R16 - MS - Lee C.W. vs H. Vittinghus - 2012 All England

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Event: 2012 Yonex All England Open Badminton Championships - Round 16
Date: 6 March 2012 to 11 March 2012
Venue: National Indoor Arena, Birmingham
Players: Lee Chong Wei (MAS) vs Hans-Kristian Vittinghus (DEN)
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Mar 9, 2012




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Comments 0
5040 Chen
5040 Chen 2 months ago
Bobomeetworld 3 months ago
Lee Chong Wei foot work is light as feather!
Subianus 1993
Subianus 1993 4 months ago
H. Vittinghus Mentality 75% Speed 100% Stamina 100% Control Game 99% Focus Match 99%
Subianus 1993
Subianus 1993 4 months ago
Lee Chong Wei Mentality 100% Focus Match 95% Stmina 100% Control Game 80% Smash First Half 50% Smash Second Half 85%
water drops
water drops 4 months ago
great... lcw makes the idiot den coach vomited blood....😂 making sure they both learn a lesson
muhammad risandi
muhammad risandi 5 months ago
Wkwk sombong sih kelah lo
Dima Homich
Dima Homich 7 months ago
В 1988 году я играл примерно так как Ли.Были деревянные ракетки.А представте что умели мои учители.Ли Чонг Вей очень сильно уважаю.
Razak Md noor
Razak Md noor 11 months ago
Poor defense vithingus
Razali Ariffin
44:14 epic
Syed Harraz
Syed Harraz Year ago
vittinghus reaction when get point- yessss warghh while lcw: wtf with this boy
周湯包 Year ago
Vittinghus 真的超強了 51:56李宗偉也太可愛最後還點vittinghus 的頭
Sweety Vasava
Sweety Vasava Year ago
Winto J
Winto J Year ago
What racket model did LCW use this period?
Ammar Harith
Ammar Harith 6 months ago
@Syed 'Abdullah Oh stop. That was the Z Force, man. Z Force 2 was released two years after this tournament.
Syed 'Abdullah
Z force ii
Nick Li
Nick Li Year ago
the best
Nick Li
Nick Li Year ago
اے اٻم
اے اٻم Year ago
I liebe LCW Der ist A 1
jhon mc mallarry
How about stop screaming??
GW Ganesh
GW Ganesh Year ago
Very good game
FBI Agent
FBI Agent Year ago
Vittinghus has very energy consuming foot work
43:56 min where are looking the arbiters ? the serve at de the level of the chest !!!
43:56 куда смотрят судьи ? подача на уровне груди !
43:56 куда смотрят судьи ? подача на уровне груди !
Sorry europe Lcw always be the greatest one HAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂 , U deserve it 10.55/44.14 Thank you wkwkwkwk!!!!
Chhangte Lalthakima
Based on your assumptions I'll tell you the truth. Vittin has the privilege to win Lee but his skill is a bit lower than lee. It's not because of his speed he didn't win, but because of his lack of skills. If Vittin got the same training like lee, then the story will be different. He make more errors than lee, that proof that he is less skilled than lee. Batminton is not only speed but also skill and strength. And cleary from their body dimension Vittin looks more strong than lee.
anonym Ed
anonym Ed Year ago
lee chong wei training is no unusual..his workout and discipline is very good...he can training against 3 player... btw lee experience is advantage here..body dimension still lee wins..his body one of the athlete that have lowest body fat..
Lasmiranda Dennsivillia
Morton Frost fangirling LCW ignoring the shot quality of Vittinghus in first set
huy9065 Tran
huy9065 Tran 2 years ago
Ăn xog quả hét ầm ầm
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar 3 years ago
vittinghus won a fan
Sheoranology 3 years ago
13:40 .....Perfection....Love it..
Leah Gervacio
Leah Gervacio Year ago
Uncovered Mind putang ina mo
akshay pakhale
akshay pakhale 6 years ago
awesome speed with outstanding accuracy Lee C.W
Algorox 6 years ago
Ayey The Best
Ayey The Best Year ago
Yeah 😁
ClydeMcbride Year ago
22:00 was amazing as well
mette011 4 years ago
It must have been kind of ´fun´ for Wei, to see how he is himself. What HK did, I have only seen Wei do :D Well done
Pradip Limbu
Pradip Limbu 7 years ago
Hello everyone. Fantastic video. My uncle was formerly an obese guy. He transformed his body from 284 lbs of pure fat into 206lbs of real lean muscle. Everybody was astounded. I just joined myself coz I'm hoping to get bigger muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)...
Prakash S
Prakash S 7 years ago
not easily.. mate . Vittinghus gave a fight till the end . 23-21.. 21-18 is in no way easy victory ..
Prakash S
Prakash S 7 years ago
immature vittinghus . he was thinking mayb he can beat LCW..:D
Ashish kriplani
Prakash S anyone can beat anyone he is also a human being not a god
Prakash S
Prakash S 7 years ago
Lee was like..'Kid , take ur points initially, I will show u who im later ...
Prakash S
Prakash S 7 years ago
excellent start by Vittinghus .. .. as if LCW was juz warming up at the other end
AmaRa PeeT
AmaRa PeeT 7 years ago
dayjarvoo 7 years ago
Was that the Danish coach congratulating LCW at 52:34? Wonderful sportsmanship.
camille delorme
camille delorme 8 years ago
10:55,,,,,, of course thanks
Haydn Yam
Haydn Yam 8 years ago
( H. Vittinghus ) his sportsmanship is great ! ! !^^
Hanafi Ishak
Hanafi Ishak 8 years ago
44:15 - 44:36 is outstanding!
mc cosmo
mc cosmo 8 years ago
to play with LCW, u gonna need lots of stamina... this fella wasted so much energy in 1st match... no doubt LCW eats him easily in 2nd match...
David Wushuang Zhao
Getting 18 points in any game against Weiwei is NOT easy!
why do you think that?
Urmila Prajapati
Urmila Prajapati 8 years ago
Hey guys. Amazing film. My younger brother was once an overweight gent. He went from 293lbs of pure fat to 204lbs of absolute muscle. Everybody was astounded. I just joined myself as I wanna beef up. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)...
Eric 8 years ago
She said in general, LCW is possibly or probably a better athlete. I'm not sure where you hear her say Vittinghus is better in the beginning.
cyatuesday 8 years ago
you more than likely dont have a clue about vittingghus, i probly just know lcw is a machine, she commentates for a living so im sure she knows her stuff ha
zfk diyi
zfk diyi 8 years ago
From first few points it's seems like LCW's opponent were Lin Dan or a brilliant athlete or someone like that.....but.....
Mohd Rashdan Abdul Aziz
lee chong wei is so cool . . .
宋昭銘 8 years ago
Dylan Wai Fuh Wong
Dylan Wai Fuh Wong 8 years ago
lee chong wei will said that:" wth? this fella is even more vigorous than lin dan, haha
David Wushuang Zhao
If you think this way, I strongly suggest you go back and watch the 2008 Olympics final.
Ton Montri
Ton Montri 8 years ago
The next fighter is rises.
Auron710 8 years ago
I cant stand it when my opponent cries out when they win a point, or does the fist pump. Makes me wanna beat them even more, and shout "yeah!" right in their face if i take match point lol, like "see how annoying that is?".... i know its more self triumph than mocking or arrogance but i just cant help that it gets to me >< seems most people dont mind it
rindu kasih
rindu kasih 8 years ago
louis ong
louis ong 8 years ago
she is talkin about lindan against lcw.
mcTATAMO 8 years ago
Vittinghus is such a Warrior! (:
jonrty007 8 years ago
I think you confuse his fist pumping/joy after every point for arrogance. This happens quite a lot especially when you are facing a player you know to be better than you/you know to be worth your effort. I find this not as a sign of arrogance, but rather, it is patting oneself on the back for being able to score a point against a great player. His actions are more of a self encouragement rather than the in-your-face-I-scored-a-point-against-your-dumb-ass type of actions.
uyaahmad 8 years ago
my first thought n picture when i heard Gillian speak that she was fat..then, when i learned that she was a badminton player, i got confused whether she's fat or not...couldn't be as fat as i imagine....
bad79VIDEO 8 years ago
43:57 Big Smash !!!
Caleb 8 years ago
They're talking about how LCW is a better athlete than Vittinghus ._.
hahahaha, you r funny!!
Sau Tan
Sau Tan 8 years ago
He is in fact better athleticism but not skill. She didn't said he is better skilled than LCW.
Eric 8 years ago
What? It's just a way to cheer themselves on. They know they are up against one of the best if not the best player in the world.
Wingu84 8 years ago
In which way is he cocky?
stupiak1993 8 years ago
feel that the way Vittinghus act is so cocky... not modest at all....
mzrealm 8 years ago
Shut the fuck up fanboy.
Jonny Brassel
Jonny Brassel 8 years ago
44:14 OMG great
Davekei - Anime Piano Music
You heard it wrong. She said that Lee Chong Wei is a better athlete than Vittinghus, =p
6.37.... "in general i think LCW is equal to him and is properly the better athelete, but LCW got this extra dimension, in that he got extra speed......." you tell me what she s talkin about. Doesnt really makes sense whats shes sayin
cohrzor 8 years ago
are your ears working?
xthene 8 years ago
Lee Chong Wei is best-known as the World Number 1 who couldn't beat Lin Dan.
anonym Ed
anonym Ed Year ago
he had beat lin dan..twice
viatoretvenus 8 years ago
Not cockiness but he's too serious and also under pressure - he's there to win.
Canadianciaran 8 years ago
youtube adds in the middle of the video!!!!???
jie674125 9 years ago
PlzShitOnMyFace 9 years ago
ur an idiot
Jimbei1993 9 years ago
What a disgrace to badminton, you I mean.
bad79VIDEO 9 years ago
I like this view 15:15
bad79VIDEO 9 years ago
22:00 !!!
MHA Short Movies
MHA Short Movies 9 years ago
44:28 LCW-Trainer is like "What the hell was that ...?!!!"
山田和樹 Year ago
TheLastMoonshine 44:28
Ku Roland
Ku Roland 9 years ago
great plays for both. Salute @@
Lightestin 9 years ago
51:55 Lee chong wei bops his head.
mogurikupo 9 years ago
Well obviously LCW is not in a good form at all
Oliver Simonsen
Oliver Simonsen 9 years ago
which one of them ???
CONANLI12 9 years ago
What a show...and LCW was so confused like "what the heck is that kid doing?!"
Charles 9 years ago
i like the ending
its really weird. Her kids either got abducted and she was made to say that, or she switched names in her mind.
Ken Wei Ooi
Ken Wei Ooi 9 years ago
thats a win sentence :D
Phong Thinh
Phong Thinh 9 years ago
That's right Lee Chong Wei show him who's "BOSS"!
At the beginning, Gillian Clark said that Vittinghus might be a better athlete than LCW. I love Gillian, but that sentence was absolutely bullsshhhhit.
mWAZLIB 9 years ago
if HKV had a bit more experience, he could've beaten LCW in this match
Born2Soar 9 years ago
the commentator is pretty good
magic Mike 2.0
magic Mike 2.0 9 years ago
yes dthoang , the best match ;) my english is very bad lol
Hoang Dinh
Hoang Dinh 9 years ago
you mean "the best match" :| ?
magic Mike 2.0
magic Mike 2.0 9 years ago
it s the most match i ve seen by vittinghus , he is awesome
27:25 beast angle
Simon Green
Simon Green 9 years ago
16 - 15 Awesome Rally 22 :00
Creed Bratton
Creed Bratton 9 years ago
lee chong wei is moody lol
Jin Sha
Jin Sha 9 years ago
vitti u r awesome
Carlos Gil
Carlos Gil 9 years ago
Vittinghus you are my new hero !
pichaii 9 years ago
zahir azmi
zahir azmi 9 years ago
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