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Dec 16, 2018




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Oofulous 12 hours ago
I do be having a 6 minute long staring contest with Sean at the end tho
The end had me feeling like the Unus Annus clock was going to start ticking any second
Rehan Malik
Rehan Malik Day ago
Faqih Aldian Noor
12:00 LOSS
Setsuna 4 days ago
jack, i watch because i like your vids, i watch full vids because secrets XD is it wierd that when i stared at him i saw him get older by the second?
aceofspades 4 days ago
Seán doing part of this in Kevin’s voice made my day, it’s so true
Mobile Task Force Juggernaut
*Scroll this comment to win*
Anti: *stares into my soul* Me: Those are some nice eyebrows you got there!
Catalyst Drakannon
Catalyst Drakannon
The fuckin first one is just a goddamn trip I'm gonna think But Problem forever now
Logan Warner
Logan Warner 11 days ago
lol jack:im talking to no one me:i thought we were you talking to
Cookie-Monster 11 days ago
Jack: *staring into my soul at the end of the video* Me, terrified of holding eye contact longer than 3 seconds: "I'm very uncomfortable with the energy we've created in the studio today..." *Tries desperately to avoid looking him in the eye*
Jasmine Romero
Jasmine Romero 12 days ago
The end part of the video really got my scared! I seriously thought a jump scary was going to happen and was just staring at Jack's blue eyes until something happens😂
charmeleon evolves
charmeleon evolves 12 days ago
I (don't) like how 66% of the video isn't even the content that we were promised in the title and thumbnail 20:41 is the content you signed up for btw
abby mae
abby mae 13 days ago
jack is eye twitching is morse code. im pretty sure it says "anti wins"
Gamingepic 71
Gamingepic 71 14 days ago
stole my intro
artist graphics
artist graphics 14 days ago
Anyone watching this in 2020 because quarintine messed with ur head and now ur craving nostalgia 😼✌️
Kryo Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell
First game seems like someone only knows broken English.
Extra - Ordinary
Extra - Ordinary 15 days ago
I was watching this on my tv and I accidentally clicked home and I literally went on my phone to watch the rest. This is scary. I can't be the only one thinking of drawing this
Stamos Sarris
Stamos Sarris 16 days ago
Me be like you want me to leave (time manipulation the time goes x2 muahahahahahahahahahahaha)
-𝕀𝕥'𝕤 𝔼𝕞𝕞𝕒-
This video: *Serious* Me staring at Sean/Anti: *Singing him random songs while not blinking* *Laughing and giggling* *Doing weird hand movements at him*
Ginger taz
Ginger taz 19 days ago
12:01 fuck
King Amir
King Amir 19 days ago
3:00 Was that ASWD talking?
Paisley Owen
Paisley Owen 20 days ago
i got an ad for paisley painting please help me (look at my username)
twistmenot 20 days ago
I love how he just seems to let his "Jack" face drop and its clearly Anti staring at you.. This guy is a better actor then we give him credit for
Akuello The Judge Of Gods
4:51 "might've voted Hillary if given chance" Not smart but Kind man! (A president that does little is better than one that doesn't understand what they're doing) (Trump knows what he's doing that's why he keeps doing it lol (not always of course he's not perfect even if he doesn't win again you'll be able to tell by the votes that people do like him more than you probably think because the louder people are the ruder and dumber ones so we hear them more and people get easily brainwashed when they think someone is racist and sexist (Pence is tho but tbh that could even be a good move cause no-one in their right mind will try assassinating you if THAT is your replacement)))
Delsin Rowe
Delsin Rowe 23 days ago
Bones McCoy
Bones McCoy 24 days ago
I, um.. Watched something?
Hanoka 24 days ago
Am I really not the only one who says Sean Bon for the fun of it? Where the hell did I hear it from...
pricefamily6 25 days ago
Lazy people useing chrome cast watching till the end “........HAHAHAHAHA....;)...XD
Mandy Monster
Mandy Monster 26 days ago
Fuckin A Seán 😂😂
Kodered59 [Original]
12:00 Ah yes. a classic meme.
Tom Pegg
Tom Pegg 27 days ago
John Roberts
John Roberts 28 days ago
Dude, I have ALL the problems. I can sit here on my couch and watch you rant and clown around for four minutes for grins and giggles. Did I mention that I'm also a really stubborn son of a bitch?
littlejacks4 29 days ago
Jack:all I could hear is Kevin saying that My dumass:why say lot word when few word do trick🔔🔔🔔
Mustafa Bilali
Mustafa Bilali 29 days ago
Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou Katsuki 29 days ago
I only stayed to spite him
Dahlia Tran
Dahlia Tran 29 days ago
The first game is like the player has adhd
The Warrior
The Warrior 29 days ago
We were just gaving a staring contest and when he said "Still here, I see." I freaked out and lost. 😆 It was so quite then he spoke
Matilda Kristensen
I kept smiling when staring at the end xD
Christopher Kidder
Humans do go CRUNCH especially if you run them over.
hello Month ago
Beens, not to be confused with beans, soop, not to be confused with soup- beens means balistic energy emitters never sleep and soop means synthetic oak oxidising powder
LionBraveHeart Gaming
Me watches this at the toilet 😐
Made To Make
Made To Make Month ago
The first game is really boring.. not even Jack could make it appealing. The music started to annoy me too.
辻時子 Month ago
Him saying "next phase" - it basically means he quit the video for you since we didn't do it
Alltract Month ago
Darja Stadnik
Darja Stadnik Month ago
"You're gonna have to quit" *Scrolls through the comments*
Kate Brown
Kate Brown Month ago
Anyone else watch the video start to finish the first time?
Kate Brown
Kate Brown Month ago
8:05 ish. Actually the the text said, “ daughter > angel” not “daughter = angel”.
The King
The King Month ago
When Anti started talking about a secret scratching at your brain, I think he's talking about Chase.
Abby Hale
Abby Hale Month ago
No outro :(
Himikowo towoga
Himikowo towoga Month ago
Quit the game to win reminds me of a game called there is no game
Meriem Brasse
Meriem Brasse Month ago
4.47 am yeah I am still watching youtube since yesterday and I watch youtube 24/7 you are the one who got a problem not me XD
Meriem Brasse
Meriem Brasse Month ago
I hate that he screams all the time but I'm curious about these games damn
Cyber Woman
Cyber Woman Month ago
Hold up lemme make a meme Chile
Campos M
Campos M Month ago
It is not that I couldn't click off the video it's just that I am watching the "3 scary games" playlist while playing a game on my phone and didn't want to lose. 😅
TMF mR FreD Month ago
Now when I close my eyes at night all I see is seans face staring into my soul
hello my name is doggo
Ah yes this video the only thing you know is how to quit the video now... twitchy eye, my fucking window breaks someone is fucking robbing me Thus was a year ago
Janelle Spatz
Janelle Spatz Month ago
When you pulled up the first game I legitimately thought that you pulled a piece of paper and wrote crunchy lunch on it
Et3rnal _ Shadow
Ok but I started getting ticks near the end because the way he looked at my made me think I’ve done something wrong
Et3rnal _ Shadow
Me:👁👄👁 Anti:👁👄👁🔪
Unknown•_• Potato
I feel personally attacked.
hhilyar Month ago
I'm staying until the very last second just to spite you jack
Eg That Youtubes
Fk u game Win the game to Quit ... I think I just locked myself in the game...
Sorfina Sofry
Sorfina Sofry Month ago
Wouldnt b surprised if a child did th first game😂😂
Hamza Tahir
Hamza Tahir Month ago
Why didn't RUvid recommended me any jacksepticeye video when he was away on his vacation and now that he's back.. His videos are getting recommended..NICE
Spandhan Khanal
Spandhan Khanal Month ago
The time when he still sounded like a child my boy's all grown up now
akari sato
akari sato Month ago
2020 anyone?
Just Sayori
Just Sayori Month ago
Anti: 👁👄👁 Me: 👁👄👁
Chaos Builder
Chaos Builder Month ago
When Jack said "What am i playing?" in the first game i said "What am i watching?"
Alerthjh Month ago
No I just won the staring contest
Hayden harper
Hayden harper Month ago
I passed the test
Sims 4 Addict
Sims 4 Addict Month ago
11:15 the bread was right there
Theodor Olteanu
Theodor Olteanu Month ago
I would have left if he was just going to do his normal outro but because he said to leave I stayed (edit) I don't look at the time
imliteralyjust3 Month ago
the first game is literaly something I probably would think about if I had a job
Minehunter Month ago
Haha anti succ it I won
10k subs with no videos
Lmao I read this while he was doing his serious speech thing and you completely broke it lol
Shumatsu Chan
Shumatsu Chan Month ago
That's a lot of staring Mister.
Alex Pedrotty
Alex Pedrotty Month ago
Crunchy Lunch is just Anxiety Game
The Deadman XXX
The Deadman XXX Month ago
THE TWITCHES IN MORSE CODE SAY "Anti"! AND CAPTIONS: Anti: Still here I see, Very good. And He thinks too much.
Husky Gamer
Husky Gamer Month ago
30:18 Captions: Anti stares into your soul, geez who else turns on captions as soon as u see hes being weird again? Hope in 2020 we get more anti!!!
Lion's Adventures
lol the end
Pira Blox
Pira Blox Month ago
The subtitles make this video way better
SupremoX13 Gamer
Chris bromley-west
but jaaaaaaaaaaaaack watchtime is important those 3 minutes might be useful!!!!
I passed the test
Heapass Wastaken
Jack:How do you know im not real? Me:**flashbacks to when I was questioning if anyone on youtube was real** I DON'T KNOW
Gandolf 784
Gandolf 784 Month ago
Sadly this looks like my handwriting
Weeb Trash9001
Weeb Trash9001 Month ago
12:03 why buy clothes at soop store?
something random?
30:19 subtitle:anti stares into your soul Me:phew good thing i dont have a soul A dude:wtf!!
RTVabeayden Twitch
Crunch is literally just the mind of an adhd kid
Lewis Bryant
Lewis Bryant Month ago
i think this is the quietist I've ever seen jack in my life
rainbow sparkels25
Me sitting here for 10 minutes after the video ends to see if it really ended.
Justin Nowaczynski
i won the staring contest, and was trying to get your analytics up, btw you are the only youtuber who hasnt made a whole, sudden change in your content, love you.
Sebas Gamboa
Sebas Gamboa Month ago
I have officially passed the test
Lily-Rose Davies-Leary
I won the starring competition. Now I know every thing on ur face
GG Games
GG Games Month ago
B45h[ ] r
B45h[ ] r Month ago
If a Minecraft villager had a baby with Squidward 15:14
Wolfe03 Month ago
I feel like the first game is a good embodiment of general but minor anxiety lmfao
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