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May 26, 2019

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Comments 1 859
2020 is gonna be 2019#2
doge man
doge man 2 hours ago
my neighbors are 2222 .-.
Andrew Glawson'
Andrew Glawson' 3 hours ago
Were all just kids pretending to being to be “adults”
Derpy Deritos
Derpy Deritos 6 hours ago
Love how at 0:40 he was like "You lick that loli boi" HOL UP
Luk3z stuff
Luk3z stuff 16 hours ago
My science teacher flipped out about my friend saying goats can live on mars
Majbritt Day ago
my mothers name is not karen... its karin
Noel Berg
Noel Berg Day ago
Shit your twelve years..........younger than me
Dane Hester
Dane Hester Day ago
Noone know what there doing they just get beter at fakeing it
KYCrusher1 Day ago
I like reading
Graffiti griffen
Why is female Craig my type
misters 29
misters 29 Day ago
When I was in first grade I would shit myself and I would say out loud "I pooped myself"
Brennen Oliver
I'm 13 years younger than Craig
Kenneth Martinez
Kenneth Martinez 2 days ago
More r/funny please
stonygude 97
stonygude 97 2 days ago
mini: 2019 is weird man. me: oh don't worry mini, it will only get worse from here.
Dylan Vercher
Dylan Vercher 2 days ago
I didn't do shit in primary school
Mr. Turtle
Mr. Turtle 3 days ago
4:52 AHHHH IT 12!!!!!!!
ANTiSMILE 3 days ago
Is she more carrin?
lively kid
lively kid 3 days ago
1:34 hairline ... YIKES
Joery M.
Joery M. 3 days ago
Can someone help me find that dog that's just gone
Bloody Tiger
Bloody Tiger 3 days ago
If you want to see karens Vistit rslash on youtube Either entitled parents. Or choosing beggers
The 21st Century Gamer
James Hetfield autobiography? As in, James Hetfield of Metallica?
Autism Tord
Autism Tord 3 days ago
My mom is 64 and im 11
TheDeadPool 3 days ago
Your 9 years older than me and your parents are sixty. My dad is turning 60. Wth
Lucas Luckstone
Lucas Luckstone 3 days ago
I mean... Female Mini Tho-
Smartee Artee
Smartee Artee 3 days ago
I live on Normal st. like for real.
Marx 4 days ago
My cousin’s name is Karen. She’s like 18
Atlasgamer1738 4 days ago
What that is Mini’s son I thought that was Hank Hill
Maddison Rehbein
Maddison Rehbein 4 days ago
Mini is full of shameless self promotion today
ToastyCarp 4 days ago
What book was that? Can anyone find it and tell me?
CCC Galaxy Gamer
CCC Galaxy Gamer 4 days ago
3:45 I was playing pokemon on my 3DS and I was gonna call mimiku Ghost Boi, but I ended up calling him Ghost *Bi*
MoeJoe FD
MoeJoe FD 5 days ago
Lol I actually have an auntie Karen 😂
Lucas Babcock
Lucas Babcock 5 days ago
Get rekey kid
Alex Blackman
Alex Blackman 5 days ago
Technically you need open flame to ignite gas fumes
Dylan Danehy
Dylan Danehy 5 days ago
I shit my self I kindergartens
I have put 1000 1s for you all so please subscribe
Why do you shower with your glasses on
Mayson Colter
Mayson Colter 6 days ago
15:56 we had man "baby" now we have baby "man"
The duck lord
The duck lord 6 days ago
O:36 *FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!!!*
Flowey The GAMER
Flowey The GAMER 6 days ago
Craig: you lick that loli boy Anime fans: HOLD UP FBI OPEN UP!!!!!
Super Guy
Super Guy 6 days ago
9:06 Mini playing Mariokart.
Goopy Souls
Goopy Souls 6 days ago
SpaceStationVR 6 days ago
Isn’t petrol for trucks
DonutPolice 246
DonutPolice 246 6 days ago
6:00 you look like Leslie knope
Gamingbat72 6 days ago
Craig, they're trousers, not pants. Pants go under trousers. You're becoming to American mate.
knight atorias is god
Do you shower with your glasses on
Gareth Ruffles
Gareth Ruffles 7 days ago
This video was full of so many distractions for craig
DragonLoveBoom 7 days ago
ExperTMitE1 7 days ago
Happy birds and angry wings Nice one mini
Moon Stone
Moon Stone 7 days ago
Hey I dont look like that 4:38
Devin Roper
Devin Roper 7 days ago
Cigarettes dont burn hot enough to ignite gasoline
Blurry Face
Blurry Face 7 days ago
I was so caught up in this video that I closed RUvid (I forgot I was on RUvid) to go find this video on RUvid!
Rainy Comet
Rainy Comet 8 days ago
1:48 Roblox IRL
Ki Ham
Ki Ham 8 days ago
My Auntie’s name is actually Karen 😂
Blitzwing CAD
Blitzwing CAD 8 days ago
umm, what about karen gillan ?
Nekovision 27
Nekovision 27 8 days ago
8:58 every battle between antagonist and protagonist
Furious_Deer 8 days ago
nice distance mike you got there mini
coffeemug190 98
coffeemug190 98 8 days ago
James Novlan
James Novlan 8 days ago
Minilad 24 Parents 60 Year 2019 Posible date of birth1995 minilad Posible date of birth 1959 Parents WOW MATH
Shadowninja 8 days ago
Siege is actually like that Craig xD
555hiddenlotus 8 days ago
2:46 Welcome to EA's 'Wild Card' Blacklist, Mini...
zithebunny 9 days ago
I'm 12
disturbedfreak34 9 days ago
Your gender swap photo legit looks exactly like my aunt Keri. Not Karen but close enough lmao
Perma 999
Perma 999 9 days ago
James Hetfield *happiness noise*
XAS 47
XAS 47 9 days ago
Bru what is that noise that guy made 😂 7:01
Staree -
Staree - 9 days ago
Mini you look like my actual aunt when she had her hair longer... I’m a little freaked out And here name is Kara
TheDoctorsGamer 9 days ago
12:15 xdd
Eyedontknowwhos Channel
3:22 I would do that to anyone
Riptide 9 days ago
3:50 he looks like phineas all grown up
_OHH_GOODNESS_ 9 days ago
I guess you could say "Mother Earth is rock hard." 10:56
Phay PH
Phay PH 9 days ago
James hetfield of MetallicA HELL FUCKIN YEAH
YT *Stingy
YT *Stingy 9 days ago
You sound like bijuu mike l0l
Misty Grape Fox
Misty Grape Fox 9 days ago
I’m gonna turn 15 next year in October
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez 9 days ago
Lmao normie
Uncle Creepo
Uncle Creepo 10 days ago
2018 is still worse, For Now.
The Yeetphemer
The Yeetphemer 10 days ago
Mini: If your auntie's name is Karen... Me: Uhhh, bet you can't guess my aunt's name is.
Brian Daly
Brian Daly 10 days ago
6:02 you scarily look exactly like one of my teachers.
H2 Oblivious
H2 Oblivious 10 days ago
Duuuude, that transition at 12:13 was perfect👌🏻😩
Zoe Kyles
Zoe Kyles 11 days ago
I love editors and their work as an editor, they make things so much funnier.
Charitha Mendoza
Charitha Mendoza 11 days ago
omm shark
Folihagh 11 days ago
i also made this comment for 8:12 its so funny
RedWolf 113
RedWolf 113 11 days ago
“Lick that loli” says mini
CIsurgency 11 days ago
You lick that loli sounds so wrong Craig .... so so so very wrong ...
Scotty ss
Scotty ss 11 days ago
7:25 umm my name is Dylan and I did shit myself in grade 11😂
Eevee RealSenpai
Eevee RealSenpai 6 days ago
Full Moon
Full Moon 11 days ago
That face 8:42
Pasha 11 days ago
When I'm on LSD, and you're saying my name, and that you know what I did in primary school. Spooky
TNTgamingXD 11 days ago
I graduate next year high school here i come
trtlboi 11 days ago
I mean Karen is fuckn hot
rj dh
rj dh 11 days ago
i still dont get how u only have 5.6 mil u should have at least 10 mil from how good your content is
Louis DePonceau
Louis DePonceau 12 days ago
my aunt karen died in 2010
joeflix880 12 days ago
its_ya _boi
its_ya _boi 12 days ago
Mini: that's me on that snap chat filter oh yeah go follow me on Instagram
Justin Stoneburg
Justin Stoneburg 12 days ago
*My Nut Butter*
Wyse Nearly
Wyse Nearly 12 days ago
i have an auntie called karen, i dont talk to them anymore...
Brody Wilson
Brody Wilson 13 days ago
I’m 15 and hearing next year is 2020 is astonishing mainly because people always tell me I look 3-4 years older than I am and can’t wait what i look like in 4 years
Spoonman 13 days ago
Holy shit your younger than I am. I'm getting older. :(
Jake Beck
Jake Beck 13 days ago
Rhinos are battle unicorns
Katie Whittier
Katie Whittier 13 days ago
Craig what are you talking about, your snapchat lady self looks ELEVEN
Tanner Clemmons
Tanner Clemmons 13 days ago
Moes is better than chipotle in my opinion
king izzy
king izzy 14 days ago
U shower with ur glasses ????
notelekS ehT snaS
notelekS ehT snaS 14 days ago
8:40 You shower with your glasses on?
Craftr 4 Life
Craftr 4 Life 14 days ago
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