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Aug 19, 2019




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Comments 5 825
bad_channel 2 hours ago
2:54 he’s going places... *but definitely not heaven*
wilkey Smith
wilkey Smith 5 hours ago
6:08 I was sitting on a fucking toilet taking a shit when you
Cj Marshall
Cj Marshall 10 hours ago
Mans on the hamilipede!
Alex toyworld
Alex toyworld 15 hours ago
3:02 i dont even know why i jumped so fast, its not scary but i literally jumped backward
Radioactive Wolf
Radioactive Wolf 15 hours ago
0:17 Is that song from Cuphead?
Myvleermuis1234 fears gacha forever now
The thumnail is my sleep parasis demon
Ryuga Tenja
Ryuga Tenja Day ago
2:30 damien is anti fury
Poodleinacan Day ago
8:12 It's actually called a "purse" (pug + horse) ...... but lets face it. That's the snout of a bulldog, not a pug.
Matt Parisano
TIHI = Thanks, I Hate It OR That's Incredibly Hideous, Indeed The Idiots Have Invaded There're Idiots Here, Incidentally They're Incredibly Hideous Indeed They're Ironically Having Intercourse Two Inside Having Italian Thirteen Instead Huffing Ice Twelve Instantaneously Hungover, Incredibly Now when you read it again and realize those aren't random assemblies for the TIHI acronym X3
Nickey Muma
Nickey Muma Day ago
2:10 i think this guy thinks pepsi still has cocane in it
Happy Simon
Happy Simon Day ago
When i read TIHI i hear kokichi ouma from danganronpa v3 in my head. Help.
Happy Simon
Happy Simon Day ago
5:35 just imagine someone pulling on it, but the lenses have built up a pressure to your eye so they pull you whole eye out.
Icekiller 2076
The powerpuff girls bit went on and it had me wheezing
David Nikolas
Thanks, i HATED the video.
Alexander Fireshadeous
why did you own that dog, steven?
9:08 he says Edinburgh so wrong 😂😂
pittkendoka 2 days ago
that guy with the ravioli thermus seem like the kind of unstable individual who would be willing to wok for the current administration.
2:15 I think the problem here is that the feet aren't the same color.
yes it's the YOLO bro
sasa se
sasa se 2 days ago
ii watched your videos for a long time.. but for the first time.. because of THAT POST.. im gonna get nightmares and cancer
Hol’ up. James doesn’t love the bear! He’s splitting it’s snout in half. While ripping out it’s heart.
Terrarinator Plays
Poofeit The Legit
Me: *sees thumbnail* Me: *gets f--ING scared by it* Also me: *clicks it*
Jordan Shepard
Jordan Shepard 2 days ago
Giraffes have now evolved into Jar Jar Binks.
Error 404
Error 404 2 days ago
The thumbnail is terrifying
ya boi
ya boi 2 days ago
It's pronounced ED-IN-BRUH
Kurito :3
Kurito :3 2 days ago
You know what? Thodd1sout
YoB0i 2 days ago
3:02 that's... not a Millipede. It's a Centipede... Damien.
KP 2 days ago
Omllll it’s not “E-din-burg” it’s “Ehdin-bruh” 😂😂😂 I’m sorry. I’m Scottish btw
Doctor Ozzie
Doctor Ozzie 2 days ago
9:21 My nose: *tickles* Me: oh fu-
Permanent Marker
Permanent Marker 2 days ago
*T H E Y H A V E E Y E T E N N A S*
Wautermelin 3 days ago
Don't click it... Just don't -> ruvid.net/video/video-5V8Cmm9KAPQ.html
Fluffacep 3 days ago
3:44 Could be made out of discarded cicada shells
Fluffacep 3 days ago
3:10 that's a centipede not a millipede
Do a video on r/sksycneakf.
MrSpankMan 3 days ago
4:48 give me 1,000 likes and I will make this my profile picture
tomari 3 days ago
bro the super mario one gave me so much anxiety i was so uncomfortable but i was so happy when they reached the flag bruh 🥺🥺
"pug horse" That sounds catchy
cherriesaregood 3 days ago
the leech one got me
Hector and Friends
Bruh. A pughorse. *Bulldogs will remember that*
SkyTech RTS
SkyTech RTS 3 days ago
"is this a ross level" Please.. that's a Vargskelethor level.
Ok 3 days ago
1:43 sounds like he really hate it ;)
S2 신칸센 JR
S2 신칸센 JR 3 days ago
Sid M
Sid M 3 days ago
Total wicked sick Dude xD
Ian Costa
Ian Costa 4 days ago
I am sorry, but that is NOT a millipede... It's something far, FAR worse
Basil Andersen
Basil Andersen 4 days ago
I'm a RUvid
Planet Earth
Planet Earth 4 days ago
The thumbnail is going to give me nightmares. Thank you.
Maxamillion And Blue's Gay And FunWorld
Grody more like hey that’s pretty cringe not gonna lie
Sarah Horne
Sarah Horne 4 days ago
3:11 WHERE DO I GET ONE?!?!?
Sarah Horne
Sarah Horne 4 days ago
2:35 1. Odd1sout, you said it wrong 2. It is amaizing, so keep you opinions to yourself
Ghost Controller
Ghost Controller 4 days ago
*sees thumbnail* Me: hmmm Brain: You're not clicking this video right? Me: I mean- Brain: You saw the thumbnail. Me: Yeah but- Brain: You have Chronic Sleep Paralysis. Me: .......In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt- Brain: Just click the video...
Kibblesnap 5 days ago
A leach in your nostril 👃 bleck
James 5 days ago
Unrelated but I didn’t know Blue from Blue clues was a girl until I was older and understood pronouns
Joyce Villareal-Nodado
Why is james comic a tihi It was botiful
Zed 5 days ago
Goldfish, snap that child's back.
fluffy fluff
fluffy fluff 5 days ago
Corin Hall
Corin Hall 5 days ago
9:09 you just triggered me and every other brit
Kian's Video's
Kian's Video's 5 days ago
The person in the thumbnail gave me a nightmare of losing my tooth for a day And earn 100s of pounds and getting new teeth
Randim007 5 days ago
I had just sat on the toliet at 6:08
Artsy_Estora 5 days ago
This bothers me my name is Stephanie not Steoffani no just no 6:30
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