Raiding a Woodland Mansion! ▫ The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Lets Play) [Part 59]

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The Minecraft Survival Guide continues! This tutorial will show you how to find and raid a Woodland Mansion. These structures are home to the Illagers - axe-wielding Vindicators, spell-casting Evokers, and their flying friends the Vex. We also acquire our first Totem of Undying!
The series will teach you how to master Survival Mode, and will also be my Single Player Let's Play series!
Watch the full Minecraft Survival Guide playlist here: ruvid.net/group/PLgENJ0iY3XBiJ0jZ53HT8v9Qa3cch7YEV
World Seed (Java Edition only): 7574084833700264939
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Jan 22, 2019




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Comments 80
Lyndsey Spencer
Lyndsey Spencer 11 hours ago
is it only me or do i get soooooo manny vendacaders and not so manny pillger
miro harju
miro harju Day ago
On xbox i always spawn on mansion
Super Nova
Super Nova 2 days ago
for bedrock edition mine spawned around x 2756 and z 209072
cool dude
cool dude 2 days ago
I get this is old, but the blue wool room has a buried chest with a diamond spawn in the chest
Violet Coffin
Violet Coffin 3 days ago
12:40 its obvously a torch
Hey That Brother
Hey That Brother 3 days ago
AlsoIt’s on your thing
Raakin Hassan Abdulla
Pixlriffs: Totems are one of the rarest items in the game Me: Has over a chest full of then before I had diamond armor
Raakin Hassan Abdulla
I have never went to a mansion but with raid farms I have lots of totems
Evan Franklin
Evan Franklin 3 days ago
Literally found one in like 2 seconds of spawning on zbox360 and just decided to take the entire roof off. And kill them from above. Then made a new world and just found it again and burnt it down
Adey Lee
Adey Lee 3 days ago
I love this vid!!!!!!!!!!!
Maisonthegayson 4 days ago
So are these just random to find or
Trey Manning
Trey Manning 4 days ago
“Risky going in without a diamond chest plate” he says whilst wearing an elytra
Kevin Christopher
Pixlriffs about Totem of Undying :it's hard to get Me, with over 20 of them, from farming raids cuz i was bored
Kevin Tao
Kevin Tao 5 days ago
Inside the vindicator holding torch statue there is a block of lapis lazuli
Gaming And More With Kyle
When you cut at 5:35 I thought my phone was dead lol
Curiouskid18 8 days ago
Evoker: HAHA I AM ALL POWERFUL! Me: *KILLS EVOKER* Evoker: *Drops totem* Me: Wait, if the Evoker had a totem of undying, why didn’t he just use it?!
W L 9 days ago
No hate, but this is how actors portraying nerds in movies talk to girls.
Curiouskid18 9 days ago
One time for some reason, I wanted to play Minecraft on my PS3 and I loaded in a world, and a spawned on the ROOF of a Woodland Mansion, which was next to a Desert Village. What are the chances??
N̲̅a̲̅n̲̅z̲̅u̲̅k̲̅o̲̅ T̲̅a̲̅i̲̅k̲̅i̲̅
Pixlriffs : “totems are one of the rarest items in minecraft” Me : *laughs in raid farm* Yes yes I know raids weren’t a thing back then
Yanli Qln
Yanli Qln 11 days ago
Why do u trap villages in a prison kinda room? (No offence I would personally do that as well)
Mercury 11 days ago
I have two woodland mansions and I don't know what to do with them
Supermar 11 days ago
I think if you go behind the ills her head on the top floor there is something good Last time I went there was a diamond block and before that a chest full of good items
the kids
the kids 12 days ago
hesaa canada vane vvbg
Samuel Bourque
Samuel Bourque 12 days ago
question- if a vindicator is named johnny, will he even attack other vindicators?
HGGundamreviews 13 days ago
The wool statues have changed, the iillager heads at least, have blocks of Lapis in their core.
TTV Squid
TTV Squid 14 days ago
I tried the vindicator experiment it went hostile to me as well
Liyah’s Life
Liyah’s Life 14 days ago
Ou I can’t wait to get Minecraft again👏🏾
Speedrunner 0218
Speedrunner 0218 15 days ago
My woodland mansion in my single player hardcore world on java had one only 3000 away from spawn. I found it on complete accident before I bought a map. It was insane.
Stupid Meme Scum
Stupid Meme Scum 16 days ago
P a y b a c c .
Tomás 2009
Tomás 2009 16 days ago
The woodland mansion is the biggest dungeon in Minecraft
Tomás 2009
Tomás 2009 16 days ago
Woodland mansions are possible to generate in the cheats an enchanted golden apple
Winger Wind
Winger Wind 16 days ago
I can’t believe you havn’t come across raiders yet. I got attacked in about my fifth day.
Desko 13 days ago
To be fair, he couldn't really come across them at the time. Village and Pillage wasn't out yet. Not sure if he was playing on a stable release or a snapshot, though.
Rylee Camp
Rylee Camp 17 days ago
my seed that i got believe it or not, spawned 4 woodland mansions NEXT to each other it was crazy
Itz Rog
Itz Rog 17 days ago
Can you do a video of saving a raid
Jean-Sebastien Gauthier
I don't understand why a structure is made so rare without giving any really good loot. I mean, this mansion should be full of good loot. It would make it worthy to explore a world in order to find one.
sam g
sam g 18 days ago
I put tnt under the mansion make a huge hole and light the mansion on fire and grab everything at the bottom
Alain Dähler
Alain Dähler 20 days ago
Sorry idk if I missed it but what's the deal with keeping vindicators? I ve also seen you doing it on your Skyblock map but why? Just to have one remaining as a souvenir? Edit: nvm i got it at 12:08 thanks :)
Gdog 396
Gdog 396 20 days ago
I found a woodland mansion only a couple hundred blocks from my spawnpoint and I have seen worlds with the mansion next to spawn. this is also on Java edidition.
Alex Branson
Alex Branson 20 days ago
Woodland mansions are my worst fear
TomatoShake 21 day ago
You are the david attenborough of minecraft
jcch 21 day ago
today i spawned in a new world near a woodland mansion
alex koempel
alex koempel 22 days ago
wonder if I could just move in there...
golden gaming0007
golden gaming0007 22 days ago
I love this series even though I’ve already been playing for 5+ years!
manal khalil
manal khalil 23 days ago
okay let meh see that thing you said mouth that eats you whatchs till the end and went in minecraft hi self then he summed evoker and saw it was called evoker fangs and he summons alot
Paul Roche
Paul Roche 23 days ago
Ahmad Vaqwu
Ahmad Vaqwu 23 days ago
Pixlriffs: This shulker is the shulker I will fill with valuable stuff. Also Pixlriffs: *Puts 2 diamond hoes in the shulker* Me: Dude... you should just quit Minecraft.
Bubble Baby
Bubble Baby 23 days ago
Well this Is weird I was in survival hard ,and none of the iligers attempted to hurt me I just past threw them ,I don't know if it is a glitch or something
Potato muncher
Potato muncher 23 days ago
I walked 13000 blocks in displacement and died from a little vex. I’ve never been so sad in my life.
Corban Hosaflook
Corban Hosaflook 23 days ago
Creapers also use t in their dialogue 😂
Finn Hayes
Finn Hayes 24 days ago
It took me 2+ hours top walk to my mansion which was over 50k blocks away, it was not fun.
The question No one ask
Naming them Johnny is a reference to the shining a old horror movie where the main antagonist name was Johnny and he was hunting his family with an ax
Michael Mensch
Michael Mensch 24 days ago
"all my tools are healed up." *sad bow noises*
walker family
walker family 24 days ago
Where do u get ur house design ideas
D0S4L tiktok
D0S4L tiktok 24 days ago
Deok 24 days ago
This is just like.... a pillage base just gayer and bigger
Polo Rees
Polo Rees 25 days ago
I’m in bedrock and I i spawned right next to it
Keneisha Charue
Keneisha Charue 26 days ago
Unspeakable played a map like this but its not a map
# RAVAGE # 26 days ago
There’s a whole Subreddit dedicated to this guy albeit small you should join it
Mohammed Hamza Ahmed
You should stay in the woodland mansions
MANOS 57 26 days ago
Imagine if there were baby Vindicators they would be a big problem.
Zombie Rawat
Zombie Rawat 27 days ago
Any one noticed that was disc 13
Casy Leer
Casy Leer 27 days ago
I realized nobody has recreated a illager mansion on RUvid yet,, I'm trying to build one beside my tower in my seed world,, I added a second tower & bridged them 8 blocks apart & twice as many illager began spawning all over the area, I couldn't be happier, with it,, Technically I'm just expanding the tower into a dungeon....
Monster Gamers
Monster Gamers 27 days ago
20:32 nothing else in the game can phase through blocks... the ENDER DRAGON hEllO!?!
Nate Yackenchick
Nate Yackenchick 27 days ago
Caticorn Fun
Caticorn Fun 28 days ago
The wool statue of an illagers head should have a block of lapis between the eyes
Zoe 28 days ago
bruh what accent do you speak in? the first 5 seconds i thought u were american, then it quite obviously became british but then i heard hints of irish and a trace of cursive??? i am beYOND confused LOL
Karthik Venkataraman
Can vindicators brake blocks?
Jahid RAHMAN 29 days ago
Ur cheating
Sir Frosty
Sir Frosty Month ago
Bro if u can’t take on a wood land mansion u wodnt stand a chance against a level 5 raid
arhat Tuladhar
arhat Tuladhar Month ago
Never waste your diamonds on a hoe!
Frobisher Month ago
There was a lapis lazuli block inside of that evoker statue...
Broken POPTART Month ago
This video is amazing uwu
Thanh Do
Thanh Do Month ago
14:41 where is the secret staircase?
Bigdatch GT
Bigdatch GT Month ago
This is eminem doing rap while playing game..
Uvan Naveen
Uvan Naveen Month ago
oh I burned down the woodland mansion
Flora Valerio
Flora Valerio Month ago
I killed it only using my phist
TØP FAYER Month ago
Entendi nada todo são inglês es
Vladimir Petrovsk
how do you get the illigers back to your base??.
1/5Maria ozawa tokyo sexby JiJi.ng
Alex Romero
Alex Romero Month ago
Because when I walk to the womanI did not see the mansion anywhere and I was using the Woodland imagine explore map but I did not see anything so update me if you’re going to find the wooden mention again in Minecraft 114 please I need your help
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