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been getting quite a few comments about this one!
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17 фев 2019




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joman27 Ω
joman27 Ω 16 часов назад
Is there a story with r/ChuckNorrisRevenge ? It would be nice 👍🏻
Big Chungus
Big Chungus День назад
The Entitled Turd got OOFED BIG time
SuperSansCraft Comment Edition
SuperSansCraft Comment Edition 2 дня назад
1st Story: Nice one, mom of Kid... 2nd Story: That grandma is amazing! 3rd Story: That was sad, but that story was still beutiful... That kid became Batman, and his brother was just another villain!
PurpleSorcerer !
PurpleSorcerer ! 2 дня назад
HUH the grandma CONSOLED her about the ps4
Electro-Cute 3 дня назад
A bit sad about those age restrictions. GTA Vice City was one of my best gaming memory from back in the days. I was lucky to somehow get my hands on copies of Vice City and San Andreas, awesome games indeed.
Jacob Simkin
Jacob Simkin 5 дней назад
At EVERY GameStop in my city I am cool with talking about video games and being open about stuff. The employees are cool too. I also know one guy that I always see but never realized he’s always there until writing this comment
Jay Bird10
Jay Bird10 5 дней назад
I swear in that last story EB is my own brother! He takes advantage of my mom and his gf is just as bad but an even worse human being! This story matches my own except for my parents got divorced and both theirs and my marrige (ive stoped him now) have suffered because of my EB!
Jodanked 5 дней назад
and that's why you buy games online, kids
Pingu_Da_Penguin 6 дней назад
The little things... Thats what she said....
Rhys jones
Rhys jones 6 дней назад
Me and my friends treated the GameStop workers like gods. We still do.
mechagodzilla 1954
mechagodzilla 1954 7 дней назад
That revenge from the Grave was a straight up Francine Smith parent episode moment
Jazz1011 8 дней назад
Ok I love that revenge from the grave story
Kasai 9 дней назад
it's kind of crazy how you can actually die from heart break. This is the most likely reason for the moms death only 6 weeks after her husbands. When there's too much stress in the heart, due from stuff like loss, it literally breaks which causes heart problems. goes to show that mental health is really important.
Tetra 10 дней назад
I don’t see why she would stick around her awful family
LivelyMehOtaku 10 дней назад
family dissapointment is the worst punishment
Lotis Cotis
Lotis Cotis 10 дней назад
10:48 so your Asian?
LEGENDARY BattleAxe 11 дней назад
If they wanted the game so bad they should've got a card for their system
DJElectricGamer Cool Kid
DJElectricGamer Cool Kid 11 дней назад
You do not know how glad I am that the first one not only ended well but wasnt an entitled parent
Tehran Kizaki
Tehran Kizaki 12 дней назад
#2 may well belong in nuclear revenge.
Michael 12 дней назад
r/Prorevenge r/nuclearrevenge r/supernovarevenge What next? r/genocidalrevenge r/tsarbombarevenge r/deathstarrevenge r/obliterationrevenge r/interdimensionalannihilationrevenge?
Xavier 12 дней назад
I would never talk about someone like that to their face... I would have said that the games were replaced because it would be funnier if they caught him stealing and lying to not only me but them again.
Neutral Gaming
Neutral Gaming 12 дней назад
Story #1 is one of the many reasons I treat Anyone working anywhere with respect
John John
John John 12 дней назад
That guy that scammed the "little girl" out of the PS4... Honestly, why do such a horrible thing like bruh
Salty Peppers
Salty Peppers 13 дней назад
For the dead parents Rip
Akhil 13 дней назад
Dream team!
Kris Sisk
Kris Sisk 13 дней назад
I know the manager of the local GameStop. He'd have banned those boys from the store for life.
TWB 15 дней назад
Rest In Peace EBs mom u r my fucking hero
Joey 15 дней назад
I did the use "naughty words" thing once. AND ONLY ONCE. Because in my adolescent stupidity I used a word that I did NOT know the meaning of, I just used it because I knew it was derogatory in some fashion. I also had decided to say it in front of my dad. I still remember the following lecture with painful clarity 15 years later. To this day I never use a word that I do not know the meaning of in conversation.
Joseph Bailey
Joseph Bailey 15 дней назад
Fuq that moms the goat
KingNoah 15 дней назад
I’m 13 and yes kids act cool and curse like sailors, but this is most definitely not something an average kid would do
Lotus Jewell
Lotus Jewell 16 дней назад
Children these days have no manners, I was leaving my house with my two German Shepherds; there were three little girls walking near the curb where our house is located. When my dogs ran up to my car to get in (they love car rides), they startled the three girls. I really thought nothing of it, but I did give them an apologetic look for my dogs startling them. However, as I started to drive passed them, one proceeds to flip me off and then giggle behind her hand to her friends. That pissed me off. I stopped my car, got out and proceeded to ask them if they had just flipped me off. They got a smart-assed and started being little b*t*hes about the whole thing. That's when an evil thought crept into my mind. So I proceeded to tell them that I wanted to know where they're parents lived; but then proceeded to claim that they could easily lie to me. Therefore, I had it in my mind (a lie) to call the police and have each of the girls escorted home. Their eyes grew to the size of dinner plates and they began to apologize. However, I wasn't done with them. I pulled a 'mom' move and said that they shouldn't flip people off and 'giggle' about it. And then told them I expected them to answer me whether or not they would do this again. When they sheepishly said 'no', I glared and said, "The correct response in this case would be 'yes ma'am', do I make myself clear?" They said yes ma'am and I told them to go about their business. That was the end of it. To say the least? I scared the crap out of them. Now when I see them, they act like little angels. (insert evil grin here)
dionne 16 дней назад
My ex is getting revenge on me big time he found me after many years of searching. He made this grand gesture asking is we could be together and I kindly said no thanks in front of all his friends. Now everywhere I go him and his friends are there making noise and partying with really pretty woman. Even when I go out of state, they are there. When I try to back my car up, they block me in. When I'm driving home, I'm tailgated really close. Every time I call the police they say it's nothing they can do. Everyday my car has a new mysterious dent. My life sucks.
Jess Vagnar
Jess Vagnar 16 дней назад
Quiver: Qwi - ver NOT Qway-ver
TheAarondl 17 дней назад
No one would give a shit if it was all male co-workers, good job cuck white night that was in his own words lucky to be hired into an all-female shop. Cunt.
Lampy Boi
Lampy Boi 17 дней назад
First story hit hard man, I used to always get into talks with the employees because many of them know quite a bit about the games, and are always super kind.
HostageTurkey40 _
HostageTurkey40 _ 17 дней назад
That’s really upsetting honestly, glad the mom listened. Both my dad and myself have a good friendship with our local GameStop manager
Jake Walko
Jake Walko 17 дней назад
*Afterlife medal* 500xp Kill an enemy after you’ve died (BO2 level up music plays)
Juan Miguel Reyes
Juan Miguel Reyes 18 дней назад
The last story made me want to punch their throat
Shane Awad
Shane Awad 18 дней назад
I have had some great conversations with GameStop employees. They generally hire very good people.
Jonldragon Yup
Jonldragon Yup 18 дней назад
It's the little things Sooooooo one day I went to my usual game store and it was empty. Not even Someone at the desk. The sign said open and was unlocked. Me:"guess I'll just wait outside" I go to open the door and I see some guys. Me:"hey he went to the back real quick we just gotta wait outside" Bootie head: "maybe you not me!" Me: "you are kidding right?" As I say that he moves past me with his friend I look at them as they try to grab a game and leave Me: no point in doing that just pay Bootie head: "why do that there are no cameras!" He leaves.... I videoed the whole thing.... The games store keeps disks out of cases..... I showed the guy... he was the major apparently he thought he locked the door and flip the sign. He was going to get some cash for the register in the back. He thanked me and gave me 3 free games (they were like $10 total so it was fine) and I was always welcome.
Scarfilier 18 дней назад
"Ooooof" -Every people who got pro revenge(d)
jman036 18 дней назад
Well said at the end man, I have a lot of respect for you.
TheHolton95 18 дней назад
“ I got scammed, so I made his grandma disappointed in him” This definitely belongs in supernova revenge
Russian Bloody Legend
Russian Bloody Legend 18 дней назад
I wont lie,i watch a lot of other youtubers,but my nights are reserved for the Aesthetic bois
Jasper L. Ferini
Jasper L. Ferini 18 дней назад
When Merg Zuccerbark and Elongated Musket works together
Johnny the You Know What
Johnny the You Know What 18 дней назад
I liked the last story, but it still pisses me off that the daughter was thought to be a lesser human being just because she didn't have a penis. That really fucking pisses me off. I hate that old way of thinking.
Attack at Dawn
Attack at Dawn 18 дней назад
these are not entitled parents. these are entitled brats
squids_ 18 дней назад
Seriously tho fuck the parents in the last story theyre mysoganistic af and neglected one of their kids just cus shes a girl while they created a little shit and act like its his fault he spoilt. then they only turn to OP when they realise they did such a shit job of parenting and then the mum spites her kid. Hes your son not some fucking random. Im not saying they deserved to die but you guys are giving them way to much credit. I honestly feel sorry for OP, shit parents, shit brother.
weasl 18 дней назад
They high fived lmao
Lynxey Gals Z0e7
Lynxey Gals Z0e7 18 дней назад
Tlapi the Dutchie
Tlapi the Dutchie 18 дней назад
I react the same way a dog reacts to being called a good boy when called an aesthetic boi
AJ 1978
AJ 1978 19 дней назад
Last story is sad, but W.Wonka was right. Kids don't spoil themselves.
Matthew Timothy
Matthew Timothy 19 дней назад
This PS4 scam hits close to home. I was scammed on a PS3 from Ebay back in like 2010. Never used Ebay again.
Samuel Koprowski
Samuel Koprowski 19 дней назад
Check out R/no sleep
Dizzy BMX
Dizzy BMX 19 дней назад
5:50 I see what you did there
Peter Gama
Peter Gama 19 дней назад
Well some guy on ebay tried to scam me out of a refaund and then i fake accout spammed arpind 150 reviews. Of him scaming and not refounding. Preatymuch destroyed his reputation at the end he did refound me he canceled it and i didnt notice until a month and a half that is why i couldnt use ebay support
Nicky Sebast
Nicky Sebast 19 дней назад
The first one was rlly pathetic and probably fake
Sasha Shallies
Sasha Shallies 19 дней назад
That last one was pure savagery
dawson gamblin
dawson gamblin 20 дней назад
the eb games i grew up with never asked for ids, bought gtaIII shortly after 4 came out, i was like 8 or 9 at the time, though i looked old for my age (i was about 5'10" or so) that wasn't why they let me buy it, they could literally care less. gotta love being in rural areas
Jonathan Gould
Jonathan Gould 20 дней назад
I love the first one how it's a breath of fresh air from all the entitled parents stories. Turns out not all bratty kids have bratty parents.
Watanab.e 20 дней назад
Afterlife Kill
The Lambo Crew
The Lambo Crew 20 дней назад
May the girls Dad and Mom Rest In Peace In heaven
CptRennett 20 дней назад
An F is not good enough for those parents or any amount of F’s. I say we all have a moment of silence for them, may they Rest In Peace.
TheDragonsKing 695
TheDragonsKing 695 20 дней назад
Verbodon Otaku
Verbodon Otaku 20 дней назад
XD During the last story, I got an ad for life insurance
LOLIGIUSZ 1980 20 дней назад
I'm polish and PEGI doesn't apply here so i dont have any problem while buying PEGI 18 games.
Andrew Alekseev
Andrew Alekseev 20 дней назад
Granma was in acting school too, she scammed sucker OP for those two games.
WickedJ that is all
WickedJ that is all 20 дней назад
Me and my friends were never like that thats some ignorant shit
JonathanToolonie 21 день назад
That last one felt like it came from a Twilight Zone episode.
Dan hudson
Dan hudson 21 день назад
I’m so sad 😭
Dan hudson
Dan hudson 21 день назад
Oh no not grandma
IllisMoreo 87
IllisMoreo 87 21 день назад
Can you imagine if that daughter is already long estranged & the parents died without anyone kin to help them in the last few weeks...... The repercussion is... So yeah please don't be unfair to your own children... they're your saviour, in the end..
charlie Johnson
charlie Johnson 21 день назад
I love it when he says “what’s up my aesthetic bois”
taylor miller
taylor miller 21 день назад
That last story is a rip in the chat for the son lol
Gregory Gejoff
Gregory Gejoff 21 день назад
That last one wasnt pro revenge it wasnt even nuclear revenge it wasnt even nova revenge it was apocalyptic revenge. REVENGE FROM THE GRAVE you would be hard pressed to top that.
IllisMoreo 87
IllisMoreo 87 21 день назад
Yeah It probably should have it's own thread.
the one true logan
the one true logan 21 день назад
chaotic neutral
Sergio Cold
Sergio Cold 21 день назад
The second one was just a bit too much but I guess he kind of deserved it???
John Pelt
John Pelt 21 день назад
4:55 -- … because.... THEY'RE *DEAD*
Spartan Hitman
Spartan Hitman 21 день назад
I honestly feel like every person, at the age of 18 should go through basic training and 6 months to a year of some sort of customer service just to avoid situations like this.
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle 21 день назад
in that first one those kids shouldve been insantly trespassed for being in the store without permission for no reason.
Paper Chario
Paper Chario 21 день назад
9:55 life destruction 100
Chance Davis
Chance Davis 22 дня назад
10:46 Well thats more sexist than the entirety of the 1800s
Loyalllamalovers !
Loyalllamalovers ! 22 дня назад
When you plane a revenge that goes all the way UNTILL you die
Loyalllamalovers !
Loyalllamalovers ! 22 дня назад
The worst thing you could do is make there grandma disappointed in them
Zmbkiller 22 дня назад
JUST A LITTLE BIT like if you get the joke
this is
this is 22 дня назад
what an adult acting like an adult thats life changing
Bucky 22 дня назад
Boi I was cackling like a maniac on the first story
Cringe Worthy
Cringe Worthy 22 дня назад
Man the flashbacks to the age of 13 oh wait thats today. Ive never gone into a gamestop tho 😞
Lucas Fisher
Lucas Fisher 23 дня назад
Good job grandma
dinokingty 23 дня назад
I didn't have friends lol
Me Myself
Me Myself 23 дня назад
Eeeh...I think both people in story #2 are kind of pieces of shit.
Henry McCoy
Henry McCoy 23 дня назад
I hate to tell you this fresh but that's not what insurance is about at all insurance is a protection racket it's a scam the only way you win in insurance is if you die before you pay out as much money as they have to pay out the whole point of insurance is for the company to get rich while refusing payouts
Akito Kiki
Akito Kiki 23 дня назад
Hehe. These remind me of some revenge that I got on a neighbor of mine.
[GD]Shhanddu78 23 дня назад
i am 9and don't know the meaning of asthetic
[GD]Shhanddu78 22 дня назад
+TruthNerds thank u :D
TruthNerds 22 дня назад
aesthetic = pleasing to the senses, beautiful
Pony Empires Unite
Pony Empires Unite 23 дня назад
I'm fourteen and every time I went to Gamestop, in fact, any place, I was kind to the employees and so are my friends. It hurts to see those people. I'll say this, I know those people and would gladly beat them into next week.
LoneWolf 23 дня назад
Are you sure there life doesn’t have a price 500 thousand is alot
Shoelacy 23 дня назад
Lol dude fell for the charge back scam XD
Zac Ross
Zac Ross 23 дня назад
With that last one I can just imagine EB and SIL suing OP for the 500K and losing horribly. No matter what you say you cannot sue someone for getting something they never got.
putra kacak
putra kacak 24 дня назад
9:59 that to much no need to get you hand dirty and I didn't feel bad at that guy but still I feel sad for his grandmother maybe you just wants to get a revenge but no need to involve the famliy when I heard this stories I feel sad for his grandma because you how much faith she put on his grandson no need to destroy that
Maveriack-sucks 24 дня назад
I would have loved him to instead hand over the video camera of everything they said and just hand it to the mother as a make your kids watch this for a solid hour or until they realized the fucked up
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