R. Kelly Interview Cold Open - SNL

Saturday Night Live
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Gayle King (Leslie Jones) interviews R. Kelly (Kenan Thompson) about the allegations leveled against him.
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Mar 10, 2019

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Comments 22 255
Ozler Gurpinar
Ozler Gurpinar 2 hours ago
Keenan one of the best
Jordan Jefferson
Jordan Jefferson 2 hours ago
IG SPOOKS 6 hours ago
Jimmy Fallon thinks its soo fuckin funny to make of everyone if R Kelly stylist video he would have got pissed at Jimmy and SNL
Larry Potts
Larry Potts 10 hours ago
Yaw aint shit SNL...lol
catherine gillespie
catherine gillespie 12 hours ago
I gave you feeling on your booty age ain't nothing but a number the Trapped in the Closet and all those other Clues😅😅
Ally Lyonz
Ally Lyonz 14 hours ago
Why has Keenan played all of the bad guys lol, Bill Cosby, R Kelly, and OJ
Verilee M. Thompson
Verilee M. Thompson 14 hours ago
Y’all just leave y’all cameras in the open , y’all some freaks up in here! 😂
austin beshers
austin beshers 16 hours ago
Curtsicee Smith
Curtsicee Smith 18 hours ago
Curtsicee Smith
Curtsicee Smith 18 hours ago
You'll need to stop it that's not funny. You guys are so childish and you guys should be ashamed if yourself making infront of them. You guys should be making in front of them girls that are pretending that they were RAPED
Jason Brumfield
Jason Brumfield 21 hour ago
From the knuckle puck in mighty ducks to SNL well done Keenan
L Hill
L Hill 21 hour ago
Pure SNL Gold lmfao an almost needed a stretcher slay that shit Kenan 🙌
Nick Amato
Nick Amato 22 hours ago
Everything begins with a Q
a93456358 Day ago
BigJyeTV Day ago
Leslie actually looked good with that wig on.
Coletha Albert
This is my favorite skit EVER!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Annette Williams
“ but Robert “ “ victim” 😭😭😂😂😂
Annette Williams
This will never never get old 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀 i just keep thinking back on the original interview i just can’t 🤦🏽‍♀️😭
Caitlin Horton
Boy, that cameraman fell far after that unfortunate Pepsi commercial he directed...
Spellz Nez
Spellz Nez 2 days ago
The way he says 30 years I'm dying!lol
Swishak t
Swishak t 2 days ago
I lost it when he turned to the plant
shunkela 2 days ago
"My lawyer was telling me no, but my ego, my ego was telling me yes." X-D This is such an underrated line!!!
MrJayrahktv 2 days ago
But he uses the same voice for each of his characters🤦🏾‍♂️
Jae lang
Jae lang 2 days ago
"that's stupid guys, is that camera on me.... use your common sense" lmfaoo
Elizabeth Thornton
Too funny
Aaliyah Walker
Aaliyah Walker 2 days ago
Is this comment section a camera? 🤨
“ 6, that’s almost 10!” My favorite line to use 10xs a day
nikolette 1212
nikolette 1212 2 days ago
This is the best shit i have ever seen in my life, much respect
alabamian 724
alabamian 724 2 days ago
Just call me victim
ness35tc 2 days ago
I can't stop watching this... Lol 😂😂😂
JK number5
JK number5 2 days ago
Call me victim...(Now Cypher)
angela diaz
angela diaz 2 days ago
¿Is that woman 50 cent's mother?
Maria Groff
Maria Groff 3 days ago
Omg, Keenan!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m gonna miss you when you leave SNL!! You’re pure golden showers! 😂😂😂
Cameron Walter
Cameron Walter 3 days ago
It looks like Gayle King ate Gayle King
The Official Bossiana
I should submit some jokes to SNL... I got some ideas...
LaShay LovVed
LaShay LovVed 3 days ago
Stop singing, awe you can hear that lol
Kura.ly 3 days ago
Oh shit is that 50 cent with a wig!? 😭😂
Brandon Shark
Brandon Shark 3 days ago
“Is this a camera” lmao 😂😂😂😂 idk why that got me
R Wilson
R Wilson 3 days ago
Lol you cant say one nice thing about the devil I can nice horns gives good advice.You keep your cameras out in the open like that yall some freaks .
geerob 77
geerob 77 3 days ago
Looks like 50 cent in a wig
Raw House LLC
Raw House LLC 4 days ago
5:42 camera angel is epic lol
Amit Divecha
Amit Divecha 4 days ago
One line Keenan left out 👉 “Y’all KILLING ME MAN!”
TheBlackboy71 4 days ago
Starts with a Q.......OMG!!!!!
TheBlackboy71 4 days ago
Can't say 1 nice thing about the Devil? Hilarious!!!!!
Kenneth and Joyce
Starts with a Q 😂😂😂
Ken Masters
Ken Masters 4 days ago
This really needs to be a meme!
Bryan Huamani
Bryan Huamani 4 days ago
Kenan is a legend 😂😂🙌🏼🙌🏼
XxMiya_ DrawsxX
XxMiya_ DrawsxX 4 days ago
“This interview is going great, Oprah’s friend thinks I’m innocent, I should be a lawyer or made be I should run for president”😭😂
Samara 4 days ago
im dying
Tamieka Tate
Tamieka Tate 4 days ago
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