Quicksilver salva gli studenti - X-Men: Apocalisse ITA

Jacopo Di Russo
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X-Men: Apocalisse, film, 2016, blu-ray, full hd
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Dec 19, 2017




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Comments 3 868
Sable Ch.
Sable Ch. 12 days ago
He attac He protec Most importantly He put the fish bacc
Syed Tayyab Noor
Syed Tayyab Noor 18 days ago
Is even cooler that he was walking and time was still slow so when he ran time went slower and when he was not even running time was still going slow
Pablo GD
Pablo GD 19 days ago
Vengo de que pario xd
RtxZzer 21 day ago
BeKo GaMeR mohamed adel
We need a movie that he would be it's hero
brivio12 _Gaming
brivio12 _Gaming 22 days ago
He protecc He attac But the most importantly He *Doing a moon walk*
Emre Demir
Emre Demir 23 days ago
Best scene of Marvel's films
GX Satanz
GX Satanz 23 days ago
Chi è più veloce tra Flash e Quicksilver? Lo so che sono uno della DC e uno della MARVEL ma sarebbe interessante se facessero una gara
Marichatt adrienette
I love you Quicksilver
Davide 2451
Davide 2451 25 days ago
E la ventesima volta che riguarda questa scena
rohit 25 days ago
Sweet dreams are made of memes
Deisy Ruiz
Deisy Ruiz 25 days ago
Quicksilver cool
Miguel Free fire
Miguel Free fire 26 days ago
Wey momes es maxim de free fire :v
The Gamer
The Gamer 26 days ago
Music name pls
Dante Crailman
Dante Crailman 24 days ago
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Bilinmeyenler Var
Bilinmeyenler Var 26 days ago
Idiot Trump
Sasa Wahyu
Sasa Wahyu 26 days ago
Oh jadi ini Maxim :v
PATONIX YT 26 days ago
(-•-•- ) (-🌯-) olvide mi burrito :v
Mariaildaines Silva Vega
Why not make a movie of the life of this super hero that also looks great for this actor
Abhay Agarwal
Abhay Agarwal 23 days ago
Well that will take years or they could make a 5 min movie as well😂
Mr Smallville
Mr Smallville 27 days ago
Trop bien fait top 👌
Saandy Saad
Saandy Saad 27 days ago
"Rate of time reaching zero as one approaches the speed of light!"
Ania 27 days ago
My *favourite* mutant! I adore and love him😅💞😉 He is the best! End Good night or Good morning 😉
layy Grazi
layy Grazi 27 days ago
Melhor cenaaaa selocoo
Аня 27 days ago
I don't like stories about superheroes or mutants , but I am fan of Quick silver right now .
un video
un video 27 days ago
A.K GAMER 27 days ago
If flash is there you couldnt see what is happening
GAMDA77 27 days ago
osmar de sousa furlan
A random guy
A random guy 28 days ago
Imagine watching it backwards
Amadeo Veliz
Amadeo Veliz 28 days ago
JChimos 14747
JChimos 14747 28 days ago
Awesome scene, haven't seen the movie. Can somebody explain how he knew there was an imminent explosion?
Aditya YT
Aditya YT 19 days ago
@JChimos 14747 well, I guess he heard it first, I'm not sure I didn't read it somewhere
JChimos 14747
JChimos 14747 20 days ago
Aditya YT Seem's obvious now. Thanks!😅
Aditya YT
Aditya YT 20 days ago
He heard it first
Thales Silva
Thales Silva 28 days ago
Who's flash really?! Hahahahha
JERTS 28 days ago
TAS detected
Quang sang Đặng
Quang sang Đặng 28 days ago
Emiliano Delgado
Emiliano Delgado 28 days ago
시계는나의 장난감
퀵실버 최고^^
GAMING PLANT 29 days ago
Is very good
Shed TTF
Shed TTF 29 days ago
1:37 its Macron !!!!! XD
xd oppo
xd oppo 29 days ago
I love this super power 😘
Quốc ngáo
Quốc ngáo 29 days ago
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