Question Tuesday with Cara Delevingne of Paper Towns

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In which John Green and Cara Delevingne discuss eyebrows, Nat Wolff's kissing, Margo Roth Spiegelman, Paper Towns, octopuses (or possibly octopi), and the meaning of life.
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Dec 10, 2014




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Comments 3 373
nikita sky
nikita sky 2 months ago
Billie ??
Alex Gibeau
Alex Gibeau 4 months ago
Grimm Reaper
Grimm Reaper 4 months ago
My boy john smashin
Wolf 5 months ago
Will you write the next part of paper town? Pls answer if you see this coment)) i am waiting for your answer pls )
Nicolás 6 months ago
Regime is such a good answer
Sahil K
Sahil K 7 months ago
he's blushing so much!
MusikCassette 7 months ago
well sarah ellens eybrows are a tik more famous.
Mahitha Meenakshi
Mahitha Meenakshi 9 months ago
She looks so cute. Can I marry her?
ElephantsLover 10 months ago
Crash course!!!!!
Paige McLaughlin
Paige McLaughlin 10 months ago
It’s 42!
Eggless Putin
Eggless Putin 11 months ago
Wow her lips
Aryan Hegde
Aryan Hegde 11 months ago
Her voice is like word porn
"An alien-fighting Princess Peach with steroid-injecting angel gun with wings." Well, Cara, do i have some news for you.
Kim Beverly Villalobos
I just came from a meme, I didn't know he wrote Paper Towns. I'm so surprised because I watched the movie a few days ago and it's great.
Ragamuffin Year ago
They're both a lot older than me but they seem so fucking adorable somehow.
Neil Madhood
Neil Madhood Year ago
passion fruit is a fruit?
fatima Sajid
fatima Sajid Year ago
She wants to be an alien fighting princess peach with a stereoid injecting angel god with wings on a urincorn multi coloured with golden eyes I wish i could draw that
Melih Durmaz
Melih Durmaz Year ago
Actually, it makes sense for love to be the meaning of life. It makes a lot of sense. Yes. Love is the meaning of life. Whatever it is you love, you live to love it.
Rev Santiago
Rev Santiago Year ago
Cutieeee ♡
honeymoon Year ago
I swear she said "elephant sized puppy obviously! " am I the only one?? Mandela effect!!!!
Ned Dethick
Ned Dethick Year ago
John blushes so much when Cara Delevingne touches him it’s so Wholesome
Alaa Shehade
Alaa Shehade Year ago
Emily Clark has the best eyebrows in the world
Kris Year ago
Ellie Barela
Ellie Barela Year ago
this made me fall in love with cara delevingne
Dila Özceylan
2:30 ❤️❤️❤️
Nerd In A Dress
Peter Capaldi’s eyebrows definitely bear Cara’s sorry.
Lewis Hayes
Lewis Hayes Year ago
She’s annoying to be honest.
Lady Maiden
Lady Maiden Year ago
got to love that girl. You guys were hilarious together. I did not know she was an octopus. Impressive.
Sean McInerney
About to read paper town then I’m gonna watch the movie
Ryan Betts
Ryan Betts Year ago
This is like tony stark and Peter Parker in homecoming
Tori Husen
Tori Husen Year ago
Cara is a good bean!
Habecic Year ago
This is so awesomee😁😍
Harraz Masri
Harraz Masri Year ago
she is so ambitious
Ml A
Ml A Year ago
John i need another book ! 😢📚
Mushahid Hussain
Oh God I love her.
abbie with an ie
When she was asked about the meaning of life I was just sitting there like FORTY-TWO, FORTY-TWO, COME ON SAY IT, 42!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr Temporal
Mr Temporal Year ago
She wants a unicorn? We can't have her playing a character from one of John's books!
Danny Gomez
Danny Gomez Year ago
I am in love with Cara Delevingne 😍❤️
Vaishnevi Khatri
1:08 John's face though XD
yee yee
yee yee Year ago
Just kidding I love youuuu
yee yee
yee yee Year ago
Pftt, Ernies eyebrow is better.
Kein Fame
Kein Fame Year ago
2:28 she knew it (Valerian)
nora şimşek
nora şimşek Year ago
why am i JUST seeing this
Happy Bear
Happy Bear Year ago
rambuncious. agree nutritous. strongly agree!!!!!!!!!
Happy Bear
Happy Bear Year ago
2:34 on a unicorn.
Happy Bear
Happy Bear Year ago
1:13 I knew I wasn't gonna get through this video without some kind of face touching
SunflowerAnna Year ago
What’s with the American accent ?? Ahhh
Saucy Puh-Tay-T0e
John- "Describe your friend Nat Wolff in three words" Cara- "Rambunctious" John- "Yep" Cara- "Delicious" John- "Agree" Cara- "And Nutritious" John- "Strongly agree" Me- "Yeah....that's what I thought..."
vaggelis dogas
We need a reunion,Nat,Cara and of course you John.Make it happen :)
Raul Holland
Raul Holland Year ago
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Juan Russo
Juan Russo 2 years ago
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Janis Frazier
Janis Frazier 2 years ago
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JasHanded 2 years ago
she is wearing three hoods. sick.
SIGSEGV 2 years ago
Her accent keeps bouncing from American to British lol
Füransü 2 years ago
0:50 Cara saying "obviously" is my oxygen.
Haggerd 2 years ago
Hermione's yule ball gown was periwinkle blue!
Somebody0utThere 2 years ago
she's quite good in spontaneously coming up with funny stuff to say. how come, has she been asked all of that before? or is she just generally a creative person? I wonder if she could pull that off without the question and do a stand-up? @Cara, ever tried being a stand-up comedian? ;)
Jonathan Wiceway
Jonathan Wiceway 2 years ago
I'm not crying... maybe. And my favorite word: TOP, so if that rejime, let it will be 24/7. Multi-Galaxy Princess? I like it. Would you like to become a Queen? Someday
Hannah Swann
Hannah Swann 2 years ago
is cara British or American we’ll never know
Dunzo Donalds
Dunzo Donalds 2 years ago
Is Cara MTF Trans? MrE thinks yes. I’m at a loss.
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