos
I know I’m saying now that it’s here he can wear it from now on
Meef Meef
Meef Meef Day ago
This video is over a year old?
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 4 days ago
Super 5 days ago
Why are you still using programmer art?
Mohsin Shah
Mohsin Shah 5 days ago
o hi wassup i download minecraft
Stephen Goddard
Stephen Goddard 6 days ago
Just vindicators name tag trick? Or other mobs like Golems?
Levels La La Land
I don’t know how to go to theMansion
Stinkymuscleman 7 days ago
i remember seeing that on an island when me and my mom were boating around the ocean in minecraft lol
God in being a giant sucker
those vindicators are so strong but those evokers so me and my friend super OP wanted to raid an mansion but he died the whole time and i was there fighting vindicators evokers with vexes and collecting my freind loot that was horrible
God in being a giant sucker
@Vex2004 i hate vindicators
Vex2004 7 days ago
Vex's are strong ASF 😹
GOSH_ infinity
GOSH_ infinity 9 days ago
I'm currently trying to find a Woodland Mansion in bedrock with the Woodland Mansion Map and so far I've traveled over 20,000 blocks from spawn which leads me to believe I am getting a bit closer.
SHAKIB GAMING 10 days ago
I won with leather armour lol
supermariologan ytp
Yo i been looking for the jungle it been a long day
ItZ Scorpion
ItZ Scorpion 12 days ago
For some reason every time I used to play with my friend on the wiiu (xbox now) we would find them every time on every world
Creating With Google Slides
I walked for 1 hour to find a woodland mansion
Kirankumar Bhavimani
The first time I saw this I was like did I have a mod
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 12 days ago
i like dark oak
cat miming
cat miming 13 days ago
glad i did a research on woodland mansion cause i almost raided it with an iron axe and leather armor
Tony Hedman
Tony Hedman 15 days ago
16:27 u just shot the zombe right in the face but he dont take any damage
Vex2004 7 days ago
Lorenzo Hernandez
Lorenzo Hernandez 16 days ago
How are you flying
Vex2004 7 days ago
Nidal Chalhoub
Nidal Chalhoub 17 days ago
Once I spawned in my creative minecraft world and I saw to Woodland mention
Julia Raine Maglalang
Conquered my first woodland mansion today. Told myself I’d probably wait a bit and prep up before taking it on but ended up taking out all the Vindicators and Evokers using guerilla style tactics by using windows (which they can’t see through) and removing the blocks below to shoot everybody’s feet with a flame bow lol. I didn’t expect it to be so easy, kinda felt cheap but it was super fun cleaning them up one by one like an assassin lol.
Kat 17 days ago
When I dug up from a stripmine, I found the Woodland Mansion. It was around 500 blocks away from spawn!!!
Starla Slagley
Starla Slagley 20 days ago
I dont play minecraft i play craftsmen
MinecraftForFun Thomas
U could’ve done the spooky mansion seed
TyTystick 21 day ago
I skipped like 2 episodes and you have fully enchanted tools and gear, villager and iron farms, a new house, and like 10 new buildings. 😂
Roblox YyYyFood9000
Pixlriffs leaves the mansion alone after raiding me burns it down and surrounds the remaining parts with glass
Hoggifyz _Games
Hoggifyz _Games 22 days ago
Quite disappointing I travelled ove 30000 blocks and I have a raid farm to get totems so I basically wasted a few stacks of rockets
Sharmila s
Sharmila s 22 days ago
Hey pixlriffs your real name is johnny and named the vindicator johnny OMG
Team NTI Official
Team NTI Official 22 days ago
I like how He explains from how to find the map to how to find the mansion, and with the guide i can find the mansion.
Asd Youtube
Asd Youtube 25 days ago
/locate mansion
ChiLing saysHi
ChiLing saysHi 26 days ago
oh my that *Totem Of Undying* definitely looks way worse than the new *Totem of Undying* ;-;
ChiLing saysHi
ChiLing saysHi 26 days ago
Pixlriffs Definition of Creepers: "Their only letter in their dictionary is "S". I can 't understand it."
Raafay_s 26 days ago
i went exploring and found it by mistake
slyvv 27 days ago
how much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood
Nolan DeGeus
Nolan DeGeus 27 days ago
i hate vexes its weird that crepers like the library
Abraxas 27 days ago
i remeber when i randomly ran into one of these mansions, was one of the best days in mc ngl haha
Tyler Wiseman
Tyler Wiseman 28 days ago
I fill my ender chest with my shulker boxes so I can have huge back pack and take anything I find
Fazz Yusoff
Fazz Yusoff 29 days ago
i found a woodland mansion i defet them i victory Gg
Kamie Sweet
Kamie Sweet Month ago
About 2/3 the way through when that spider came up above, my brain told me it was a freaking ceiling fan
EmBro Month ago
Or just use a Seed Map from Google
i found over 25 of this spell pillager s ;-; and i almost died ;-;
NightOwl 10203
NightOwl 10203 Month ago
So in my world I built my house unknowingly a few hundred blocks next to a mansion and I was so weirded out😆
Felix Antonio Gunawan
I spawned near a woodland mansion and a vindicator appeared, so i ran to a river, since vindicators move slower in water, and I managed to kill it by repeatedly slapping its feet
Felix Antonio Gunawan
I just spawned in a new world and instantly found a mansion around 50 blocks from spawn. Neat.
Chronic Plush Films
It bothers me that he doesn’t put on his chestplate
Junior Jatto
Junior Jatto Month ago
I killed an evoker, got a totem of undying, but then i died to a vex and lost all my stuff
rahat rahaman
rahat rahaman Month ago
5 million views.hmm
DemonCrow Month ago
Te vindicator wool statue has a lapis block in the top part of its head
Dark angel
Dark angel Month ago
Nope the totem of undying Gives you Fire resistance
ಠ_ಠ Month ago
Pix: *Makes a mistakes that makes a vendicator escapes* Me: Thanks now I will see the rest with anxiety because you might mess up again.
Apflel Month ago
Looking for a woodland mansion: Always go through the nether
Apollo Yen
Apollo Yen Month ago
actually there is a lapis lazui block in middle
Vex2004 Month ago
Any one know me now ??????? 20:17
Cat Boy Cal
Cat Boy Cal Month ago
“They have raided us so they will feel OUR pain”
Hamilton Fan
Hamilton Fan Month ago
1821386639. This is a seed for bedrock (I found this on pocket edition) to spawn pretty close to a woodland mansion. It’s not right at spawn point, but is very close.
Benny Boy
Benny Boy Month ago
he starts raiding the mansion at 7:10
Thantzaw Win
Thantzaw Win Month ago
I saw a cat made of woof idk?
Qi Huang
Qi Huang Month ago
lol there are seeds where u spawn on top of a woodland mansion lolol
Vivian Stewart
Vivian Stewart Month ago
I just found this yesterday on my world
WATCH ME Month ago
Zuplex Month ago
17:22 you missed the stairs up there
Joslyn Palo
Joslyn Palo Month ago
I found one but I’m kinda scared to raid it cause it seems hard, that’s why I’m watching this video to make me feel better about raiding it😂
Matthew Moffett
Matthew Moffett Month ago
Where exactly can you find one in mine craft like is their a certain area to look for!
Vex2004 Month ago
Cartographer villagers
Tin yam
Tin yam Month ago
Dark oak forests :)
Joshua Kao
Joshua Kao Month ago
I'm so sorry but the minecraft subtitles are the best "Vex vexes" "Enderman vwoops* "Zombie hurts"
Boyfriend Information
Elijah Rudin
Elijah Rudin Month ago
Does he middle click at 2:25 like what you gotta do to do that?
Vex2004 Month ago
22:00 totem is now the same on every version poggers
Denis Popov
Denis Popov Month ago
So, the pillegers?
Vex2004 Month ago
Yeah you can see its 1.13
Shiney Saikia
Shiney Saikia Month ago
You all have such beautiful base.. and my base is just 💩 🙂💔
Izuku Midoria
Izuku Midoria Month ago
I'm finding the mansion right now
Izuku Midoria
Izuku Midoria Month ago
@Vex2004 I found it in 20 minutes
Vex2004 Month ago
Good luck 😃 have fun traveling for 1/2 hours lol It took me 2 hours to find mine *try the nether to get there *
The first time I raided a woodland mansion was with my friend on an SMP server. we found a forge room and she tried to take the anvil from it, but accidentally freed the lava which later caused the entire thing to burn down. it was fun!
Saimon Colvin
Saimon Colvin Month ago
Just go on peaceful mode its more easy
Alfred Mena
Alfred Mena Month ago
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Jj _Ravioly
Jj _Ravioly Month ago
Watching this video feels like I'm on a field trip and the one who is speaking is the tour guide
Phoebe Mouse
Phoebe Mouse Month ago
When me and my brother first found one we didn't realize it was added into the game and thought it was heirobrines mansion
Jacob Berger
Jacob Berger Month ago
Back when I was a wimp and always played on peaceful mode, I tried to find a woodland mansion in my main survival world. I didn’t use an elytra and just walked the entire way there. I spent like over an hour until I finally reached it. I switched to easy difficulty so I could fight the mobs in there, only to realize a terrible truth...
Rebecca Stewart
Rebecca Stewart 2 months ago
I find 2 Woodland Mansions before
Andy Martinez
Andy Martinez 2 months ago
Me spawned in a minecraft world hard mode I find a water temple
ImDxrrell 2 months ago
creepers : walking across the cat statue wait... thats *illegal*
ImDxrrell 2 months ago
the creepers are nerds
Fizz 2 months ago
The mansion is just a free home
kat Rao
kat Rao 2 months ago
Woodland mansion at spawn in bedrock: Seed 2072006993 Go tp 1656 -842
Stewart page
Stewart page 2 months ago
Nothing beats just setting them on fire
Bikash Singh Kushwaha
Pixlriffs: only vexes can go through wall and objects Ender Dragon: Am i a joke to you
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 2 months ago
Sylvain Demeulenaere
‘Let’s take care of them’
Yiap Loong Tan
Yiap Loong Tan 2 months ago
First step: enter the mansion Second step: set it on fire Third step: kill all the evoker and vindicator
FLIPZMASTER.78 2 months ago
You talk to much pls stop!
Jessica French
Jessica French 2 months ago
Broken Origo
Broken Origo 2 months ago
Do they respawn?
SKR 2 months ago
The first time I find one ,I went in and find the whole gang in there I run upstairs in room ,I say nope not me I end up lighting the mansion in fire and fly out of there and burn it down 😂 but now I know the mansions are good ,I am currently going to one I won't burn it down this time 😂
hendrix exe has stopped working
When I see an Evoker, I go towards him and crit him out as fast as possible. Vex are hard to deal with even in a giant open space, but when in a mansion you dont want Vex on you in those tight paths, and to make things harder, they can phase through blocks.
Tajudin Ali
Tajudin Ali 2 months ago
sword of OMEN
Leila d
Leila d 2 months ago
I can fight a raid
Ranjay Kumar Mukherjee
I always use a totem after I built the raid farm
HilarousFatty 2 months ago
but how do you know the direction`??????????????
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