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Aug 21, 2019




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Comments 2 376
GioFilms Month ago
Like this video to be funny (you will instantly be funny, thats how it works...)
Just A Dog
Just A Dog 8 days ago
Just A Dog
Just A Dog 8 days ago
Who's here because of polarsaursrex
avacado toast
avacado toast 11 days ago
GioFilms do a face reveal
polarwave 12 days ago
Thank you for dis
Idioţi Production
Idioţi Production 13 days ago
Firstly you have to get that polar was joking
Nom nom da Beeest
Nom nom da Beeest 4 hours ago
LUKEorSOMETHING made it in the vid
Jacob Griffin
Jacob Griffin 10 hours ago
4:21 Yoda - President of Iraq Batman - Mayor of England Elmo - Chief Septuarch of Westeros (speak of the devil, I got a GOT ad while watching the video while typing this comment) Jar Jar Binks - Interrogator for the SCP Foundation Doc - Trigovernor of Hill Valley, Radiator Springs and Beach City
Brandon Animates
Brandon Animates 11 hours ago
5:29 Pure cringe
Godzillafanboi09 12 hours ago
this video was posted on August 21, now I'm watching it on September 21, coincidence, I think not
Godzillafanboi09 12 hours ago
srry its 22nd got my days mixed up again
Jenny Hart
Jenny Hart 16 hours ago
I thought the m on marios hat stood for megagay
Mr Loops
Mr Loops Day ago
I live in the city with that hand-body thing
RedEye Mike
RedEye Mike Day ago
4;42 lol! Idk what’s wrong with his feet! Or I’m just a bad artist
RedEye Mike
RedEye Mike Day ago
3:40, if he loves Tony so much why did he cut him out of the pick and replace Tony with himself?
Che Supan
Che Supan Day ago
1:50 lol what is this
Its cuzzy
Its cuzzy Day ago
7:44 is that a fellow Latvian?
Logan Universe
Logan Universe 2 days ago
He does look like broly! OMG
DIM-Big-Daddy 3 days ago
Who is gio me trying to say gio googoo me also AY BRO WANNA WATCH GEOMETRY SET WITH ME 45 hour cut;)
Killer Mill
Killer Mill 4 days ago
elong1212 elong1212
I just got an ad for Reddit while watching this video
Ngan Kim
Ngan Kim 5 days ago
Double Pump
Double Pump 6 days ago
Rachel Thein
Rachel Thein 6 days ago
At 1:38 I thought it said undertale.
Joelle Smalls-Foster
James Charles
James Charles 8 days ago
Lewis tho 😍
the animation maniac
8:06 master hand looms upon new Zealand city
Skvader 418
Skvader 418 8 days ago
6:08 r/wooosh
Mr. Hasbr
Mr. Hasbr 9 days ago
No one: Papa’s Pizzeria Burgers 2:39
OptionFive 9 days ago
Aaa at 2:32 it’s Lukeorsomething the animator! I saw the picture on his channel as well!
M1NY GIM 9 days ago
6:42 why is his phone at 3%? Just charge it
Cinnigen19 9 days ago
7:07 saw that picture in r/wooosh
Kaiser Things
Kaiser Things 9 days ago
6:13 r/woooosh
Camando 10 days ago
NanUser 10 days ago
6:07 dude you got wooooshed. It's a meme made by a youtuber called PolarSaurusRex
The Walrus
The Walrus 10 days ago
Proud to be one of the 20%!
C&S Cockatiels
C&S Cockatiels 10 days ago
the beoly one is a joke...
Yaser Al Ansarey
Yaser Al Ansarey 10 days ago
4:20 ah yes yoda IS the president of iraq
Rio Diamond
Rio Diamond 10 days ago
2:13 I remember that from one of you're crappydesign videos
Andrew Davidson
Andrew Davidson 10 days ago
We have a dead chicken, some get a doctor!!!!
Exotic 11 days ago
the dude who made that meme is Polarsaurusrex
DaffyDoodlez 11 days ago
This guy is so sad, like actually! He doesn’t give credit to ANYONE and makes money if random people and gives them nothing! He laughs at his own jokes so much as well! You 500,000 people who actually watch him cuz the others are bots, get this into your minds dicksnickers!
Crystie :3
Crystie :3 11 days ago
8:08 So glad I was born in New Zealand types for making this statue
*Definitely* Solaire Of Astora
Lmao, get woooshed/bodied.
zmoonlord21z 11 days ago
AleDema 12 days ago
Why's everyone talking about PolaSaurusRex? Just enjoy the video.
AleDema 6 days ago
@adam . . . I know
adam . . .
adam . . . 6 days ago
hes in the video and thumbnail...and gio didnt get the joke...
iggiplazer 12 days ago
If I had as much money as Mr Krabs I could buy the world.
Mylo Snyder
Mylo Snyder 12 days ago
Cow eat hand nomnomnommnomnomnomnomnmonom
Gnas 189
Gnas 189 13 days ago
Bolar (Lewis ) is joining lol
Minor Doge
Minor Doge 13 days ago
5:29 ok I play Roblox but the cringe in the room just went from 0 to 100
Gamer Reetasaur
Gamer Reetasaur 14 days ago
I clicked on a reddit playlist with all of gios vids on it and I found theodd1sout first sooubway vid
Daphne Brown
Daphne Brown 14 days ago
Klonkyy GG
Klonkyy GG 14 days ago
90% of comments oh that’s polarsaurusrex other 10%actually about the video
ItzPuGz 14 days ago
Hey I’m back the white puppy picture made me laugh so hard I accedentally clicked on a different video and watched it.
PL4Y3R 14 days ago
*I hit my head on a sink so I hate this*
Aaron theyooter
Aaron theyooter 14 days ago
Kruker Studios
Kruker Studios 14 days ago
*Dad* *"Will you hello hello it was talking to me delete it and delete it just wrote delete how do you delete how do you delete how do you delete delete yourself delete delete there's realy no way to delete it."* tHaNkS dAd
im here bc polar led me here thumbs up if polar led you here too
Car Pool
Car Pool 14 days ago
Actually the M on Mario’s hat means meerkat-ass you dingus
Car Pool
Car Pool 14 days ago
This is a joke peeps
Baconary 14 days ago
Dumbass not getting the Brody photo is a joke smh
Xynnful 15 days ago
6:35, obviously seen in a wrong device. That's why the tweet look weird smh @GioFilms
Xynnful 15 days ago
Best post in comedy heaven: www.google.com/search?q=white+actors
TwiTch 15 days ago
I’m glad that GioFilms understood PolarSarusRex’s joke
brainiac 15 days ago
5:41 r/niceguys
Just another member of the Chaos insurgency
this is like raiding an SCP facility some memes you hug despite their strange looks some memes you don't appreciate now but collect for later use and some you just gun down
Just another member of the Chaos insurgency
also, 2:14 im pretty sure thats an infohazard SCP that spreads through strange signs like: shooting yourself will increase your gun resistance or: during day, he is officer hughes. during Hannuhkuh, (might be spelled wrong) he is spix's macow
Kyle Kraus
Kyle Kraus 15 days ago
The fart on this video is very wet.
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