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Aug 21, 2019




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Comments 2 608
GioFilms 6 months ago
Like this video to be funny (you will instantly be funny, thats how it works...)
-_- 2 days ago
Send your inbox? Y - No N - Yes
Jack0 Shadow
Jack0 Shadow 8 days ago
If I’m already funny will I be FUNNY?
Kiddy KiddTV
Kiddy KiddTV 17 days ago
**casually likes**
landscapes 18 days ago
gio why I no be funny now ;(((( :(((((
Eaglefeather21 23 days ago
When I liked I immediatelystarted laughing
Nelissa burgos
Nelissa burgos 20 hours ago
r/woosh 6:12
Sees Thumbnail: *General PolarSaurusRex!*
OH YEAH Day ago
2:36 McCumshot
Aditya Varghese
Yep that guy looks like malnutritioned broly
DamesWorld 2 days ago
Dude on thumbnail was joking by the way. He has a yt
Default Game Player
8:36 what if there were finger hands for your finger hands for your finger hands for your hands?
Fennicfox3 AJ
Fennicfox3 AJ 5 days ago
Somehow I got an ad in the middle of this video that had the same music gio uses for his outro, what are the chances of that.
baby yoda
baby yoda 6 days ago
BlockoRithims 6 days ago
Don tuch da child
Silent Gamer
Silent Gamer 6 days ago
8:05 emkay has risen
IreadysuckS Gaming
Donkey Kong XD
A Perm
A Perm 9 days ago
7:16 must've tried texting through voice
Lesi PlaysHacks
Lesi PlaysHacks 10 days ago
Hey dats polarsaurusrex in the thumbnail
xXNoob_MasterXx 11 days ago
Rose Gardner
Rose Gardner 11 days ago
You will never be able to tell if comedy heaven is actual jokes or not. Change my mind.
nicknugget 13 days ago
2:41 dude got a mccumshot
Harry James Potter
Harry James Potter 14 days ago
To be honest I don’t find sarcasm funny.
Random Username
Random Username 16 days ago
Who tf is Kermit? I only know the lizard.
Orcabeast 18 days ago
3:05 (pans to a black and white photo with you in it and dated 1921)
Why does 2:19 - 2:30 look like the same person
Ali 19 days ago
7:07 this should be on r/ihadastroke, right?
Andzej Wojcik
Andzej Wojcik 21 day ago
0:45 what if it stands for medium and luigis stands for large?
• HoldMyBeer •
RUvid’s drunk again it says 11 minutes but it’s been 5 months
Banjomate 24 days ago
6:07 that’s polar saurus Rex he’s a RUvidr and he did that as a joke
andy drew
andy drew 24 days ago
4:22 I can’t lol Like if u can’t ether Edit) oh my gosh guys, I can’t 7k likes 😳🦷🦷🦷🦷👃🏽👁💄✍🏽👺👺👺🎅🏾🦹🏽‍♀️👩🏿‍💻👩🏼‍🎤👴🏼
supported Bee
supported Bee 26 days ago
0:31 how do we know he’s not just selling camo??
That car guy
That car guy 28 days ago
What if there where finger hands for finger hands for finger hands
kieran armstrong
kieran armstrong 29 days ago
year 9 also me : (. u .). HhHHhHhaahahaha
Brett gaming 08 08
Oh look polarsoaurasrex
Silver The Gamer
I once practiced kissing on a pillow
Xyro MastR シ
Xyro MastR シ Month ago
6:15 Stop using photoshop smh, thought we wouldn't notice? Their is no way someone looks so Identical bruh.
prawnz 2 days ago
i smell someone getting woooosh
prawnz 2 days ago
SmashbrosGod 111
Ok but is nobody gonna talk about the donkey Kong tweets, like, those made me laugh so bad. Now my stomach hurts
Shivan Mohanty
Shivan Mohanty Month ago
cyka slav
cyka slav Month ago
6:16 was ironic, check RUvid polarsaurusrex
Kerry Gutierrez
Kerry Gutierrez Month ago
I got a reddit ad
Sharky Naomi
Sharky Naomi Month ago
Landon Zimmer / LZimmer1
Only ROBLOX players will understand 5:30
spacemakerLIVE Month ago
6:23 wooshed
Laura Page
Laura Page Month ago
O may God I dint know m ment for Mario 😮😮😮😮😮😮😂
Profreshinal Month ago
Now I’m double funny
Alfons Rasmus
Alfons Rasmus Month ago
0:52 I mean you could just put water, water and water
Ava does random stuff
I’m sick and I have a sore trough (I r/boneappletea myself) and now it hurts SOO much now from to much laughing. Thanks but no thanks
ThatIsabelle Month ago
Yoda: president of Iran Me: better have been Baby Yoda
ShroudyShrek Month ago
And the L on Green Mario's hat stands for Ligma
The C Vlog
The C Vlog Month ago
👁✋🏻👁 Bow to me Foolish mortals
clay richard
clay richard Month ago
Broly aint from dbz jokes aside he does look like broly
Dita Wijaya
Dita Wijaya Month ago
8:08 I saw that on top of high building its kinda scary... And yes im in New Zealand...
fuitgummymaster 356
7:08 r/ihadastroke
Natsuki Month ago
Totally Tim
Totally Tim Month ago
Any here after Polar Saurus Rex post
Kuwee Loi
Kuwee Loi Month ago
Did you know that the "m" on mario's hat means mother######
walte r
walte r Month ago
You absolute bafoon the thumbnail is a joke r/woooosh
LEGO XMan Month ago
half of a grape is 20 $ Like if agree Edit: thanks for 7B likes!
Space Rozim
Space Rozim Month ago
4:29 Hey! That’s looks like me!
Fluffy guts 123
Fluffy guts 123 Month ago
Why did I read dragon balls?
Riley Crosskey Music
jason todd
jason todd Month ago
Excuj meee
Excuj meee Month ago
3:21 When i forget to do my homework lol
FTRS Paulie
FTRS Paulie Month ago
0:48 OH I thought it meant midget NGL!
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