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This week, the Babish Culinary Universe is going through a serious cheese phase. No, I'm not upset about it either. Pop a lactose supplement and lube up your favorite frying pan, because we're about to make taco night look like a punk.
Ingredients & Shopping List
+ For the chicken quesadillas:
Sharp cheddar cheese, grated
Monterey jack cheese, grated
3 chicken breasts, butterflied and pounded thin
Flour tortillas
Sauteed peppers and onions (optional)
2-3 Tbsp oil per quesadilla
Guac, salsa, and sour cream for serving
+ For the chicken marinade:
2 Tbsp vegetable oil
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 tsp oregano
1 Tbsp cumin
1 tsp cayenne
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp white sugar
1 lime, juiced
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp freshly ground pepper
+ For the steak quesadillas:
1 skirt or hangar steak
Salt and pepper
Vegetable oil
Diced onion and pepper (to cook after the steak)
Monterey jack cheese, grated
Sharp cheddar cheese, grated
Flour tortillas
+ For the vegetarian quesadillas
1 zucchini, finely chopped
1 can corn, drained and rinsed
Vegetable oil
Monterey jack cheese, grated
Sharp cheddar cheese, grated
Flour tortillas
+ Fo the guac:
2 avocados
1/2 small red onion, finely chopped
1 large jalapeno, seeded and diced
2 cloves garlic, grated
1 lime, juiced
Cumin, to taste
Salt and pepper, to taste
"90s Kid" and "Sweet Berry Wine" by Blue Wednesday
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Apr 18, 2019

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Comments 4 448
Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish 4 months ago
Stupid purple-reflecting lens coating on my new glasses...
Martin D Topete
Martin D Topete 15 hours ago
Sir you don't fry quesadillas
Richard Kightlinger
I like it - makes you look colorful ;)
Randy M
Randy M 10 days ago
Babish love your videos great job my man.
Samantha Mohamed
Steakatarian? Yes!
zoe 2 hours ago
*taking it out if the can and pretending its fresh*
Gold swank
Gold swank 5 hours ago
On my way to “Flip the Dillas” !
Monica H
Monica H 8 hours ago
Cheese pizza
Andrew Benton
Andrew Benton 12 hours ago
*gives exact measurements* babish: pours it straight out of the bottle into dish
Essem Day ago
Babish: "So what do you put into your quesadillas?" Me: ".....Cheese..." Babish: "I know I mentioned Monterey jack before, but I like to add a little sharp cheddar into the mix." Me: "uh..." Babish: "Let's start by marinating the chicken, and then prepare these dips, and then make alternative quesadillas with steak, and then we really get to work." Me: "wait."
chrisguy95 Day ago
Throw a slice of American cheese into any quesadilla and your golden.
iTheGM 2 days ago
Two tips from Texas (enjoy the alliteration). Cilantro in your guac, and cheese, then fillings, then cheese again. Not doubling the cheese; just splitting it up for better hold to the tortillas.
MakoRuu 2 days ago
Oh my God, these looks delicious.
Lc05 3 days ago
Who the heck taught you how to pronounce "oregano"?
deeaththekid 3 days ago
Do a video on making phó.
Santiago MAXIMO Lêon
deeaththekid that’s too complex for em
deeaththekid 3 days ago
Throw the skirt steak on a pit cook with charcoal then do these steps for a next level
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
None for vegans
Brady Prentice
Brady Prentice 3 days ago
Damn you babish, quit making us hungry!
LanishFishOnADish WhoCantSpeakEnglish
I can’t unseen someonething but I realised how untanned your hands are...
POTATO OF TRUTH 4 days ago
*cries in Mexican*
pyromajor1 4 days ago
Only cooked the chicken to 155? Does that short stint in the pan with the filling heat it up the rest of the way to 165? Not trying to get salmonella
Amber Crandall
Amber Crandall 4 days ago
MRSQTBROWN 4 days ago
All of them looked delicious 🤤
Viper A_13
Viper A_13 4 days ago
Tbh, these aren’t completely traditional quesadillas. But this is the closest I’ve seen any American get to real Mexican food without completely texmex-ing it
jose mendoza
jose mendoza 4 days ago
Why aren’t you using Oaxaca cheese
JackTGreat 5 days ago
I want to see Babish make a shrimp quesadilla. I'm curious if he'd name his shrimp boat the HMS Salt and Pepper.
TheOddTomato 5 days ago
3:32 “little bit of practice to get the heat *right* And you wanna be _generous_ But not over _zealous_ With the _fillings_ So they’re not _spilling_ out every time you try to take a *bite* ” Guys, his other talent is rapping
Yeet 42
Yeet 42 3 days ago
TheOddTomato praise the lord
Premium Fruits
Premium Fruits 5 days ago
Bruh, traditional quesadilla cheese is asadero or oaxaca, what the hell are you talking about with that monterey jack shit?
Sune Pedersen
Sune Pedersen 5 days ago
2:06 how is that a small red onion
adir mugrabi
adir mugrabi 5 days ago
Hey I'm in proud stakeatarian!
Ardenella 5 days ago
Haha embarrassing to not add garlic to guacamole? It's not supposed to have garlic! Smh
Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor 5 days ago
2:26 Alternatively, to achieve a "butt kiIler guacamole" leave in the seeds and veins from the jalapeño.
kuuhaku 「」
kuuhaku 「」 2 days ago
Jalapeno is not even spicy Bird eye chili is the real thing
Poutinery 6 days ago
Unage 6 days ago
U forgot seafood
JC Myster
JC Myster 6 days ago
You should pre heat the tortilla always and the cheese goes before the fillings.
Auf Right
Auf Right 6 days ago
Safe to eat chicken should be at a minimum of 165F not 155F. That's beef and pork.
Brett Hottenhuis
Brett Hottenhuis 6 days ago
That is the biggest small red onion I’ve ever seen
Aaron Shanks
Aaron Shanks 7 days ago
How about a video containing pico de gallo?
Xenavia 7 days ago
I literally made quesadillas just because of you 😅😂
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez 9 days ago
Hol' up, people eat quesadillas with guacamole?
Silly Willy
Silly Willy 9 days ago
Numskulled 9 days ago
Made these and they were frickin delicious!
Joanna Garcia
Joanna Garcia 9 days ago
I love cheese
Noah Tice-Kepner
Noah Tice-Kepner 9 days ago
Ok this is really good
garlic on guac is a touchy subject, I say no to it though
sartorian darkstorm
i so want to do the steak version yum
RobinTheHedgehog 9 days ago
Quesadillas are wider grilled cheese sandwiches on a tortilla Change my mind
Eldagusto 10 days ago
delicious and surprisingly simple!
Massive Wong
Massive Wong 10 days ago
I'm hungry now, nobody got no time for 3 hours in the fridge marinating.
Mega- Weeb
Mega- Weeb 10 days ago
Bro my quesadillas are just tortilla cheese microwave and bam ya done
Ms Medieval
Ms Medieval 11 days ago
Cumin in guacamole?? I need to try this!
Giuliano Milian
Giuliano Milian 11 days ago
These are fajitas
stenysful 11 days ago
For a vegetarian quesadilla, wouldn't you want to include peppers like the other ones as well?
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 11 days ago
He makes it so complicated
James 11 days ago
What about porkataryians
Mike the Moth Man
Mike the Moth Man 11 days ago
i really be out here making quesidillas with just cheese in my microwave
Zachary Howlett
Zachary Howlett 8 days ago
So much better in a pan
Adyn Holden
Adyn Holden 12 days ago
What about the queso for the top of the quesadilla
Jared Torrez
Jared Torrez 12 days ago
What kind of tortillas do you use
Ana Mihoubi
Ana Mihoubi 12 days ago
SIADmander 12 days ago
Do “cheese crisps.” Regional variant that everyone should try.
Sappho 13 days ago
You can never have enough cumin. Every time I am making something that even reminds me of tacos I always think "do I have any cumin at home?" "no I don't think so". Last time I bought cumin I found that I had 4 bottles of cumin. Plus the new bottle.
Taylor Nguyen
Taylor Nguyen 13 days ago
I tried out the chicken version and it was very good!! Highly recommend this recipe!
TheSelena2721 13 days ago
I love my quesadillas with corn tortillas instead of flour lol...I like them crunchy ❤🤤
Not a cat
Not a cat 13 days ago
@TheSelena2721 To each their own! Haha I'm from northern México so I'm much more used to flour tortilla, but yeah a good corn tortilla is pretty delicious
TheSelena2721 13 days ago
Ya I've done that before but the corn tortilla is like ahhhhmazing hahhahaa.. I grew up on eating both types and corn is my favorite... with muenster cheese mmmmm
Not a cat
Not a cat 13 days ago
I you leave it a little bit more on the pan, flour tortilla gets crunchy too (:
m daily
m daily 13 days ago
I am a native Texan married to a guy from Mexico- we use chihuahua cheese for our quesadillas. If you can get it, it's amazing. It's very lactic and melty. Ooh also! Try cooking and crisping up the cheese first. Put the cheese in the bottom of the fry pan, get a little crispy, add any toppings then put your tortilla on top and fold in half to get the tortilla crispy. It really adds a surprise with the texture, but you will use more cheese but it is worth it
MizzQueenBre 13 days ago
Now stop watching internet videos and go make one😭😭😭 I'm making some dem chicken quesillasss tonightt😍😍😋
masqq official
masqq official 13 days ago
"Let's start by having a talk about cheese" Na I'm cool I already had that talk when I went to the doctor about my tight foreskin
Volk 14 days ago
That is not a quesadilla. That's a sincronizada.
Michael Kessler
Michael Kessler 14 days ago
You're the man! Ive been watching your vids for so long, first time I have a little suggestion. Not sure if someone has mentioned it, but for the cut in those half- circle quesadillas, dont meet exactly in the center. Leave a ~2 inch space in the middle. That way all 3 pieces have a closed part to help with keeping everything in... Either way a good quesadilla is probably going to be a little messy. I really appreciate the quality content, keep it up!
Kevin 14 days ago
Be my daddy please
Deathifyin 14 days ago
How about fruit loops quesadillas from Psych? Lol or the many things they suggested in their mashup foods
Cristy Ally
Cristy Ally 15 days ago
This guy's voice and cooking is so relaxing. I subscribed lol
Lily Gallagher
Lily Gallagher 15 days ago
4:25 i kid you not, i gasped *oh my goddd* when he cut into the steakkk
Leon Thompson
Leon Thompson 15 days ago
I find that if you replace the vegetable fillings with meat they become less tumbley and easier to fry
Jedrick Limqueco
Jedrick Limqueco 15 days ago
1:00 this is why the earth is dying HAHAHAHA
Fr05t W41ker
Fr05t W41ker 16 days ago
I guess I’m a steakitarian but that’s just because I have a poultry allergy 😞😞
Lance Finn
Lance Finn 16 days ago
Babish: makes a vegetarian quesadilla but Adds cheese
- Blackemperor-
- Blackemperor- 15 days ago
I hope you're joking and that you actually know the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian.
GrumpetteJV 16 days ago
Anyone else make quesadillas with tortillas and cheese only?
Ts Ts
Ts Ts 16 days ago
this inspired me to get up and microwave a tortilla.
Q-cross 16 days ago
He can make a 3 dollar meal look like somthing you would pay 200$ for in a 3 star restaurant.
Dan akers
Dan akers 17 days ago
How do ya make a good tortilla!!!!!!!?????
Master Cheese
Master Cheese 17 days ago
Still watching videos
ʕ o ᴥ oʔ HighHowAreYouTeddy
I like quesadillas without cheese
Cameron Salehpour
Cameron Salehpour 17 days ago
If you made a hypnosis lucid dream style video I’d go under so quick. Love the voice. It never gets old
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