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Queens Of The Stone Age
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Comments 80
Teddy Roosevelt
Footage of me and the boys after quarantine is lifted
I'm Off My Meds And I Feel Amazing!
Nothing like some Korean bbq and soju with the homies 🤘
pattersonthomasj 10 days ago
I blew my load over the status quo... here we go!
Nina Ouellette
Nina Ouellette 11 days ago
To all my us friends that are quarantined, have a good time! Be patient and never sober!
Shel Denouement
Shel Denouement 14 days ago
the perfect Hunter S Thompson illustration that i've ever seen in a 5 minute video
Charles Greenwald
Charles Greenwald 15 days ago
All joking aside this is a terrific video, directed by the genius Barry cinematographer Hiro Murai
Jackie Smith
Jackie Smith 21 day ago
Best night ever
Steve Molloy
Steve Molloy 22 days ago
From here on out.....
Emp Tee
Emp Tee 23 days ago
3:31 has anyone here ever been that fucking munted? Cos I sure as hell have, and at a QotSA concert no less!! 😆😆😆
Craig Dobbin
Craig Dobbin 25 days ago
Turned my Mrs into a fan came in slow, mak it wit u , no one knows then hit her with go with the flow, this then BLASTED her with Feel good and that was that as they say.
Galaxy 175
Galaxy 175 28 days ago
How coronavirus started.
skylined101 29 days ago
Alessandro Tioli
Alessandro Tioli 29 days ago
Business men are fun to party with, speaking from experience, crazy mofos
Emp Tee
Emp Tee Month ago
I've always wondered why you only ever see the Japanese out and about, late at night, during the week. Now I know.
D Month ago
normal night out for QOTSA
Evette Pinson
Evette Pinson Month ago
Daxx Riggs in there?
Dipsoman Month ago
Party before coronavirus hit
Simon-Pierre Drolet
Kim Asher
Kim Asher Month ago
Never ever saki on tabs! Fools! WTF?!?
John Gregg
John Gregg Month ago
The golf club hitting with each beat was fucking perfect.
Javier Fernández
4:10 . THAT riff. That riff messed with my head in many ways. It's absolutely brutal, yet so simple.
Jorge Moran
Jorge Moran Month ago
Corona...virus vs cocaine virus
Daj L. Odin
Daj L. Odin Month ago
Geisha training? That's better than finishing school OR Charm School with RuPaul.
Steve Matthews
Steve Matthews Month ago
My escalator knowledge knows no bounds. Same escalator as Battles - My Machines
Rob P
Rob P Month ago
This song reminds me of primary school. Good times.
May Rose
May Rose Month ago
Haha this was shot in the little Tokyo mall in LA I'ts funny didn't know till I saw this. Go there all the time
Diet Straights
Diet Straights Month ago
My kinda party think I met the blonde
Jacob Harris
Jacob Harris Month ago
...Like Clockwork Orange
Daj L. Odin
Daj L. Odin Month ago
Brilliant. Feudal to Capitalistic in one fell swoop.
Conocimiento Oculto zine
do drugs, kids. It's a lot of fun
Rogers Photography
A convenient post (or pre) metaphorical social commentary in 2019? Ya gotta love it.
Juliet Ramirez
Juliet Ramirez Month ago
estoy obsesionada con esta canción!
Андрей Чабан
Желаю творческих успехов!
guille lavia
guille lavia Month ago
ahí comenzó el coronavirus
Snt Nrh
Snt Nrh 2 months ago
Cocaine feeling
mikron 2 months ago
Josh 'more than six drugs' Homme.
Jason Bass
Jason Bass 2 months ago
its hard to tell a good touch from a bad touch when your drunk
mikron 2 months ago
visions of collisions fuckin' bon voyage!
Laizerdisc 2 months ago
This is easily one of my favorite music videos ever
Shane V
Shane V 2 months ago
We are a group of music lovers nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Sail”. facebook.com/groups/SupercordsMusicClub/
Simone Benaglia
Simone Benaglia 2 months ago
Enrico per me sei il Federico Buffa della musica per come la racconti complimenti👍👍👍🤟
ThePhysicalReaction 3 months ago
business man experiences japan: yep
Ame Warashi
Ame Warashi 3 months ago
I forgot once into a nightmare. The blood doesn't come out. DO NON EVER SLEAPWALK.
liquidcactus 3 months ago
its been a long amount of years since ive been in the qotsa know but what song is thsi album from ?
fl0nk11 Month ago
It's from ...Like Clockwork
MysteriouGadget 3 months ago
Baby Duck driving a tunes rotary RX-7???! THIS IS ALL I EVER WANTED TO SEE!
Ulas Oznc
Ulas Oznc 3 months ago
I dont know how I got to home but I know that this song helped me dude...
Marina Freidhof
Marina Freidhof 3 months ago
* Gets stopped by the police * :-aM I oN LiVe PD?!?-
Craig Dobbin
Craig Dobbin 3 months ago
No better lyric than 'I'll blow my load on the status quo'
John-Evert Almqvist Johansson
I am a 35 year old male. I have never stripped. But this is my strippersong. gonna do it tomorrow. my ass is not in shape, but it is for charity
Stoli Blue
Stoli Blue 3 months ago
saz elizabeth
saz elizabeth 4 months ago
this song makes me want to get shitfaced.
David Stütz
David Stütz 4 months ago
The feeeling when u're singing karaoke on your own song =)))))
Evergreen Stonedesert
1:36 hahaha Troy to floor for a big bottle and Josh celebrating this...
Master Debater
Master Debater 4 months ago
What a great album. Pity Villians was so shit
Caleb Pearl
Caleb Pearl 5 months ago
This video made me wish I could drink and do coke with Josh Homme all night.
devildart 5 months ago
2:57 where josh finds some leftover acid from when he was in Kyuss.
Yakov Burnyshev
Yakov Burnyshev 5 months ago
Dear Dean. Thanks for all your songs. I am grateful for every sound and for every word you gave me. I really love you and will remember you all my life
A.S.K. PARANORMAL 5 months ago
Thank you so much for the sub! We've returned the favor. We hope to release many more videos before the year is over. Again thank you.😀
Dat Sasquatch
Dat Sasquatch 5 months ago
They should make this into a whole movie
Nadia Rasmussenn
Nadia Rasmussenn 5 months ago
Almost did: French movie called "climax"
Hannah Scovell
Hannah Scovell 5 months ago
This song should be covered by American hip hop group Reddnation and latin singers Ozuna and J Balvin.
Raussceo Jesús
Raussceo Jesús 5 months ago
*someone knows which song is at the beginning? ** 0:02 *
Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction 5 months ago
first song on my coke playlist 😛
whattheHell Morty
whattheHell Morty 6 months ago
Imagine getting beaten to death by a drunken Japanese businessman
MrDudoma 6 months ago
I imagine the Marvel - Sony deal went down something like this.
Robert Atkins
Robert Atkins 6 months ago
I love how qotsa make out of tune guitars and pianos sound awesome
marmelaki 6 months ago
This makes me wanna go to Japan and get wasted
Gap Rame Mlon Eusk
Gap Rame Mlon Eusk 6 months ago
what a fucking video haha
RastamonValos 6 months ago
wouldnt it be great to see Josh impersonate Trump?
Pink 6 months ago
this sounds so worth it...
kajukenpo7 6 months ago
Sweet. Nice seeing one of Joshua's home videos
Heather Howes
Heather Howes 6 months ago
I super lover this video and for being a huge fan for so long I am still mad at him for his kicking the photographer shit for no reason. Fuck I miss their music though.
Tô Tentando
Tô Tentando 7 months ago
Brasileiros também amam as rainhas da idade da pedra ♥️
Neil Peart
Neil Peart 5 months ago
Greg Wells
Greg Wells 7 months ago
that crazy night and the reality hits..... were actually a big band.... bury the evidence.
Mortos Zoster
Mortos Zoster 7 months ago
It's all in motion No stoppin' now I've got nothin' to lose And only one way up I'm burning bridges I destroy the mirage Oh, visions of collisions Fuckin 'bon voyage It's all smooth sailing From here on out I got bruises and hickies Stitches and scars Got my own theme music It plays wherever I are Fear is the hand That pulls your strings A useless toy Pitiful plaything I'm inflagranti In every way It's all smooth sailing From here on out I'm gon' do the damage That needs gettin' done God only knows Where love vacations If reason is priceless There's no reason to pay for it It's so easy to see And so hard to find Make a mountain of a mole hill If the mole hill is mine I hypnotize you And no one can find you I blow my load Over the status quo Here we go I'm a little bit nonchalant But I dance I'm risking it always No second chance It's gonna be smooth sailing From here on out I'm gon' do the damage 'Til the damage is done yeah God only knows So mind your behavior Follow prescriptions Of your lord and savior Every temple is gold Every hook is designed Hell is but the temple Of the closed mind Closed mind Closed mind Closed mind It's all smooth sailing From here on out Shut up Pow!
Melissa B
Melissa B 7 months ago
Who uses the word inflagrante in a song awesome
seanieboi 7 months ago
Is the car an RX-7 FC?
hunna bandz
hunna bandz 7 months ago
im a drunken mess and i like it
Gert Jørgensen
Gert Jørgensen 7 months ago
Korn did this w twisted transistor too
Samuel Noble
Samuel Noble 7 months ago
This song is just pure boogie and has probably my favourite lead part since Leg of Lamb.
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington 8 months ago
Its like watching a cut scene leading up to a Yakuza Mission. i love it
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